Scott Disick Subject to Drug Testing

Scott Disick Subject to Drug Testing

Self-proclaimed Lord and realty TV star, Scott Disick, will have to take random drug tests whenever he's asked to if he wants to stay on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and collecting the paycheck that comes with it!
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Apparently reality star and professional party animal, Scott Disick, isn’t quite done Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s and he’s ready to pee in a cup to prove it, according to RadarOnline. A “confidential” source spilled the beans to the gossip site, claiming that Kris Jenner has threatened to pull the plug on Disick’s seven figure paycheck if he doesn’t agree to taking drug tests whenever he’s asked to.

The source with the inside scoop said, “Kris told Scott that she would draft him a contract under one condition and one condition only. She told him that he could stay on KUWTK, but that either she or Kourtney have the right to personally drug test him at any given moment. In order to stay, Kris told Scott that he must adhere to her wishes.”

Using a home drug test to see if Disick is using again sounds like a pretty reasonable deal for everyone involved considering how many times he’s has gone off the rails in the past. How does he feel about his ex-girlfriend and her “momager” holding all the cards, though?

Well, it seems as though he’s using his head now that he’s sobered up a bit. According to another mysterious source, “Scott shockingly agreed to her requests because he will do anything to stay on the show and in that family. It is all he has left.” It’s probably for the best since he won’t be able to keep flying around in jets and driving absurdly expensive cars on the money he gets paid from making club appearances anyway.

Years of Substance Abuse

Disick’s struggled to curb his addiction and wild ways has been chronicled on the show over the years. The ever-present cameras frequently provided viewers with a front row seat as he spiraled out of control displaying erratic behavior, excessively drinking, doing drugs and hitting the club scene until the early morning hours. Throughout all of his antics, longtime girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, stuck by his side until his dangerous habits started to affect their three children, Mason, Penelope and Reign.

The last few years haven’t been easy for the reality star, which has caused his substance abuse to get significantly worse. The defining catalyst for Disick were the sudden deaths of his parents, who died within three months of each other. The loss was crippling for him, so he turned to booze, drugs and suicide attempts while struggling to cope with his grief. The final blow came when Kourtney ended their nine year relationship and restricted his time with their children until he completed an intense stint in rehab.

Drug and alcohol addiction claims more than 44,000 lives a year, leaving family and friends devastated. Hopefully Disick won’t be included in next year’s statistics with the help of the extensive drug treatment he’s been receiving as well as the support of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, even if part of that support includes making him pee in a cup!

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