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Health Street's Employment Background Check Services are comprehensive, reliable, and easy. If you are a hiring manager, recruiter, small business owner or head of a human resources department, our background check services will help you hire the best employees. With more than a decade of experience, we've helped thousands of companies perform background checks safely and securely. Is your organization small or mid-sized? Our specialty is providing small and medium businesses with a wide selection of employee background check services that you can order as you require. Thoroughly vet your new hires without the need for costly in-house staff.

We are dedicated to helping protect your business. This includes keeping up-to-date with rapidly changing background check laws in each state. If your company hires and operates across state borders, you may find it difficult to comply with varying state laws. There are many risks, from not having sufficient information and risking a negligent hiring lawsuit, to uncovering information that may put your company at risk of a discrimination lawsuit. Fortunately, we're here to help.

By working with Health Street, your company can navigate this delicate balance and steer clear of any legal headaches. We take a proactive stance to review the backgrounds of your new hires and give you the reporting you need for maximum insight into prospective team members.

State Backgrounds Checks for Employment

Health Street offers state background checks in every U.S. state. Note that background check laws vary by state. Employers seeking state background checks on job applicants must adhere to the specific laws of the states in which they operate and hire staff.

Select a state to choose the right background check for your area.

State Backgrounds Checks for Employment

Health Street offers state background checks in every U.S. state. Background check laws vary by state. Employers seeking state background checks on job applicants must adhere to the specific laws of the states in which they operate and hire staff.

Select a state to choose the right background check for your area.

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Types of Background Checks

Criminal Database Checks

Criminal Background Check – We combine database searches and human research for comprehensive results. We have access to many different sources, including federal, national, and state criminal databases, do-not-fly lists, sex offender registries and more. Criminal records are thoroughly reviewed at their source, typically at county courthouses. To achieve this, we conduct in-person court repository searches in each U.S. jurisdiction.

Criminal Database Check Packages:
Individual Criminal Database Checks:

Background Screening Services for Drivers and DOT

Driver and DOT Background Checks - If your company hires safety-sensitive drivers, Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) background checks are critical. They ensure that staff members who represent your business on the roadways have valid driver's licenses and safe driving records. You can order standalone MVRs or DOT drug testing, or Health Street can perform this for you as part of our comprehensive screening services.

Driver or DOT Background Check Packages:
DOT Triple Database$250
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DOT Platinum (Plat + MVR + Prior Empl)$250
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Ultimate + MVR (Platinum + 10 Panel + MVR)$324
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Instant 5 Panel + Court + MVR + SS + NCI + Offender$235
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Court Record, MVR, 9 Panel Package$179
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Individual Driver or DOT Background Checks:

Background Check Services for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Background Checks - To verify that health-related professionals have clean records and are authorized to do business in the U.S., we offer healthcare background check services such as FACIS (Fraud Abuse Control Information System), OFAC (U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions and OIG (Office of the Inspector General) sanctions.

Healthcare Background Check Packages:
HealthCare Platinum$250
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HealthCare Triple Database$250
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Individual Healthcare Background Checks:
FACIS 1 (Healthcare Fraud - Federal)$35
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FACIS 2 (Healthcare Fraud - Fed & 1 State)$50
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FACIS 3 (Healthcare Fraud - Fed & 50 States)$75
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Resume Verifications

Remote Identity Verification – To protect you and your company, Health Street uses advanced technology such as remote ID verification. This ensures that your remote, work from home employees are properly identified. We harness the power of technology to conduct background checks that are secure and timely, to give you the answers you need quickly.

Resume Verification Packages:
Resume Verification - Basic - up to 3 checks
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Resume Verification - Advanced - up to 5 checks$149
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Resume Verification - Complete - up to 10 checks$235
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Build Your Own Background Check PackagePrice varies
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Individual Resume Verification Services:

About Employment Background Screening

Why Use Health Street for Your Employment Background Check Services

With our rigorous employee background check services, we protect your business and save you from spending time and money on less than desirable employees. You'll learn if the person you're considering has a criminal record. We remove any irrelevant information from criminal databases that you might not be allowed to view or act on. In doing so, we provide you with only essential and actionable information.

We can also confirm that the experience and credentials that employees claim on their resumes are all true and verifiable via our Employment Background Screening. This usually includes education verifications, employment history and reference checks. When required, motor vehicle records are reviewed. Our employment background checks are fast, accurate and all-inclusive. By thoroughly vetting every job candidate, we protect you from negligent hiring. As an employer, you can be held liable for your staff's actions, if it is determined by a court that you should have known that they would be a risk to fellow employees or customers.


Our background check services are backed by more than 10 years of experience, close monitoring of changing laws, and a deep reservoir of resources and talent. Generic "cookie-cutter" online criminal database background checks are no match for first hand expertise.


Our personalized customer service differentiates us from our competition. Health Street's call center advises small business owners on the best background checks for your company's needs, industry requirements and state regulations. We'll customize a package that's exactly what you need—no more and no less. Results from background checks can sometimes be confusing. We ensure that you understand the reports so you can make informed hiring decisions.


Health Street believes in a tailored approach to background checks. We customize our screening packages for your company's unique requirements, such as RFPs and other contracts that dictate what should or should not be included.


Since all our staff is U.S.-based, we can take a more hands-on approach. When our background check services require direct phone communication, such as higher education verification and reference checks, these calls will be made by our local staff. They are experts at nuance and will provide you with accurate assessments of your job applicants.


While thoroughness and accuracy are top priorities, our background check services are also fast, and we take pride in our relatively short turnaround. Longstanding relationships with state courthouses across the country helps expedite the screening process. Our court runners visit courthouses daily and sometimes several times a day. This ensures the fastest results for our court repository searches (state/county criminal searches), which are included in our Platinum and Court Record Packages.


State-of-the-art technology brings together all background check data from various sources, for all your candidates and employees, and puts it in one convenient location. Our remote driver license scanning for ID verification is integrated with e-sign document waivers, and it's all stored in our secure, mobile-friendly online portal. You and your team will always have full insight into who you're hiring, and you can quickly and easily access signed waivers on file.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Background Check Consist of?

Health Street's custom background check consists of whatever makes the most sense for your organization. We offer a wide range of background screen options, including criminal background checks, state background checks for employment, resume verifications, driver and DOT screening services, and background checks for healthcare professionals.

What is the Standard for Background Screening?

Typically, a background check includes an individual's criminal history, employment verification, education, and references. But one size doesn't fit all when it comes to hiring experienced, safe, and trustworthy employees for your company.

What Are the Best Background Screening Services?

The best background check services will let you customize your options to fit the needs of your business. In addition to checking for criminal records, references, and employment and education verification, Health Street offers options for DOT-regulated companies and healthcare providers.

State Background Check Laws

We know that state background check regulations vary between states. These state laws can trip you up, especially if your company operates in multiple regions. Even if you run a local business, you may hire employees from other states, where different rules may apply. Health Streets keeps abreast of these changing state regulations to mitigate your risk.

Packages: Combine Background Checks with Other Screening Services

For even greater insight into your candidates, you can combine Health Street screening services. We offer packages that include drug testing, occupational health screenings and background checks in different combinations—or you can design your own. Our screening services help your company institute a comprehensive onboarding process for your new team members.