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Pre-Employment Physicals

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Does your workplace require a pre-employment physical exam for potential employees? For occupations that depend on physical capabilities, stamina and physical ability to carry out job functions, a Non-DOT Pre-Employment Physical will indicate if the person will be able to perform their job duties. This health screening also sets a baseline and will detect if there are any factors that can put an individual at risk for certain illnesses or diseases. With the coronavirus pandemic affecting workers and businesses worldwide, it is especially critical to maintain a physical and mentally fit workplace.

Jobs that require physicals include healthcare workers, EMTs, police officers, firefighters and commercial truck drivers. For commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers that are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), a special DOT Physical is required.

Health Street's comprehensive pre-employment physical exam, part of our selection of health services, is available at our nationwide network of more than 14,000 licensed clinics. Our exams are safe, convenient and completely confidential, with fast, secure results delivered to you quickly, so that you can make smarter hiring decisions, protect your employees and customers, and minimize your company's liability.

Why Choose Health Street for Pre Employment Physical Tests?

For our business clients, the StaffGlass cloud-based pre-employment testing solution integrates our drug tests, occupational health services and background checks for job candidates. Tests are ordered directly from the platform, and candidates can choose a lab that's convenient to their location. Applicant tracking lets you monitor testing status every step of the way. If hired, the candidate's record becomes their permanent employee record, so an annual physical and other periodic tests can be ordered when needed, and their health can be regularly monitored.

What is Included in a Pre-Employment Physical Test?

A pre-employment physical is a comprehensive examination which tests the following:

Vital signs such as height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.
Eyes, ears, nose and throat
Respiratory health
Cardiovascular health
Gastrointestinal health
Musculoskeletal health
Neurological health
Skin pallor, lymph nodes

The Dot Physical vs the Non-DOT Physical

At Health Street, we offer both, but what's the difference? The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires pre-employment physical exams for all commercial vehicle drivers, which includes bus drivers, rail transit drivers, truck drivers and pilots. The rules for these special physicals is dictated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). A DOT physical is more rigorous than a standard physical. In addition to the usual tests, it includes blood work, hearing and vision exams and urinalysis (which is used in drug and alcohol testing).

You can also order a DOT or Non-DOT physical exam along with a corresponding drug test, for an even more thorough screening of a prospective employee, according to your needs and workplace testing policies.

What Your Potential Employees Should Know about Pre-Employment Physicals

Applicants may have questions about their pre-employment physical, such as "how do I prepare for a pre-employment physical?" Tell them to wear comfortable clothing and bring a valid government-issued photo ID (passport, driver's license) and your company's pre-employment physical exam form.

They should also bring any aids they may require (glasses for vision test, hearing aids, etc.) as well as a list of their medical conditions, allergies, past surgeries and current medications.

What You Should Know About Regulations Regarding Pre-Employment Testing

Employers have the legal right to ask job candidates for a physical exam, provided the examination is job-related and is necessary for the business. However, there are certain rules regarding pre-employment medical exams that you, as an owner, manager or HR professional, need to know about to ensure compliance.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) dictates many of these laws, which cover private companies that have at least 15 employees. These rules also apply to employment firms, labor organizations and any employer in either state or local government agencies. As per ADA requirements, it is illegal to discriminate against a candidate who is otherwise qualified for the job due to a disability. In certain states, an employer must make reasonable accommodations in the workplace for a person with disabilities.

Also, all medical tests must comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and HIPAA guidelines regarding health information privacy. Refer to the official website of your state's labor department for information regarding pre-employment tests for your location.

How Long Do Pre-Employee Physicals Take?

Job applicants may also want to know how long a physical screening takes. The average physical examination takes approximately 45 minutes. Health Street pre-employment physicals, while comprehensive, are quickly and efficiently done, with fast results posted securely to our online portal.

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