How Long Marijuana Lasts in Your System

How Long Marijuana Lasts in Your System

How long marijuana remains in your system depends on the potency level of the THC in the marijuana you consume and how often you consume it. Higher THC means it lasts longer.
Jared Rosenthal
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How Long Marijuana Lasts in Your System

The length of time that marijuana stays in your system is highly variable, and depends on factors including the THC potency in the weed you consume. Most people don’t realize that if they use weed with a higher THC level, it will stay in their bodies for a longer period of time.

Think about it using this analogy to alcohol: if you consume stronger drinks, you stay drunk longer. One strong beer at 10% ABV is equivalent to 3 light beers at 3.3% ABV. It’s similar with marijuana. If you’re smoking high THC weed, say 15%, then it will last a lot longer than 5% THC weed. The frequency of use also matters; heavy marijuana smokers who quit will retain THC metabolites in their urine for a month or longer.

I recently tested a guy who just got out of prison for 60 days. He came to me because he needed to stay clean or go back to jail. He hadn’t used in prison, or in the one week since he got out, yet he tested positive for marijuana. Shocked, I asked him to tell me the honest truth. He told me that he was using butane hash oil at 60 to 80% THC prior to getting locked up, and he hadn’t touched it since. Assuming he was being truthful, which I have no reason to doubt, that means that the THC stayed in his urine for well beyond what most people believe is possible.

Detecting THC in the urine after two months of non-use is unprecedented. Even hard street drugs like cocaine are gone from the urine in about 5 days, maybe 7 max, regardless of frequency and amount of use. However, the trend of increasing THC in products like sincemilla and BHO is obliterating the commonly accepted logic of how long one needs to remain clean to pass a drug test. We’re often asked, “Does weed show up in a urine drug test?” Well, it’s not as easy to answer that question as it used to be. In short, potency matters.

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This article was prepared with my own experience running Health Street, a drug testing company that performs thousands of tests per year. I also researched articles such as these sources:

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  • jared

    I have researched the web, and NOBODY is talking about this topic. Yet, I keep seeing it myself lately, over and over again, with my clients. The people using higher levels THC in weed are failing drug tests for a lot longer after they stop using. If you smoke or otherwise ingest high potency marijuana, you will not pass a drug test for a longer period of time than if you use lower THC weed.

    • jared

      Anyone have any other insights into higher potency THC and failed drug tests?

      • Amber Smith (shelton)

        I was smoking high potency Marijuana almost daily. When I quit smoking I still tested positive for 5 months. I am 120 lbs and it still took that long to get out of my urine

    • Vicky

      I need help!

      I took two hits of a high quality joint around on March 14th – it was my first time getting high (I tried once before and I didn’t inhale). I did a drug screen yesterday for a new job and I’m just really worried the test will detect it. What do you guys think….?
      I’m just kind of freaking out because it was my first time and I really need this job.

      • Cass

        did you pass?

    • guest

      Hey Jared. I really entry got on probation. And I have to take a defeat in30 days. Now I’m a big girl and smoke daily for the last ten yes or so.what is my best bet on passing if any at all?

    • steve

      Hey Jared, in need of some immediate opinion here. I have a drug test tomorrow which sorta snuck up on me, causing me to have been clean for 22 days as of tomorrow. Although this is less time than I would hope, I was wondering if I could still pass the urine test. I had been smoking pretty much frequently for the past four years up until 22 days ago. In the past year though, the amount I smoked and the frequency had started to go down. Within the past few months I was smoking very small amounts (3-5 hits) about three times a week. I am also 5 foot 6 at 145 lbs with a body fat percentage under 10%. I workout every day, drink around a gallon of water, and have a very high metabolism. Im hoping that these factors will assist me yet im still too nervous to bank on them. Any feedback on what you think will happen is greatly appreciated, thanks

      • Bartless Vines

        Did u pass Steve. I have the exact situation as u with the same amounts f days with the same height and build

    • bryan

      I did half gram of coke 11 weeks ago and have a hair test in a few days will it show up

    • Stephen Johnson

      Hi Jared I really need your help. I was a heavy bho user for maybe two years. I quit on June 11th. There is a possibility that I will be hair tested at the end of September or October. I know that thc stays in your system a long time from bho and you can fail urine tests. However if I have cut all the hair off of my head a month after I quit and then let it grow back, will that hair be clean? Even the it stays in your urine I’ve heard that hair grows back clean fairly recently after you quit, also assume body hair won’t be tested. Please I really need your help.


      • Drake Meaux ” Cajun”

        They took it from my leg be careful

    • Middleman

      I have taken 1-2 hits maximum of high quality weed every Friday night for years, and passed many UA’s during this time, even on the following Mon morning. I’ve never given any thought to hair testing until I was recently promoted and moved to a different department. My question to you is, having never failed a UA, should I be concerned about accumulating a hair “history” anyway?

    • Drake Meaux ” Cajun”

      I stopped smoking for a couple of years then got a recent wild hair I smoked approx 2 grams of good and 2 grams of regular I jus got a random urine teat and refused it they giving me 2 weeks to clean up I’m 6 foot 235 pounds how many days u think its gonna take to get out my system???

    • jose

      Ive been clean for two and a half months now I take a drug test tommorow the april 15th after I take my drug test if I smoke a blunt of some good Dro just one . will I be clean my may 15th?

  • jess

    I was a chronic. Smoker of pot i quit smoking and slipped up and smoked 1. In 100 days do u think i will pass a hair test or should i wait
    Please e mail me an answer me

    • jared

      Jess, you are highly unlikely to fail a hair test if you only smoked once in 100 days. However, if you were smoking heavily before then, or using high THC potency weed, then you might have a problem. The test only goes back 90 days, but that’s not iron clad as if there were a digital clock in your hair. It’s an estimate. If you are using head hair, you SHOULD be fine, but it’s not guaranteed. Best way to know is to take a test.

      • jess

        I passed

        • jared

          Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • John Doe


    I have a question regarding hair follicle tests. I’ve seen in countless places that hair follicle tests only go back 90 days, assuming 1.5 inches of hair is collected. However, wouldn’t a person’s system need to be totally cleaned out (ie could pass a urine and/or blood test) before they could grow clean hair, making the total more like 120 days for an average user?

    • jared

      That’s a good question. What you are asking, if I may paraphrase, is if you stopped using altogether for 30 days, then shaved your head, and waited another 90 days, could you possibly fail a test? Highly unlikely that you would fail. The blood nourishes the hair follicles, so there would need to be drug metabolites in the blood that nourished hair follicles 30 days after your stopped using. Not likely at all. Possible? Anything is possible…..

      • John Doe

        Thank you for your response. So my situation specifically is that I smoked multiple times per day for 18 consecutive days. Normal Marijuana, no high potency oils or anything like that. In your opinion, would I need roughly 90 days after quitting or closer to 120 to pass a hair follicle test?

        • jared

          90 days for a hair test is a general rule, but it’s not iron clad. Your metabolism, the speed at which your hair grows, and other factors make it variable. You definitely smoked enough marijuana to fail the test, that much is clear. And if they are testing body hair, some of the hair testing labs are now reporting that it can stay positive for up to a year.

  • Mel

    Hi Jared,

    I too have a question. I have a hair follicle test in a week or two or it may be pushed back a month. I smoked a puff in late October and once in September. I am not sure how far they will be checking back and I am not a usual smoker. I took only a puff those times. Other than that I used back in early August. Would anything like that show up as positive?

    • jared

      A puff of weed, here and there, will not come up on a hair follicle test. Not a chance. You are not going to fail the drug test based on what you have told me.

      • Mel

        What about the one time use in August? Is that possible to show up even though I’m not a regular user? I am aware that it is out of the approximate 6 month window, but should I be worried about that one time? That is the only legitimate use in the past 7-8 months. Thanks for the quick feedback!

        • jared

          You have a better chance of bouncing a ball off the ground and hitting the moon than you do of failing a hair follicle drug test, based on a single use, nearly 8 months ago. If you have an inch and a half of hair on your head, then it’s outright impossible for head hair to show one marijuana usage 8 months back. Relax, my friend. You are good to go. To be extra certain, ask the technician to cut off the extra hair beyond an inch and half from the base (assuming you have long hair). Let us know how it goes.

          • Mel

            I have approximately 3 inches maybe little more. That shouldn’t be a problem will it? That is why I was worried. I did not want to cut my hair in fear of it being too short. I am not sure how far to the tip they would test. Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated

          • jared

            After they cut your hair from the base, the lab is supposed to be test the first inch and a half. The technician should indicate to the lab which is the root end. However, you have the right to ask the technician to cut off the non-root end, just to be sure the lab doesn’t accidentally test the wrong end of the hair. The drugs, including marijuana, are deposited into the root of the hair and then grow outward from the hair. So the root end and the first inch and a half are about 90 days history worth of drug use. Make sense?

  • Ryan Cimini

    Hey @Jared

    I have been clean from marijuanna since early January. And only got a “contact high” once as a lot of my friends smoke. Would I pass my hair follicle test (which is in mid to late May) if I smoked a bowl or two with them a week ago?


    • jared

      The more you smoke, the less likely you are to pass a drug test. Nevertheless, a hair test is pretty lenient if you only used marijuana once or twice. As far as second hand smoke goes, you cannot fail a standard drug test from being in a room where other people are smoking. Interestingly, though, we are adding a new drug test that CAN pick up environmental exposure to marijuana, but this would be ordered only in specific situations (like if your kid’s day care provider was smoking weed while in custody of your child).

      • Crystal Stowe

        Yesterday I smoked a joint I only hit it 6 times but I found out that in a month I have to do a hair test believed to be a 12 panel do u think I will fail from the information above makes it seem like I shud be ok please let me know asap

  • Lori Peck

    I smoke maybe 2-3 times a week taking 1-2 hits at a time once a day. This has been going on for 4 months. I use it for anxiety and ocd. I also occasionally take .5mg of klonopin as needed and prescribed by my dr. I haven’t had any of the klonopin in a long while. Probably 2 months. But I am waiting for a refil as I was going to use the klonopin for job interviews because my anxiety makes me shake like a leaf and I don’t want to look like a crack head!!! I have two questions. First, how long before I could pass a urine test for the weed and second, should I hold off on taking the klonopin for the interviews? I don’t know how I will fare with the shaking during the interview but I need a job.
    Thanks 🙂

    • jared

      Klonopin is a benzodiazepine, which will show up on a 10 panel drug test. However, if you have a valid prescription from a doctor, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. The MRO (our doctor) will review your script and not flag it as a positive. The marijuana, on the other hand, can be a problem. Unless you can somehow get a prescription for it (if you live in a medical marijuana state), you are going to come back positive for weed. You would need to be free of the drug for at least 2 weeks to pass (it could vary from 1 to 4 weeks, based on how much you’ve been using). Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Lori Peck

        Ok 🙂
        Thank you Jared. This helps a lot.

  • JD81

    Hi Jared, I smoked back in November (1 joint over a 2-3 day period). Prior to that I had been clean for a year after being a daily smoker for a couple of months. I have a hair follicle test coming up in the next week or two. What do you think my chances are of passing my test?

    • jared

      You should be fine. You weren’t a heavy smoker, and you’ve been clean for 90 days plus. Hair tests generally go back 90 days to detect marijuana and other drugs.

      • KennyRedd86

        Hey jared, I have a hair test coming up this week and I haven’t smoked since September 13. There going to take hair from my underarm but I shaved my pits 4 month’s ago. So I was wondering would I still be able to pass a hair test being six months clean even if they take my hair from my underarm ???

        • jared

          Well, think about it. If you were clean for two months, and then you shaved, the new hair would be clean. If you’ve been clean ever since, then naturally the hair is still clean. (This is the most I’ve ever used the word clean when referring to armpits).

          • KennyRedd86

            Thanks. I also wanted to know does marijuana stay in your hair longer depending on how dark your hair is ? Do employers actually go back 6 months for a hair test ?

          • jared

            The color of your hair has nothing to do with it. Hair tests generally go back 3 months. Some labs say body hair goes back longer – up to a year. But in your case, you shaved your body hair 4 months ago, so it can only go back as far as the new growth, of course. Make sense?

          • kenny

            @Jared I was a heavy weed smoker. I’ve been clean from stepmber 7 2014 to June 8 2015 the day I took my hair test. I shaved under my under arm where they took the hair 6 month’s ago. Do you think I passed my hair test ? I’m really nervous

  • Erik

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a bit concerned in regards to an upcoming issue I do not feel informed about. My future employer is intending to give me a hair follicle test, and while I am not at all worried about my ability to pass in my current capacity, I am concerned that in the upcoming days, I will be going to a music concert, where I will be around other people who may be smoking illegal drugs. I have read conflicting things in regards to whether or not second hand smoke would make me fail a hair test, and I have no intentions of ever putting any of that in to my body at any point, but I would be devastated if this exposure were to cause me to fail my test. However, I would also be devastated if I were to miss one of my favorite bands, especially since I have already reserved travel and lodging. Is there any chance of second hand exposure at a concert leading to me failing?


    • jared

      Second hand exposure to marijuana smoke does not cause a failed hair test, unless the test is explicitly designed to detect such environmental contact. Employers don’t test for 2nd hand smoke – they only want to know if YOU used drugs, not somebody else around you. The 2nd hand exposure test is something that a court might order to see if a caretaker was smoking in the presence of a small child or an elderly person. In a normal employment drug test, the hair is washed before being tested, and they test for the metabolites of the drug. That means you would have had to metabolize it internally, and then deposit it into the hair follicles, rather than just absorb it from the air.

      Enjoy the concert.

  • Thresia Jones-Liggett

    I have a hair test on Friday. I didn’t know it was even coming. What’s the best way to pass?
    I’ve been a heavy smoker.

    • jared

      It’s not possible to pass a drug test if you’ve been using drugs regularly.

    • jared

      did you fail the drug test?

      • Blazerz85

        Sorry for not making my last post unable to be understood, but I’m on my day 75 today and I had cut all my body hair a few times within my clean period, I’ve even razor shaved my body hair once in the period then everyother time, I cut it no guard trimmers, but I haven’t gone to take it yet because of how nervous I am, it’s a test for DOT and my medical card, I’ve also only have shaved my head hair with a size 1 guard on top, and I’m just trying to grow enough back where they won’t question anything. If you wouldn’t mind if like to give you my email,

  • Thresia Jones-Liggett

    I just made a post but not response. I’m a heavy smoker. If I buy shampoo online will it work for my hair test on friday?

    • jared

      No. There is no way to beat a hair test. Don’t even try it, or the lab can identify that you attempted to adulterate your specimen, and then you’ll really be in trouble.

  • mark

    Hi jared. My line of work rarely if ever does a urine test. I was clean up until Friday March 12th. I had two rips and ate 1 1/2 pot brownies. The brownies were about an inch x an inch and a half. The next day I ate another 1 1/2 brownie and then half sunday. How does ingesting thc work with a urine test? I’m kicking myself now. I probably can buy myself another week maybe more before a test.

    • jared

      I don’t know what rips are, and I don’t know how much pot is in one of the brownies you ate, but I can tell you this: you definitely won’t pass a urine test. It works like this: the more THC you consumed, the longer you have to wait before you’ll pass a test. It’s really just a simple math equation. But, you have to take into account the potency of the THC, the quantity, and the frequency of use. Make sense? Any other questions?

      • mark

        Two rips were just two hits from a pipe. The potency of the brownies I haven’t a clue. I can buy myself two weeks from last date of use and hope that’s long enough. Other than that I guess I can do the dilute method and be given a retest at another date.

  • Kilo

    Okay so I smoked a week ago and I have a hair follicle test may 15, I know that it takes awhile for the hair to push through from your follicles but if I shave it (and all body hair) will the hair keep growing dirty or come out clean please help @jared

    • jared

      Interesting question. The more THC that is in your bloodstream, the longer it will continue to nourish the hair follicles and leave deposits of THC. If you only smoked once, you don’t have a lot to worry about. Especially if it was low potency. But high potency THC, or heavy usage, will definitely come up positive in a hair test. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      • Blazerz85

        Hey Jared, you seem to know quite a bit about the hair follicle drug testing, firstly I’m a heavyset male and I had smoked moderate amount of weed for maybe a little under a year (not heavily) and as of today I’ve been 61 days 100% clear off pot, secondly my question is should I be concerned about doing a HFT if I’ve shaved my hair a body at approximately day 20, 34, and day 60 could I pass cleanly once I grow my head and body hair back, approximately 20 or so days. My hair grows quite fast. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated Jared.

        • jared

          I don’t follow what you are saying about the shaving thing. If you are clean 61 days, your new hair is clean. Just grow it and get the test done. Body hair can be tricky though, so keep that in mind.

  • Yoshi

    Hi Jared. I was a frequent smoker then I stopped for a month and a half… I smoked once a day for the past week… how long until I can be clean for a urine test? Should I drink alot of water now. ..? Drug test will be in 2 weeks.

    • jared

      I don’t advise on techniques on how to pass a drug test other than saying to get clean. The tricks don’t work anyway. But I will tell you that heavy smokers can test positive in the urine for a month or longer after quitting.

  • Linkkk

    Hey I was wondering I smoked for like 4 years str8 but stopped 10 weeks ago been gaming and suana about 5 times a week yesterday got both hair and urine test done what are odds of passing they took hair from my legs hair was probably not even half n inch in length

    • jared

      I’m guessing you’ll fail the hair test, but pass the urine test. You need at least 90 days clean to pass a hair test, but you were a heavy smoker, and you are using body hair. See the info graphic above? It shows that both of those things are working against you….let me know the results of the 2 drug tests.

      • Brian

        Hi Jared.

        I used to smoke marijuana occasionally. I wouldn’t consider myself a heavy user…maybe once a week for about 3 months. I last smoked about a year and a half ago. Nothing since. I just took a body hair test yesterday where they used underarm hair. I’ve never shaved my underarm hair. Will I pass this test?


        • jared

          Brian, Sorry I didn’t get back to you. Did you pass the body hair test? If you haven’t smoked in 18 months, there is absolutely no reason you should fail a drug test of any type.

          • Brian

            Yes, I did pass. I wasn’t all that worried about it considering the amount of time that had passed, but thought I would ask. Thanks for the response.

    • Optomisstic

      Did you pass your test 10 weeks clean? Looking at the same amount of time clean for a hair test.

  • Mark

    Hi Jared, I haven’t smoked since I was in high school 25 years ago. 6 days ago I took one hit of someone’s ecig, then was informed that it was THC juice. Today I had to submit a urine sample to Quest. I’m 6′ 190 lbs and have been diluting with water and cranberry juice since. Today before the test at 4PM, I drank normally and provided a mid stream sample. I guess the wildcard is how strong the THC was. It hit me pretty hard, but perhaps to be expected. I passed a couple different home tests. What percentage would you give me of passing? Thank you for your knowledge and hopefully some peace of mind.


    • jared

      One hit? Nah. You should be fine. A urine test is sensitive, but I doubt it’s that sensitive. Let us know.

      • Mark

        Thanks for the quick response. I hit the deadline for the company test so I had to submit a sample. I couldn’t stand the suspense and didn’t trust the home test products so I went to a hospital and had an immediate lab test performed and it came up negative. For reference purposes I found out that the THC level in the one hit was 60% Thanks again.

        • jared

          60% THC is insane. I hope you realize this. Smoking 60% potency marijuana is like drinking pure alcohol – it is almost like a whole different drug in terms of how it affects you (even though I realize it’s the same metabolically). If you were tricked into smoking it, you need to drop that “friend”

  • miss_lady

    My hubby quit smoking over 6 months ago. He smoked about half a gram of weed over the course of a few days about 2 weeks ago. A job opportunity just came up and he applied for it. Will that little bit of smoking come up on a hair follicle test?

    • miss_lady

      I think I have my answer. It should go undetected, right?

      • jared

        Not definitely. If he smoked a few days in a row, a hair test could pick it up.

  • vapist

    Jared I have a question the last time I smoked weed was 26 days ago it was not high quality weed so the thc level had to be low I have drank 2 gallons of water today and I plan on drinking at least one more gallon before my drug test tomorrow. I work outside and walk up to 20 miles a day I am in pretty good physical shape with a moderately fast metabolism do you think I will pass my test ?

    • jared

      If you had a urine test, and you only smoked that one time, then there’s no way you would fail. However, if you were a heavy smoker up until 26 days ago, you could definitely fail it. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner; how did it go?

  • Catphish11

    Hi Jared,

    Thanks for sharing his good information. My question is do you know if any particular body hair is more likely to store thc metabolites?

    I always keep my hair very short so I expect they will be going for a body hair sample. If I can steer them in a particular direction to minimize the risk it would be very helpful to know.



    • jared

      As far as I know, chest, leg, arm, underarm – it’s all the same in terms of how long the drugs stay in the hair.

      • Becca

        Hi Jared, thank you so much for this information. I rarely smoke, but did 3 days ago on vacation. I probably had 3 hits max, and it was semi-potent. I may have a drug test this Friday, and I am nervous I might not pass. I also do bikram yoga which makes me sweat like crazy every day. Do you think I will be find if I have to test Friday? Or should I buy a cleanse?

        • jared

          This is the first time I heard that yoga might affect the outcome of a drug test, and believe me, I have heard a lot of myths before….here’s the deal: if you rarely smoke marijuana, and then you do it, it will last for up to a week in your urine. Of course, if you only had a little, it may last a shorter amount of time, but these things are hard to quantify. Only you would know how much you ingested and only you can judge if you should take the test. Forget about the yoga and definitely no cleanses.

  • Kingkong12

    Hi Jared I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to help people out on this matter. About 2.5 weeks ago me and friends smoked some weak shit. I only smoke 3-4x a year and this was the first time I smoked in 2015, the last time I did anything was on 12/20/14. I’m wondering what my chances are of passing a urine and blood test

    • jared

      if you are not a regular smoker, then a urine test won’t go back that far. The thing about marijuana is that it builds up in your system, so if you smoke a lot, it takes longer to flush it out. But, if you only smoked once this year, the THC only sticks in your urine for about a week.

  • Derrick Westbrook

    Hey Jared
    Great information. Have a question, I smoked a joint 3 days ago and was just informed that I have an interview in 2 days that might require me to do a drug test also. In the past 4 years I’ve smoked maybe 2 or three times. Just a little amount. What do u think my chances are to pass?

    • jared

      Marijuana lasts about a week in the urine if you are not a regular smoker. If it’s a hair test, you should be fine. Let us know the outcome.

  • Guest

    I need help!

    I took two hits of a high quality joint around on March 14th – it was my first time getting high (I tried once before and I didn’t inhale). I did a drug screen yesterday for a new job and I’m just really worried the test will detect it. What do you guys think….?
    I’m just kind of freaking out because it was my first time and I really need this job.

    • jared

      If it was a urine drug test, I would say you have a 50/50 chance of passing the test. If it was a hair test, and that was your only usage, then it won’t come up. Let us know what happens…

  • rudolph

    Hey I stopped smoking weed 6 months ago and I smoked a little bit would I fail a screen test?

  • Laurie

    I have to take a drug test for a job. I don’t consider myself a heavy smoker, I smoke daily but not a lot of it, and only smoke a one hitter. I have not used in 22 days. What do you think my chances are of passing. Also, I know someone who is a heavy, daily bong smoker and bought a clear liquid “body cleanse” from GNC and passed the test in flying colors. I know you think it’s all hype, but he swears by it. Please give me your thoughts!!!!!! Thanks, no pressure but I’m being pressured to get this test done or I won’t be offered the job.

  • jack

    hey Jared….quick question. I took a urine test a few days ago and I’m worried about it coming back unclean…I weigh about 155lbs, and I’m 5’7 with a very high metabolism. I used to be an everyday smoker, smoking pretty good pot. Nothing too crazy like California quality, but good enough to be pretty dank. However I stopped for 68 days before the test. I also drank plenty of water, green tea and coffee to speed up my already fast metabolism during those 68 days. I then drank a ton of water the day of the test to dilute it. Do you think ill be ok?

  • chris

    Hi Jared… first off thank you for your’s my story….I was clean for roughly 90 days and took 2 hits of some of quality stuff, my test for DOT urine test could be as soon as 31 days. I’m 6′ tall and weigh 190lbs and I’m a basket case…. I have learned my lesson and won’t touch it again…do I have a chance of failing? I did buy some niacin…thanks again

    • jared

      If you are using drugs of any type that can affect your ability to perform safety sensitive functions, such as driving or operating heavy machinery, it is vital, and required, that you inform your employer. They should have a DER – a designated employee representative. Let them know. This includes marijuana.

      • brandon

        Jared I haven’t done any drugs since July of 2014 except I slipped up once and hit some weed like three puffs and took four lortab about two months ago ….I got about six months until I got to take a hair test do you think I will pass

  • Bob

    Hi Jared,

    The last I smoked was 4 months agofor a 7-8 days consecutively, but prior to that I have not smoked in a year. Will I pass a urine test, and a hair follicle test?

    • jared

      You will definitely pass a urine test since you haven’t smoked in four months. It would also be very unlikely for you to fail the hair follicle test, since it’s a 3 month look-back.

  • helpmah

    I smoke about once a day one hit of pretty strong weed, i am suppose to get all test done at the same time for a job, where they use their own labs to test. They do a hair urine and and blood test. I was told once you stop smoking if i cut my hair then the new hair that grows will not have THC in the hair is that true? I really want this job what should i do to pass the test will 90 days be enough to pass the test with? I smoke like once or twice a day and only smoke a few hits I always keep my hair cut very low anyway they would have to use body hair most likely.

    Is it true once you cut your hair the new hair will not have THC in it?

    Am i considered a heavy user with one or two hits a day?

    What timeframe should i considered getting tested with my current useage 90-180 days?

    What are the time tables for body hair for someone who uses at my rate?

    I think Ill pass this chance and wait for a later date to apply for the job is that a good idea considering my useage?

    If i cut all the hair off my body is that a cause for them to fail me if i pass all my other test? job is at a Toyota plant ?

    • jared

      You are in a tough spot. If you use marijuana every day, you are a heavy user. That means you need at lest 90 days, probably more, to grow clean hair. Even if you shaved your whole body and head, you might still grow back hair with traces of the THC, but I don’t know for sure. Everyone is different and it depends how much of the stuff is in your bloodstream. My best advice: quit now. Take a test on your own to see if you pass. Then apply for the job.

  • Guest

    Hi Jared my brother was a heavy smoker daily he has not smoked in about over 100 days he had a hair test today, he is around people who smoke and hot boxes, he is very active, and gets hair cuts every two weeks or so, do u think he will pass?

    • jared

      I would say it’s 50/50. The environmental exposure to other people is irrelevant (and I have no idea what a hot box is), but the fact that he was a heavy smoker, and the fact that he doesn’t have enough head hair which means they’ll use body hair, means that he may not pass the test.

      • Timothy Balmer

        A “hot box” is when you sit in usually a car with the windows up and let all the smoke fill up in the car and finish your session before letting the smoke out.

  • Joe

    Hello Jared, I have a question to see if I would be clean for a test this month, I haven’t smoked in about 24 days, and I smoked a one-hitter. Before then, I smoked a one-hitter maybe once a week for around 2 months, and all that while I was working out 4-5 days a week. Would I be clean for a test sometime this month? I’m a fairly skinny guy 5’8” and 140 lbs if that would make any difference?

    • jared

      If you are clean for 30 days, you should be pass a urine test, unless you were either a heavy user until the point you quit, or you were using high THC stuff like BHO. On the other hand, a hair test requires at least 90 days of sobriety to pass.

  • Guest20

    Hey Jared, so I have a question and I’m really hoping you can get back to me and give me your best opinion. I smoked hash oil about 5 days ago I took three hits.. I might have a drug test in a month. Do you think I will be okay by then?

    • jared

      Hard to know….sorry

      • nicky

        I sent you two comments please respond. pretty much I sniffed 8 bags of street heroin on march 21st, on april 29 (39 days later) I was given a 30 day hair follicle test to be processed at omega labs. I have not used anything else in the past year except for suboxone which I am prescribed and was taking at the time. I am worried because it is right on the cusp of the 10 day growth period. my hair is about 6-7 ” long. I am 5’11” and 270 lbs if that makes a difference. would they cut it down to 5″ for the test? how does this work? I am really worried as this is my only slip up in the past year ands I could lose EVERYTHING!!!

  • Guest20

    Hey Jared, so I have a question and I’m really hoping you can get back to me and give me your best opinion. I smoked hash oil about 5 days ago I took three hits.. I might have a drug test in a month. Do you think I will be okay by then?

    • jared

      The problem with hash oil, or BHO, is that the level of THC is so high, so it stays in your body for a lot longer than other forms of cannabis. However, I doubt one use would last for a month. There’s a big difference between using regularly, and then stopping for a month – in which case it would probably still be in your system – vs. using once and waiting a month, which is your situation. I think you are fine. But stay away from it.

      • steve

        Hey Jared, in need of some immediate opinion here. I have a drug test tomorrow which sorta snuck up on me, causing me to have been clean for 22 days as of tomorrow. Although this is less time than I would hope, I was wondering if I could still pass the urine test. I had been smoking pretty much frequently for the past four years up until 22 days ago. In the past year though, the amount I smoked and the frequency had started to go down. Within the past few months I was smoking very small amounts (3-5 hits) about three times a week. I am also 5 foot 6 at 145 lbs with a body fat percentage under 10%. I workout every day, drink around a gallon of water, and have a very high metabolism. Im hoping that these factors will assist me yet im still too nervous to bank on them. Any feedback on what you think will happen is greatly appreciated, thanks man

      • Randy

        Jared I was a heavy user of bho and potent marijuana for almost 3 years straight multiple times everyday well I am bigger it has been 75 days since my last hit and I’m still dropping dirty I think it will be well over the 100 day mark before I ever drop a clean urine

        • jared

          Randy – that’s an incredible story, and it’s not in the literature yet. This is exactly my point with the infographic above. Potency matters a lot. Let me know when you finally drop clean so we can mark it on our website. You might be the longest known case of dropping dirty urine while being sober.

  • Robert


    Thanks for the info. I was wondering if I’ll be able to pass a drug test. I smoked for a week straight…maybe half to a full joint a day…for 6 or 7 days. Then I quit. I just took a drug test yesterday…and I havent smoked in 50 days. Im a little on the heavier side, but I have walked around and took my dog for walks in the park and sweated. Do you think Ill be ok? I took about 6 home drug tests, and I seemed to pass those(some faint red lines, some more darker). The test that was sent to a lab was a urinalysis.

    Much appreciation.

    • Robert

      Anyone has any insight?

      • jared

        Sorry I missed your question; how did it turn out?

  • steve

    Hey Jared, in need of some immediate opinion here. I have a drug test tomorrow which sorta snuck up on me, causing me to have been clean for 22 days as of tomorrow. Although this is less time than I would hope, I was wondering if I could still pass the urine test. I had been smoking pretty much frequently for the past four years up until 22 days ago. In the past year though, the amount I smoked and the frequency had started to go down. Within the past few months I was smoking very small amounts (3-5 hits) about three times a week. I am also 5 foot 6 at 145 lbs with a body fat percentage under 10%. I workout every day, drink around a gallon of water, and have a very high metabolism. Im hoping that these factors will assist me yet im still too nervous to bank on them. Any feedback on what you think will happen is greatly appreciated, thanks

  • NikNak

    @Jared.. Hey, Jared! I have a question.. I have recently been stressed quite a bit and also have anxiety.. I was clean of THC until a little over 2 weeks ago. I smoke a few bowl huts between 3 people and about a joint and a half. I do not smoke everyday and am 5’6 high metabolism and 120lbs. My question is if I am clean from today on, would I pass a urine test around June 1st?

    • jared

      You should be fine if you stay clean. But if you had frequent, high potency THC in the past, it could last in your urine for a while.

  • jebus

    Hey Jared
    I’m in a tough dilemma I have been clean for 48 days and before that I only smoked about 5 times because I was clean a month and a half before smoking those 5 times .I’m really paranoid because I have a hair follicle test coming up soon. Don’t know when exactly. But where can I get a test for hair that I can do myself before they do? And do you think I will pass the test

    • jebus

      Should I cut my hair now because since I haven’t smoked in almost 50 days or will my hair still have THC ?

      • jared

        You are on the fence. The best thing to do is to just call us for a hair test, so you can find out if you have waited long enough. That’s the only way to quiet your anxiety

        • jebus

          What’s your contact number

  • blair

    hi jared,
    i just wanted to know what u thought my chances of passing my drug test are. i took 4 hits the other night but I have no idea how potent it was. i have only smoked maybe 3x in my whole life, with the last time b4 yesterday being at least a year ago. now my test in 30 days. will i be ok? not sure if it will be hair or urine

    • jared

      You should pass the test, for sure, if you stay clean from now on.

      • kenny

        @Jared I was a heavy weed smoker. I’ve been clean from stepmber 7 2014 to June 8 2015 the day I took my hair test. I shaved under my under arm where they took the hair 6 month’s ago. Do you think I passed my hair test ? I’m really nervous !!!

      • kath phillips

        Hi can you tell me if I will pass hair test 14days after one hit of crack on a pipe? Will my hair have grown quick enough in this time to detect it and if so what can I do to pass.

      • Amber McCarty

        Jared I had a question about hair follicle testing. My husband and i both go to methadone clinics. We are perscribed 130 MG which is the maximum dose they can give. He goes through withdraws so i give him some of mine daily. Can the test show that he takes more and I take less than the 130mg?

      • Amber Smith (shelton)

        Hey Jared I smoked one time in august and took one hit in September should I pass a hair follicle test within the next two weeks?

      • Brit Love

        Hello I have a question I have to take a hair follicles some time in February towards the end and back in October I used off and on though out the month and a little for like a week around thanksgiving but been clean until today I took like 2 tiny hits of like ressean now I am talking about meth so if I stay off every thing until after the test do you think it will show up . Also I bought this shampoo altra clean that I’m supposed to use the day of will it work or no … Thanks

  • Scott

    Hi Jared, I had been smoking almost everyday starting back in early February. I work out 5 days a week and have a drug test coming up on May 15th. Is there any way I could pass this drug test using any detoxs’ or anything like that?

    • Scott

      I took three hits a day usually right before I went to bed to help me sleep.

    • jared

      I would say 50/50. You smoked a lot, so it built up in your system. THC has a half-life, so the more you use, the more it builds up, and the longer it takes to get rid of it. Don’t use any of those detox nonsense, they are a scam.

  • Jeremy


    I smoked marijuana the night/morning before the Super Bowl on February 1st. Only took a couple hits. Before that I hadn’t smoked since October/November time frame and just a couple hits as well. Took a hair test this past Friday which was day 89/90 depending how you count it. What are the chances I fail/pass? Thank you in advance for your time!

    • Jeremy

      They also took the sample from my legs as I don’t have much hair on my head.

  • George

    Hey Jared, I was clean for about 6 months and then I smoked about two grams of weed over a period of 3 days, I got really high and over the following week I took a few puffs on two different days. The last of those times was March 3rd of this year, would a hair follicle test for a future employer be able to detect my usage? I also have not cut my hair since and it’s about 2 1/2 to 3 inches long.

  • Pete Eckhart

    FAST RESPONDE WOULD BE APPRECIATED, I have a hair test tomorrow, i havent smoked weed for two years however i did take half a Robaxin and half xanax (i think) about 5 months ago due to severe backpain and to help me sleep. Only took it once or twice and it was always half of one. I have never shaved my armpits but i have to give them hair from there since my head hair is too short, how does it look like Jared? Will i fail?

    • Shadow222

      What happen

  • Efren Luna

    Hi Jared. I haven’t smoked marijuana in 8 months. Should I pass a hair follicle test, also a body hair test if needed?

  • Tony Bonanno

    hey Jared, I used to be a heavy smoker but haven’t smoked much this year, like 4 times. It’s now been 45 days since I last smoked and passed one of those dip stick test for my PO Tuesday (05/12/2015). I took 2 hits off a j last night (05/16/2015). I may have to test in 2 to 3 weeks. What do you think my chances are. BTW, I’ve already tested for my PO and passed on Tuesday.

  • James

    Hi Jared
    I smoked weed for the first time in my life this year late March and about 4 times after that. I’ve been clean since the beginning of April and I have a hair test coming up. Should I be worried?

  • Izzy

    Hey Jared. I smoked twice a month for a couple years. Nothing since December then I smoked a joint on 4/18 then two hits on 5/7. Med quality stuff. I may be asked to take hair follicle test on June 4th. Should I be worried. Female. 5’7″ 185lbs.

  • Ben

    Hey Jared, I smoked occasionally, maybe once a week or once every two weeks for a few months. Then I stopped on March 14 because I figured I would have a hair test for a job around the beginning of June. If I have been clean for 86 days when I take the test, are my chances good? Thanx

  • Bill

    Please help and educate me. Will I pass?
    I will take a hair follicle test in 2 weeks. I took one hit of some really good stuff (marijuana) 2 weeks ago. About 1 week later I took 4 hits of some good stuff. I haven’t smoked anything else in the last 6 months. Do I have a chance to pass the hair test?

  • sherie

    Hi jared if i smoked weed one time and just took 2 hits and i got a hair test 2 months later do u think il pass?

  • Mike Ozborn

    Jared I was a heavy smoker of the best dab or hash you could get. And also smoked very good pot for 14 years 3 times a day. After over 90 days of am still showing positive on UA. Just spent the weekend in jail over a probation violation because no one believes I could still be dirty after this long. Yet here I am. I haven’t even been around people that smoke since February. And haven’t touched the stuff at all. I am 6’5″ and 280 lbs. I have an office job so don’t exercise as much as I probably should and work long hours. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

  • LT

    If I smoked for a about 3 months – one hit a couple of times a week will it be in my hair follicles for 90 days? I have detoxed recently also – I know that my urine is clean but am concerned about my hair. It’s been about a month since I last smoked.

  • Luis Peguero

    So I smoked about everyday for about 8 years or so but I stopped about 3 months ago . but I smoked about .6 grams between 3 days last week mixed with topps tobacco . Im 22 about 5’8 155 lbs . I have a drug test for the post office coming up in 3days do you think I’ll be clean what can I do as precautions . IMMEDIATE RESPONCE APPRECIATED IM PULLING MY HAIR OUT HERE

    Thanks sincerely

  • kenny

    Hey Jared I was a heavy weed smoker. I’ve been clean from stepmber 7 2014 to June 8 2015 the day I took my hair test. I shaved under my under arm where they took the hair 6 month’s ago. Do you think I passed my hair test ? I’m really nervous

  • Kristy

    Plz help ASAP!! Hi Jared, i was a heavy smkr for 3-4years and have quit march 10 2015 but i just tested positive for marijuana 6/10/15 i weigh over 250 lb and im 5.1ft what can i do? This is too long now,and my p.o is thinking im lieing what can i do so she knows that im saying the trueth or what can i do so that i can clean faster like i dont drink much water or exercise and im constantly constipated and ive heard some foods can also couse a positive test could that be why?? Plz help asap

  • bryan

    I have a hair test this week coming up and I did half gram of coke 11 weeks ago will it show up

  • Greg camtrll

    I smoke green just a couple times a week,didn’t smoke for 3 weeks,took 3 hits 3 days ago,today is June 11.I have a hair test on the 23rd.Im bald headed by choice,If I don’t smoke anymore until after test and drink water,will I pass.

  • jay

    1. im fighting child custody case my partner told me i need to get drug tested for marjuana. Iv not smoked for nearly a year will i pass the drug hair test. 2. In family courts how long back do they test for drug hair tests. Please your advice will be appreciated Thanks

  • SantoslHalper

    Been clean 78 days…taking UA…big guy, 6’5″ 240, but have been running 2-3 miles 3-4x/week since quitting. Only partook with regular buds, no concentrates. Passed the Wal-greens test but still nervous. Good to go?

    • Shad

      Did you pass the drug test??

  • Reakey

    Question I’ve been 41 days clean tested piss 3 days ago showed clean but how long before hair would possibly be clean great job on the line…..need clean hair. Please Help. Thank-you.

  • Shadow222

    My brother shaved his entire body one month after useing thc regularly. Hes now going on three months no use. He also shaved his body a second time. He would say he always had very good stuff, and sometimes oil. Will he pass his test, or fail.

    • Shadow222

      His test is coming up in three weeks, hes useing a detox method but fears body hair. What you think

  • Shadow222

    Jared this is for you also thanks again

  • shayla

    Hey Jared,
    Ok The last time I smoked was 4-30-15. I hadn’t been smoking everyday. The month of April I may have smoke a total of 4-5 blunts. Now the month of Feb and march it was a lil heavier. The month of January I didn’t smoke at all. Do you think it will only take 90 days for me to pass a hair folicle test?

  • Brice

    Hey man I have a drug test on Tuesday of next week and it’s now wendsday and I’m a pretty big guy and I’ve heard that it sticks to your fat cells and I just smoked yesterday but I barely smoke I’ve smoked like three times in the past week and prior to that I hadn’t smoked in like a year but I’ve been drinking allot of water I was wondering if I should buy a detox or not

  • Jane

    I used to smoke a lot about 4-5 years ago, I started smoking again in March but it was just like once or twice a month & it was only like 1 puff. On May I went on a cruise & smoke a half a joint in Jamaica haven’t smoked since. I got hair follicle tested last week but my hair is super long. Do you think I’ll come out dirty.??? Please help I’m freaking out.

  • dear john

    I took a hair folical test for a job iam worried if it will pass i litteraly only smoked once and only maybe 4 hits of marijuajua and it has been atleast a solid 20 since and it being a one time use i am hopeing it passes any one have any good news for me i feel good about it but they did take the hair from my under arm and i mean i do drink often does that help or no and any advice is appreciated thanks

    • Patrice hope

      Dear john your situation is kind of similar. The only thing is I smoked 2 or 3 times a few puffs each time. Im not a frequent smoker at all. I smoked the end of January and one time like the 20th of February…. anyway I was interested in knowing if you passed

  • Georgia PeachGurl

    I barely even smoke, I’ll probably smoke like once a month. But the last time I smoke was last Friday. I had took my drug test July 23, 2015. I want to know If it will come back positive or negative?

  • Debra Cardwell

    Hi Jared,
    If I color my hair will I pass a hair follicle test?

    • Cassandra Flowers

      my friend passed when she dyed her hair. She bleached it twice (like within 2-3 days) and then dyed it. She wasn’t supposed to do that, and they didn’t want to take her hair at first because it was obviously dyed (purple) but she explained that her brother had passed away and his favorite color was purple and that it was a grieving thing (which was true, she could have dyed her hair any color she wanted but she picked purple for her brother) and since her mom also worked there, they knew it was true about her brother so they took her hair and she passed. She even smoked right before she left for the test, lol

  • ranger

    I quit smoking but in the last four and half months I have smoked weed twice. A month between both times and have been clean for almost two and half months. I just did a hair test for employment and they shaved my arm do you think I will pass

  • Bree

    How long do opiates stay in a hair folicAL test??

  • Anthony

    Jared for the past 8 1/2 months I’ve have been smoking every other weekend.I’m 5’9 and weight 195lbs It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve smoked marijuana and have been drinking lots of water.I wanted to know if I have any chance of passing my drug test?

  • Breanna

    Hey Jared, I just got hired for a job at Wegmans. They want me to get a hair test done and it is going to be this Monday. Im not a big weed user and i know nothing about drug tests. I only took one puff back in February I believe. That was my first time and I really didn’t enjoy it. I barley held it in and started coughing like crazy. Also my hair is really really long and goes to my butt. Should I be okay for this hair test and pass?

  • Guest

    Hello i am searching for any information possible. I smoked marijuana for 3 weeks pretty heavy about a gram of pretty high grade not medical but not your average everyday anyway i stopped consuming on aug 1 and started working out for about 2 weeks and stopped i took a home test (instant cup) and failed at 29 days im 5′ 7″ 230lbs i have to take a test sept 2nd at a lab facility how can i dillute the lab test because its going to be supervised and i cannot afford to lose my career over a stupid mistake please tell me from a personal encounter not a friends thank you so much

  • Teyana

    Hi I have a hair drug test later this month i was clean for 75 days but in those 75 days I smoke about 5 times .. how can I pass my hair drug test my hair isnt that long and i weigh 115 and im 5’3 … any advice

  • Angel242

    Hi Jared,

    I’m a little late to the game but if anyone else has insight into this I’d appreciate it.

    I took a hair test yesterday (Sept. 8). The last time I could have smoked marijuana was once, in the last 5 months, either beginning or middle of April at the very latest. I’m not entirely sure on the time. I inhaled maybe once or twice. I rarely ever smoked before that, maybe a total of 3 times in 3 years.

    I have really fine, long hair. It takes forever it seems for it to grow unlike my friends hair which grows a lot faster. I got a trim on my hair in March and some color done. I also got a trim in June. I have been on a lot of medicine for having an asthmatic respiratory infection (prescription ibuprofen, inhaler, antibiotics, steroids) and I am so worried that I’m not going to pass this test for a future job.

    What are the chances of the marijuana showing up?

    Also, what are the chances of my medications causing major issues? I have all documentation. Thanks. Feeling really upset.

  • Ben Sims

    I took 4 hits off a blunt yesterday. before that the last time i smoked was about 3 weeks and i only took a few hits. I may have a urine test in 5-7 days do you think i will pass?

  • firebakedclay

    Hello, i smoked 5 months ago. Will i pass a hair test if the hair is taken from my armpits?

  • ginger87

    Hi Jared I have a question, I haven’t smoked in 2 years almost 3 but a few weeks ago I took 5 hits off a joint and then a week later I took 5 more its been 4 days since those last 5 hits and I have a drug test today for a job. Do you think I’ll pass?

  • KeKe

    I smoked about a 6 pulls of midgrade almost 2 weeks ago and I have a hair follicle coming up in about 4 days for a job… I haven’t smoked anything in over 5 years… will I pass the test… I’m being told they look back 90 days..

  • Bowie Sims

    I had a drug test done exactly 28 days after I last smoked.. I was freaking the F$&k out.. Tried to use someone else’s urine but didn’t have enough to cover the line tech discarded it and told me to try again.. Holy sh?t, why me.. At that point I couldnt remember if I had my first void before leaving the house.. Drunk about 5 cups of water and waited about 20mins then finished the test.. I used midstream but it definitely had some color to it..I was devastated I’m a very light smoker 5 pull I’m high don’t want anymore maybe 4 times a month but I’ve been doing it for 12years on and off.. Last 2 weeks in August I was doing it a little more often.. I’m a user of bentonite detox on a regular basis my metabolism is pretty fast I drink a fare amount of water and I was doing some intense workout before I got the job offer, I’ve also been drinking more coffee than usual out of coincidence.. I researched reading stories trying to find answer to ease my nerves but I was scared as shit, couldn’t even sleep.. Test was Wednesday at quest I called the job Friday because i couldn’t take it anymore.. Asked if the background check was completed I already had a start date when o received the offer letter prior to taking the drug test, told them I was inquiring because I wanted to give my current job at least A week notice.. She checked the systems and said my background check was completed and I passed everything and my start date remains the same.. Thank god I really wanted this job.. Definitely a come up from any other job I ever had, and I’ll be working from home.. Bonus!!!!!!… Don’t know when I became clean from thc but 28days was good for me…


  • Bowie Sims

    A week notice.. She checked the systems and said my background check was completed and I passed everything and my start date remains the same.. Thank god I really wanted this job.. Definitely a come up from any other job I ever had, and I’ll be working from home.. Bonus!!!!!!… Don’t know when I became clean from thc but 28days was good for me…


  • Rich

    Hello Jared.
    Thank you for all this great info! I plan to order a hair test kit in the near future to be sure I am clean but I still am confused about one thing. If I quit marijuana about 45 days ago but my urine is still positive, will shaving my head still ensure no detection once it grows back or do I have to wait until my urine is negative?

  • Skyler Childers

    I been clean for 2 years but i smoked bout 6 blunts in 2 days i been clean 9 days will i pass a piss test im on parole please help and ill also let u know the the result if im not back in prison thanx

  • disqus_AEdxJ6ZvPq

    I had been clean for over 5 months straight, but in the past month I have smoked about 2 grams, on separate occasions. Maybe a bowl a day for 7 different days. Anyways, a company I really want to work for called me this week, but the lady will be on vacation the next two weeks so it is possible I might have to take a hair follicle test in three weeks. It has been a week already since my last bowl.
    Basically, I was clean, then I smoked a little bit, but about another month later I’ll be tested. Will I pass? What can I do ?

  • Dan

    Hi Jared I have a hair test this week. I haven’t smoked for a month and when I did Smoke it was occasionally and just a couple hits. Do you think I will pass the hair test?

  • Omega000

    I’m a regular smoker but quit Aug 2 it’s now Nov 27 would I pass a body hair test?

  • Jacob Turner

    Hi I’m Jacob I have a question I I haven’t smoked in two months because I’m on probation but recently I took a hit about a week ago and just yesterday I took two hits I have a drug text in about a week and five days will I pass??

  • Michi

    So, my friend is 170 days sober but will be getting tested within the next couple of days. I’m not sure how strong the stuff was, but I would say he was a semi-heavy user before he quit. He’s about 185 lbs and 5’9″, with a history of a fatty liver due to drinking and very sedentary lifestyle with average diet. He recently worked out a bit, I know that’s a factor as well. What are his chances of not passing the test?

    • Sad..

      If your friend truly abstained from smoking weed for 170 days, he should have no problem whatsoever passing. I’d even say for a semi-heavy user a month and a half would usually do.

      • Michi

        Yep, he ended up passing. He really hasn’t smoked in close to half a year and he won’t be able due to random drug tests at the job. He says he’s fine with it though, hasn’t had a craving and is saving tons of money. Cool beans! Thanks for your reply.

  • Davion Coleman-Griffin

    Okay bro when you have time answer this for me I smoke Reggie pretty frequently like twice every other day until Halloween 2015 been clean since. I have a hair follicle coming up around mid January I’m 6 flat 175 an I work out an play ball frequently. Any chance I can pass??

  • Arthur Gonzales

    I really need help! so i just got this really great job, and all i need now is to pass a hair follicle drug test. I smoked about a month ago, took a couple of hits of some afgan kush, and i smoked about 3 times in the past 90 days too, I am in exelent shape i work out, my drug test is in 3 days is it possible i pass it?????

    • ivan

      hello Arthur, I’m somewhat same situation. did you pass?

      • Arthur Gonzales

        I was able to pass the drug test thank god, I used a shampoo I got from a smokeshop called allclear, Just to be extra safe since we only have a little bit of thc in the hair it should work

  • xuel

    Hi Jared, first of all thanks for your time. I am 5`11“ tall and 164 lbs. I took 5/6 hit 6 days ago and I have a urine drug test tomorrow! Before that I smoked the same amount like 3/4 months before. No idea about the potency level of that marijuana but it was strong. Do I have any chance passing the test ?

  • Onequestion

    Okay, I didn’t smoke for about 7 months and I only took one hit of reg a few days ago. I’m now searching for a job and I’m worried about failing the drug test. Do you think I’ll pass?

  • tammy

    i havent smoked weed in over 6 month. 3 months ago i took 1 hit of high THC weed. is it possible for me to fail a hair test still???

  • jerome

    Im still worried after reading . Im 5’4″ . 150 lbs .. muscular build . I had a couple hits two different days on Thanksgiving (roughly 45 days ago). It was fair quality. What are my chances of failing a urine analysis?

  • josh

    I really need a immediate opinion here. I’ve last smoked 12 days ago, but I’ve took like 2-3 smokes and before I haven’t smoked anything for about 2 months. I’ve never been a hardcore smoker, but I’m having this drug test this week. Do you think I’ll pass the drug test?

  • K Dawg

    Do THC metabolites still get deposited in new hair growth if they are still detectable in urine? The detection time for hair test is said to be approx. 90 days, but if metabolites are still detected in urine for ~ 30 days since last use they are still present in blood at some levels. Therefore wouldn’t uncontaminated hair not start to grow from the scalp until after the levels in urine and blood were undetectable? If so wouldn’t the amount of time since last use have to approach > 120 days to be undetectable in the standard 1.5 inch hair sample?

  • CleanB

    I smoke probably a bong of weed per week with the occasional dab (probably 2 once every 2 weeks) and stopped beginning of February and then smoked one full joint about two weeks ago. Will I pass a drug test at the beginning of May?

  • Mazeika

    Hi Jared,
    I was a regular smoker in 2105 towards the end of the year. I last smoked December 15th 2015 and I had job interviews and what not coming up. I I took a first check home drug test in January around the 21st of 2016 to just test my self for thc. I passed and it said there was no thc in my system. I took another one February 20th 2016 and I passed that as well. Today the 24th of February I took a DOT drug test in a lab. I was wondering is there any chance of thc being present even if I haven’t smoked in 70 days and passed two home tests. I’m just young and stressed, if you or anyone can get back to me asap that would be great thanks.

    • Typically, urine tests clean after being drug-free for 30 days. However, it varies based on the factors in the info-graphic above. Hope that helps. Drive safe and stay clean on the road, please.

      • Mazeika

        This helps a lot thank you, and I will

      • Patrice hope

        @JaredRosenthal IM FREAKING OUT!!! Ok so I never really ever smoked marijuana… I tried it in my teens n a few times throughout the beginning of my 20’s, but other then that I DON’T SMOKE AT ALL. Unfortunately I’ve been goin threw a few things these past few months and I smoked at the end of January which was only a few puffs, then I smoke maybe twice at the end of February. Out of the blue a great job opportunity fell in my lap and I have to take a hair follicle drug test. I don’t think I have to take it until mid/end of April or the beginning of May. Will it show up in my hair sample since im not a frequent smoker??? PLEASE HELP

      • Rose

        I was a heavy smoker for like a year. I quit Jan 1st of this year and tested positive 3 months later in April. Been clean since then but had a minor slip up about a week ago. Just a few tokes off a joint. The potency isn’t as high as what I was smoking a year ago so do you think I’m in the clear or nah? I’m applying for a position this week and I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a drug test so would just like to know if I would pass or not. I’m 5’6 about 265lbs ( no need for negativity pls) pls lmk if you have any insight. Thanks in advance.

  • mia

    I smoked a joint and got high at the end of November of last year. I rarely get high (once every few years) and I haven’t smoked anything since. I am having a drug test on March 19th of this year for a job overseas and I am terrified of failing. I am about 35 pounds overweight so this worries me as well. What are my chances of passing? Is there anything K can do to fix this?

  • karli

    hi jared,

    about 6 months ago on September 1st i got drunk with friends and did a line or two of cocaine. It really wasnt alot i didnt feel any of the effects but i have a hair follicle test coming up in about a month. That was the only time ive ever done coke and i havent smoked weed in a year. Will i pass?

  • Barbra Schulz

    Welp I was clean for 95 day’s and before them 95 days I only smoked a cpl blunts. STILL failed hair test.

    • So if they find it anywhere in those 90 days of test, they consider it a fail?

      • Barbra Schulz

        Yes It took 8 months for me to pass my hair test. If your a guy shave your head. All the hair that grows back will be clean hair. Best of luck to you

        • Ugh great ok thx a bunch and no I’m a chic lol so there goes the buzz cut.

  • Karthik Murali

    Hello there. I need some help. In the article, what exactly are your definitions of occasional users and heavy users?

    • Nardwaur most likely the Feds

      I’m assuming that a heavy user is never sober, and an occasional user is at least once a day.

  • Joe

    I used to use marijuana frequently. I have a hair test on may 15 and have not used any drugs since january 15. I have gotten several hair cuts since then but have been exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke on multiple occassions. Will i pass my hair test? Also, would the test detect one key bump of cocaine?

  • Ramz

    I smoked a joint about 2 months ago and before that it was about another two months will it still come out in a hair follicle.

    • Did it? I’m curious? I’m heavy smoker, 18 years daily, and I quit with only two months till test. I had no advanced notice so I’m guessing even if I quit the next two months before test that I’ll end up dirty still? Thx

  • Dakota

    Hey, so I smoke 2 or 3 timies a week maybe 2 or 3 hits. I haven’t smoked in almost 3 weeks. Today I took a drug test for a job. I felt kinda confident going in cause I passed a cheap home drug test, but now the more I read I’m getting worried. What are the chances that I will pass?

    • Looloo

      Did you get the results?, I’m in a similar situation and curious of your outcome

      • Dakota

        I passed! I drank lots of water starting a few days before. Then 31oz of water and a 44oz iced tea right before. Good Luck

  • Jose Landivar

    Hey Jared, just wondering what my chance for passing my upcoming drug test is..

    I’m a 21 year old male, 177lbs, 5″11, with a very fast metabolism. I try to workout at least once a week at the gym doing 1 hour cardio + 1 hour lifting + 15 mins at the sauna. I also move around a lot daily as my classes in my university are pretty far apart.
    Four weeks ago, my gf and I stopped by Colorado on our way to Vegas to pick up some edibles. I ended up eating over 200mg worth of edibles over the course of a week. The time before then was about three months prior, also an edible. The company I’m applying for has accepted me into their electrical engineering internship program but I have to pass the background/drug test first before I can be considered an employee. They receive contracts from the department of defense so I’m worried that their cutoff for thc is a lot lower then the standard 50 ng/ml. They haven’t told me much but mentioned something about doing split specimen for accuracy. I have until Tuesday and I’ve been doing everything in the book, going to the gym consistently, drinking a gallon or two of water a day, multivitamins, b-complex, fiber, fish oil, creatine supplement and some liver/kidney cleansing crap my parents said would help, eating only eggs and a vegetable/fruit smoothie for breakfast and chicken/fish for lunch/dinner.

    I’ve also taken over five exams all first voids of the day, with two of them being FirstCheck, one being AtHome 5 drug panel, and two 20 ng/ml tests I bought on Amazon from Ütest, with all of them showing up as negative. I’m just not quite sure the sensitivity of the Ütest is actually 20 ng/ml. On the day of the test I’m planning on waking up 6 hours prior to my test and drink about 3-4 glasses of water, 16oz of the fruit/vegetable smoothie, and eat some salmon with eggs, also making sure I give my 4th to 5th piss of the day and of course only use midstream.

    Also, I know for sure I’ll test positive for amphetamines as I take a 20mg ER capsule of adderall daily (prescribed). When this does happen, will they gc/ms the THC as well?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and replying! I really do appreciate it.

  • John

    I took 3 hits out of a joint 7 days ago and and am probably going to be taking a drug test within the next 2 weeks (hair follicle). I have only smoked 3 times within the last year and the last time before this was 4 months ago. I am 6’3″ 205 lbs and have thick brown hair. Somebody please tell me what my chances of passing this test is. I am going to be taking ultimate gold hair cleanse the day of the test because I heard that it has worked for a lot of people. I am obviously a very infrequent user so I am just looking for some closure on this because I am driving myself mad.

    • Less

      Im not familiar with the gold hair cleanse, but i do know that the hair follicle test is the hardest test along with a blood test to pass. Probably why they are also the more expensive ones. Im sorry to say but i don’t think your chances of passing are good. But if that cleanse works, please let us know. Im really intrigued.

  • Less

    Im a little too late to help anyone whose already posted. But maybe i can help anyone new who comes along this site. Im a HEAVY smoker. Usually about 2-3 blunt/joints a day. I knew i was going to be seeking employment so i stopped smoking for about a week. Which really isnt needed since ive done the same following method before and smoked the day before the test, a few hours before i started my cleanse. But i wanted to be on the ‘safer’ side. Anyway. The evening before the test(6pm) i drank a flush/cleanser. U can find them in almost any smoke shop for about $20-25. I hate the way these things taste so i dilute it with water. So one 20oz bottle became a total of about 60oz of liquid. But make sure u drink the entire bottle. The fact that i dilute it, also makes it harder for them to detect that u drank a cleanser. Make sure u eat some fatty foods as well. This way ur urine will less likly cause a ‘diluted’ result. I had my test at 8am the next day and drank a 16oz bottle of apple juice on my way over, to insure my urine had a lil yellow tint to it. Otherwise it would have been as clear as water. Which isnt good. Causes suspicions. I passed! Got a call back from the company the same day informing me that i passed and got the job. I celebrated with a bowl. Lol. Btw im 125lbs at 5’5. I dont work out, at all. This method has worked for me 3 out of 3 times. And only once did i actually stop smoking for about a week. Hope this helps any fellow potheads 🙂

    • Lane

      Which company detox did you use?? I hope you see this…

      • Less

        Its called detoxify- ready clean, herbal cleanse…. Its worked for me every time. It also comes in a few flavors depends on what the store carries

        • Lane

          Have you ever tried absolute detox? My boyfriend has used it and it worked for him. Just looking for other opinions.

          • Less

            No i havnt. Once i used this one n it worked i just stuck to it lol

      • Blaqgoddess

        I didn’t smoke marijuana from March 27th to June 20th in 85 days and took a drug test ,do you think i passed ?

  • Rose

    I’m 5’6 about 263lbs and I quit smoking and ingesting thc since Jan 2nd of this yr. I smoked bowls, blunts & joints almost daily (sometimes multiple times a day) and ingested edibles and even dabbed ocassionally for 9 mnths to a year before quitting like 4 mnths ago. I took a pre employment drug test in the first week of last month and I was informed that I failed. I was kindve skeptical at first because the nurse gave me a dirty look before administering the test due to all awesome my tattoos (judgmental a** b****) & she was also talking about how her son applied as well but hadn’t gotten called for the job…which led me to believe it was a conspiracy when she told me I failed not to mention she walked outta the room w the test in hand and then came back and told me I failed (it was a 5 panel test btw). She was all 3 ppl verified it…Uhm I only saw your a** verify it. Anyways is it possible that I actually failed based on my body type and the amount I took in?! Or did she just fail me on purpose?! Cuz it actually has happened before. And my second question is how likely am I to be thc metabolite free now that it’s been 120 days since I’ve stopped using?? After I found out I failed I did a 7 day cleanser and have increased my h20 intake while also taking cranberry and multivitamins daily since then….The most I’ve missed is 3 or 4 days without taking the cranberry pills and multivitamins. And I just recently started taking a fat burner, not to lose weight which I should, but just to speed up my metabolism to burn fat just to get it all out. Pls advise asap. Thanks in advance.

  • Cam

    So I’d love it if someone could give me their opinion on my situation. So I was a heavy smoker for a couple years. I quit smoking on Feburary 15th, 2016. Today is 78 days without smoking. I bought a detox drink, the 5 day everclean one for $90 and followed the instructions. I finished all the drinks the Friday before I took the drug test(took the drug test on a Tuesday) I took a drug test at LabCorp last week for a job and I failed for THC. When I took this test, I was 72 days clean. I’m overweight, 5’6 250 lbs(I don’t really care on your opinion or my weight) and I know that thc attaches to your fat cells. But I don’t eat horribly, I drink water, and I walk everyday for exercise. I have a job interview tomorrow and if it goes well, I’ll be taking another drug test soon, so does anyone know why I failed after being clean for that amount of time? And does anyone have any clue how much longer it’s gonna be before I pass?! HELP PLEASE?

    • WOKE Mel

      Did you pass?

  • CSBoucher

    I am wondering if the hair follicle test I took this morning will come out clean finally. On 1/29/16 I had my first clean UA (no THC) and the last hair follicle I had on 3/29 had 1.3 pg/mg….I guess it is cutting it close, but my hope is that since 90 days have passed since the clean UA, the follicle should be clean as well. UGH!!!

  • worried user

    I’m 21 years old & weigh 100 pounds (female). I usually smoke once a night & take 3-4 hits the most. Last week I smoked from Monday – Thursday. Friday-sunday I stayed clean. Now this week Monday& Tuesday I smoked. Wednsday up till now (saturday) I’ve stayed clean. Yesterday I took a at home drug test & it came out negative.. I have a lab urine screening monday.. should I be worried still? I’ve been drinking plenty of water about 80ml a day.. help!!!!

    • zee

      so wat happen?? howd it go? im curious cause im on the same boat, sorry noone could help wen you asked, but maybe you could contribute valueble information,
      thanx in advance

      • worried user

        My test came out negative!!!! Lol thank God

        • Donna

          I smoke every night as well but take weeks off then smoke again I haven’t smoked since May 19 should I be good?

  • Mr.curious?

    So I was a heavy smoker about 3 blunts a day. I quit feb. 17 which means I been clean for about 3 months and 21 days. I took a light puff on the 22nd day of the 3 months and 21 days. I am 5’9 180lbs. Do you think my body was clean from the 3 months and 21 days and if so how long will that light puff stay in my system? It was loud I inhaled but it was a light puff.

  • Newyork

    I was a heavy smoker but I recently stopped May 1st. Then last night I took a couple tokes of marijuana. I’m also 300 pounds. Will it be 2 more months until I’m clean again or will I be clean much sooner since I haven’t smoked?

  • Rose

    I was a heavy smoker for like a year. I quit Jan 1st of this year and tested positive 3 months later in April. Been clean since then but had a minor slip up about a week ago. Just a few tokes off a joint. The potency isn’t as high as what I was smoking a year ago so do you think I’m in the clear or nah? I’m applying for a position this week and I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a drug test so would just like to know if I would pass or not. I’m 5’6 about 265lbs ( no need for negativity pls) pls lmk if you have any insight. Thanks in advance.

    • WOKE Mel

      Jesus, you were still testing positive THREE months later?!?

      • WOKE Mel

        I would drink a lot of water the day of the test, but not TOO much, because they will know you diluted the urine, and too much water can actually make you seriously ill or kill you.

      • Rose

        Yuuup. It stunned the heck outta me when the nurse came back and said I was positive. I always questioned if I really did or if she just failed me cuz she didn’t dig my tattoos. She literally looked me up and down w that look of judgement on her face right before the test. She even took the test out of the room and then came back and told me it was positive. So idk

        • WOKE Mel

          She sounds shady af.

  • disqus_exK9okQvJo

    Well I’m going to need to take hair follicle test sometime next week I only smoked two hits of pot but about two months ago smoked a gram in one day. I’m don’t smoke daily just every once in a while so will i be ok to take a hair follicle test or should I get a detox shampoo

  • Tay

    I smoked twice from a bowl right around this past 4/20, I’m about 235lbs and I have a drug screening coming up soon will I be good? Help I’m so worried I won’t pass

  • Christine nulph

    I was using Marijuana for many years and have stopped, getting good tested and all have been clean but last week it came up dirty when I have not smoked. I found out that the urine sat in facility 6 days before being given sent out. How is that possible to be positive

  • Stressinabouttestin

    Hello, I’m a frequent/heavy smoker, the potent stuff. Have been smoking consistently with no breaks for about 3&1/2 years. I haven’t smoked now for 23 days, and on day 19 I took a home drug test and failed (no surprise there). I anticipate taking 56-63 days to be clean, nut my question is, if I intake more THC 1 time before being completely clean, how far will this set me back?? I’m a female, 5’4″ about 170 muscular build, but a little pudge, lol.

  • Anthony Reed

    Smoked a whole blunt in mid April. quit. Smoked about 2 blunts over 3 days from July 23 to the 25. Did a home kit drug test tested negative on August 10. Gave a drug test on the 17th of Aug. (Before April I would smoke occasionally). Weigh 135 lbs 5 “6. Low body fat. Is there a chance for me testing positive?

  • Charles Spencer Chaplin

    Hey guys! So here is my situation! I used to be a heavy smoker, but about a year ago
    I stopped smoking every day and dropped to maybe every three of four weeks. I last smoked about 26 days ago. Last week I got a job offer that I REALLY want, but it was contingent on a BG check and a drug screen. I tested yesterday. The day of and night before I drank TONS of water (which I do normally anyway) and took vitamin B complex and Creatine monohydrate to flush my system. I am 5’9, 275 (working on that too) and exercise moderately, walking about 3 miles every few days. I am on my feet all day at work, both jobs. I am praying that I pass my urine test. I checked on the testers website and they said it only goes back 7 days. I hope that is true. I hope I pass as I REALLY need this job! Will update when I get the results. Wish me luck!

    • Lance K

      Well what happened?

      • Jon Sandoval

        Got the job! The only thing that showed up was my Adderall which I have script for! Really happy at the new job too so all is well! Cheers!

        • Lance K

          That’s great . congrats.

          • Jon Sandoval

            Thank you My friend!

        • oregonxyz

          you did it by flushing with lots of water – you got lucky

    • A.j. Perdue

      From what I understand you did the right thing

  • Melissa

    I was a once a day smoker. I had to take a hair test and my level came back as a 1.7. I quit smoking for 47 days and had another hair test and it came back as a 2.4. How is this possible?

  • Farrah Purkett

    I had smoked earlier in the morning today and I just found out I have a drug test in 3 days do I just drink water eat green foods? I weigh 115 I’m very skinny. I need help it was on short notice

    • Niomi Williams

      curious, what did you do.. and were you positive in your test? I am on same boat. I ingested about 50 mg THC on Monday, 1st May and have my test next week (May 8th)

  • Niah Stackz

    I jus came home and im negative for marijuana but if i smoke on thursday n have a test on tuesday , will i pass?

    • oregonxyz

      no, don’t do it – stay off of it

      If you do a very tiny amount, you can be OK 8 days later – but by a tiny amount, I mean nothing more than a couple of teeny tiny flakes that will barely make you feel anything at all

      if you catch a buzz, you will be nailed in testing

  • Jack

    I passed a hair screening. Smoked once a week for a long time. I party on weekends. I hadn’t had any weed for about 100 days before my test. I hope this helps give someone a piece of mind. Lots of scary stories on internet.

  • OG Blake

    Hi guys I am here because I got this job offer that I really need.On Thursday I will be going to an interview and where I will be tested via urine drug test I was never a heavy smoker but couple times I would I last puffed a joint like the night ofy graduation last year June and never again did I inserted drug into my system.It’s been 10 months since I puffed a joint will I pass the drug test??

  • Scott

    I have been clean for 81 days. Smoked marijuana 4 to 5 days a week. With a very good hair detox what are my chances of passing a hair follicle test

    • Scott

      Just your normal mid grade marijuana nothing special .

  • Niomi Williams

    NEED URGENT HELP! I am freaking out a bit. I was occasional user of Marijuana till start of feb 17. This Monday (May 1st) I eat some 8-9 marijuana pills, ~50mg THC and tested positive today (4th May) in one of the At home test. I have heard if you eat marijuana it stays longer in the system,
    is that true??.
    I have a drug test for a job on Tuesday (about 7 days after ingesting) and I am not sure what to do.
    I read online and got very mixed review. Could any one suggest other than drinking lots of water + mix of Vitamin B tablet + creatinine . This is the only job that I can get and drug test is the last stage to pass

  • shannon webb

    Hi. Looking for advice. I am in need of a hair test done but at my own time frame. I haven’t smoked in about 40days I’m wondering how long should I wait to test myself before I will pass? I was an everyday smoker and fairly good THC content in around 18% or so it was considered medical grade by that I mean not the Mexican brick weed. Not sure it matters but I’m a red head long hair almost waist 98lbs now that I quit with a rapid metabolism. I’m trying to clear up a previous court issue and it was recommended by lawyer to do such test to get out of my situation. Any ideas as to how long it will take to pass such test?

  • disqus_wvefd7VJ8s

    I have a HAIR FOLICLE test coming in Mid June for a new job they supposedly test 6 months back. I used shatter in a vape pen 1-3 hits per day for 5 days in mid January. I went clean for 40 days and shaved all the hair on my body like a swimmer lol. It will have been an extra 90 days clean After the full body shave and all my hair has grown back. My question is…. should I use a detox shampoo or am I good to go?

  • Jazzy

    haven’t smoked since last two weeks in March. mid grade. smoked a little in am then in evening regularly. Will pass urine tedt?

  • Daniel Taylor

    So… I have some concerns…. about indirect exposure. My roommates smoke sometimes, usually a few times per week, and I want to know if I could potentially produce a false positive. Now, I don’t stand in the room with them, so I’m not directly inhaling smoke, but the smell does vent through our small space. They do their best, but it does end up mostly everywhere.

    And I don’t mind, it’s just that a few times I’ve been pretty scared about how much of the chemicals in the smoke I may or may not have been exposed to. A few times, while being slightly ill, I ended up coughing up mucus that smelled like what they were smoking, and had a taste that I would imagine matches it, which was concerning, but the other night, my roommate told me that my eyes were dilated, and it looked like I was being affected, despite not being in the same room that they were using. It’s been bothering me ever since…

    I don’t know the strength of what they have, so I can’t be very helpful, but are there any guidelines for this kind of exposure – like low-level exposure building up over time? Please, let me know! I’d like to because I’m looking to start a career soon, and I don’t want to chance failing the drug test because I didn’t take the necessary precautions.

  • Devan Reid

    I’ve been clean for about 75 days. I’m 5’11 160 I workout a lot and I’m always in the heat for work. I have a hair test coming up, what are my chances of passing?


    For what its worth, I underwent a ‘panel drug test’ going back a few years.. It was a urine test and it was prior to employment! Thankfully I had notice of the full medical almost 2 months in advance!

    Bearing in mind, at this point I was just turning 20, atheltic in build, 6″1 and around 12 stone (168lb’s / 76kg’s)

    I went completely cold turkey, clean as a mo’f*****! Excersised and ate great food, lost fatty mass and gained muscle over a period of 9 weeks! (Plus a few odd days)

    I explained to the nurse conducting the test that I was a ‘habitual’ not depandant; recreational smoker not only 10 weeks prior, but turned it away from the day of notification..

    I barely passed! Had it not been for my honesty prior to the test.. The very faint line would have been deemed a fail (she assured me of this)

    Best advice.. Especially as I am here now looking for ways to speed the process prior to yet another test, priorotise yourself, get employed, get comfortable AND then, only then, endulge.. It is not as simple as people claim to detox! I learnt that from personal experience!

    So from me, the safe, reasurable answer is.. 3 MONTHS.

    I have since gone on to debunk other methods for other substances and honestly, what you read online and hear by word of mouth is hearsay.. The detox and expelling period for ANY substance differs significantly from individual to individual..

    I have however known of a handfull of good friends to pass tests, no joke.. The day AFTER heavily using said substances (cocaine, marijuana, MDMA)

    Sorry for the rant but meh.. Educating where I can!

    (Since experienceing it for myself I have gone as far as purchasing substance tests and monitoring the detox rate for personal peace of mind – I HIGHLY recommend this also)

    Good luck out there!

  • jo

    @Jared, I have smoked week after work every night for about 9 months. I am female about 5’6” 175 lbs. I stopped smoking about 32 days ago. I have been exercising and eating healthy. I stopped exercising the day before the test and the day of. I went to the restroom about 4-5 times before the test and drank a 32oz sweet tea prior. I had been getting ghost lines on at home tests for about a week showing negative results. The day of my line was visible right before the test. I took a test right after and the line was very visible as being negative on my at home test. I made sure to use mid stream urine and always drink plenty of water. Do you think I will pass my test? I was told I would hear back either way within 48 hours and it has been over 48 hours and still no response. I took the test on a Thursday so I am sure they are not in on Saturday or Sunday but still it worries me. I am driving myself crazy about this. It was for a job I really want. Anyone have any insight???

  • Dakota Hayes

    Need help. Was a light user of dirt weed. Haven’t smoked in over two months but still can’t pass a piss test. Why? Am i have spent hundreds of dollars on weed cleansers need help. Trying to get cdl

  • Ryzo Andis

    Just throwing it out there. Complete honest truth. I got out of jail Feb 13th 2017 & smoked one blunt that night and then went until May 26th without smoking and I was still failing my drug tests for weed…

    • Matt

      Don’t fuck with me Ryzo that’s a bold faced lie.