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Our Home Paternity Test Kits are just as accurate as our clinic paternity test (99.9% or greater). The most important thing to know about getting a take-home paternity test is that the results are not court admissible. This means that if you might need to use the results of a paternity test for some legal purpose, you’ll need to get our legal paternity test instead. If you don’t anticipate using the results for any court proceedings, birth certificate changes, or other legal matters, you can save time and money administering the test in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Order online or call (888) 378-2499.

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Home Paternity Testing Options

Home Paternity Test Kit
Health Street’s Home Paternity Test Kit is just as accurate as a paternity test from a professional clinic. However, this testing option cannot be used for court or other legal matters. Home testing is a great choice for those who just need a “peace of mind,” or for people who do not need the test results for legal purposes. If you are going to test more than one person, you can purchase additional swabs for $100 each during checkout. Register Now
Legal Paternity Test
Choose the legal paternity tests if you will possibly need court-admissible results. Appointments available nationwide. Register Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Are Home Paternity Tests?

Both our at-home paternity test kits and legal tests are statistically conclusive at the rate of 99.9% or greater. The biggest difference between the two tests (home vs. legal) is how you anticipate using the results.

How Do I Order A Home Paternity Test?

To get a home paternity test, simply purchase this product online and we’ll ship you a home kit. The kit is simple to use – all instructions are provided. The kit even includes a prepaid overnight shipping envelope for you to send the samples back to our laboratory. Our laboratory analyzes the specimens with the same quality and same techniques used in the Legal DNA test.

Can I Use Home DNA Paternity Test Results in Court?

The results of a Home Paternity Test, otherwise known as a “non-legal DNA test” or a “peace of mind DNA test,” are for your information only. The results cannot be used in court, nor for any legal purpose, simply because the DNA specimens are obtained at home. Since no independent party is checking photo ID when you do a home test, the results don’t hold up in court. However, a home paternity test provides the same accuracy of a legal test, and allows you do it in the privacy of your own home.

About Our Home Paternity Test Kits

What is a Home Paternity Test?

Home Paternity Tests compare the DNA of one person to the DNA of the alleged father to determine whether or not they are related. The most notable difference between a home DNA test and a legal DNA test is that the test results cannot be used for legal matters with a home test. However, if the test results aren’t needed for legal purposes, then home paternity testing proves to be a cheaper, more convenient option. We’ll send you the paternity test kit with instructions to be completed in the privacy of your own home, and when you send the DNA samples back then they’ll be tested using the same testing methods that we use for DNA tests performed at our clinics.

If you need additional swabs to test more than one person, be sure to add the quantity needed during the checkout process. Simply configure your order according to the number of people you need to test.

For residents of New York: Please note that non-legal DNA tests are not available for purchase in NY state.

Why Choose Health Street

There are many reasons why Health Street should be your choice for this type of genetic testing.

You can order online — it’s fast and easy.
We have more than a decade of expertise with DNA relationship testing.
Our home DNA testing provides a high level of accuracy.
Our home DNA test kits are highly accurate and can provide a peace of mind.
We send your DNA testing results securely by email and U.S. mail.
We provide personalized customer service and can answer any questions you may have.

Health Street is your premier resource for genetic relationship testing. In addition to sample collection with cheek swabs, we can also work with other materials, such as fabric, teeth and hair.

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Great costumer service helped with all my needs and questions.Got our kit in fast and results quickly! Thank you health street.
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Fast results
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Very fast service reasonable prices.
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I had a doubt in my mind for years out of curiosity I checked and had my package and results in less than 2 weeks! Amazing accurate and prompt
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By Sharlene Medina on 8/17/2019
I received Prompt service
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By R Anderson on 5/13/2019
The DNA test arrived quickly and was easy to perform. We shipped it back in the envelope provided and had the results a week later!
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By Matt S on 4/12/2019
Queava was very helpful throughout the process and reviewing all the details with all of us. Thank you
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By Francis Kasper on 4/11/2019
The DNA found that I have a half sister. And after 81 years I finally found my Farther. We did ancestry test and it showed a higher then normal probability of first cousins. So we decided to do a real DNA test which was done by HealthStreet.