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Alternative Specimen DNA Test (Nails, Teeth, Fabric)

Fingernails, bodily fluids captured on fabric, teeth, and other items can be checked for viable DNA, and then compared to another individual's cheek swab to see if they are related. This test is typically ordered if one of the two parties is not available or not willing to get cheek swabbed. Specimens are submitted by mail, and results are for peace-of-mind only (i.e., not legally binding).

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Excellent people. Handled a serious issue (for me) with respect. For that I thank Healthstreet.
By Tom on January 23, 2016
paternity testing services were done well. not using my real name, but i want to share this for other men who need to know where to go for DNA test. go here, they were great.
By "Andrew" on January 23, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars (1 reviews)

Alternative Specimen DNA Test (Hair, Teeth, Fabric)

Alternative Specimen DNA Test (Hair, Teeth, Fabric)

DNA test using hair follicles

In order to test DNA from a hair sample, we will need at least 6 to 10 strands with the hair follicles (roots) intact. If comparing this person’s DNA to a second party (for example, to determine paternity or another relationship), the other party will need to do a cheek swab on himself/herself. We will mail you the kit for the cheek swab. Then, we will compare the DNA from the hair with the DNA from the cheek swab to see if the two parties are related.

Cheek swabs are guaranteed to contain viable DNA; hair strands are not. If you order this test, and the hair turns out to not have viable DNA, you will not get results. There are no refunds, because it is costly just to try and extract the DNA from the hair; therefore, be sure that you can see the six to ten hair follicles on your specimen before ordering this test.

DNA test using teeth

DNA can also be extracted from teeth in cases where other parts of the body are either not intact, too diseased, or otherwise unavailable for testing. This is typically done postmortem, and it can take more than two weeks to find out the results of a DNA test using a tooth. Like hair, not all teeth contain viable DNA, so you are taking a risk when ordering this test that you will not get a result.

DNA Test using bodily fluids on fabric

DNA can be extracted from the fibers that are on a piece of clothing or fabric, especially if the fabric is soiled with bodily fluid like ejaculate or semen. This type of DNA testing can help determine whether someone was in a particular place at a particular time. It can take two weeks or longer to produce results. Like hair and teeth, just because you see fluid or stains on fabric does not mean it automatically contains DNA. You assume all risk of non-viability when ordering this test.

Male vs. Female DNA

Health Street can extract DNA from a piece of fabric if there are bodily fluids present. This is called a Garment Stain – Male vs Female DNA Test.

Specimen Viability

Before submitting your specimen, you should be relatively confident that there is DNA present, since all tests are non-refundable.


This test is not available in NY state.

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1 Ratings
5.0 out of 5 stars.
Alternative Specimen DNA Test
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Louis was very satisfied and excellent he help me to make an appointment for DNA Text

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