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Home Paternity Test Kits

Our Home Paternity Test Kits are just as accurate as our clinic paternity test (99.9% or greater). The most important thing to know about take-home paternity test is that the results are not court admissible. This means that if you might need to use the results of a paternity test for some legal purpose, you’ll need to get our legal paternity test.

If you don’t anticipate using the results for any court proceedings, birth certificate changes, or other legal matters, you can save time and money administering the test in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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4.8 out of 5 stars (23 reviews)
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All the people involved in our issue were first rate. From the customer service girl who set up the appointment in break neck speed to the employees at the labclinic we were sent to. Hopefully I won't be in need of future services such as this, but if I did I would use Health Street again. Kudo's to all!!!!
By Elma Hiebert on August 27, 2016
This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. She was caring, and patient, and very understanding. Exceptional service.
By Denise on September 8, 2016
Health Street was fantastic from beginning to end. Lou from Brooklyn was a huge help and everything worked out faster than I hoped for me and my family. Thank you so much!
By Vin C. on August 19, 2016
4.8 out of 5 stars (26 reviews)

Home Paternity Kit FAQs

Home Paternity Test

Can a home Paternity test be Used in Court?

The results of a Home Paternity Test, otherwise known as a “non-legal DNA test” or a “peace of mind DNA test,” are for your information only. The results cannot be used in court, nor for any legal purpose, simply because the DNA specimens are obtained at home. Since no independent party is checking photo ID when you do a home test, the results don’t hold up in court. However, a home paternity test provides the same accuracy of a legal test, and allows you do it in the privacy of your own home.

How accurate are home paternity tests?

Both our at-home paternity test kits and legal tests are statistically conclusive at the rate of 99.9% or greater. The biggest difference between the two tests (home vs. legal) is how you anticipate using the results.

How to order a home paternity test?

To get a home paternity test, simply purchase this product online and we’ll ship you a home kit. The kit is simple to use – all instructions are provided. The kit even includes a prepaid overnight shipping envelope for you to send the samples back to our laboratory.

Our laboratory analyzes the specimens with the same quality and same techniques used in the Legal DNA test.


If you are going to test more than one person, you can purchase additional swabs for $100 each. Simply configure your order according to the number of people you need to test.

Non-legal DNA tests not available in NY state.

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23 Ratings
4.8 out of 5 stars.
Home Paternity Test
By Donald Thomas on September 19, 2018
Customer service was great and we use the service in Coldwater Me and a home DNA test
Home Paternity Test
By Mary A Hupp on July 20, 2018
Taken in the privacy of our home the professional results have provided peace of mind to a decades old mystery through half-sibling DNA testing. Thank God for the wonder of DNA testing, and this company was prompt and delivered just what they said they would for a reasonable price. Highly recommended!
Home Paternity Test
By Mike on May 23, 2018
Very informative. Staff were very tespectful and knowledgeable. Thanks a lot for all your help
Home Paternity Test
By Monica on May 16, 2018
Customer service was great. I purchased the at home dna kit. My results were fast & gave me the clarity I needed. Very happy with my purchase. I would recommend this to anyone I know who needed any of the services provided!
Home Paternity Test
By Ellis on May 5, 2018
Excellent and a easy way to be a sure of yourself. You guys did a good job
Home Paternity Test
By Amber on February 20, 2018
Thank you for the fast customer service and peace of mind.
Home Paternity Test
By Anthony on May 23, 2017
They are very quick to respond and easy to work with thanks!!!
Home Paternity Test
By Anthony on May 15, 2017
Very helpful
Home Paternity Test
By Sam hom on December 16, 2016
Thanks so much for my order.The receptionist was excellent very. attentive to my order She was a great listener,compassionate to my long story.Thanks so much! Health Street A great community service
Home Paternity Test
By Hassan EL-Tourky on February 16, 2016
Extremely helpful and pleasant

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