Health Street breaks down the facts and myths about hair drug testing

Hair Drug Testing – Facts and Myths

If you need a hair drug test, first you need the facts: how far back does it go? What drugs can be detected? Body hair vs. head hair vs. no hair at all.
Jared Rosenthal
Published on
Hair Drug Testing Facts and Myths Infographic

So, your boss asked you to get a hair drug test. Or maybe your ex. Or your parent. Or your future employer. And you have heard all kinds of rumors about what this test can detect, and for how long. So, let’s take a few moments to dispel the rumors and explain the truths.

How far does a hair test go back?

Hair drug testing goes back much, much longer than urine drug testing. In fact, when you ingest drugs, it goes into the hair follicle, and then into the strands themselves, where they stay, pretty much forever. Hair grows at a rate of approximately .5 inches per month. So, in theory, if your hair was 18 inches long, and you tested the ends of the strands, then you could find drugs consumed more than 3 years ago!

But, don’t panic. Nobody tests the ends of the hair (except the police, who can do whatever they wish). There is only one standard for this test – 1.5 inches of hair, cut from the root. The non-root end is discarded. In fact, we recommend that you watch the technician perform the test and ask them to cut off and discard the length beyond the first 1.5 inches. This ensures that the 1.5 inches equates to approximately 3 months (give or take) of history.

What drugs can be detected in the hair?

There are 6 types of hair tests available:

Does body hair show a longer period of drug use?

Now, what if you don’t have hair on your head that is at least an inch and a half? Well, in that case, we can test underarm, leg, or chest hair. Occasionally, we test beards. And, uh, no, we cannot get the specimen from any other place on your body other than those I already mentioned!

There is a lot of debate about the pace of growth of body hair. Many people are concerned that an inch and a half of body hair will retain drug residue for a much longer period of time, if in fact the body hair grows much slower than the head hair.

The reality is that body hair and head hair grow at the same rate. The difference is that body hair tends to stop growing at a shorter maximum length. In both head and body, new hair replaces dormant strands and pushes them out. You know how you shed some hair all the time? This is because a new hair pushed out the old one, which stopped growing and became dormant. When a hair is dormant (i.e., not growing), no new drug deposits can get into it. It can stay there 1 to 4 months, so in theory, head OR body hair can reveal drugs that go back further than 90 days, depending on the person. However, only 10 to 15 percent of your strands are in this dormant phase, so the risk is minor.

On the other hand, there are many anecdotes (and a few labs) that report that body hair can pick up drugs for up to 12 months. Although there are no scientific studies that have shown this conclusively, you’d be wise to consider it when thinking about how to interpret the results. The bottom line is: the 90 day mark is an educated estimate, but there is no calendar in your hair. Accordingly, a positive result doesn’t indicate the dates that the drugs were used. In conclusion, your hair retains your drug use history, but not in the same way that, say, a browser retains your search history.

A hair test for a bald man. Really?

Finally, sometimes Health Street gets calls from people who want a hair test, but they have no head or body hair. A guy recently told us, “I shave from head to toe.” Well, how did he think we were going to perform the test? We are still trying to figure that one out!

No hair means you can’t get a hair drug test.

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  • Damian

    Test comment 1

    • Damian

      reply test 1

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    Test comment 2

    • Damian

      reply test 2

  • disqus_mPEhgSJAeT

    ? Heavy heroine use
    Clean for 90 plus days
    Hair cut every two weeks. never shaved under arms.
    I’m close to 400lbs
    Intravenous use
    1 I’m I good
    2 does weight or hight matter

  • Eugene

    Does forearm hair work on these hair analysis tests?

    • jones

      what were the results? I’m in a similar situation.

  • mike wiess

    I haven’t smoked weed in I’ve a yr or yr and a half and haven’t done weed since and next Thursday I have a hair test for oil field job which I have to trim my hair and shave my beard off for will I pass.

  • niceguy2

    I smoked weed once around 45 days ago what are my chances as far as it being detected I probably won’t have my drug test for another week

  • Guest researching

    Hey Jared,

    I just want to say thank you for posting this blog. My fiance is applying for a truck driving company and a hair test is required. He’s bald and we were curious as to how it all worked because of it and your blog was very educational and provided us with the info needed. Much appreciated.

    And no offense to anyone, but OMG I’m just floored by some of the comments on here and questions here. LOL Just wow.

    Ms. Informed and Amused

    • jared

      Hey there, I am so glad that I could be of help. Please shout us out on social media, tweet the website, etc!!

  • shawn harris

    hey if i quit smoking up till about four weeks ago but every now and might take half of a loracet/hydrocodone about every other day in that time period and just got in a truck driving school in salt lake ultah leaving out on the 9th get there on the 10 have to take a dot phys and hair test and my hair is about 8inches long would it show up ?

    • jared

      Yes. I would expect both the opiates and the marijuana will show up on the test, although not all hair tests screen for expanded opiates, so it depends what version of the hair test that they order. Every other day is frequent usage of opiates. And regular smoking pot, even if you quit a month ago, will stay in hair. My advice is to stop using the opiates, unless a doctor says you shouldn’t.

      But know this: if you are legally taking opiates with a doctors prescription, you still shouldn’t be driving a truck. It’s your obligation to notify the school or any employer when taking pain medication if you are a driver.

      • d lanier

        I haven’t smoked weed in a little over 2 months. I was not a heavy smoker maybe 3 or 4 blunts a month. Is that enough to show on a hair test Friday?

        • Jess

          Did u pass?

  • Fancy

    So on September 13 I had 6 hits of a joint. On November 7 I have a hair follicle test. What are my chances of passing?

  • Fancy

    On September 13 I took maybe 6 hits off a joint. On November 7 I have a hair follicle test. I did the mac method once so far, honestly what are my chances of passing?

    • javon

      I stop smoking in end of February then in march hit it like 5 time then at the end of the month hit it at least 5more times i took a hair test today on april 23 will you think i pass. I should mention before i quite i use to smonke like two blunts a day please help

      • Jess

        Did u pass,curious

    • chrissy

      Can someone tell me if suboxin shows up on any of these?

      • Talldrink

        Yes if they do a full panel. This said 9 panel but my paper from county says 5panel and 10 panel. The 10 panel will show suboxin I was told. But shows abuse not one time usage so depends on the amt n how many times

    • Jess

      Did u pass

  • Guest29

    I took some cocaine the end of September around 7 lines. I have a hair drug test coming up next week. Do I have any chance of passing it?

  • Colby

    would smoking pot a couple times a week about a week ago show up on a test that would be in the start of December

  • BushMaster63

    Hmmm, I’m gonna try to drop a little common sense on here and reiterate what was said in the article…They only test the hair from the root to that length of 1-1/2″ from the root. If you have used repeatedly in the past 3 months then expect it to show up. I checked this site because my son just informed me that a job he is seeking requires a follicle test and wanted to familiarize myself on the topic. My son partied a bit, MJ, over a month ago but hasn’t been doing anything but drinking since that time…I have a simple zero tolerance policy in my home…The question I’m posing is where it’s said that you have to ingest the drug…does smoking pot show the same as an ingested drug? I’m assuming so because inhaling is another form of ingesting…I’m just curious.

    • jared

      Yes, ingesting includes inhaling (as well as snorting, injecting, swallowing, and any other form of taking a drug). For clarity, it does exclude second hand smoke – you can’t test positive from getting smoke in your hair. Hope that helps!

      • BushMaster63

        Thanks Jared…that is what I thought and thank you for the clarification. I’m a disabled Iraq war vet and having spent over 20 yrs serving my country and going through many random drug tests of which I’ve always been clean…of which I can still proclaim I am…although I did experiment in my younger days. He has basically made a profession of partyin until her came here and is seriously trying to get his shiat together and build a life he can be proud of…I am very happy to support him in this venture…and I wish more people would understand that the only way to true freedom is to break the chains of repetition provided with drugs and alcohol. It isn’t my job nor place to judge others…and what they do on their own is there business unless it affects coworkers safety and well being…people need to choose their master and double down on it. Sorry, didn’t mean to get on a soapbox here brother…just hoping that this message will reach and significantly change other people’s lives for the better.

      • Cal

        OK I used myth about off and on for like a month
        And a half in very small amounts (15 of a gram 7x’s give or take two uses) My hair is short I’m going to wait a week before shaving it off. I was clean 10 months before, but thought all my chances were gone to go to truck school and fix my life but low and behold I got in and now I’m crushed, but I guess that’s neither here nor there. I have a hair test in about two and a half months, what can I do? I have quite all drugs and I mean all don’t even drink.

  • BushMaster63

    Simple question Tanya…If you are clean as you allege then why are you living with someone who freebases…that does not add up to an honest statement of being clean at all. From what I just found out about freebasing is that the only difference between smoking and freebasing is a straw. Being in an environment that you suggest is imbibing right along with them. Just my two cents worth…if you want to test clean you have to be clean and need to change your environment.

    • Lily

      Freebasing is smoking. The differance is that freebase takes it down to the purest form. Crack can have all sorts of things in it but for sure usually has alot of air and soda or some other levener

  • nehi

    if my hair is an inch, how far will the test go back?

  • new guest

    I’ve smoked weed once about a month ago but I’ve been clean for over 9 months and I have to take a hair test tomorrow that goes back 3 months for a new job, will I fail?

  • heyyou

    Can U Test Postive For Weed If U Walked Next To A Person That Was Smoking On A Strand test

  • Guest

    IOkay, so I smoked weed for about a year every day. I stopped in June of this year, but shared a blunt with a few friends on October 4th. I have a hair test coming up in january. Think I’m good or I fd my opportunity at a great career

    • luis

      Did u pass?

  • Joe c

    IOkay, so I smoked weed for about a year every day. I stopped in June of this year, but shared a blunt with a few friends on October 4th. I have a hair test coming up in january. Think I’m good or I fd my opportunity at a great career??

  • Adam Zepeda

    I smoke maybe 3xs a month I only take 2 to 3 hits of
    weed then I’m high I just smoked 3days ago I got a test coming before Christmas what are my chances

  • crazycowboyLV

    JARED…or anyone else… I need some questions answer please…so I started to smoke 2 weeks ago,I’ll do 3 to 4 hits a night …so I stop 3 days ago because I found out in 2 weeks I’m having a hair test the reason why Im asking this is because everyone’s story and body is different .. Trust me I have spend days and hours doing my research and reading everyone’s options and answer but is hard to follow an answer when there’s hundreds of different answers …so my question is…should I be worry and you think it will show in the hair test? Some people have told me I’m tripping for no reason cuz is not a lot to show and I’m not a frequent smoker but I did take 3 hits a night for two weeks…help please…any suggestions? Thanks.. It will really help me calm down

  • Pleasereplyquick

    Jared, my brother claims he’s been drug free a of his life but last week, he separated from his wife, went out got drunk and says he did a very small amount of cocaine. He says it was a key bump that’s all. I’ve been trying to get him a job with my company and finally succeeded but he will have to undergo a blood, urine and hair drug test. Will that small amount show? The test should be in 1 week.

  • alvin714

    alright….soo…..i popped few mollys in may and smoke a lil bit end of may….did a few lines of coke in june…..didnt touch anything until october where i smoked maybe 2 hits of weed…havnt touched anything since….never smoked on a consisted base and never did pills in a consistent basis either….BUT what i am a bit worried is the inhalation i had of weed during couple concerts ive been to…..i have taken adderall which i am prescriped to so i am not worried about that, its the other things….do my chances look good?

  • Dmostrong

    I use to smoke like 3 times a week and I have been clean for 86 days weight 173 will I be ready to take a body hair follicle test and past

  • Cfh677

    I’m perscribed oxycodone and I took a few hits of heron (smoked it) and now I have to do a hair test will they be able to tell the difference between the heron and oxycodone???

  • oog

    i smoked weed for to das but a smoked a litill would it show up a her test

  • hopeful

    12 days a go I had a bad headache my mom gave me a percocet I took a hair folical test today will I pass

  • Bob

    Hello. I’m a nervous wreck. I took 3-4 hits of marijuana approximately 68 days ago. Before this I hadn’t smoked in 3 years. I also snorted about a half gram of cocaine three months ago and another half gram four months ago. I am a very infrequent user of both marijuana and cocaine and haven’t done either since.

    I had to take a hair follicle test yesterday but they took the hair from my chest. What is the difference in the rate of growth? I know new hairs replace old hairs and they fall out all the time but how often does that occur on the chest? Would it still be a 90 day window? I have heard different opinions on this. Body hair vs head hair. The length of the chest hair is approximately 1 inch. What are my chances of passing the test? I hope I didn’t do enough of each to be above the threshold limit. I think the limit for cocaine and it’s metabolites are 300 pg/mg.

    • jones

      what were the results?

  • Mikey305

    Hey jared i have a question, i stopped smoking april 1st, smoked for two weeks in october 15-31 (5 grams).. then i quit since then, took hair test december 10th, i have a fadt metabolism, exercise daily, drink a lot of water.. Will i pass hair test?

  • Lisa

    So your saying when I do the hair test. Like if I was to do it Monday the test its gonna a show from Monday forward

  • Cfh677

    Hey Jared. I’m prescribed oxycodone and I took a few hits of heron (smoked it first and only time) and now I have to do a hair test. will they be able to tell the difference between the heron and oxycodone? Or do you think I will pass??? PLEASE HELP ME!!

    • jared

      Good news and bad news. Yes there is a difference between heroin and oxycodone. However, one time use usually doesn’t show up on a hair test.

      • Cfh677

        What would you suggest to do? I was planing on using my hair from my beard for the test cause it grows the fastest, but I read somewhere that leg hairs create the most negative because of the thin hair. So should I use my leg hair or the hair from my beard for the test

        • Cfh677

          Jared please give me some device my test is tomorrow

          • jones

            how did the test go? Did you use that hair from your leg or beard? was it the required one and a half inches? I’m in a similar situation

      • Cfh677

        What would you suggest to do? I was planing on using my hair from my beard for the test cause it grows the fastest, but I read somewhere that leg hairs create the most negative because of the thin hair. So should I use my leg hair or the hair from my beard for the test

  • jared

    I doubt it. Hair tests pick up multiple use. Let us know how it turned out.

    • nechele

      I stopped smokin weed in july. I shared half a blunt with one other person at the begining of november, maybe end of october. I just took a hair follicle test last tuesday. How is it possible that they found weed and cocaine. I never done cocaine in my life. Note: this is cps that did my test. And they went bk a yr. Why?

      • her_silver_lining

        I understand you completely I had a send off come up as cocaine, actually they did a send off because an instant ua came up as pcp.. (didn’t do that either) so the send off showed no pcp but positive for cocaine. . I’m freaked I’ve been clean for 2 yrs. Now in your case someone could have laced the weed you smoked with cocaine. . Maybe not who knows I don’t trust any ua crap anymore. . So it could be showing a false positive… or weed was laced either way can’t trust people you get drugs from.

      • Talldrink

        My case is with cps and they told me can ONLY go back 90 days. So talk to an attorney. Get free cnsltn!!!

    • her_silver_lining

      Hey so this is a really messed up situation I’m in. I’ve been clean for 2 yrs this January. A week ago I got a ua and it said I was on pcp. I’ve never ever done pcp before and the doctor at this treatment place believed me so he had the lady that did my test do a a urine send off to get it checked. That came back and said no pcp but positive for cocaine. So first pcp and oh not that now cocaine. I know for a fact I haven’t done or been near either one. I want to get a hair follicle test done to prove that I am indeed clean and have been. I know send offs break things down and tell truth way more than an instant. The reason why this matters to me so much is I’m on suboxone and u can lose my medical paying for it if they think I’m dirty. Will a hair test help prove that I’m clean? Because if so I can maybe prove someone either messed up the ua’s or was intentionally messing with it. Please help I don’t know what to do. It also messes with a person’s self-esteem to find out people think you’ve used drugs when you haven’t. Please help I need to prove my innocence and that I truly have been clean. Thanks



        • disqus_ZU85wv7IsC

          It takes 6 months to come out of your hair it will be a rapid decline in results if you’re not using. Some purple it takes longer to come out as when you are a user you become unhealthy and your hair stops growing

    • franky

      I Did a small amount of cocain 2 weeks ago. it was a line about an inch long. I have a hair drug test next wensday. Iv been clean from all drugs for a little over 3 years now. Think it will show up?

      • mache005

        I don’t want to sound like I am judging or anything…bc I know from watching my brother throw his life away mistakes happen but if you knew you havery a hair drug test coming why would you even do the cocaine even if it was a small amount? Like I said not judging just confused as to why….

      • Audrey

        What happened, I’m kinda in the same boat…

    • Roc Malik

      Jared you said the test picks up multiple use what if i cleaned my system out with 7 gallons of water and i havent smoked none in the month of march??

    • disqus_gGhs6xBAz5

      I have a question just for u don’t no much about computer so text it to my phone if I smoked a lil weed and did a lil cocaine only once I 1st time ever will it b in my follicle in September on the 17 I done the drugs July 15 one this is for Jared call me 4342332231

      • meg northrop

        just a heads up this isnt a private forum everyone on the internet can see your phone number. and to answer your question yes it will show up on your test but if i were you i would try to take this post down so your phone number isnt out on the internet

    • disqus_ZU85wv7IsC

      Hi my partner smoked heroin and crack in my house. I’ve been clean for a year as I have to do a hairstrand for my children. Do you think him smoking once around me will show up on a hairstrand test?

  • Ashley Shepherds

    Hi Jared, I have a question. My husband has been out of rehab for 107 days, he’s stayed clean and is taking the pill form of Naltrexone. He has a pre-employment hair test for a much better paying job tomorrow. I measured his hair (It hasn’t been cut since before rehab) and it’s just a little over the required 1.5″. He had a problem with opiates (Loratab) and had taken an adderall a few weeks before rehab (No prescription) since it’s been 107 days do you think he has a decent chance of passing this since he’s been clean? And can the Naltrexone (he has a prescription) cause a false positive?

  • aaron

    i smoked about two months ago and about four times in the last six months. took a hair test today do you think i will pass? by the way i am bald so they used leg hair.

    • aaron

      can anyone answer this for me?

      • jones

        how did the test go? What is your leg hair longer than one and a half inches?

    • Thatguy3522

      Did you pass?

  • tim

    I have a custody case. I was told by the court to do a hair follicle test that came up positive for meth. I can’t see my kids till I get a negative test. Two months later (I stop doing meth) I get a negative test and have my kids on weekends. My court date is in 7 months from the negative result. I do another negative test 3 months later and at 5 months after my first negative test I show a positive result. I have not done meth for over 7 months. How can this be? The lady taking the sample never cut my hair to the sample length 1 1/2 in or they do that at the lab? It doesn’t make sense. I change my ways and love my kids. I take full responsibility of my actions. I have been clean for over 7 months and still getting a very low positive result… how can this be?

  • nechele

    I stopped smokin weed in july. I shared half a blunt with one other person at the begining of november, maybe end of october. I just took a hair follicle test last tuesday. How is it possible that they found weed and cocaine. I never done cocaine in my life. Note: this is cps that did my test.

    • nechele

      And they went back a yr

      • jones

        Was you hair longer than 1.5 inches?

  • Dolan

    About a week ago I did heroin twice over the course of a couple days. The entire amount of both times put together was less than half a bag. I have a a job interview for a place that hair tests, and im worried if i fail I wont be able to ever reapply. Will the amount I took show up on a test? Or is it not worth the risk?

  • Lori

    I don’t want to sound stupid like whoever you r calling fat but can you give me your knowledge to pass

  • dcm77

    Jared I went Im not a user by no means. I used coke for the 1st time on the 28th of november and have a hair test on the 5th of january. Do you think I will pass the test

    • jared

      One usage usually comes up clean. how did it turn out?

  • sailinshoes

    You may not be fat, but you are both arrogant and stupid. Smoking the day before a test will not show because it takes several days for the metabolites to get into the hair follicle. Moreover, the hair test reveals drug use that is sustained over a period of time, so incidental “one-time” use usually goes undetected.

  • Owen Carey

    I have a hair drug test coming up in about a month. I haven’t done any drugs for almost two weeks now. If I cut off all my hair and let it grow back, will the new hair be clean since it takes 5-10 days for a drug to enter your hair, and grows with your hair like “hair dye”? I was planning on waxing the rest of my body too, so they would have to take it from my head. Even if it is only about an inch long, would this new inch of head hair be clean of drugs?

    • Lynn Springs

      I’ll try to help you here…. If you cut it all off now, and it’s been 2 weeks since you’ve done anything the new hair should be clean. Here’s the problem, our hair only grows half an inch a month. They need one and a half to test it. Here’s what you can do.. you can try using rogaine. It speeds up hair growth so hopefully you’ll be close enough that they’ll use that. Try not to let them use body hair. It tends to grow slower. Good luck!

    • jones

      How did the test go did they use you hair even though it was less than 1.5 inches?

  • Lullaby99

    I swallowed Meth in November for about 2 weeks I have been clean since then and had been 8 years sober prior to that. I color my hair every two weeks or so and I have a hair follicle test sometime in January.. Will I pass this test?

    • jared

      First of all, coloring your hair has zero to do with it. Second of all, if you used regularly for 2 weeks, you will certainly fail the test.

  • disqus_JuttH6zgPj

    I smoked several bowls a day for 10 years and then stopped in December for a hair test in March, you think I am ok?

    • jared

      It’s risky. Heavy use for a year or more will last in your system for a minimum of 3 months. I have seen it last longer.

  • her_silver_lining

    Lefty for you to even attack people means your probably lacking somewhere Weather it mentally or perhaps physical, why don’t you take your junior high attitude and go take a good look in the mirror because sweetie you reflecting your own inside issues on other people ain’t needed in the current topic that was going on.

  • her_silver_lining

    This is my story can anyone help?
    Hey so this is a really messed up situation I’m in. I’ve been clean for 2 yrs this January. A week ago I got a ua and it said I was on pcp. I’ve never ever done pcp before and the doctor at this treatment place believed me so he had the lady that did my test do a a urine send off to get it checked. That came back and said no pcp but positive for cocaine. So first pcp and oh not that now cocaine. I know for a fact I haven’t done or been near either one. I want to get a hair follicle test done to prove that I am indeed clean and have been. I know send offs break things down and tell truth way more than an instant. The reason why this matters to me so much is I’m on suboxone and u can lose my medical paying for it if they think I’m dirty. Will a hair test help prove that I’m clean? Because if so I can maybe prove someone either messed up the ua’s or was intentionally messing with it. Please help I don’t know what to do. It also messes with a person’s self-esteem to find out people think you’ve used drugs when you have not and to prove my innocence is very important. Thank you so much.

  • Bowfrogn

    I used meth up to a few day ago….been a regular user I just found out that Jan 4th I have to take a hair test…is there any thing I can do in order to pass it

    • jared


  • Cyn

    Thank you for this! I’ve been a medical marijuana user for about 14yrs, once I go permanent on my new day job it will require a hair drug test … Well that’s in about 3 to 5 months (currently under contract) so my plan is to stop smoking now. I don’t want to have to worry about having medical marijuana in my system.

  • Lily

    I had been clean since August 25th but used one night on November 12th and I smoked a gram of cocaine that I personaly cooked myself. I have not used since and have passed a urine test as part of a pre-employment requirement, however there is a place I’d like to go to work that requires a follical test and I would rather wait until I’m sure I would pass than apply for a position when I would not pass. I’d value your thoughts on this matter short of a lecture about being an idiot. Thanks.

    • jared

      You cooked it yourself? Not sure how that’s relevant to whether or not you’ll pass a hair follicle drug test. Enlighten me…. As far as whether or not you’ll pass the test: the rule of thumb is 3 months. If a gram is a lot (I really have no idea) then you need to wait it out.

  • hugh

    Question I smoke about 8 joints 70 days ago and had a hair drug tesr today. You I continue looking for work or will I be ok ? please someone tell me the honest truth.

    • jared

      Sorry I missed your post; how did it come out?

    • jones

      How did it go?

  • hugh

    Anyone out there reading this stuff , Give a Marine a answer please ?

  • hugh

    Any one on line

  • Chelsea Leigh

    I had one hit off a joint 14 days ago I’m doing a test today will it detect it?

    • jared

      One hit in 3 months? Not a chance.

    • jared

      did you pass?

  • Guest

    okay I got drunk 2 and a half weeks ago I don’t remember doing anything but I probably did a line of cocaine and I have to do a hair follicle test today will that show up in test??????,i don’t ever do cocaine it was a one time thing

    • jared

      I believe you, really I do. But you have bigger problems than a hair test right now. Getting drunk and forgetting so much that you did a line of cocaine, which you say is totally out of character, is a big problem. What else that you never do, will you do, next time you are wasted? And who is it that you were hanging out with that gave you the coke? “Friends”? That’s f’d up. Screw the hair test, deal with the real issues. You got a drinking problem and you’re hanging out with the wrong people.

      • kath phillips

        Hi will doing one hit of crack show up in hair test 2wks later. Just the one hit once. Test is in 3days time

  • guest 4

    I’ve smoke method 18th ago but cane up positive for meth on probation

    • jared

      I never heard of that smoking method. Or smoking method at all.

  • Zachary Mccammon

    I have not been smoking since beginning of October it is now middle of january I have smoked 2 hits of marijuana once one hit about a week later then 3 hits yesterday do I have a chance of passing a hair test?

    • jared

      You got a chance. But I would guess 50/50 at this point, if you in fact told me all the facts. Bottom line is this: it depends how heavy a smoker you were before October. If you were daily, then you need AT LEAST 3 months of being clean, but probably more, in order to pass the hair test.

      Hope that helps; let us know what happens.

      • Zachary Mccammon

        Well it was a daily habit 3.5 grams per week so .5 gram per day

  • vanessa christina

    Hey jared. I smoked weed with my bf, i only took one puff, and i did no hold if in my lungs for very long at all, it has been anywhere from 5-6 days and today i went in for a hair drug test. Im freaking out bc my soon to be employer (hopefully) requested this hair drug test. Will i pass?

    • jared

      Hey Vanessa,
      So, you inhaled, but you didn’t hold it for too long? Nah….I don’t think you’ll fail the test. One puff is nothing. If you really only had one puff in the last 3 months, I’d be shocked if you failed a hair test, or even a urine test for that matter. I doubt you even smoked enough to enjoy it, let alone fail a test.

      Anyway, let us know how it turns out.

      • vanessa christina

        I definitely didnt get a high from it. And definitely dont smoke on a regular basis. Went 5yrs sober, and after 5yrs i take a puff as i stated in the previous comment. But not enough to rlly rlly rlly get me high.

      • Brooke

        Hi so I was born with drugs in my system if they tested my hair what would the test come up with?

      • Rachael Gamez

        If i have been around drugs and/or have handled them briefly but HAVE NOT done any…will my hair folicle come up dirty??

      • tanna

        Jared if my child took a drink one little sip would it show up in a hair folcil

        • tanna

          of alchol

      • Dean

        Lets say yesterday i tried weed how long will it be in my urine

        • d lanier

          30 days

        • Bryce Kauffman

          Dude drink alot of water ad workout ill be fine in less than a week

      • Indigenous man

        Hey smoked last in June, let’s say mid June. I have a hair test September 28 is their a chance I will pass? And the hair they’ll be taking is 3 inches long. Being that I have dread locs for cultural/religious reason I left a spot they agreed to take from each time

        • Foodtruck

          How did your test result? I have a test on the 1st and too only took a hit and freaking out.

      • Bryce Kauffman

        Hey I smoke like 4 times but I didn’t really hold it in AMD that was the first Imelda in a year but I workout and drak alot of water should I be fine? I also have to cut my hair once every 2 weeks and have to shave twice a week its been about 35 days since I did it I passed 2urine test that week of smoking but I keep ,y hair military cut

      • Kristin Nash

        Hey jared I never used cocaine but it came back as positive on my hair drug test and I had surgery a week and five days before I did it want could of made me test positive

      • Mike T

        do you know if she passed or not?

    • Mike T

      did you pass?

  • hugh

    I am still waiting for the results. It has been 7 days now. I guess if there was a problem I would have been notify by now ?

    • jared

      the longer it takes to get the results, the worse your chances. Did you hear yet?

  • Ankit

    Hi Jared, does one time smalll use of opium alkaloids show up in hair?

  • Adrian

    How did it go I’m in the same situation

  • Adrian

    I’m in the same boat as Christopher I razor shaved my head and will be doing the same to my body hair, my hair test isn’t for another 3 month’s will that help me pass Jared ?

  • Samantha Doscher

    I used to be a smoker (cigarettes). Today I have not had any nicotine in 53 days. I have a hair follicle test coming up very soon (possibly Thursday) will I fail???

    • jared

      are you serious? there are no hair follicle tests for nicotine. you will pass. but really, don’t go back to smoking.

  • grouch

    I smoked all day everyday for 3 months….haven’t touched it in 10 weeks…..I also shave head to toe regularly…I’m working on getting back on railroad ….they def do hair follicle testing…..I’ll prob have to test in a couple weeks ….what’s your thoughts?…

    • jared

      My thought is this: how are you gonna do a hair follicle test if you shave head to toe?

      • grouch

        my tewst will prob be in about 3 weeks….just enough time to shave and be ready>>>

        Subject: Re: Comment on Hair Drug Testing – Facts and Myths

  • tina

    Hello I’m just wondering I don’t do drugs but I’m getting a drug test and my son smokes pot in his bedroom and I won’t to no if I smell it a bite in the house does that mean I’m getting expose to it and will fail

    • jared

      It would be HIGHLY unlikely to fail a test from second hand smoke. And if you do fail the test, I don’t recommend using that excuse

  • Guest

    Jared I smokes heavily two days in a row 4 months ago around septmeber 20th. I have a hair follocle test that goes back 6 months in two weeks which will be January 31 which gives me 4 months and 10 days clean. Before that I had not smoked in 7 months. Do you think I will pass this hair follicle test that’s claims to go back 6 months?

  • Markus Ingram

    I don’t smoke weed haven’t in years. My girlfriend always smokes in our apartment which is very small but she hasn’t smoked in the past month and the last time I was even around weed was in november. I just took a hair drug
    test and they said I had more then the amount of second hand smoke how is that possible.

    • jared

      They’re messing with you. Your hair doesn’t know if you inhaled smoke or second hand smoke.

      • Markus Ingram

        But I don’t smoke the last time I was even around weed smoke was around Thanksgiving. So how can my thc levels be high enough for them to say I smoked.

  • Carlos

    Hi Jared I was regular smoker and I stop about 8 month ago them 3 month ago I smok about 4 hit of weed and I hold the in. so Is Ben tree month the I smoke dose 4 hit I just got a hair drug test the take hair from my chest I shave my chest about 3 times before this drug test what are my chance to pass this test? Your reply will be highly appreciated.

    • jared

      the longer you smoked regularly, the more risky it is to take a hair test. However, sounds like you should fine since you haven’t smoked in 8 months except that once.

      • Carlos

        Thanks for you help appreciated.

      • Carlos

        Jared how long it take to get the result back from the hair drug test? If the test is negative ? And how long will take if the test is positive ?

    • jones

      How did the test go? Was your chest hair 1.5 inches or was it less

    • jones

      I’m in the same situation. How did the test turn out for you?

      • Carlos

        I don’t know yet because this was a court order so I’m not will be able to know to feb 3rd that is when I goin back to court. My hair was like 1/2 a inch long .

        • Carlos

          When you are getting you test?

  • Kate

    Hi Jared, in all honesty I NEVER smoke or have never done any drugs. 2 months ago I made a bad judgement call and had 2 hits of medical marijuana. I have a hair follicle test this week (now January) I am stressing bad because I never smoke and had no idea I would get this job offer. Do you think I will pass? Please respond

    • jared

      2 hits won’t cause you to fail a hair test. You are FINE.

      • Kate

        Thank you so much for responding, I can’t help but still feel nervous, but I have a little more ease now!

        • jones

          How did it go?

          • Kate

            I took the test last Thursday and they said it would take a week for results and they will call the company… So I’m just patiently waiting…. Still nervous!

  • TB

    Im a daily smoker and quit today. If I shave all my body and head hair how long will the hair follicles have the THC detectable with new hair growth?

    • jared

      First of all, don’t shave yet. Wait until the THC is surely out of your system, or else new hair growth will have it. If you smoke daily, the bad news is you need to wait at least 30-45 days to be safe. Then it takes 3 months for the hair to grow out to 1 and a half inches for you to take another hair test. Good luck.

  • tony muhammad

    Hi Jared, would you consider a hair specimen / sample drug test “inconclusive” if the hair sample taken was shorter than the required inch and a half?

    • jared

      No, that would be reported as “insufficient quantity”, not “inconclusive”.

      • tony muhammad

        Jared. I know you realize the DOT does not regulate “hair sampling” drug test like urine specimen drug test. Particularly companies in the Trucking Industry that mandate these test be given to employees and new applicants. Why do you believe the DOT and FMCSR have yet to regulate “hair specimen” drug tests?

  • Ashly Aguilar

    My husband just took a hair test on Monday for a job and they took hair from his leg because his head hair wasn’t long enough. He has not used any type of drugs for at least a year, and that was once (2-3 hits max) and the clinic says he tested positive. Is it possible they could have tested it incorrectly?

    • jared

      Hair tests don’t go back over 1 year, and they don’t pick up 1 use of marijuana (if that’s what you are referring to). Get a test done with Health Street and see if it comes out differently. If not, your husband has some explaining to do.

  • hugh


    • Carlos

      From where the cut your hair?

  • Markus Ingram

    is it possible to fail a hair drug test if you live with someone who smokes all the time?

    • jared

      No. You have to inhale in order to fail the test.

      • Markus Ingram

        im trying to figure out how a just failed my hair test when i havent smoked weed and the last time i was around weed was almost a month and a half ago. the only thing ive taken is benedryl and a pain pill called dilaudid

        • jared

          So you smoked weed and took drugs in the last 90 days? It’s a 90 day test so that’s why you didn’t pass.

          • Markus Ingram

            no i dont smoke weed cause i work in the plants we do randoms all the time. my girl friend gave me a pain pill which i just found out was something called dilaudid the nite before my test, the closest ive been to weed is her smoking in the apartment.

  • River

    I’d like your opinion on something. I’ve lived in Vegas for around 7-8 years now and while I’m not a habitual drug user, I party from time to time. I’ve, over the years taken around 3 hair follicle tests, with drug usage of cocaine, MDMA and Marijuana in my system within the 90 days every time with usually a month and a half to 2 months clean and and only 1 or two prior uses in the previous time frame and I have passed every hair test by psychmedics with no bleaching or anything minus one time I used Zydot because i used within like 30 days and I seriously doubt Zydot had much to do with it. Now for my question does metabolism and hair type make that HUGE of a difference? I have medium blondish/brown hair that’s very thin, and my metabolism is insanely fast. I’m 31 years old 6ft 170 and I am VERY active, consant bike rider, dancer, snowboarder, mountain biker, and also eat and drink relatively healthy. Does this effect outcomes differently to someone with an opposite lifestyle, darker hair, and slower metabolism?

  • Guest

    exactly how much is 1.0pg/10mg of marijuana in your system

  • Markus Ingram

    What is the difference between screened cut and confirmation cut off?

  • franklincity

    Ha- your drug test is on 4/20 ! Good luck

  • rico

    Alright so I smoked one drag of marijuana Sunday…I have a hair drug test in about a week and a half and im hoping its not going to mess up a job opportunity

  • Dimps101

    I’ve been a regular smoker for years. I quit at the first of the year so I can move up in my company. In order for me to do that I have to take a hair test and they test back 6 months according to one of my managers. I plan on taking the test mid July. Would I pass the test considering I’ve been a heavy smoker for years or should I push back the test a little longer to be safe? Would love some input.

  • Veronica

    I am having to take a. Hair follicle drug test on the 26th I don’t do drugs but I was in the house when my brother in law was smoking weed..a nurse said that it could get on my hair and that’s how they test the now I am kind of freaking out about it..just wondering

  • jones

    How did it turn out?

  • jones

    Did the test actually go back 6 months if so where did they take it from?

  • jones

    How did the test go was your leg hair the standard 1.5 inches?

  • jones

    What was the final verdict from the hair test? Was the hair on your chest and legs the stand 1.5 inches?

  • jones

    How did the test go?

    • Giovanni

      Damn i just saw his. Passed it even smoked later on with shorting time span and passed another hair test

  • jones

    how did it go? I’m in a similar situation please respond.

  • jones

    did you eventually do a hair test, if so how did it turn out thanks, also what part of the body hAirdid they use

  • jones

    did you pass.

  • jones

    did you passed with only one half inch of hair

  • jones

    did they test the 1 inch of hair, and if so did you pass?

  • jones

    did you pass the test? If so was your hair the required 1.5 inches or was it shorter?

  • jones

    did you passed a hair test even though your hair was shorter than 1.5 inches?

  • jones

    did your fiance pass the armpit hair follicle test?

  • jones

    was the hair they took for the sample 1.5 inches, or was it shorter?

  • jones

    did you pass the hair test at the casino even though your hair was only an inch long?

  • jones

    how did the test come out from the armpit hair follicle test?

  • Heyyy

    Used less then a gram of cocaine within a month and took a sample of leg hair.

    • FL

      did you pass?

  • don perry

    I took one tylenol 3. For migrain 4 months ago. I just took a hair drug test. Hair from my legs. Will I get tagged for this

  • Tracy

    I used cocaine the other night. Not much either. And I’m not an average everyday user either. And the next day my employer popped a hair test. What you think??

  • Tracy

    How long before cpcaine, a small amount, like just a line can be detected in your hair?

  • Tracy

    I used cocaine the other night and the next day got popped with a hair test. I should pass it right?

    • Audrey

      Did u pass?

    • Rodney Garza

      I am guessing you didn’t pass the hair test. Even urine test would of showed positive results within 3 days.

  • Cleaner2015

    I very stupidly smoked a small quantity (.1 gm) of avg strength heroin a few weeks over a 24hr period ago for the first time in more than ten years. I’ve been asked (for other reasons) to take a hair drug test. What are the odds of this essentially single use showing up?


  • Marshall

    I smoked every month regularly last year. But like 6 months ago that same year I slowed down to like once a month. I haven’t smoked since December, I have a hair drug test tomorrow. I cleaned my system for the urine test a week ago & passed. Now I haven’t bleached or dyed my hair. I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail

  • Jennie

    I was clean for 7 months n in Dec and then 1-2 weeks later beginning of the month I took a small part of a suboxone (which I was perscribed to at one point) so a total of two times in a months time, I have to take a hair test at the end of the week and I’m freaking out! Will I b ok?! Can they go back longer then 3 months?

  • hmh699

    hey jared i have used shrooms one time three weeks ago and i have hair drug test and urine drug test after three days, do u think this will show up ?

  • mrlv

    My roomate did some coke one night for new years. Been clea. Rest of the 90days. Has to do a hair test for a job. Shampoos or something could help cover just that one night?


  • jj

    here’s my situation: I took a hit of some meth on 11/18/2014. Took test 2days later armpits. Failed. but now have a new job coming up and another hair test haven’t touched anything since that day. They will take another armpit test cuz I have no hair on my head. what are my chances of passing. Any thoughts anyone

  • Tracy

    hi Jared I have a question I was drug tested at work for a random I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time I am NOT a cocaine user but my test results came positive. 3 weeks after the initial test I went for a hair test that came back as negative. Is my hair test more reliable?

  • j84m

    The last time I smoked was 9 months ago I took a hair test to day will I pass

  • tina ross

    I touched cocaine and it came up in my system so will it show up in a hair follicle if I do not do any drugs just held it

  • dawg

    wow i feel bad asking this but have been smoking daily for the last 40 years, have a hair test in approx. 4 months, shaved head. can i pass ?

  • jeff

    I took a hair test last night smoked once in like November will I be OK

  • Darla

    How short would I have to cut my hair for any hair follicle drug testing place to say its too short to accomplish? (The test, that is) lol

  • chris

    Hey Jared I haven’t smoke for a month if I take hair drug test next week will I pass

  • guest

    when you get hair results test back and it positive 711mg is that considered high? my child said that it was close to the min of 500 mg for meth and that he’s not using anymore. what do yo think?

  • Concerned

    I started smoking pot a few years ago but I didn’t smoke daily nor did I smoke a whole blunt id smoke 2 or 3 hits sometimes I’ve gone days without pot i had a very small dab 3 months ago and totally stopped new years this year. What are the chances of passing a hair test tomorrow?

  • gene

    I stopped smoking pot a month ago, I have since cut my hair twice to a quarter in. Will it still show up in new hair growth?

  • Baba

    I took a hit about a month and a half ago and then another one this weekend. Both times I only took a hit but I got really high from it (weird), and I will be getting tested soon (school does random hair follicle testing), do you think I’ll fail?

  • Food637

    So in the beginning of November, I smoked some weed to the point I did get high. And the then this year, January 4, I only had like 3 puffs from a pipe. Those two are the only times I’ve ever really smoked my whole life and I have a drug test tomorrow. What should I do?

  • Curious

    If did drugs 8 months ago but I have long hair (6-8 inches long), will it show up in a hair drug test?

  • Carlos

    I pass my test

  • intolerantbanana

    So if you have long hair, you only cut it maybe twice a year, you drank alcohol 5 months ago, and smoked marijuana twice a year ago and never afterwards, would that show up in a test?

  • 22lakeshow

    Hi Jared,

    I decided to stop smoking on December 12th, 2014, was clean up until New Year’s Eve I shared a joint with my cousin , the following morning I smoked out of a bong and had probably two bowls worth, then I stopped smoking and then smoke again on January 17th with my cousin again this time I smoked wax out of a wax pen only took one hit, (it was a big hit) since then I have not smoked again.

    A friend of mine told me about a business opportunity and told me they do a hair follicle test for pre employment screening, I told him that in a few months I would certainly be available for it, since I found about this I went ahead and buzzed my head , a 1 on top and zero on the sides , not to mention I also shaved my arm pits and legs.

    My question is once my hair grows back ( head, armpits , and legs ) if that’s two months give or take would it be likely that this new hair would be clean or would I still have metabolites in my hair follicles ?

    Please help, I’m looking forward to this opportunity and have quit the MJ for good . Thank you for your time.

  • 22lakeshow

    Hi Jared,

    I decided to stop smoking on December 12th, 2014, was clean up until New Year’s Eve I shared a joint with my cousin , the following morning I smoked out of a bong and had probably two bowls worth, then I stopped smoking and then smoke again on January 17th with my cousin again this time I smoked wax out of a wax pen only took one hit, (it was a big hit) since then I have not smoked again.

    A friend of mine told me about a business opportunity and told me they do a hair follicle test for pre employment screening, I told him that in a few months I would certainly be available for it, since I found about this I went ahead and buzzed my head , a 1 on top and zero on the sides , not to mention I also shaved my arm pits and legs.

    My question is once my hair grows back ( head, armpits , and legs ) if that’s two months give or take would it be likely that this new hair would be clean or would I still have metabolites in my hair follicles ?

    Please help, I’m looking forward to this opportunity and have quit the MJ for good . Thank you for your time.

  • driver718

    I tried marijuana twice but didnt really inhale, an I didnt take many hits. This was probably 4-5 years ago. Having to take a hair test next week. From your professional knowledge do you think anything will show? Thanks

  • cal

    I was sick and for 5 days in a row I took sudafed 24hr would that give a false positive for meth?

  • Alicia crane

    So I just took a hair test for a job I haven’t smoked in 4 months I did however take a left over pain pill from a surgery about a month ago do I need to be worried about failing

  • guest

    I smoked weed for the first time twice in one month, the most recent was two weeks ago. I have a hair drug test next week. Do i have a chance at passing?

  • kayla

    Im not sure if this forum is still open… but. Im sick to my stomach thinking about my next drug test. It involves court things that will change my entire life with a dirty test. Exactly one week ago i did 3 bumps on cocaine, for the first time in yeaaars. and its been 3 months since i smoked. If i just have mary jane in my system all will be fine. But cocaine?? Im done for. Im 110 lbs, and 5,1… hairsat the middle of my bacj. freaking out right now.. will dying it help? Shampoos???

    • FL

      hi kayla did you pass?

  • michael

    Hey man I took a few hits of weed out of one hitter December 27 b4 December 27th I can’t even rember the last time I smoked I’m sure it’s been months anyway I ha e to take a hair drug test Feb 12 do u think I’ll be ok ? I also drinker vodka. Last night but they don’t test for that

  • Stace

    I smoked Nov. 23rd or 24th in 2014. Since then, I haven’t smoked nor been around it or any smoke. I got a hair cut somewhere between the 29th and the 1st of December. I have a hair follicle test this February 19th, do you think I’ll past? Should i consider another hair cut? Please and thanks for your help

  • jay

    Hey guys I took 2 lil bump of coke last Saturday thats all and drank alot of water and sweat my ass off with that show up still on the hair drug test? P.s first time doing a bump and the drug test is tomorrow think I can pass?

  • trucker123

    Hi jared, like everyone else on here, I have an impending hair follicle drug test. In fact, it is tomorrow. It’s for a truck driver position. I will be doing a urine and hair test. I know I will be good on my urine analysis test, but I am more worried about the hair follicle test. Counting today it has been about 51 days since the last time I smoked weed (just under the two month mark). I used to be quite a heaver user, but stopped for about a year. Up until I go into the trucking school I just got out of, I was an occasional smoker, doing it maybe one-three times a month at the most, just depended on how often I hung out with a particular friend. Well, a couple of days before I started trucking school I decided I would do it with him one last time. I have some pretty long, shaggy hair for a guy, so, taking the time I have abstained from smoking into consideration, if I were to get a hair cut (leaving at least an inch and a half of hair on the top and / or back of my head so they can get enough hair from my scalp), will I be okay for the hair follicle test?

    • jared

      Was it only the one time, 51 days ago, in the past 90 days? If so, you have a decent chance of passing, but even then, it’s not certain at all, because you were a prior heavy user. Best of luck, and know that as a trucker, you are subject to federal DOT regs, which prohibit ANY use of marijuana in the 50 states, so you are going to have to stop altogether if you want your investment in trucking school to pay off.

      • trucker123

        Yes, yes, I realize all of that. And thank you very much for the quick response, but to answer you question, I really can’t say for certain if that was the only time I had smoked within that 90 day time period from today. I would like to say so, but not certain. If not, at the very most it would’ve been a total of two times, but I really feel like that is not the case. If so, what do you think?

        • jared

          50/50. The problem these days is that the THC percentage in weed keeps going up. The higher the THC percentage, the less likely you’ll pass the test. Think about it. If you smoked twice, at 3% THC, you’d be fine to pass the test. But smoking twice at 15% THC, that’s like smoking ten times at 3%. That’s what makes it hard for me to answer (I don’t know what you’re smoking) and that’s why some people pass/fail even though they expected the opposite outcome. Just being honest – you are definitely in a grey area. I wouldn’t be surprised if you passed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you failed.

          • trucker123

            I see, that does make a lot of sense. And just on a side note, the grade of weed was definitely on the higher side, commonly referred to as “dro”, couldn’t tell you its THC percentage, but I would bet that it was higher than 3%. Would you recommend for me to cut my hair before I get tested, as I intended, or would that not make a difference in my case?

  • James

    Hey Jared I smoked on November 21,2014 and November 28,2014 and these are the only times I have ever smoked. Since then I have had 2 haircuts (1 a month) and I’m having my third haircut this weekend. This totals up to approximately 1.5 inches. I know that in your article it’s says that the test only goes back on how long the hair is but I’m asking out of paranoia because my college education depends on me landing this job to earn money. I am expecting a hair test within the next month or so. Should I be all good?

    • jared

      A couple uses puts you in a grey area, but if you never smoked before, you are likely in good shape to pass the test. Just stay clean from here on out.

      • James

        Would it make much of a difference if I somehow accidentally swallowed a very small amount of the weed? And thanks for such a quick response!

  • trucker123

    Sorry for the re-post! I didn’t see my original comment on here, or your response to it.

  • uglicia smith

    I smoke a joint three time in one week a month ago only took to puffs each time, I have a hair test on about two weeks from now, will it show up?

    • Jess


  • Terri Fied

    Hi. I realize I’m late to this, but I have a question and you seem like the best person to answer it.

    Say someone is clean their entire life but one day makes the mistake of smoking a small amount of pot, knowing there’s a possibility of being randomly tested at any point within the next 3 months and is now living in constant fear, paranoia, and guilt because of it.

    Having only smoked once (a small amount at that, but still enough to get high), would this person be more likely to pass or fail a hair test within the next 3 months?

    • nigelelephant

      He answered multiple times that hair drug tests are meant to detect repeated usage.

  • Chris

    I stopped smoking 30 ago and can pass a urine test. I cut off all my hair 19 days after stopping and cut it agin last week. Will this new batch be able to pass a hair test?

  • tony muhammad

    Repost Jared just to ensure you receive my question…Jared. I know you realize the DOT does not regulate “hair sampling” drug test like urine specimen drug test. Particularly companies in the Trucking Industry that mandate these test be given to employees and new applicants. Why do you believe the DOT and FMCSR have yet to regulate “hair specimen” drug tests?

    • jared

      There’s a lot of reasons. First of all it’s the federal government. They take years to change. But more important, you can’t use hair test as post accident test since it doesn’t tell you current usage. Drugs don’t get into the hair for 5 days. Takes time to go from blood to hair follicle to hair you can cut. And finally, not everyone has hair. So to be consistent across all people would not be possible.

      • tony muhammad

        Thanks for responding Jared. Your responses support what I was thinking regarding companies opting to drug test job applicants with both urine and hair samples. The possible resulting conflict of non-regulated drug test with regulated drug test should be publicly or judicially evaluated. Non regulated drug testing is prejudicial when illegal / prescription drugs are detected. They cast a broad net suspecting substance abuse even though substance abuse behaviors is not evaluated in the donor. The donor possibly medicinally inadvertently or unknowingly consumed the drug detected. Companies policies do not offer job applicants that fail hair test fair and unprejudiced appeal remedies.

  • Corky Lee

    Hi jared . I’m aware this discussion was had a year ago but I’m in need of advise. Since July I’ve had this percedure done almost every month up until dec. Dec was the first time my condition didn’t result in getting it done. I’ve was obviously prescribed pain meds I didn’t take as frequently as they were prescribed. Therefor I have some left I do take them occasionally when I’m in pain. I know they will see the usage of the drug. But my questions are, do I inform them of the situation before going any further, will they consider that as abuse, and will the test break down the types or does it read it as a general genre…. I guess u can say! I need as accurate advise I know all places and people are different but If it has the slightest chance of showing I’d rather wait as long as I need to I don’t want to jeopardize my chance with this company I’m sure they keep some notes on file of those who are not aplicatable

    • jared

      As long as you have a prescription and you aren’t abusing it you are fine. Don’t tell the company, that’s not their business. Tell the MRO only.

  • I’ve been clean since May 2nd 2012 – I’ve taken absolutely NO STREET OPIATES! I tested positive for opiates on Jan 20th 2015. I have never tested positive any other time since May for anything but Methadone, except on 2 occasions where I had taken percocet and morphine with a hospital stay. I’m thinking of requesting a hair sample to be taken to prove my innocence because I have not touched any illegal opiates in years. Do you think hair sampling would be ideal for my situation? I’ve also thought about getting a lie detector test as well. Drugs fd my life up, and I lost my youngest of 3 children so I would never ever touch heroin or any other opiate or alcohol ever again. I dont want to risk losing my 6 and 10 year old boys.

  • Lady T

    Hi Jared!
    I quit smoking on October 24th 2014. I was a daily smoker of high grade marijuana for almost two years…several bowls a day. I’m ready to go back to trucking but want to make sure not to fail my hair test. Do you think I’d be clean enough to pass in a week, or should I wait longer. If I have to wait longer, how much longer should I wait??

    • Lady T

      Also, I know you can’t fail a test by second hand smoke but, what about swapping body fluids? My boyfriend smokes. I’ve read a bunch on hair testing but, haven’t seen anything on this particular subject.

      • Lady T

        Update!! I took my test on Monday, the 16th of Feb. Passed!!

        • PCB

          Hey lady T I’m in a similar situation. Wasn’t pot though. Stupid me did meth about 5-6 days straight . Last day was sometime around end of oct. I think. Never again! I haven’t touched anything since, nor do I intend to, but I found out I have a hair test on feb 24th. I am totally freaking out. Can’t eat can’t sleep I’m so worried. I could lose everything over a foolish mistake. I will never ever touch any drugs again but I may have blown it. Wonder if enough time has passed? I am a female with long hair but I guess they cut it back to 1.5 inch to sample?

          • Lady T

            I went to a clinic on my own for a personal test. If I were you, that’s what I would do. It cost me 105.00 and got my results the next day. I would think you’re ok to pass since it’s been about 90 days but, you never know. They cut my hair and sent the whole strands. The lab they send it to cuts it. The machines can tell how far from the scalp the hair is cut. If it’s not cut close enough to the scalp, the hair is rejected. They test 1.5 inches from the scalp. If you go test yourself and fail, I would quit my job before getting tested. That way you don’t have a failed or refused drug test on your record!

  • Guest

    Hey jared, i took Bronkaid two months ago and i have to take a hair drug test next week. Do I fail the test? Does it show up?

  • Nervous!!

    How’d ur results go john? In a similar situation but mine is for custody of my son. Been clean for over 3 years, in jan had 2 small lines then in feb was summoned to courts because the ex fd up and had our boy taken of her!

  • Jessica

    I did coke twice, Last night and the night before, I have been clean for over 5 months, got a call today saying I have a hair follicle test next Tuesday, am I going to fail?

  • Chris

    What happened to Jared?

  • Minty Victor

    Hey Jared,
    I had a pot brownie in mid October of 2014. It was the first and last time I have had any interaction with THC. I have a test coming up at the end of this month as a part of an application process; I was wondering what my chances of passing were.

    As a side note, I have really long hair. I was wondering if you had any idea how common it is to test more than the standard 1.5 inches.

  • mache005

    So my bf took some Adderalls and some percosets back in December and it was just like 4-5 day usage… now it is Feb and this new job he wants requires a hair drug test… so should he wait to go for this job or will it be ok to do the hair drug test… he may take some pills maybe every 6 weeks or so… it’s not a regular usage thing… any answer would be awesome

    • jared

      If he is taking drugs, he’ll fail a drug test. Pretty straightforward.

  • tanya

    Hey Jared, quick question. I have been trying to get this position for two years and knew I’d have to tal a hair test if offered the job so I hadn’t been smoking (never was a heavy smoker) but I smoked back in September two times over the weekend and now I have a test next week so it will be about 5 full months since I smoked. My employer says it could go back six months. Is that accurate? Most websites say 3 months. I know if they look past an inch and a half that it’s possible. Do you think that is just a scare tactic on the employers behalf? And if it is true do you think that twice in a weekend would show up if that’s all 8ve smoked in over a year?

  • Bobby

    I took a few loritabs 84 days ago. I’ve had countless hair cuts since that time. When I went it to get my hair tested, my hair was really short. They took a few samples anyway. Do you think I’ll pass??

    • Bobby

      Jared, not asking for advice on how to pass. I already took the test! I read almost all of these an from what I got was they check for multiple uses. Now this was a one time thing 84 days ago.. An I I’ve cut my hair a lot in the nearly 3 month span. But I’m still wondering if the results will come back positive?

      • jared

        Unlikely. Highly unlikely

        • Bobby

          Passed my test!

  • xdzine

    bunch of drugies on this page worried about a drug test who cares find a job that dont drug test

  • John

    After a 4 month abstinence, I smoked marijuana on 3 occasions in December, the last time being New Year’s Eve. These weren’t particularly large consumptions, maybe 1/3 a gram each time. I have a test coming sometime in the next month or so, do I have any chance of passing?

    Edit: Each of these times were in a 3 day period

  • holmesy

    I have used cocaine 3 times in the past 90 days. Iv put white vinegar on my hair with clearasil and laundry detergent, then used ultra clean shampoo before my hair test. Will it show up mate? I need to pass this test

    • robert

      So did u pass

      • holmesy

        Ye i dont no wot it was that got me threw it tho

  • dsmooth78

    I smoked some good quality weed on thanksgiving. I took about 8 to 10 puffs off a weed pipe. I haven’t smoked any thing since, but I do smoke cigarettes. I have to take a hair follicle test sometime next week. Do you think I will pass this test.

    • jared

      Cigarettes? Seriously?

      • dsmooth78

        Lol, I just wanted to add that in. But want do think about the hair follicle test I have coming up. I’m bald head so they will have to pull from my under arm. Do you think I have a good chance to past this test?

      • BRI

        Jared Please help me!I’m gonna start with saying I have been clean 2 years in June But I was prescribed some cough medicine that had codine in it almost a month ago which I only took like 3 times (until my cough wasn’t as bad) now I’m prescribed Tylenol 3 bc I had a tooth pulled I have only taken 2 so far and Im gonna be going to court for custody of my son will I fail the hair follicle?and if I do will a prescription allow them not give me custody back? If it will make a difference I won’t finish mh prescription

      • face

        Hey I smoked pot about 4 months ago haven’t cut my hair but I only smoked about 2or 3 bowls I have a hair test sun would I pass

  • Amanda Gurley

    Hey Jared I took 3-4 fairly small hits of weed about 3 weeks ago give or take and had to take a hair test… would that show up? I hadn’t smoked about 6 months prior to this and I am a heavy tobacco user as well.. I heard tobacco chemicals break down weed metabolites making it harder to detect?

  • confused man

    I had a drug test I showed up positive they allowed me to remove my own hair off my arms(both) but I know I haven’t used in three months its been 7. I gave them almost all the hair off my arms why did I still show positive if tests are undergone a 90 day trial. I am hairier than your average man. ??????

  • Guy

    I have a pre employment hair test coming up, but since I’m bald I know they’ll have to go to body hair. I was a heavy cocaine and marijuana user until December 2013 when I decided to leave drugs in my past. Any chance I’ll fail since it’s been roughly 14 months since last use? If it was head hair I know I’d be golden, but since body hair grows much slower I’m kind of worried.

    • Bianca

      Did u pass?

  • The sandman

    Hi, I’m applying for a police department and I had a question. In high school I used some cocaine, but probably less than 10 times. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been out of high school. Is there any way I will be able to pass this hair test?

  • Torrie

    Please write back … But hey I want to apply for this job but I’m not going to put in the application because they do the hair test so what do I do to get my head clean so I can apply for this job.??? Please Help. ! is it true that you can put pickle juice and your hair, and I have heard you can dye your hair black and it will get clean that way .! Please Help Meee

  • Justin Savage

    I took one strip of subooxone 2 months ago. I have a hair test this week. Do you think it will show up?

  • Guest

    Hey man,I smoked for the first time 45 days ago,it was my first time ever,you think I will pass my hair drug test?

  • ARim

    Hey, the last time. I smoked was a little before 10/28/14. Today 2/26/15 I went in to do a hair test for psychmedics and they said my head hair was too short so they took hair from my under arms. Will i pass?

    • ARim

      please help!! im freaking out and i need to know

      • slick

        What happened? How long is your head hair?

        • ARim

          I passed, my head hair was like .5 inches so they didnt take it..

      • Bianca

        Did u pass??

      • Bianca

        Oh sorry just read that u passed congrats! They took my husbands armpit hair today so im nervous for him but he has been clean for 5months at the least so hopefully he passes…

  • moopooo

    So I’ve never smoked in my life up until this year. I’m 30. I smoked 3 times in the past 3 months. Basically once per month. Didn’t really feel high ever when I did it. But I did take a few hits each time. I did a private hair test ( as a curiosity) and am waiting on the results. I’ll be sure to post back. Any thoughts or predictions?

  • El patroni

    Hello Jared! Not sure if you will see this in time but I have a few common questions and hope they can be answered, in nov and dec I used cocaine a few times some nights small amounts as we call (key shots) and others lines. On the 15 of feb I did a few lines and will be doing a hair and urine test on the 2nd of March my hair is short about 4inches above shaved razor on sides I actually always shave and trim my body hair. My question is I know I’m going to test positive what can I do to get passed this? If I cut my hair any shorter what if I don’t have any body hair for them to test or what if my hair on head is only an inch long will it still come out positive?

  • john d

    I last smoked on 12/10/14- I smoked a lot previous to that. I am bald so I shaved my whole body on 12/19/14…I’m at 80 days today from the last I smoked and 71 days from since I shaved. Is there anyway I fail a test in mid-March?

  • Venez

    Hey man the last time I smoked was December 13 and I may have a hair test in June I haven’t smoked since. Do I have a chance at passing it?

  • jane doe

    I have been clean for 7months and have hit weed twice within the past 3 months. If I took a hair follicle would I be able to pass or would I fail? Please email response to

  • jj

    I took 1 puff on new years eve and it March now I have short hair that get cut once a week I have took 5 urine test in the pass 2 months and pass them all. I’m 5″9 and weigh about 155 and I work out. Would that 1 puff effect my hair test.

    • jared

      Hell no.

  • melissa

    When they do I hair test do they shave it or pull it out?

    • jared

      Neither… they cut it at the base.

  • Smoke32

    I smoke January 5 and have not since then and the longest piece of hair on my body may be 1/2 inch and my urine is clean cause I tested so how likely am I to fail a hair test.

  • leerose6449

    Hi Jared it’s been almost exactly 90 since my last usage of cocaine will it show up if my hair is usually short and I get frequent haircuts

  • confused

    I smoked marijuana in january and had to do a hair follicle test in march. I am 8 months pregnant and drink more than a gallon a day of water, i take prenatle pills and take constant showers and baths, can i pass the test?

  • John Doe

    I understand that a hair test generally uses 1.5 inches of hair, or 3 months growth. My question is how long does it take to start growing clean hair? If I still have enough THC in my system to fail a urine test, wouldn’t the hair that I’m growing still be growing dirty even if I quit say 3 weeks ago?

    • jared

      Great question. No studies have been done that i know about to determine that answer for sure. But logically, you could be right.

  • Matt

    My roommate smokes weed in the room we share. I tend to stay as far as possible away for him as he does it. Would the second hand smoke or the smell of it affect my results on a hair test?

    • jared

      2nd hand smoke can’t make you fail a drug test. They test the metabolites – meaning you have to metabolize the drug to fail the test.

  • Julian

    Ok i have a hair test that goes back 90 days on me i smoked few hits every now and then over the time, and everytime i smoked it was just taking hits off the bong; im 6’0 180lbs,black with a fade haircut, if i just shaved down would i fail even with a remedy?
    Thanks for the feedback in advance

    • jared

      No hair means no hair drug test.

  • Ehrgeiz

    Smoking MDMA shows up on hair test too right but i also read below they thy usually look for habitual usage of drugs more. So would it be a pass or a fail if one time use (but more like 6 puffs) was performed within ninety days?

    • jared

      One time, light usage, doesn’t usually show up.

  • angela

    I ate a “edible” by accident yes accident my brother didn’t tell me what it really was being scared I would tell so he allowed me to eat one of his rice crispy treats I ended up in the hospital (not knowing what was going on) & that’s were I found out. I had to do a hair follicle test March 5th this incident occurred Thanksgiving November 28th my hair grows really slow maybe .2-.3 of an inch a month will I still pass or am I screwed?

    • jared

      I don’t know what was in that rice krispie treat. If it was enough drugs, you might not pass the test. But that’s more than 3 months ago so I would say you are OK

  • Aaron

    I quit smoking weed about 7 months ago but last night I took 3 hits from a one hitter that is the only weed I have touched in that time span, I have a hair test coming up in about 3 weeks. What do you think my chances of passing would be

    • jared

      If it’s head hair, you are probably OK.

  • Denny Stoutzenberger

    i have smokes some cracks cocain occasionally not everyday maybe once a week for a month or do my hair grows very fast and im pretty active do you think i could pass an employer hair follicle drug test

    • jared

      No f-in way.

  • robert

    Jared i have used cocane about 3-4 time in the last 2 or 3 month i have a hair test, the last time was 2/13/2015 i use magic shaving powder what can i do take the test or what

  • Tony

    Hello, so i used cocaine in the beginning of january and smoked weed once about a month and a half ago. It is now the march 9th 2015. What are the chances i fail/pass the drug test? Any advice would be great.

    • jared

      You’ll probably pass, since a single usage doesn’t show up in the hair. But it depends on how much cocaine you used, and if you used to smoke marijuana in the past.

  • guest

    If I have a bald head and less than an inch of body hair over various parts of my body, would they be able to do a hair drug test on me? I don’t use drugs, I just wanted to know how that would work.

    • jared

      Yeah, they can probably scrape the hair off your chest or wherever.

  • jakep

    I haven’t smoked in about a year, then when I got home from work I smoked a few times about a week and a half ago, but it was very little each time. Now I might have to do a hair test in the next couple of days. Do you think that much will show up in my test.?

    • jared

      Check the infographic about how long marijuana lasts in your system on my blog.

  • BRI

    Hey I was prescribed some cough medicine that had codine in it almost a month ago which I only took like 3 times (until my cough wasn’t as bad) now I’m prescribed Tylenol 3 bc I had a tooth pulled I have only taken 2 so far and Im gonna be going to court for custody of my son will I fail the hair follicle? and if I do will a prescription allow them not give me custody back? If it will make a difference I won’t finish the prescription!

    • jared

      All Health Street drug tests are reviewed by an MRO, who takes into account the prescriptions you are taking. If you have legally prescribed meds, and you aren’t abusing them, they count that as a negative. BUT, since you are dealing with the legal system, you ought to check with your lawyer, too.

      • BRI

        Thanks yes I am prescribed..but if I don’t continue to take the prescription after I’ve only takin 2 will it still show up?

  • star

    I smoked a little pot about two and a half months ago it was only a hit I just took a hair test do u think I’ll pass

  • face

    Hey Jared I smoked about back in December just before Christmas it was just 2 or 3 bowls I have a hair drug test .sun do you think I mite pass

  • Cheressa Windham

    My wife has never done cocaine but her hair test says positive for it, they also clipped the end of her hair, not the root

    • jared

      I don’t know buddy. Doesn’t sound too good.

  • cj

    So if someone sMoked weed two years ago would they be fine on the folical. And the farthest it can go back is 5 months er so? If the test is like months away is there anything this person can do to reassure that all comes back good? And for most company’s what us the furthest they can go back on a marijuana test?

  • Tootie

    I have smoked five times in the last three months. My drug test will most likely be in May, will I pass the hair test?

    • jared

      You are on the fence. Definitely you need to stop smoking weed now if you want to pass the test. You might come up negative if you stop now, however, you really should have 3 months of abstinence to ensure you’ll pass.

      • Tootie

        I haven’t smoked since the end of February.

  • shawty

    I haven’t smoked in 5 months and I only smoked 2 grams at that time. I have a hair test in about two weeks. I have been clean. I recently was around someone who smokes about a month ago. will this show up

    • jared

      Second hand smoke doesn’t show up in a hair test.

  • Eugene Medina

    Hello my name is gene …, i took a couple of puffs about 30 days before my test will i pass

    • jared

      99.99% yes, you will pass.

  • bryan1

    Hey Jared, I haven’t smoked weed since I was 16 y.o…I am 28 years old now, a couple weeks ago, I was helping a friend move and we took a break, I was downstairs and he was smoking weed in his room, about 30 mins later I came up stairs and walked in, but all the smoke was pushed out the room by a fan with an open window, I didn’t inhale anything at all and didn’t see any of the smoke as well. I took a hair follicle test 4 days ago, and they used my leg hair…should i be worried?

    • jared

      If you fail the test based on that, I will give you my right arm.

  • Chad Vargo

    Hey Jared, got a hair follicle test coming up next week. Haven’t smoked in a little over 6 months but 13 days ago I did 0.3g of coke. Haven’t done coke since a tiny amount this past summer. Think I will be okay?

    • jared

      I don’t know how much cocaine that is, but if it’s a small amount, it probably won’t show up on a hair test, if it was your only usage.

  • slick

    What happened?

  • tiesha

    I havent smoked weed in 3-4 years. I recently smoked in february 13th one puff. I applied for a job 3 months ago and had the interview and got hired. This was after i smoked in feb. Now i gave to take a hair test today. Will i be ok and pass

  • April

    I have been sober for 2 yrs. but 14 days ago I slipped and did cocaine for 3 days. I am back on track again but was told to do a hair test by my ex. I will die if I fail. What can I do? I am terrified.

  • confused

    i havent smoked weed in a month and cut my hair bald 1 week ago. do i need to wait 3 months to cut my hair again or do i need to wait 3 months to grow it out, sincerely mr confused.

  • cody

    I am at about 100 days clean smoked weed everyday before that should I be good?

    • cody

      I am taking a 5 panel hair test today I.hope.I.pass

  • Guest

    Would it detect one hit of resin?

  • guest 3

    Would it detect one hit of resin from 2mons ago?

  • Bianca

    Hi my husband used to smoke weed regularly and has been clean for about 5-6 mnths now. Hes passed alot of urine test but just today took a hair test. His head has a buzz cut so they took arm pit hair… My question is could he come up dirty because its from his under arm? I know you said body hair make no difference but ofcourse on the internet i found all kinds of answers. ..he asked the peoe distributing the test and they simply said they will go back as far as the company wants them too.. Which is 3months… Please any advice is appreciated.

  • reel

    I used a very small amount of cocaine and a small amount of meth one day in the past 90. Just took hair test. Is it gonna show

    • jared

      I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. Let me know, though. Usually one use won’t come back positive. It will be interesting to find out.

      • reel

        What’s the difference in a 5 panel hair test and say a 10 panel

        • jared

          5 panel is for street drugs, 9 panel picks up pills, too. Check out the links in the article above for a complete explanation of which drugs are in which test.

    • kath phillips

      Did you pass the test?

  • Bianca

    Hi my husband used to smoke weed regularly and has been clean for about 5-6 mnths now. Hes passed alot of urine test but just today took a hair test. His head has a buzz cut so they took arm pit hair… My question is could he come up dirty because its from his under arm? I know you said body hair make no difference but ofcourse on the internet i found all kinds of answers. ..he asked the peoe distributing the test and they simply said they will go back as far as the company wants them too.. Which is 3months… Please any advice is appreciated.

    • Bianca

      I actually went back and looked at how long hes probaby been clean… More like 7 1/2 months.. Please someone help

    • Bianca

      Also his armpit hair is an inch long

    • jared

      Yeah, it depends on the lab they used, in part. Hair from the body can go back longer than 90 days with some labs. They are now saying up to a year. I haven’t seen any studies to back it up, though, so I would just err on the side of caution if I was you. Body hair is trickier than head hair because of the dormancy issues.

    • Bianca

      Ok thanks jared today is day 2 and still no word… Fingers crossed!

    • Bianca

      He passed!!! 🙂

  • CourtMass

    In Texas do I have the right to ask for the discarded portion of my HAIR ? Being I am a woman my hair is about 10-12 in long and I want to know if that is my right because when I ask to see them disgaurd the hair the place that takes the sample says they send everything they cut off the head to the lab and the lab disgaurds the extra length?? Wanting to know my rights ?

    • Bianca

      Ive read over n over that they do cut it at the lab… Aslong as its a 90 day test that u took.. Goodluck

  • denise

    Ok so i did a hair test yesterday for court a 9 pantel test ugh anyways i stoped smokeing 3 months ago weed that is havent touch it are been around it what are my chances of failing i did blood work pee test passed them all

  • Roseline

    Hi Jared, so I have never been even a moderate drug user, usually every 2-3 months some pot, but I stopped all together in September, and only had one puff (not even sure if I inhaled enough) in February (nothing after and nothing again). However, I did a small amount of ecstasy once two weeks ago just for the experience, it is the first drug other than weed i have ever done in my life, and definitely not planning on anything again. My drug test is scheduled for first week of April (in two weeks or so). Whereas I am positive I will be tested negative for pot, it is this small amount of ecstasy that worries me. I just want to reiterate, small, one time usage usually doesn’t show up, does it?

    • jared

      Ecstasy is always included in hair drug tests; however, one use is unlikely to show up, but you never know for sure.

  • dr vlla

    Jared i have 2 questions
    1) Can the hair test tell you approx when the users LAST use of cocaine was prior to test ? eg 10 days or 2 months ? By measuring the distance of the cocaine from the root..
    2) Can one pass the cocaine test by shampooing hair with special products ?

    • jared

      The answer to both questions is “no”.

  • Guest

    Jared I smoked let’s say around 15 blunts in a 5 day or so period and have now been clean for a little over a month. Do you think that my system would be clean by now and that after cutting my hair I would be able to pass a hair test? If not how much long would I need to have clean hair follicles?

  • jenni

    Hi im Jennifer I smoked in February then I found out I was pregnant well i have a drug test coming up for work in about 60days do you think my February drug use will hender me I no longer use as of 2/7/15

    • jared

      Hey Jennifer, good to know you don’t smoke while pregnant. If they give you a urine test, you’re obviously going to be fine. As for a hair test, if you only smoked once or twice, you’re still 99% fine. And if it’s another 60 days from now, you’re also 99% fine. So, don’t stress it. Make sure they cut off any hair beyond 1.5 inches from the base.

      • jenni

        Thanks jared

  • want a new job

    I haven’t smoked in 3 months can I pass a 90 day hair follicle test and I’m bald with body hair.

    • jared

      Body hair is tricky. It depends how much you used to smoke prior to the 3 months.

  • Leviticus

    Hey Jared, I’m looking to take up a part time job later in late May to early June to help pay for college fees, the last time that I had continuous contact with marijuana was December 23-27th, but I haven’t smoked any since then. Do you believe that by June, I should be completely fine to have a hair test?


    P.S.- I plan to get my hair buzzed by mid May for comfort reasons.

    • jared

      I do think you are 100% OK to take a head hair test. However, if you buzz your head, they are going to go for body hair. And if you smoked a lot over the past year, you COULD have a problem. It’s unlikely, and it depends on the lab they use to some extent. However, some labs are reporting that body hair can find drugs up to a year back. If your only usage was 5 days within that year (Dec 23-27), then you’re probably still fine. Your best bet: don’t cut your head hair until after the test, since head hair will definitely not pick up the December usage if you test it in June.

  • Kari

    ok… so here is my story… i smoked weed on the weekends and just a very small amount for about a 3 month span… back in June July and August… i quit because i am battling for my daughter in court with the same person that got me started smoking lol… i didn’t smoke anything from august to dec 6 2014, and i took a very small hit during a birthday party… its been more than 90 days since then and I havent smoked or done anything else… my concern is that i have very long hair… and ive been told that if they test the ends that it could show up! Am i safe to do a voluntary hair follicle test for court?

    • jared

      You should be fine to pass a hair follicle test; however, MAKE SURE they cut off the hair beyond the 1.5 inch mark. If you want to set up a test with Health Street, call 888-378-2499, and we’ll explain what you need to do to ensure you don’t get tested for usage beyond 90 days.

      • ak47637

        After heavy meth use, I have been clean for four months with one slip up two months ago which was just a couple hits…my hair is about an inch long and they took a hair follicle to test…will I fail the test?

  • Mat

    I had a hair folicle done about 2 months ago and my test was positive. My results were 2000ng for cocaine. I continued to use daily for the next two months and just recently had to take another hair test. This time I did some research and found the vinegar method doesn’t work. Vinegar is acidic and that closes ur hair up and doesn’t allow you to penetrate where the metabolites are. I found you need something that’s alkaline. Ammonia is the most alkaline you can put in your hair. So this is what I used and it really improved my test results. I bought ammonia for 1.66, store bought bleach, coal tar shampoo and and olive oil hair relaxer that had propylene glycol. I put the hair relaxer in first and let it set for 15 minutes. I washed it out with coal tar shampoo. Then I used the ammonia by dipping my fingers in it and wetting my hair. By the way they took samples from my arm pit and good thing too cause my arm pit hair was fried. I definitely don’t recommend you use this on your head. The ammonia burned but it’s worth it. I left the ammonia in for 30 min and washed it out with coal tar shampoo. Then I used bleach. Again I dipped my fingers in bleach and rubbed my arm pit hair. It really burns the skin so I was careful to just rub it in my hair. The. Again washed it out with coal tar shampoo. I left the bleach in for 30 min. I then reapplied the ammonia for 39 min more and used coal tar shampoo to wash it out. The next day I did the same thing and I used cocaine the two days I did this method. The third day I did the hair test. I just got the results today and the levels dropped to 863ng. That number should have been 3000 at least cause I used way more than the first test. This test was done for personal reasons but I found that using the products I used truly worked. I read that methanol helps rid drug metabolites once the outer layer is opened up. Next time I will use that and maybe it will lower my numbers even more. My recommendation is don’t use the vinegar. It has the opposite effect. Same as lemon juice, it’s all acidic. Good luck. This really worked for me. I thought for sure my results would be above 2000ng but a drop to 863ng shows this method worked. You have to use an alkaline to open the hair shaft. My skin was red and sore for about 4 days. It does burn but again it’s worth it.

  • Gabby

    I smoked a joint or maybe more every weekend in the month of January for like 3 weeks, I haven’t smoked since. I have a hair drug test tomorrow. Will it show?

  • Ramon Ramirez

    How long dose the Silvia test go back for met


  • Rach998

    I have a hair test im guessing in the next week or so. I dont use any drugs other than my prescribed ambien, and occasionally take phentermine i got from a diet clinic. Im not really Worried about those i was prescribed. But my question is back in january for about 2 weeks i smoked that legal pot, aka spice, k2, herbal incense, whatever u wanna call it. This was a huge mistake and i dont recommend it to anyone. It actually made me very sick and withdrawal. Lesson learned. I know that wont show on the test, but we smoked it out of an old glass bowl that had weed resin in it. Could that resin show up? It had very little in the bowl, apparently my boyfriend had scraped it back in the day out of desperation to get high lol. But can those trace amounts of resin show up?

    • Rach998

      Im really freaking out about this test now. Turns out it will be tomorrow. Please let me know if you think i could fail for that.

      • Rach998

        Also just to clarify, the bowl had been scraped out to smoke the resin enough that there was reall none left in it. But after smoking the incense in it im wondering if the traces of resin and thc would even be enough to show up.

        • Rach998

          Can someone please answer this? Turned out i didnt have the test friday but i do have it tomorrow for sure. Im so worried

  • Tony Muhammad

    Hi Jared I have a question but first let me share with you and other followers of your blog….I submitted to a hair test 11/25/14. I’m not a drug abuser, but I used a family member perscription oxycodone (two tabs broken in half, taken over a four day span) to relieve pain from a back muscle spasm I developed 08/14. When I agreed to hair test I did not consider prior usage mention. I believe I was clear and free of the drug.

    I was hired on 12/02/14, as a refresher training student truck driver. The results came back to me during training on 12/04. Well to say the least, I was surprise the test came back positive.

    Realizing I did not have a prescription in my name, I inform the teaching staff and student management of the results before the MRO officially notified (unbeknownst to me) the company of my positive hair test late afternoon on 12/05.

    I made a decision to quit on 12/04 before MRO notification to company but members of teaching staff and student management convince me otherwise. Noting I was progressing great and that they would work behind the scene advocating on my behalf for continue employment. So I reconsidered my decision and to continue training.

    I completed my training passing all require driving test on 12/05. On 12/06 I and other graduates gathered in the main classroom. During that time certificates were being handed out, I was discreetly informed by the head instructor the company decided to fire me. Of course this was a big let down being that the staff gave me a sense of hope regardless of failing the hair test.

    I can not help but feel I was set-up to endure the embarrassment of failure in front of fellow students on graduation day. In open view of fellow students I was passed over not receiving completion certificate, and company credit fuel cards.

    Enough whining on your shoulders Jared.

    I personally appreciate your advice, guidance and most of all technical training and knowledge about drug tests. I commend you for offering this blog for us unlearn consumers. Who often times find ourselves in the clutches of unmerciful employers and big corporations in our Great American society.

    When I took the hair test on 11/25/14. My hair on my head was shorter than 1.5 inches long, actually less than 1 inch. The person taking the hair sample utilized 7 to 10 cuts from the top back of head, cutting close to my scape without revealing skin, to get what she needed. I had to cut my hair later to reshape the damage from samples taken.

    ?…Jared is it standard procedure to take hair samples from the head when the hair is shorter than 1.5 inches At the time I did not know what I know now after reading your blog the past 3 months?………………

    (My driver lic, will attest my hair was shorter than 1.5 inches because I renewed my lic. on 11/24 the day before hair test.

  • Juan Villa


    I smoked weed twice on january 10. I have a hair test for an internship on may 5th. I got a buzz cut with trimmer #3 and shaved my body hair. I just started taking biotin so I can make sure my hair is to the appropiate length when the time for the test comes. I am also diagnosed with adhd and take ritalin and vyvanse. My question are: Should I be worried I will fail this test? Will my prescribed medication show up on my test?

  • miss_lady

    My hubby smoked about half a gram of weed over the course of a few days. This was about 2 weeks ago. A job opportunity just came up and he applied for it. Will that little bit of smoke come up on a hair follicle test?

  • Qball

    I smoked about 2 nickel bags of weed over a 3 day period around February 12th-15th or 16th and had to take a hair sample for work today 3-27-15 and I’m worried as shit. That was the only time I smoked in the past 2 years and am now waiting on my results. As soon as I get em back I’ll share and can hopefully help someone else. Btw I’m male 6’4 240

  • Catphish11

    Hi Jared,

    Thanks for sharing his good information. My question is do you know if any particular body hair is more likely to store thc metabolites?

    I always keep my hair very short so I expect they will be going for a body hair sample. If I can steer them in a particular direction to minimize the risk it would be very helpful to know.



  • bumpj

    What if you take a hair test for a new employer and it shows negative more than 30 days ago, can they not hire you for part that over 30 days ago? And you show clean now, shows you have been using in the last 30 days

  • starr

    Ok so look I’m dealing with court and they are doing drug u.a and follical testing,becouse 9-29-2014 I wasarrested on possession when they ran in my people house . Now I was cooking cocaine and failed my first follicle in Dec. I am randomly iua. Every month. But I no longer do these things. But I do work in a club andwe’ll. Things get on tables my hands touch one night while cleaning up I started biting my nails and got that taste I immediately grabbed my shirt and wiped my tongue lips and bleached my hands in outdoor bleach concentrate I had a follical again on the 24 of March for court will I pass still…

  • starr

    Please note I have passed all u.a even in Dec.2014 to court date this month the last time I was actually in contact knowingly with big amounts was Sept. This would and has been the only minut contact with fingers I have had since Sept.

  • Guest 10

    Jared I have not smoke in 11 months but took a armpit hair test. What are the chances I pass? I was a regular smoker prior to quitting.

    • Guest 10

      Can anyone give me some kind of answer please?

  • Guest

    Will bleaching then dying my hair help me pass a hair follicle test? Im a daily meth user,have been for years.not proud of it but it is what it is. Will the test come back inconclusive?

  • lassie

    what kind of drug test perform in US Embassy when you had a drug record history

  • Qball

    Today is 3-30-15 and I got the call…I passed

    • Roc Malik

      qball how long has it been since you used and was it weed and if so what did you use to pass??? i been clean for a month and have a hair test coming up.

      • Qball

        I was a heavy weed smoker all of 2013 until I got locked in June of that year. I got out of jail January 12th 2015 and smoked 2 blunts between February 10-13th and haven’t smoked since and passed my hair test on 3-27-2015. If you’re a heavy smoker and have only been clean the past 30 days then I don’t know how that’s gonna work out for u. They had to take armpit hair because my head hair was too short. I wish u the best of luck though

        • Roc Malik

          appreciate the reply, but I also drank like 7 gallons of water in the month of march because water is how I always clean my system to pass tests, this time since its a hair test I’ma just trim off the old hair not all just enough to where the new growth is there (i have a baby afro)!!

          • Qball

            Shave your armpit and chest hair too cuz if it’s not long enough they’ll take it from there too. I have a low fade on my head and the lady said it was too short so she took armpit hair

          • Roc Malik

            lol yea Im already hip to it. shit I barely got chest hair any ways what about pubic? I should have enough hair from fro though i heard they are gonna take from 3 spots of your head anyway

          • Qball

            Haha they’re not gonna take pubic hair..they will do leg hair also so I would say if u have any to shave that too

          • Roc Malik

            aw helll I don’t have no leg hair either shit i’m not a hairy person , I did have long dreads though but cut them last year, appreciate the info fam!

          • Qball

            No problem. I know what u going thru..I was scared as hell when I took mine too haha

  • timu2cool

    Control freaks never cease to amaze me. Leave my hair,and urine alone. Talk about George Orwell.we let them treat us like lab rats,so its our fault.I would just for a few years,really like to be free.

  • Derek

    Jared the last time I smoked marijuana was on February 15th of this year. I smoked about two blunts (split between me and 3 other people) for 4 or five days leading up to the 15th, but prior to that I had never smoked. I’m taking a drug test in a week or two and I know that if I take a blood or urine test I should be fine, but do I have a chance of passing a hair test? I get my hair cut every week or so, also Im skinny with high metabolism if that makes a difference

  • Scared

    Hey, I smoked about two weeks ago…then I got a hair cut a few days later. Two weeks ago I smoked twice. I have not smoked ever since. I have a hair test on Tuesday…Do I have any chances of passing it? I do not smoke regularly, and did not smoke that much. I have never had a hair test before. (I’m a guy.) I’m freaking out…

  • disqus_Vf534QQqFX

    If I dye my hair will it cover up pot use?

  • guest aaa

    So if I go out and party tonight and have a hair test done in like 60 or 70 days nothing I do tonight will show up because its not something I do on a daily basis

  • Delmar Thomas

    What if my hair is short and I have no body hair? Would that just mean I take the urine test?

  • Joe

    I just took a hair drug test for a job. What are my odds of passing if I haven’t smoked for 5 months 1 weeks ? Thanks guys

  • rebekah26

    Hey Jared,

    If the threshold for a positive on a hair follicle (for Marijuana) is .10 and the test came back with a .28, how long do you think it would take before a retest would come back negative? It’s been right about three months.

  • Audrea Scott

    If you don’t do drugs for 68 days than do drugs for 3 days and have a hair follicle test 3 weeks later will it show on the hair follicle test?

  • guest 7

    Jared I did about 3 lines of cocaine about the size of a pinky 73 days ago the trick is I don’t remember if that was the last time I did cocaine I know for sure I stopped completely in the beggining of march and if I did anymore before that it was the amount I described to you before I got a drug test coming up tommorow and not sure if I will pass or not any advice please help I’m kind of freaking out

  • Loren Reyes

    Jared if u took one tylonal 3 on August 2014 and had a hair test today april 9 2015 will it show

  • Martha

    Hey I use oxycodone i dyed my hair two days ago and have a hair test tmw and i last used oxy 1 week ago it was prescribed but im in a custody battle and they dont want me really using oxy but my question is do you think ill pass

  • Lcruz82

    Hi… My friend is going threw a custody case and he’s been clean for bout 7 months. He’s been taking tests and had no problems yet. The lawyer called him and said he came out dirty for it being on his skin so there saying he’s been around it. Can this happen?

  • Tiffany

    I took a hair drug test. I did a total of of 3 lines of cocaine in the past three months, not all at once and end of January I took a few vicodin. Any chance that I could of passed?

    • FL

      Hi Tiffany, did you pass?

  • Tiffany

    I already started the job, they did not wait for the test results to come back. And my hair is short.

  • a past user

    I know you’ve said that one time marijuana use does not show up on a hair follicle test but what about one time hydrocodone use ? I took 2/ 7.5 norcos 1 time, should I be worried? What about Gabapentin use,will that show up as well ?

  • Jason Daniels


    I recently had to take a hair drug test for a job I am
    trying to get. The last time I smoked was the beginning of february,
    2015. I was a very light user. I smoked one joint in the beginning of
    february and before that it was probably about 3 weeks since the last
    time I used. On February 26th I passed the Hair confirm test. The
    company doing the hair test for this job is Psychemedics. I had a sample
    taken on April 6th. The reason I am worried is because I read that
    Psychemedics test I more accurate than Hairconfirm. Do I need to be

  • Jenn

    So I smoked about a month ago and yes it was regularly, I have a hair folic let test on Friday morning, I wear a short hair cut and just did my regular monthly shave of my body everything except my legs what are my chances of passing on Friday?

    • Worried

      How did you go?

      • Jenn

        Don’t know yet it takes 4 days

  • Marki

    I have smoked weed twice in the last 4 months and could possibly have a hair follicle test performed on me for a job. I’m not a frequent user, but am still nervous. Do you think I will fail?

  • Guest7

    So I have smoked pot, 7 times in the last year. Haven’t smoked in 45 days. Don’t plan on smoking again but I might have a drug test in another 30 days. When will I be clean for a hair test.

  • Landry Jeffrey

    I do not smoke or do drugs but used clippers a little more than a month ago to cut my winter coat. It is growing back but I do not think it is an inch and a half. I drug test in a week for a job. I have a few soft ones around my under arm on my muscle that are older. Will they be able to use these? some are at least two inches long.

  • Nuka

    Jared – would a small amount of cocaine used 1x show up in hair? Smaller than the size of a dime?

  • Brandi Ojeda

    If I last smoked 10 days ago and I passed a urine test without any kind of cleanser or anything. will I pass a hair follicle?

  • Taylor Ann Day

    How do I pass a hair follicle drug test? Please let me know asap money isn’t a problem. Test is in a week

  • Audrey

    Did u pass the test?

  • merf

    idk if this has been asked, can anyone help me? Ok I have been a heavy cannabis user for quite some time I was laid off from my previous job for other reasons. so I bought a body cleanse and within a week im pissing clean how long should I wait before shaving all my hair and taking a hair follicle test I want to be 100% sure not to fail and the cleanse should have no effect on my test right?

  • Worried

    Hi Jared. Thanks for all the info. My question is I smoked meth about 4 or 5 times in past 90 days about a couple of weeks apart. I’m also prescribed duromine. I have thin brown hair that I cut every 3-4 weeks. Last smoke was about a month before test and I had a haircut day before. Chances of meth showing up? Can meth be distinguished from duromine?

    • Worried

      Or anyone had similar experience without treating hair? Any info appreciated

  • lisha

    I just recently took one ecstasy pill maybe two weeks ago. Now I might be subject to a hair follicle test within the next two weeks. Will it show up in a hair follicle test?

  • lisha

    So if I took one ecstasy pill over three weeks ago, it won’t show up?

  • queen bee

    Dude it is spelled LOSER and a hair test goes back 90 days. You need to get educated and maybe pass a 4th grade English test. Loser!

  • Guest

    Hi Jared, have a hair test coming up in a month and I regularly shave my hair/body near bald. Drunkenly had one line yay last Sat morning. Will that pop the hair test? They’ve asked me to stop shaving as of now.

    I am not a frequent user, but used molly one weekend March.

  • jesus

    I took mabe 4 hits from a vap pen that we put marijuana but in wax form about 2 1/2 months ago would that pop out in a hair drug test

  • Sandra Barnes

    Hi my son has to have a hair follicle test…ive got a gut feeling he has smoked crack cocaine….will it show in his test if he has

  • James Fawcett

    I failed a follicle test last September. Results showed Meth / amphetamines. As soon as they told me I went and had two other full panel follicle tests performed that both came back NEGATIVE for any drug at any level. I DONT DO DRUGS but I lost my job anyway since the policy doesn’t allow for any retesting so my clear test results were not taken into consideration. Do you know how hard it is to find a good job when perspective employers want to know why you were fired from your last job and you have to tell them this story?

    • Tony Muhammad

      James Fawcett I share your opinion about jobs that use hair follicle drug testing. The practice is not regulated by government agencies. Its regulated by the practicing industries and participating employer’s per industry.

      As often as it is in our society common people are left in the hands of unfair employer’s when employment practice do not have government or union / association oversights.

    • Lisa Hasenpat

      sometimes the prescription Adderall/Ritalin (sorry for my spelling) comes up as an amphetamine, as well as some over the counter cough suppressants such as robitussin i believe.. I am not sure if you are aware of this or if the test can distinguish between the OTC’s and Prescriptions… but just wanted to add some input… im sorry for your misfortune with the job 🙁

  • Scarlett

    Hey Jared,

    Will GHB show up. Will a hair test be abLe to tell the date and time of ingestion, or just that it was in my system?

  • sam

    if I smoked weed a week after my first hair test will it still show my numbers Are going down and that i have not done anything sense then www

  • JESS G


  • Tommy

    Took 1 20mg adderal XR ONE TIME within 90 days.. Took a hair test about 15 days after i took the adderal. Will i pass?

    • Ace

      Did you pass?

  • guest1966

    I took some cocaine around 4 week ago it was only 1 gram and spaced out over the weekend, I haven’t touched anything else in yrs but Ive got a test for work tomorrow and am worried as my job depends on me passing this any advice?

    • FL

      Did you pass?

  • Joy

    If someone took a couple xanex (1mg) a couple times…….how long would it take to get a negative hair folicle drug test? Jared….Please help!

  • billy

    Hey jared are you still available for questions? Well, two weeks ago I smoked and I have a hair test in a week. I smoked a decent amount. Not a lot but not a little. Is it possible I will fail this test. I get my haircut once a week.

  • nicky

    I sniffed 8 bags of heroin on march 21st, I was just given a 30 day hair follicle on april 29th. what are the chances I will be positive if I didn’t do anything else in the past year?

  • nicky

    Listen man I have been reading your posts and think you are whom I should ask, I have been clean a year now except for one screw up on March 21st. I sniffed 8 bags of heroin and am on suboxone. Doesn’t the suboxone keep the levels lower because it cant be absorbed and since it is a one time use shouldn’t I be ok? I am really bugging because I can lose everything! They only did a 30 day test through Omega labs and the took it on April 29th (39 days) but I know it can take up to 10 days for something to get into the hair so I am worried. PLEASE respond ASAP!!!!

  • JLE

    My Fiance just took a hair follicle test at the clinic today. He was aware of the test coming up and stopped smoking about a week ago and used the Jerry G method to clean his hair and everything then got there and they said his hair was to short and they took leg hair…. So he quit about a week ago but use to smoke about a hitter or two a day…He is going to fail isn’t he?

  • Guest

    I took a test a few weeks ago and have been clean for 155 days and I got a call from a doctor that it came back positive. I was completely shocked and asked for a re-test but they said they just test the same sample and and if comes back a different result than it would be considered negative. Pray to God the truth comes out that I am clean.

  • Honey

    Hey last time i smoked was feb 6. Daily usage until then. I have a hair test tomorrow may 4. Do you think I’ll pass seeing that there was an extra week in March?


    Hair CAN be taken from the crotch area despite what this article says.
    I have to have one of these done tomorrow & I’m NOT looking forward to it only because the females at these places love to argue they want it from your head & most ive heard are like Edward Scissorhands with the scissors.
    AND since I never do drugs…. I have nadda to worry about… except for the heaux with the scissors

  • Jason McDermott

    I am embroiled in a non legal CPS case and the agency wants to order my children for hair folicle testing to determine if we are smoking lot around the children. Is it at all possible that they could fail a hair folicle test for second hand smoke or walking through a smoky garage a couple gours after puffing?

  • paige

    Ok from march 2014-september 2014 I smoked almost daily however I smoked from jan 2015-march2015 almost daily again. Im a bigger girl and have a hair follicle test july 31st. Havent touched it since end of march. Whats my chances of passing…

  • Ashton Ann Phillips

    I was in the car with three people who were smoking weed a month ago but I didn’t have any and have never done any drugs. I took a hair test yesterday. Will it test positive?

    • Ty

      Did you pass

  • paige

    I smoked almost daily April 2014-Sept 2014…stopped then started December 2014-march 2015 have a hair test July 31st and am a big girl…will i pass?

  • mike

    Hey there Jared,

    My employer wants to take a drug test. She said it can take up to a few weeks for the results to come back. From this I am assuming its a hair follicle test. I have taken (provigil/modafinil) for the past 2 months (200mg/day) and I took adderall, 3 times over the last month. Every time I took it, I took 15 mg. I am extremely worried. Can you please tell me if it will show up on the tests? Also what do hair follicle tests look for? repeated usage? Also in terms of parts per million, is taking it 3 times, 15mg each time over a month enough to get me disqualified?

    Thank you in advance

  • Bumper Bumpis

    will Dawn dish soap paired with ultra clean shampoo, cover up occasional cocaine use??

  • endorphins33

    Ok so I have been clean for five years and I was drunk last friday night and a friend of mine had given me a half a pill of ecstasy.
    it was stupid to take but it was the only time that I had used……would this come up positive if I would take a hair test?

  • kimberly

    I did 3 lines of meth and smoked 2 foils the night of march 13th. No use of the drug for 4 months before and none since. Do I have a chance at passing a hair follicle that I am schedules to take on the 11th of June?

  • Nomad

    Does the testing facility indicate to the employer what Drug was found in the drug test, whether it be Weed or Coke or Pills? Or is it just indicated as a pass/fail to the employer, without specifics?

  • dutchman893

    so i start a new job with a trucking company in june. was dumb and smoked once due to 3 beautiful girls on sat night/sun morning. before that i was clean for a month. I’m not worried as much about the urine test thats in 3-4 weeks as i am for the hair test thats a month later. was never a heavy user. peak usage was daily for a week but that was 3 months ago. verdict/best guess/your thoughts?

  • guest25

    jared, if i smoked 60 days ago and am considered a habitual user as of 70 days ago, what is the likelihood i will pass a hair test?

  • jamie b

    Hey. I smoked in March around the 13th or so. And I have a hair drug test coming in the beginning of next month (June). b4 that I smoked every now and then for a couple months. Nothing too major. Maybe once every week. Do you think I’ll pass?

  • tori

    I’ve smoked PCP amongst friends 2-3 times within the last 90days will it come up in a hair drug test???


    I have been suffering migraines for almost 9 months, been in and out of the er with pain meds (dilaud and Norco) off and on as well as the meds my neurologist has given me. I no longer have the bottles after finishing the meds, now will it show in my hair test for a new job will it be a reasonable explanation?

  • joshua

    Jared, please help. I haven’t smoked in 13 months I just took a body hair test. The hair was taken from my right lower leg. My results came in and I was anxiously waiting for all negatives on a ten panel. Problem is it came up positive for cannabinoids and carboxy-THC with a .92pg/mg quantitation. The cut off for cannabinoids is 1pg/mg. And the confirm is .05pg/mg. I’m so confused. How am I positive?

  • Joe Gambino

    So I snorted 1 gram of coke about 7-8 months ago, just that one time. I had a hair sample drug test may 19, where they shaved one of my legs i guess to collect 100 strands. Should I pass the test?

  • comca7

    Hey yall, I smoked weed twice in the last 3 n half- 4 months…. N now I have a hair test coming up, n the last time I smoked was almost 5 wks ago. Will I pass it or fail it? Ive probably smoked 5 times in the last year. N at one point I had stopped for 3 months b4 I did the 2 times that I did in the last 4 months… I’m worried.

  • m d ran

    I had a urine test come back positive for MDMA but I didn’t take this drug. How can I disprove the allegation?

  • Donna A Smith

    I’m doing research for my book and would love your input. My character was given Rohypnol and I was wondering if that one-time use would show up in a hair sample and, if so, how long does the testing take/would it show up a few months after the fact? Thanks!

  • magillc

    Not sure if you’re still going with this discussion Jared but I thought I may as well try my hand at it. I was at a party a week ago and for some reason licked the residue from a bag used to hold cocaine, from what I remember, there wasn’t much left in it at all. I have never done cocaine before and I guess I was just intrigued. I am going to be at camp america this summer and I’m not sure what sort of drug tests they do there whether it be Urinary or Hair follicle, but if it is hair follicle, what would you say my chances of passing would be, considering ive never touched it before and the fact that i didnt even snort or bomb but just lick a bag’s remaining residue; its playing on my mind so badly. Cheers

  • Mary

    I may have ben given ecstacy once on May 8th 2015 and yesterday had to do a hair follicle test now i’m afraid my single use will show up if so will it hurt the chance of a job… Please give me some insight.

    • Bebo

      Did you pass?



    • boky ben

      The cocaine use will stay in that hair forever unless you cut it or bleach it out . It doesnt go away . Try the Jerry G method

  • Anonymous

    I’m a habitual marijuana smoker in Alaska (recently legalized) and I used MDMA and Cocaine last weekend (trace amounts of both…and I am definitely not a habitual user of either.) I received a surprise job offer from an employer that will require a hair follicle test, but I don’t know how long I can postpone the test. All the reviews I’ve read for AllClear and Xpulsion (OTC Cleansers) are not instilling any faith. Any recommendations?

  • bryan

    I have a hair test next week and did 5 gram of coke 11 weeks ago will it show up

  • bob

    Out of sheer stupidity, I used a small amount of cocaine (approximately 3 bumps, or small lines, within a 2 or 3 hour period). This was a one time thing, and I hadn’t used any drugs prior for the past 2 years (I used to smoke pot). I may have a hair drug test coming up within the next 2-4 months. I have a bald shaved head, but I am pretty hairy everywhere else (although I do some manscaping). Help!!! Will I pass this drug test if it is administered in 2, 3, or even 4 months?

    • FL

      Hi Bob, did you pass? How log did the test back?

  • Ace

    I took a 20mg adderal about a month ago and just took a 9 panel hair test. Will it show up from just one use?

  • Ace

    Hey Jared I’ve seen you say that one usage doesn’t show up. Is that for pot or other substances. I took a 20mg adderal about two months ago and just took a 9 panel test. Will it show up?

    • Akheiden

      What was the result? I’m in the same boat right now…

  • Jon

    I did 30mg of oxy a few weeks ago is it possible that it will show up on my upcoming hair test?

  • ebomb

    Alright, here’s a question for you I paid for a private hair test, my cocaine levels were 8300 pg this was 10 weeks ago I’m hoping to do another test very soon I’ve been completely sober the 10 weeks since, how much would you say the levels have gone down in maybe a 12 week period ? I don’t expect a miracle but a 1000pg test result would be awesome!? what do you think?!
    also is it true that cocaine is one of the drugs that moves up and down the hair shaft so it doesn’t really matter if you’ve been clean for a long period of time, if you use for a long time prior?!

    • boky ben

      I dont know anything about that up and down the shaft buft but if you still have the hair that tested 8300 and they test that part of it again its going to be the same. You have to cut/shave that hair or bleach out your follicles inside out with the Jerry G method

  • Demetrio Morales

    Hey Jared,

    I will have to take a hair test next Friday. I took some puffs of marijana like 3 or 4 on a pipe on February 8th this year. You think I will past the test? New owner took over the company. Thanks!

  • Bren

    In the last four months I have use marijuana and cocaine a few times (about 6-8 each). Never in large quantities. Before that four month period I have never used cocaine. I have been a casual marijuana user (1-2 times a month) for a while. But have gone for longer periods without it. It has been 3.5 weeks since I last smoked and 4.5 weeks since I used cocaine. I don’t plan on doing it anymore as I got a job that requires a hair test. Essentially how much longer do I have to wait before I take my test? Or what are my chances? I know it’s not an exact science. Any info would be much appreciated

  • zack

    if i smoke 3 months everyday and cut my hair off like 2 weeks before hand and let it grow back will i pass hair test

    • boky ben

      If your hair doesnt grow back long enough they are going to take it from somewhere else. Like your arms or legs

  • Mike

    If I haven’t smoked in awhile and smoked in march. If I haven’t smoked since would I be good for a follicle test?

    • boky ben

      Not if they test hair grown in march or a couple weeks later

  • preshus77


    I usually dont smoke but I did 2 weeks ago. I smoked maybe 4 hits per day for 2 days give or take. I have a hair follicle test coming up and Im worried I wont pass it. Should I be? I also took 3 xanax the same days

  • Jay

    Hey Jared. I never have been a smoker but I’m around people who smoke a lot. I can’t remember the last time I even hit a blunt. It might have been more than 3 months ago but if it has been before 3 months it was probably like one hit I haven’t been high since last year. I’m probably having a up coming hair follicle test and I’m worried. Everything I said is 100 honest so can you tel me if I might pass

    • boky ben

      You will probabl l y pass but start shampooing your hair with a good clarifying shampoo like Paul Mitchell 3. Contact smoke can affect your test even if they say it doesnt. Especially for people of color.

    • Ty

      Did you pass

    • Ty

      Did you pass

  • Zoë Lkjsdhf

    It’s not true that everybody tests from the root. My company just tested half an inch off the top of my head. Its also not true all hair grows at the same speed. My beard grows a lot faster.

    I knew a hair test was coming up in the future so I shaved my head then let it grow for three months so I had an inch a half for them to test since the hair on youe head grows at half an inch a month. You could also shave your head and just let your beard grow and they can test that.

    I read somewhere amphetamines and coke move up the hair and heroin stays at the base and weed stays where it at. I would like this article to elaborate on that, if its true or not. This article is full of holes and miss information.

    • boky ben

      I’m glad that worked for you. Not everybody’s hair on their head grows a half inch a month. I tried the same thing. They said my hair was too short to test. They said they couldn’t test my beard so they shaved tiny hairs off my legs that could be years old.

  • Zoë Lkjsdhf

    No its would not. It takes 14 days for the hair to grow above the root.


    @Jared I took ecstasy a couple days ago, for the first time, and I’m at risk of a hair test, I’ve never used the drug before, what’s the likelihood I’ll fail the test? I have about 2 weeks before the test, and Ive been exercising intensively. Will I fail? I’m pretty worried.

  • Angel

    Would like to know I took a couple of drags of meth 5 hits would that show haven’t done in 9 months haven’t done again since

  • Alex

    Jared,I just took a hair drug test last week. I did some cocaine 13 months ago at the party and then I smoked one time 105 days ago ( I didn’t know I was smoking, as my friends put some weed in the hookah) so I probably did two hits. Will I pass the test? Otherwise I don’t do anything now and have stayed clean for the past 13 months except those two cases.
    Also I have headaches a lot and usually take Advil or ibuprofen , can they cause me to fail the test? I didn’t let the lab know that I take it as I thought it wasn’t important ( over the counter pill, really didn’t think it could cause any problem)

  • robert

    I’ve been clean for 4 months about a week ago I took one small hit of meth barely blew anything out I have a hair test sometime this week will I pass

  • Josh

    Hi i did a lil cocaine 3 nights ago and i have a hair test next week.ive only done it once. Do you think ill pass. My hair is always cut very short

  • Ryan Ulbin

    Jared i took a hair follicle test and the tech failed to cut the hair which was 5 inches down to an inch and a half and when he sent it he did not differentiate between the base and then ends. Can this effect the results and do you think I should retest somewhere else?

  • Guest_92

    About a month ago, I smoked twice. June 5th and June 7th. I haven’t smoked for a while before (before the new year). I might have taken 5-6 hits. Would it show up?

  • Amber McCarty

    Jared my husband and I go to a methadone clinic. We both had to take a hair follicle test. My husband goes through withdraws so I give him some of mine almost everyday. Can they detect that he takes more than the 130 MG he’s perscribed a day and that I take less

  • Tony Muhammad

    Question to the group – Has anyone or do you know anyone who was not provided (on demand to employer) hair sample drug; testing procedure utilized, cut-off limits, and made aware by MRO of consumer rights to request split sample (B) retesting to assure proper testing was conducted?

    I have found through available public information and scientific research studies that hair sample drug test present bias results depending on DNA pigments / melanin content in hair.

    Meaning the darker the hair (regardless of race) melanin presents significant challenges that are almost impossible to conduct fair and impartial results in hair sample drug testing. Also, drug molecules can and do enter the “hair and scalp” through “sweat” from others.

    Yes if your love partner uses drugs regardless if they attain by prescription or otherwise street purchases her / his sweat during love-making or simply joshing around if coming into contact with your hair or scalp can leave drug molecue particles that your hair will absorb.

    The U.S. government and private employers utilizing hair drug test no this fact, but will not inform the public of the associated biases with hair drug testing. Hair drug testing is a forensic science which requires almost perfect conditions, highly sterilized instruments, and tool calibrations. Whose to say the employer contracted lab, is performing testing under regulated standards?

    I have found there is no government oversight, regulations nor laws monitoring the hair sample drug testing industry.

    Yes, that is right! The public is left under the will and discretion of the employer when it comes to hair sample drug testing in our job market.

    Ask yourself, if it was not for government regulations and oversight in America’s job market the working public would treated like paid slaves by most large companies / employers.

    Anyone having issues with employer-mandated hair drug test that came back positive and you have no clue how the substance entered your hair should be aware of this scientifically found biases in hair drug testing.

    For further information on the biases associated with hair drug testing read…Analytical and Practical Aspects of Drug Testing in Hair edited by Pascal Kintz

    There is no help for the public when contesting positive results in hair drug testing. If you opt out of employer’s hair drug testing there goes your job or the hope of being hired.

    • boky ben

      So true and so unjust. Quest diagnostics acknowledges that they do not have a hair test that completely eliminates the factors you mention, especially for blacks, and still they continue on ruining people’s lives with our govt consent

      • Tony Muhammad

        I filed a complaint with the ACLU about my complaints and findings. They have a 10 week waiting period before they give a response. I will keep you inform about the ACLU response to my inquiry / complaint.

  • LostDog

    I smoked fairly regularly until 7 months ago. Today I got called in for a random and they took a hair sample from my leg. Am I going to pass?

    • boky ben

      If that hair was older than 6 months you will probably fail

  • shawn

    I used herion for 3 months everyday I haven’t used in 3 weeks will it should up in my hair

    • boky ben

      Yes .

  • KELL

    I took 1 addreall over a two day period about a month and a half ago as well as a few perc’s I was sent in for a hair follicle today. Do you think that everything will show up?

  • honey

    So I haven’t smoke in 2 years and recently I started smoking in may I am black so my hair doesn’t grow very fast I just moved to California and never herd of doing a hair test in denver. I just got this job but before I can start I must pass the test. What can I do I really need this job to keep paying rent!

    • boky ben

      Use powdered hair bleach and a 40 developer. Wash with Paul Mitchell 3 clarifying shampoo and dye to desired color. Try to repeat this 3 times before the test but not more than once a week. Good luck and God bless

  • Steve

    No, only after 7 days

  • Guest 4

    I took 3 puffs off of a joint last summer and i puff off a joint on the 4th of July, if i get called for a hair drug test next week will it show up?

  • Vincent Dale Key

    Hey Jared. I used to smoke daily up until February. I’ve had half a blunt 2 months ago and have a hair test soon. Not exactly sure when, but anything you suggest to help me pass? I really need this job

    • boky ben

      Bleach your hair with a 40 developer. Wash with Paul Mitchel 3 clarifying shampoo. Dye to present color. Try to repeat at least 3x before the test . No more than once a week

      • Vincent Dale Key

        I have no hair on my head or face except my beard, which I grew out after that and then trimmed it down. Cut off the parts that had thc in it. I have 8 more days until the 90 day mark I have been clean. Think my body/leg hair will be clean after the 90 days?

  • jordan

    Hey Jared I smoked weed bout 3 weeks ago but only took 4 or 5 hits and I just got a job offer and they want to do a hair drug test. I have not smoked it for bout two year before that. Do you think I would fail or pass

  • Tatiana Delacruz

    I only smoked on the 16th of july. That was the only time i did it. I have a drug test on wednesday, do you think i have a chance of passing?

  • cammy

    Hey Jared . I used to smoke marijuana all the time . I quite about a year ago. I smoked twice once in may and once in the begging of June . I took a total of like 4-6 hits . I took a hair test today (July 29) what are my chances of passing ?

  • Worried

    Ive been clean for over a month and have passed 3 test (urine) . Now, they want a hair test, i know it will fail based on what ive read here. Methamphetimine, weed is what I was using back a month ago. How long does that reflect and how is this going to hurt me when tested.

  • Destry Taylor

    ok it is aug. 3 2015. I took 3 hits on memorial day weekend on Sunday and 3 on monday morning will it show up 2 1/2 months later on a hair follicle test. super panic.

    • boky ben

      Weed is so strong and limits on hair tests so low its possible it could

  • Guest

    I haven’t smoked in a year I have read and re read but I just got to ask. If I haven’t smoked in a year will it show up in my hair drug test especially since I only smoked one time?

    • boky ben

      If the hair they test is over a year old drugs may be found

      • Guest

        My hair has grown 6 inches since then so I’m good. They only test and inch and a half

        • boky ben

          Nice. My hair wasnt long enough , they said, so they shaved my legs hair, which was even shorter . Ouch!

          • Guest

            Yeah my hair is long but I cut my hair every 6 months to keep it at a distant length.

          • boky ben

            Thats great . You should be good. My hair was about an inch and they said it was too short to test . My beard was longer but they said they couldnt use it . So they shaved 1/4 inch hairs off my legs . I couldnt believe it . So my job is probably gone

          • Guest

            Oh man that’s crazy I’m surprised they didn’t take your beard hair. How long has it been for you?

          • boky ben

            I guess they can do it however they want. There are really no guidelines. I have been clean almost 4 months. Just hope i shaved my legs well enough a couple months ago lol . I could really use that 3$ raise and dont want to be looking for work any time soon

  • Michelle

    I took a 10mg of norco 5 days prior to hair follicle test and it was first time I had taken anything in a year, so will I pass or fail

  • Guest22

    I smoked pot for about 3 years almost everyday. I quit smoking about two months ago. I have a hair drug test coming up on Monday. Are the chances that I’m failing?

  • Guest22

    I smoked pot for about 3 years almost everyday. I quit smoking about two months ago. I have a hair drug test coming up on Monday. Are the chances that I’m failing?

    • boky ben

      If the hair they test is older than a month and a half you will probably fail

  • Rusty

    I took one hit of marijuana on April 15, 2015
    And one small line of coke on May 28th will I pass a hair test on August 14th? It’s been three years since I used

  • Andrea Smith

    Jared, I have a friend that has been clean for over 8 years but last week end relapsed at a party with meth, cocaine, and a 15mg morphine pill. It was a couple pieces of meth and one line of coke. No use since but she is afraid she could be given a hair follical. Will she fail?

  • Anon

    I drunk not even a full bottle of a mixed drink that’s only had 5% alcohol in it will it show up in my hair I had no affect to the drink also. This was my first and last time ever drinking.

  • Frankie Lipariti

    I recently took a hair test that supposedly goes back 3 to 4 months. I have been clean of any and everything for over four months now. But, the hair on my head was too short so they shaved hair from my leg. Does this give me a reason to fail??? Thank you

    • boky ben

      Yes. The hair from your legs is probably years old and will show years of drug use. There is no such thing as a 90 day hair test

  • User 21

    I have question I need answered ASAP I took about 10 5mg hydrocodone pills about a month ago and maybe 2 or 3 the month before that but that’s all I had a perception but it expired 7/11/15 and I did take them 10 tabs before that expiration date I have a hair test in a few days will that make me fail the test? I haven’t took not even one in a whole month Maybe 13 tabs total in the past 3 months

  • John

    I have a hair drug screen coming up tomorrow. They said that Afrin nasal spray will show up as a positive. Is this true? Also I took Effexor about 75 days ago, will this show up? Also do they test for steroids? Thanks.

  • msmusic

    Jared, I have a question I’m by no means a regular weed smoker I hardly ever do it. I have smoked twice in the past 2 months. Once at the beginning of July I took 2 hits. Then, 2 weeks ago I did shotgun with my boyfriend which was 4 puffs. My question is I have a hair test on September 14th or 15th do you think I will pass it? That’s the only weed I’ve smoked within the past 90 days. Was wondering what you thought.

  • Melissa

    Hey Jared
    I have question regarding detection of marijuana in hair focilce testing, my bf has kept his hair shaved on his head always and had been a chronic user until June 3rd of this year. What are his chances of detection with body hair or if he lets his hair on his head grow back out. Thx in advance for your help!

    • boky ben

      His arm and leg hair is probably years old and he will probably fail

  • caseh

    hi! ok so from june-now i’ve only smoked about 8 times but i’ve never gotten high from it except for one time a month ago when i took an edible after smoking my second time…will it show up on a drug hair test?

    • Jess

      Did it

  • ss

    I smoked 75 days ago one hit and now am having a hair test Monday 2015 will it show up

  • dmijell

    Hi Jared, i was clean for 3 months and i smoked weed three times two weeks ago will I pass a drug test

    • dmijell

      If I never smoked again will it show up

  • luis

    I need some help.. I used to be a heavy weed smoker but quit on December of 2014 I smoked a blunt on March 21 2015 n I think I took a little puff on mixed with spice n a little weed on June 14 2015 and I have a hair follicle test in a hr for my job.. I’m bald so I know they will use body hair but will they only review for the 90 days and if not what are my chances in passing if it is or isn’t im a bit nervous

  • Autumn Klips

    I smoked on July 4th, I only took maybe 4-5 hits of a blunt. I have a hair test tomorrow, for a job I’m really hoping forc will I pass?

  • Lauren

    I smoked maybe 4 to 5 short puffs of weed didn’t hold it long at all and it was only a buzz for like 5 to 10 minutes it was almost 4 weeks ago and I had a hair drug test today would it show up in the test they didn’t take straight near the root about a half inch away will I fail the drug test? And that was the only time I’ve done it.?

  • Lp

    Im just confused by everything that has happened to me…i absolutely dont even use drugs and twice for 2 different drug tests i was positive. I lost my job for having a positive drug test after a urine test. I had a family member move in and she used, I walked directly into the smoke of it n boom positive test for me. I was using perscription meds at the time also, flexiril and ibuprofens.So now I was in the process of looking for another job and my hair follicle came back positive for cocaine and heroin. Im not understanding at all…i took a corner of an ecstasy pill last November and a corner of a xanax on my 1st flight in June…could tjis be whyy? I need help understanding

    • Tony Muhammad

      Honestly and just pointing out – you admit you used prior to taking mention drug test. In spite of the relative small amounts found in your system drug test are designed to detect drugs, but the industry reads the findings as suspect substance abuse which in your case it appears you are not. I experienced similar circumstance and event seeking gainful employment.

      I have surmised thru personal research into hair drug testing within our workforce / industry and by filing numerous complaints with federal and state agencies for input about fair disclosure and recourse against employers rejecting the bias evidence presence in hair drug testing.

      If you can not produce evidence of a doctor prescribing the substance detected the industry mandates failure and labels you a substance abuser or drug addict.

      What the employment drug test industry does not consider is second-hand exposure! As a matter of fact, the employment industry widely has falsified or do not report scientific evidence showing second-hand exposure to drugs is highly evident in our society base on an individual’s genetic make-up and environment to second-hand exposures.

      Example, genetically speaking – individuals with higher “melanin” count magnify drugs in the system and affects drugs to stay longer or increases duration’s in the system. High melanin people will absorb second-hand exposure to drugs greater than people with less melanin in the skin.

      The employment industry ignores the factor of “second-hand exposure” when employee’s or new job applicants willingness to submit to drug tests but when positive results occur employee’s / job applicants such as yourself and I are bewildered and shock when positive results are returned.

      Causes of second-hand exposure to drugs and how they enter one’s system: Transfer of bodily fluids from drug user to non-drug user. How – kissing, any manner of body sweat exchange, oral sex, non-drug user inhaling second-hand fumes from pot smoke, crack, meth, etc.

      Melanin magnifies absorption or allows a wide pathway for second-hand drugs to enter the system of non-users.

      Melanin people are at higher risks of failing drug test. And don’t be fooled just because your skin is white you don’t have melanin in your skin. the darker the hair the higher the melanin in the body regardless of race and ethnicity.

      The employment industry in our society is covering up these scientific findings, and or not equating other environmental factors such as cities water supplies found to have high contents of prescription drugs – drug test labs equipment not meeting regulated mandates; failed inspections such as – calibrations and adulterated specimens found on tools due to improper sanitation procedures not follow by lab technicians.

      America’s common people / workers do not realize “hair follicle” drug test are not regulated by States and the Federal Gov’t. In other words “Big Brother,” is not watching Big Corporation’s / Companies that mandate “hair follicle drug test even government employer’s accepts hair drug test biases and unregulated practice in our society.

      If I do not make sense here nor does the acceptance of a biased procedure that eliminates many hard workers in our society from gaining employment to attain the necessities of living legitly.

      • Lp

        No i never said i used…because i never have…i said a family member moved in that used and i was exposed to that and I was saying that I was on perscriptions for an injury…this is just crazy

        • Tony Muhammad

          Sorry for the misinterpretations…but the fact you have a prescription for mention prescribe drugs, but hair test “supposedly” reveals other illicit drug substances supports my premise that broad biases exist in hair drug testing.

          I am truly sorry you are in this predicament. I personally know how you feel.

          • Lp

            Thank u very much for the input…I hope mine and ur life gets better. Im just gonna try and stay away from n e one that does drugs, which is pretty hard nowadays

  • Michelle

    I had not smoked cigarettes from January to end of June, both before and after I only smoked a pack a week to a week and a half. Haven’t had a cigarette since July 4. Will be having a hair test in 2 weeks for a new job. What are the odds of it coming back negative towards me?

  • Chris

    Hey jared. I got two questions well i got out of prison on march 16 i served almost a year. used cocain and marijuana i probly smoked 3 grams on May the 18 its ben almost 3months sincs ive used anything. I get a haircit every 2 weeks since ive used. You think if i get popped with a hair test ill pass it???

  • quest a

    hey I have a question I have done coke on a day to day basic. I got a call for a job and I have stop for bout a month are less. I get hair cuts every two weeks. I don’t know when I will do my drug test. is there any chance that I will pass due to the fact I keep hair cut? I’m a girl by the way so all body parts stay shaved.

  • Kori

    My boyfriend smoked weed about 3 weeks ago. It was his first time, and he took maybe 3 hits. He’ll be taking the hair follicle test next week. His hair grows fast, and he recently got a hair cut. I smoke it for depression, and he was just curious. I’d feel horrible if he fails. How likely is it for him to fail the test?

  • Stevob

    So I got shit faced about 25 days ago and did a few lines I’ve got a hair test tomorrow I’ve cut my hair short and used detox. Do I stand a chance. Dumb mistake been drug free for 7 years just my luck I guess

  • Lady Issis

    I have to be tested, because of a divorce, I bleach my hair what will this do to the test

  • ፍቅር ያሸንፋል

    I smoked weed for 3 weeks like 3months ago and once a month ago. And I need an expert to help me understand If I take a hair drug test now, will it show up on the test? Please help. I am frustrated I really want this job but I am afraid to apply for it.

  • Sean

    I have to take a Hair Follicle test. I have dreadlocks (my entire hair is dreaded) and they’re apart of my culture. Cutting off a patch of my dreads simply will not work for me. Can I refuse to give up the hair on my head and submit hair from other places such as armpits, chest? I know they can take from other places. My main question is..Can I refuse (keyword) the my dreaded hair on my head?

  • Kim

    I smoked a few joints on June 7 and I have a hair drug test on sept 8 and the last time I smoked before that was the end of jan will I pass

  • Susie

    So I smoked weed pretty regularly for the last few years. Stopped completely a little over a month ago. I have since shaved my arms n legs and also dyed my hair twice in the last 3 months (once after completely stopping use). I also have weave braids in my hair currently so I don’t think they’ll take the hair from my scalp. I have a hair test tomorrow. What are the chances I fail?

  • chuck

    Chuck jared i took 2 bumps of coke in July and 4bumps in august Im going to take a hair test at the end of September Wat is the chances of me passing. Small key bumps. One other thing will it register as coke or just that i got high. Cuz i have a scrip for cloneozapam and codine

  • sara

    I used 1 30 mg Roxycodone and a methodome 5mg 33 days ago first time use. Will it show in a 90 day hair follice test 33 days later.

  • Hey

    I have smoked weed a total of like 4 times in the last 3 months and each time it was only like 3-4 hits. The last times was about 3 wks ago. I have a hair follicle tomorrow. What are my chances of passing????

  • Stuart Grazier

    If someone has a follicle test coming up and he missed a shot of ice (that was the last time he used )how long should he wait to completely shave to be sure he’s clean

  • Guest

    My story…accepted a job offer, was sent a psychemedics hair test kit. Around 49 days prior to giving my sample I had smoked a one-hitter on 2 separate days. Probably had about 4 solid hits total. Enough to feel it. Took 2 piss tests from CVS 30-ish days after smoking they were both negative.

    Hair Tested negative I started the job today.

    I am 6’4″ 190# high metabolism. Very clean diet no alcohol. I don’t work out a lot. I feel all the info Jared had provided here is great. Put my mind at ease before the test. Thanks!

  • sara

    hey Jared if you take weekly drug screen (Urine) at a lab being watch and temp is checked. results are negative every week ecept for your 1 scripted.. Then your last 1 is abnormal but still show medication you are on then you are ordered by court to take a hair follice. What are the chances of showing anything else? And once you get negative results can you su the state?

  • China

    Jared if I took 1-2 xanex about one and half months ago will it show up in my hair follicles

  • Dean

    Lets say yesterday i tried weed how long will it be in my urine

  • Gunslinger840

    I smoked weed 3 months ago.. Then smoked a month later.. Then another month and a half smoked some more weed and did some coke. Will it possibly show up in a hair or body hair test, Jared? Thanks.

  • Gunslinger840


  • Amanda

    Just curious my husbands hair follicle tested positive for thc an he does not smoke at all. He has been around others who do smoke but from what i have read on here it shouldnt have been positive at all. What could have caused this

  • S. A.

    I haven’t smoked weed in 3 yrs, but I’d like to smoke on weekends, is it possible to pass the random hair test with weekend use?

  • Daniel87

    If i sniffed just a tiny bit of cocaine last month n took a hair test today, would it show up?

    • FL

      Hi Daniel did you pass?


    I smoked crack a month ago 8/15/15 my test is 10/15/15 I only took 2 hits will it show up I keep a fresh fade


    Hey Jared I smoked two hits of crack and my hair cut is every two weeks my hair test Wil be exactly 2 months after I did that stupid suit do I have a chance?

  • Matt Byron

    Everything I have read says they can’t really determine by body hair cause it grows slower so how can they really use body hair to determine a 90 day hair test

  • Guest

    Hey Jared,
    I had a few puffs of a joint about a month ago and have not smoked since. Prior to those puffs the last time I used was around 4 months. As you can see I am not an habitual users. Do you think I would fail a hair test?

    • Foodtruck

      Did you take a hair follicle test? Did you pass?

  • John Definitelydifferent Joy

    I’ve been clean for 7 months or so and had a hiar test to night at work for a near miss will I pass it you think?

  • John Definitelydifferent Joy

    Been clean for 7 months or so just had a test done would you say I’d pass it

  • Talldrink

    Jared, Hi I smoked only one hit of weed three times over a 8 day period, last time being 3 weeks ago, and took only one Valium 5 weeks ago. I had a prescription for benzo xanox but was 2yr n half old so not sure since is a benzo if can use it being so old or not. I passed the urine test but I’m lil worried about hair strand. It states drug abuse, I don’t consider that abuse since is only time in 90 days but still lil worried. What is your opinion? Thank you so much!!!

    • Foodtruck

      How did your follicle test go?

  • Talldrink

    It doesn’t matter if u was awake. The hospital has record of giving it. Just call and get date and phy name to give them. If u don’t yes u will fale it

  • Talldrink

    What? He said many times u must INJEZT to show in folicals lol

    • Talldrink

      Ingest lol sorry

  • Talldrink

    How did it go?

  • Talldrink

    I wish they would realize noone dies from pot, but in most states us still illegal, so we who smoke are ripped from our children still. Sad but true

  • Lee

    Hi Jared… about a month a go, i drank with some friends and they introduced cocain to me.. im not a user, but i did like 2 or 3 little hits’ like the tip of a key’ very little and they told me that it was weak’ cause it had alot of cut… which i dont know what they ment” i am worried because im just getting hired on a very important job and im required to do a hair follicle test with DISA… they tell me not to take it cause it will stay on record and i will never get hired if im on the blacklist’ do you think i would be ok or should i not take the job and wait till it clears my hair… ?

  • justin

    If I quit smoking weed 2 months ago and just failed a urine test I gave myself is my hair still growing dirty as well gotta take a hair follicle test in a month or so

  • Todd Adcox

    I smoked a small Roach, I didn’t get high but showed on a urine drug screen. I recently took a hair follicle test will thc show? I’m not a smoker I messed up found a small Roach and smoked it. My concern is the hair follicle test any guidance

  • Todd Adcox

    I smoked a very small blunt Roach tested positive on urine, its been 7;10 days and I had a hair follicle yesterday. Will thc show in the hair follicle? Much help thank you

  • Nicole Marwood

    If I smoked meth last week how long will it take to be in my follicles I have a test this week

  • Mary

    I smoked weed on and off for the past year. But I also popped pain pills two weeks ago I had surgery. Since then I have not smoked anymore weed. I’m done with it. But I was on pain meds from my surgery and precribed antianxiety meds. Will the test mistake the weed for pain meds? Is there a pods of me passing? I really need this job. That’s why I’m trying to clean up my act.

  • George

    I spoke a couple hits every few days. Prior to a few months ago I was a heavy smoker about and eight a week. If I stop 30 days before the test, will I pass?

  • Kristin Nash

    I do not do any street drug but take a lot medication given by my doctors and my hair drug test came back positive for cocaine is it something I’m taking

  • just asking

    if my girlfriend used a relaxer, or chemically permed her hair would she still pop on a hair test?

  • xochitl

    i smoked twice in like july, and once a little over 2 weeks ago. i took about four puffs before i stopped because i realized i had a drug test coming up. I have a fast metabolism and exercise a lot. Should I pass?

  • Ashley

    Will bleaching your hair several times remove the metabolites?

  • Guest please

    I last used methamphetamine on 12/01/08 and had a drug test last wk in which they took hair from my lower leg, it came back positive, but just barely over the reportable threshhold. How is that possible? I had surgery 3 months ago, is there anything that could have caused that? Yes the date of last use is correct.

  • Matt

    I took a Vicodin for shoulder pain about 98 days ago. One pill, one time. Had a hair test today. Is it possible it will show?



  • larry

    if i smoke once a 6aould i pasz a hair test if they the hair off my chest

  • bp

    Smoked maybe 2-3 the past 2 months. did a little bit of coke too. got a hair test november 7. you think it will be out of my hair by then or no?

  • Sober 1

    Hey Jared,
    I have a hair test in about 30 days but i cut my hair bald like 8 days after last use of an aderal and i had smoked a couple times in the past 2 months . I found out i was getting a hair test from a possible employer i have not taken anything since oct 5th and i cut my hair on the 14th now my test is on the 15th of nov? I should have an inch and a half for the test for sure what do you think my chances are?

  • Alex Saddic

    Okay, probably freaking out for no reason, but still nervous. Hubby has a hair follicle test later today for a trucking company. He was never a big weed smoker, but he took two hits on Labor Day. That was his first time using in over 2 years. I keep seeing that it won’t show up, and I really hope that’s the case. Also, how long does a standard hair follicle test take for the results to come back?

    • Foodtruck

      How did his test end up?

    • Mike T

      will how did the test go?

  • Robbie Williams

    I used less than a line of cocaine in the beginning of August and have to take hair folicle yes on the first. Of November ..Do you think that will show up..

    • FL

      Hi Robbie, did you pass?

  • Carl Scott

    I have never ever used heroin in my life and had a positive hair test. What can cause this and how.

    • Tony Muhammad

      Second-hand exposure obviously Carl Scott, but the American Gov’t and the American workforce overseers pushing the hair drug test practice in the workforce ignore the detection and evidence (e.g. your case with thousand more like you) high “second-hand exposure rates” that are being detected in workers / employees / job applicants in this society.

      Other Nations scientist such as Japan has provided empirical research studies about second-hand drug exposure in societies with high rates of prescription users coupled with high rates of illicit users – presents a major flaw in using hair drug test to detect drugs in the human body. Especially when detection is assumed a sign of substance abuse.

      So let me guess when you was given notice of your failed hair drug test. You were not offered the job, and the employer gave you notice of a substance abuse phone number to call.

      • Carl Scott

        The drug test was for child protection services. My baby mom uses heroin. I do not never have. But somehow I have it in my system. CPS took my child from me due to this positive test for something I never have done.

  • Matthew

    I did a gram of meth one night 6 weeks ago. I have been clean since then and was clean for 3 months before that. Will that one time use show up on a hair follicle test if I go test in a few days? Please someone give a straight answer

  • badguy

    What if I used cocaine October 9 and I have a test in 2 days will I be okay

  • Jess

    So what happened

  • Numunee

    Hey Jared. I am receiving an offer from a company shortly and have been sober for 71 days. I had smoked crack for two nights within a 13 day drinking binge before this 71 day period of sobriety. I will receive a hair test in the next two weeks. What do you suggest or think the outcome will be. I smoked about 20 ten dollar rocks. Maybe 40 hits

  • Brayden

    I have smoked a handful of times over the past few months . I have a hair test Monday. What do you think?

  • Lol

    What about cocaine.? My husband came back positive for cocaine. His hair was only about .5″ to an inch. He has never done cocaine though. His drug is marijuana….

  • Crod

    I did cocaine in January of 2015 and I just took a hair test October 20,2015 and have cut my hair about 9 times in that period. Will I pass a hair follicle test?

  • Theman

    Hey i used meth a few times like 5-6 months ago and i just had to give a hair drug test today. They took the hair from my leg…what are my chances of failing?

  • lollipoppuppet

    You mentioned the police might test the ends of your hair because they can. So my question is: do you know if they test the ends when you’re applying for a job with a police department, or just when they arrest you? Because I wanna be a cop but it’s gonna be a long ass time before my hair grows out completely since I’m a girl.

  • Paul Mignani

    If i bleach my hair and been clean 2 months of cocaine will i pass hair test

    • FL

      did you pass paul and how long back was the test for?

  • WorriedAsHell

    So, I haven’t smoked weed since I was a teenager (20+ years ago). 7 days ago a freind brought some 10mg gummies from CO. I wanted to try them before offering to my great aunt (she is in last stages of cancer). I took two, and it was waaaay too much. The next day I took one. So a total of 30 mg in two days. I just found out I have to take a hair test within the next couple of days. Do you think this will be detected?

  • Jon

    I last smoked june 18th of this year i had a drink w molly n it 2 weeks ago i have a hair follicle test on nov 20th will i pass the test

  • Foodtruck

    So the last time I smoked an entire bowl by myself was on August 25th and I had court two weeks later, September 15th i was stressed and took one hit and didn’t smoke more than that. On September 16th I was ordered to take a 90 day hair follicle test on December 1st. That means I’ll have 77 days without smoking but I’m worried that hit will make me fail my follicle test. I was talking to my council and I’m going to try to ask to extend the test for the 15th but I’m not sure how that will pass. Has anyone ever been in this pickle? Am I seriously screwed here? I really didn’t expect to be ordered a test when I took that hit, had I known I wouldn’t have smoked. I’ve read on forums that I’ll most likely pass as I’m active, high metabolism, and I drink roughly 32-64 Oz of water daily. I hope to get some insight into this matter and please be brutally honest.

  • Justin Skeen

    If I take one hit of weed once a week three weeks in a row would I fail a hair test?

    • Mel


  • Drug Testing Fairness

    If you drug test one, you drug test all. All managers, supervisors, CFOs, vice presidents, owners, and stock holders should be subject to all drug testing as well.

  • Taylor

    I took 30 mg of Vyvanse two days ago and I may have a hair drug test coming up in a month. This is my first time taking this drug. My question is will the 30mg of Vyvanse show in the hair test ESPECIALLY since it won’t be a 90 day period.

  • Nana Veryblessed Lockett

    Hi just wanted to know I just had a baby on 9 14 of this year and I started smoking again not as much but almost every day.. how far back will.the test go and will the hair test show how much I use..

  • disqus_bOQb9pF3SI

    I did cocaine one time 7 weeks ago. Less than or equal to a gram. I took the test this week. Will it show up??!!!!

  • Wtf

    I’m a 35 year old male average height average build. I don’t smoke cigarettes I don’t drink alcohol and I smoked weed in high school and meth after I was 22. I used meth almost everyday for about 10 years as if it was coffee. Once in the morning after breakfast and sometimes once or twice during the middle of the day. I did it both smoking and injecting. I slept every night accept for Friday night I would party. I ate 3 meals a day and for the most part nobody knew I even did meth. Like I said I used as if it was my coffee very strong coffee. About 2 years ago I quit cold turkey. Right after I quit I was curious about how a hair test worked so I paid for one myself and when the results came back they were off the chart. A positive result for meth at 10,257 picograms. So now 2 years later, I go to get a job as a commercial driver and they wanted a hair drug test. Since I’m bald they took body hair. I wasn’t worried at all, like I said I’ve been clean for 2 years. I got the results back and they were positive for meth. It said I still had 200 picograms in the hair sample. How could I still have it in my hair it’s been 2 years. I was blown away and very upset. Needless to say I didn’t get the job.

  • bill

    Hey I smoked some weed 2 months ago and 3 weeks ago I did some cocaine but haven’t done anything since, will I pass my hair drug test if I take it in the next 5 days?

    • Mike T

      you pass?

  • luis

    Hey jared i have been clean for 3 months. But i had leg hair taken from me. I havent shaved my hair at all but i did smoke weed 3 months ago just a weekend thing but not every weekend do youbthink ill be ok

  • jtm0ney

    Took urine test failed as opiate haven’t done anything close to three month but I did do subutex a week ago I think that’s why I failed now if I take hair test in a couple of weeks will I fail

  • jtm0ney

    Jared this job I want well I found out its a 9 panel urine and 5 panel expanded opioid test I’ve been doing subutex and suboxen nothing else the subutex scares me the most o was told it shows up as an opioid please get back at me I really want this job

  • joe

    If someone had done three smaller lines of coke one night about a month ago, would it show up on a hair test?

  • Fyre Critchfield

    Will bleaching or any other chemical get it out? What about something that masks it, even temporarily? I have been a daily marijuana user for twenty years and am quitting as of now. But I have really long hair that I do not wish to cut and possible hair follicle test in a month. Anything??

  • so stupid

    Jared I was stupid and was at a party and hit meth that was about a month ago and took few nerve pills I smoke weed daily wat all would show up in hair test? And if I done toxic drink would it show up in a lab?

  • Default Dan

    When does the 90 days of clean hair start? After the last smoke or after your system is clean?

    In October I smoked 3/8 oz of weed (before that it was 10+months clean). Last day was Oct 24th. I knew I had a drug test In mid January to early February for a job opening and I would be clean for a urine test by December if something else came up. I have work through then so I wasn’t worried about another opportunity before then. The company that is testing me in January/Feb literally JUST changed their policy to hair follicle. My hair grows >1″/month so I’m not worried about length if I were to cut it now, but If I cut my hair now in Mid November, will it be clean Mid January? Or does the 90 days start after having a totally clean system (like October 24th+30 days for worst case scenario)? The extra 2 weeks could make a difference in that case if the test ends up being mid November.

  • Thurman Simmons

    I’ve smoked weed once in awhile in the past year ,then stayed completely clean for 5 months ,bet I took 4 hits off a joint 2 weeks ago , now I have to do a hair follicle test in a couple of days. Will I pass ?

    • Mike T

      well did you pass?

  • Sandra Barnes

    Hi there my son has to have a hair follicle test. He has to have his prescribed meds shoe up but nothing else…is there someway to do this

  • Worried parent

    I took a hair follicle test and the results were positive for cocaine in a high amount. I haven’t used over 90 days now.

  • Eliza

    I took three puffs of weed three times in the last three month, no more. Will that likely show up in my hair folicle test?

    • Mike T

      hi did you pass??

  • Smith

    Jared, what if i smoked just three or 4 times within the last three months and each time no more than 4 small hits? Had to take a hair follicle test yesterday and last time smoked was one week before. Should i be worried??

  • Robyn Hines

    my son gave my 1 year old grandson a hair follicle…and it was positive for meth…the test said his level was extremely high at 3,000pg/mg….how much meth is that for a 1 year old…because i think my son gave it to him????

  • Mel

    I smoked weed beginning of November I’d say maybe three times and now I have to take a hair test tomorrow. Will I pass? Does the vinegar trick work?

    • Mike T

      did you pass the test?

  • Bill

    Hey there Jared , i got clean from meth december 4th 2013 , ended up relapsing january 2015 and only used .2grams which is not much, been about 10 months now and i have a hair follicle test coming up at the end of november my head hair is short maybe half inch to an inch so it may be to short to test my beard is a tad bit longer so they are most likely going to take from my arm pit, and it has not been shaved since i used that one time, is it possible i will pass ?

  • Elisha Gladden

    Hi. I had a lab test come back positive for bupenephrin but I never took anything at all. Now I’m desperate to prove that. Is there a hair follicle test for that ?

  • Foodtruck

    So the last time I smoked an entire bowl by myself was on August 25th and I had court two weeks later, September 15th i was stressed and took one hit and didn’t smoke more than that. On September 16th I was ordered to take a 90 day hair follicle test on December 1st. That means I’ll have 77 days without smoking but I’m worried that hit will make me fail my follicle test. I was talking to my council and I’m going to try to ask to extend the test for the 15th but I’m not sure how that will pass. Has anyone ever been in this pickle? Am I seriously screwed here? I really didn’t expect to be ordered a test when I took that hit, had I known I wouldn’t have smoked. I’ve read on forums that I’ll most likely pass as I’m active, high metabolism, and I drink roughly 32-64 Oz of water daily. I hope to get some insight into this matter and please be brutally honest.

  • Kezrock

    I took a home test, sent it in and it said I tested at .22 for THC metabolite. How long so I have to wait for that level to decrease? I only smoked once around the beginning of October and hit it three times. I was shocked it showed up! I am not a regular smoker at all. I have a VERY important test coming up within a week or so. The hair was cut on 11/16 and my test will probably be around 12/1 to 12/10…

    • Mike T

      usually the threshold is .50 or higher with .22 you should have passed the hair test. did you pass?

  • Rile

    Hey so i smoked 3 times in november and have to take a hair follicle drug test for a job interview in either february or march, will i pass or should i just come clean and tell them i smoked about 3 months ago?

  • Rile

    Hey so i smoked 3 times in november and have to take a hair follicle drug test for a job interview in either february or march, will i pass or should i just come clean and tell them i smoked about 3 months ago?

  • luke

    Hi I took some speed and cocain about two months ago will this show

  • Maurice Osborne

    Hey Jared,

    I used to smoke weed regularly, but it’s been 4 months since I have. I’ve never been a regular user of percocet, but a did take a couple about 2 months ago. I’m looking to get a new job and I’m expecting to take a hair follicle test sometime over the next month. Should I be concerned??? Thanks for your help.

  • Emjmc

    Does colouring your hair remove drug evidence?

  • princesslady

    I have been on a drug sweat patch for several months. I keep having dirty ones just random for meth. Although meth was my drug of choice i have been clean 10 months. Does anyone know anout these patches

  • Joe

    I was roofied at the bar and did some stupid stuff and now might lose my job if I can’t prove it. I took a urine test after I was released from jail 2 days later but nothing showed up. The doctor told me not to bother because that stuff is in and out of your system in 6 to 12 hrs. Now I want to take a hair and nail test but I was told it’s a 50/50 shot it’ll show up. I have never done any other drug before, so I want to know if it’s possible it’ll show up.

  • Cat

    You do not have to ingest the drug for a false positive. A federal court judge in Illinois actually deemed hair tests not admissable due tovthr high rate of error. Too many police officers were loosingvtheir jobs after their random hair tests. The judge came to the decision that smoke from drugs, even in apartments where duct work can blow air into the next apartment, and that the most officers testing positive were those that burned and disposed if drugs and even suggested that the hair cleansing process itself can cause a positive result…just sayin’

    • Tony Muhammad

      Hair drug test are more bias than a fox defending a fox on trial for t raiding a hen house.

      • gmoneyy

        What about other drugs such as coke, pain killers, heroin?? Please help me lol

    • gmoneyy

      What about other drugs such as coke, pain killers, heroin?? Please help

  • ak47637

    After heavy meth use, I have been clean for four months with one slip up two months ago which was just a couple hits…my hair is about an inch long and they took a hair follicle to test…will I fail the test?

  • Lameka

    Hey Jared I smoked at the beginning of September I have a drug test in January will I pass the test or will I need to wait a little longer be for I take the drug test

  • David56

    I used cocaine once in the past three months and have a hair test for drugs am I going to fail ?

    • FL

      Did you pass David?

  • ashley

    ok so im on probatiion i took a half ecstacy pill,one time october22nd and just,found out i have hair,follicil,january 8th will i fail? or what should i do i dont wanna go to jaol,ima mom

  • peaceseeker

    Okay so I don’t know the exact date of my test but its going to be sometime in January. I did like 4 lines of coke on halloween and I took 4 hits of weed 3 wks ago and then one or two hits every day that week. I haven’t done anything since and I won’t cuz the test is for court and very important. Am I going to pass it?

  • Toni bolgna

    Will my seizure and arthritis medications mess up my urine and hair test for pot

  • Dallas

    There is a certain trucking company that requests hair follicle tests, and they claim it tests as far back as a year and a half, would this be an accurate claim or a scare tactic? The last time I smoked was in April.

  • concerned parent

    Can the test give a distinction between opiates, such as Vicodin and fentanyl or does it just show up as opiate usage?

  • concerned parent

    I commented above however I saw the activities date are you still on her to answer questions?

  • Al Bolden

    out of the whole year, I probably smoked weed between 5-7 times. I have a drug test coming up late jan-early Fed;the last time I smoked was the beginning of this month, will I be good on passing or shouldI wait?

  • tif

    My husband and I haven’t used cocaine sine july 26th 2015 we were given a hair follicle test on november 13th 2015 our tests indicated cocaine but the courts say we must have used more recently since it was 111 days sober not 90 what do we do we don’t want to loose our child but we really havent used since then. Is it not possible for it to be detected in that time frame?

  • Dwight Hall

    I’ve been on probation for the last 3 months. I have a slow metabolism, am a bit heavier and was a heavy user before I quit smoking pot about 3.5 to 4 months ago. I have been a heavy user for about 15 years. I failed my first 2 ua’s and just passed my 3rd. My p.o. is saying it’s impossible to fail if you quit for 30 days regardless. I went for a hair follicle today. Will that help me out any in proving that I have quit???

  • Sierrah walton

    Hey my name is Sierrah . I smoked 2 days ago from today Dec 18 they did a hair drug test .I’m not a marijuana smoker . I just took a couple puffs. How does the test works

  • Sierrah walton

    I had smoked marijuana 2 days before my hair drug test.. very surprised.. I’m not smoker. Just took a couple puffs. Please tell me how the test work

  • Frank

    I’ve smoked marijuana buds (the pretty good shit) DAILY for 5 years. I am a male so I can cut my hair to 1.5 inches the day before the test. How many days would you say I need to refrain from marijuana use to test negative, is 120 days enough time do you think, what do you recommend?

  • Joe Schneider

    Hi, I’m going through a divorce, I’ve never had any drug charges. My wife’s attorney demanded a hair follicle test which I passed. What r the chances of them giving me another?

  • darrin williams

    I took a half of a ecstasy pill on November 28th an took a hair test on December 23rd what are my chances of passing

    • Bobby

      Me too im wondering the same thing

  • justaQ

    lets say you have not ingested drugs for over a month and you have cut your hair and shaved your body. Will the new hair growing in test positive.

  • Crazylady

    Over two years ago I used to be big into using cocaine and I haven’t used since I stopped. At the beginning of December I did a line and now I am.being hair tested sometime next month…will I fail?

  • Micah Sanders

    How long does it take drugs to get in your hair after ingesting them

  • Bjarne Hougaard

    If i took some, then shaved my head, and then took a bit more, where will it be. If i dont have any hair on the head, it will still have to store somewhere in te system, will it not? Will there just be bigger ammounts in the body hair or? And ladt, will i have to shave my entire body to get entirely rid of it?

  • Tony Muhammad

    Thats bull Jared. Secondhand exposure can and does.

  • Heather

    question! prescribed oxycodone beginning of December, prescription was for 6 days total of 280 mgs. i have to take hair follicle test in end February. That would put me at about 72 days since last dose. Is it possible that it will show on hair follicle test given it can detect up to 90 days? the cut off at the place i have gone for a hair follicle test before says 200 mgs. Given that it was a prescription for post surgery and was not abused….should i be worried or gather the proper paper work to show i had a prescription and for what.

  • mikev

    i took some gummy marijuana end of september. I have not taken anything since. I have a hair test next week. my hair is about 1.5 to 2 inches long and i get it cut every 3 weeks. i have had a hair cut approximately 6 times since i last ate the gummies

  • gmoneyy

    What about other drugs such as coke, pain killers, heroin??

  • Brianna Wilson

    My boyfriend had a hair follicle test and it said he failed for meth. He has never done meth in his life. Why could this be?

    • Tony Muhammad

      Secondhand exposure answers your question, but of course that is a myth according to this blog…

  • ashli

    My husband dosent smoke but i smoke around him he went to get a hair test done amd they took the hair from his arm he can back positive im trying to figure out if its possible for him to test positive because hes around me and is the hair frpm his arm a good test source or not?

    • Tony Muhammad

      Secondhand exposure but that is a myth right? The American work force is being taken advantage of by employer’s that employ “hair” drug test. Even though Federal employer’s utilize the test also to screen applicant’s and employee’s the test procedures are not government regulated similar to the urine urinalysis testing. Hair drug testing is grossly bias considering the fact secondhand exposure is eliminated as a possibility for worker’s that do not deliberately use / intake felony classified illegal substances.

  • Chris Dalton

    I have a question and
    would be very appreciative if anyone could help with my questions. It
    looks like I will have a hair test from Pharmatech within a day or two. I
    haven’t smoked in over 2 months, but it looks like 3 months is the typical detection
    that Pharmatech uses based on my research. The hair on my head is buzzed
    on the side and about three quarters of an inch on top. From what I have
    read, the dirty hair should hopefully be gone by now. I am going to use
    the Mac method just to play it safe if they are willing to cut samples from the
    top of my head. I have read that if your hair is less than 1.5 inches,
    they will take from the body with gives off longer detection times. I am
    not a hairy person at all and all my body hair is fine and less than half an
    inch. Will they still try to take the short hair? If so, it is so
    short it can’t be cut off with scissors. Would they use an electric
    clipper and would this hair even be long enough to test? I have not read
    anywhere in my hours of research that anyone has said anything about an
    electric razor being used. Any insight would be greatly appreciated and I
    will definitely post the results for all the help that you guys have taken the
    time to share with me.

    • Tony Muhammad

      Do you have hair an inch long or more elsewhere on your body (other than private area)? If so it is possible Pharmatech will remove hair from arms / armpit, and legs. If not the employer may delay the testing until your hair grows to testing lengths. Presently as you described the hair on your head is too short for testing,

  • Julia

    I know I’m coming in late on this, but I may or may not have to take a hair test in 5 weeks. I smoked one potent joint about 2 weeks ago. If I bleach and then dye my hair, do you think I’ll be able to pass?

  • Justin

    I took one hit three two different tInes of pot. Within a months tme. I’ve got twomonths clean and have a hair test today do I have a chance to pass

  • Evelyn

    I started a drug cleanse Jan 11th when I found out I would get hair tested after my interviews. That would be around mid March , it would most likely be before I reach 90 days in my cleanse ? What can I do to pass this test ?! If I shave my head now and let it grow till my test that it will be clean hair ?

  • colton richardson

    I havnt smoked in 98 day will I pass a hair test smoked maybe half a blunt maybe 2-4 days a week for maybe a month in a half sometimes dnot that much I’ve had 2 kinda short hair cuts on 90 days also I stopped Oct 31 and gotta test on Feb 8

  • John

    I took a small amount of cocaine. 5 months ago.Single time user.They took hair from my arm.Will it show positive? ??

    • FL

      Hi John did you pass?

  • courtney

    Is this still active?

  • Josh

    Jared I took half of a percocet 10 lastnight and I’m supposed to take a hair test sometime in march. Will I pass it?

    • Josh

      And half of a 5

  • Trenia Pugh

    i have never taken ANY sort of illegal drug, i have never consumed alcohol, and the only form of medication I’ve been taking the past 5 years are antibiotics, birth control pills,and allergy pills can somebody please help me its prevented me from getting a job?

  • rob

    I smoked in early January and have a hair test on Feb 18th do you think I will pass? And is it possible to pass if weed is the only thing they find.

  • Candy

    Hey Jared, I smoked weed daily for two weeks in Nov. haven’t touched it since. I have s hair test in 3 weeks. Think I’ll pass? Ever heard of washing hair in apple cider vinegar to detox?

  • Andrew McCune

    I smoked last night and have a hair test coming up within the next three weeks. Will any method work for me?

  • guest

    i smoked weed for 2 times in november 2015 and took speed once per week till November 2015, 9th. Since November 10th, i am clean. i cutted my head hear every 3-4 weeks up to 1.5 inches. during this week i shaved my body and leg hair. at the beginning of march 2016 i have to do an hair drug test for employment. what do you think, will i pass?

  • Inna

    I’ve done coke maybe three times in the last three months. The last time was about 1.5 ago, the two times before that was over 2 months ago. Is there anything I can do to test negative for my hair follicle drug test?? I really, really need this job…it pays potentially 6-figures!!! I haven’t done any other drugs…just some heavy drinking. Thanks in advance!

  • Max

    I smoked in Jan should I be clean in May?

  • Cooper

    So I have a hair test on Monday. I haven’t smoked since December , and even when I did smoke I only took one maybe 2 hits. I smoked maybe 2 or 3 times. Will I pass?

    • Mike T

      did you pass?

  • Eric

    Hey Jared, My name is Eric I have never smoked weed in my life and last July of 2015, and I ate a little cupcake that had some in it I didn’t even know about it. March 2016 I have to take a hair test. It’s been 7 months and the rumor is the test goes back 6 months. And I do shave my head. Lol Do you think I will pass?

  • John

    I took six pain pills into the past 6 days and have a hair test in two weeks would I fail it’s for a trucking company if that matters

  • Krystina Jones

    I have cps in my life for smoking weed. They did a hair folical on my two year old son and said he tested positive from just being around it… is that possible?

  • Grant Simpson

    Will shaving your head hair 2 months prior to hair test stop cocaine showing on the test if iv been clean from day of shave?

  • nian belden

    My husband smoked weed two times in the last month, each time he had two small hits. What are the chances of that showing up in his hair today?

    • sabrina

      Did he pass?

    • Mike T

      did he pass?

  • trice

    hey i had stop smoking for 3yrs in October i smoked a few times then stopped till December i smoked a few times then stopped till March i smoked a blunt and have a hair test coming up in April or May do you think I’ll pass??

  • William Legge

    I smoked daily for a few months I stopped about 80 days ago although I smoked one time about a week into the 80 days so I have 73 days straight and 79 of the last 80 I have a very high metabolism I shaved all my body hair 73 days ago too it has grown back now do you think I’ll pass this test it is anytime I want in the coming week

  • Tony

    He Jared, i havent smoked since Feb 3, 2016 and ibhave a hair test on March 21, 2016 im not a regular smoker and i cut my hair every 2 weeks do you think i have a chance in passing the hair test…could u email me a as soon as possible??

  • Bobby

    I took a half of ecstasy pill about 2ks ago would it show up in a hair test if i get called on we do random so no one knows who it will be r when they come…

  • Sean john

    So if I did a strong ass edible a month ago & haven’t done any since, would I pass a test in like 4 months? The edible fd me up, but I gotta be clean to pass the hair test, so do you think it will show up if I get a short haircut & let it grow til then?

  • Jamal

    Stopped smoking reggie(weed) about 2 weeks before a hair test but im drinking water (about a gallon) and sweating and working out everyday. And im gonna try this detox shampoo. Think i have a shot of passing? and should i shave ad let new hair grow back?

  • Supreme

    If ur only a once a week user of cocaine, and haven’t used in about two months. How long do you think it will stay in your hair follicles?

  • Kaili Morrison

    I took a 30mg oxycontin twice in the past 3 months .Will I be positive in the hair follicle test?

    • Perfect_Syn

      How did it go?

      • Kaili Morrison

        I passed!

        • Perfect_Syn


  • Tor Tor

    Is there a certain percentage you have to be over to fail or do you fail if anything shows up period.

  • Wesley Baxter

    I smoked for about 2 years at least 2 to 4 grams a day of strong smoke i havent smoked in about 2 or 3 months now and my hair drug test is next month im passing the urine test at home but is there anything i can do to help my chances of passing the test. I cant fail it

  • Dale Gordon

    I used a little cocaine maybe in October and I have a hair drug test tommorow. The company says that they test 12 months back will I have a chance to pass.

    • FL

      Did you pass?

      • Dale Gordon

        Yesss the only go back 3 months they were just lying to weed out other candidates

  • Marie87

    If my sister smoked 70 days ago for about a week will the hair follicle took today going to flunk?Thanks!

    • sabrina

      Did she pass?

  • Mary lou25

    Ive never used cocaine in my life but my husband does i took a hair drug test and the cocaine was detected. The lab dr said i could have been exposed. I used his brush a few days before i took the test but thats all i can think of on how i failed do you have any info on why it failed. I didnt wash my hair or nothing because i never used cocaine before.

    • Tony Muhammad

      Its called “secondhand exposure,” but American corporations and government agencies disregard the fact of secondhand exposure with positive hair sample results. As a matter of fact this site also regards it as a “myth,” but it is not. There are authoritative scientific studies available to the public that have found secondhand drug exposure is common in our society.

      A non drug user is at risk from their husband, wife, boy-friend and girl-friend (illicit or doctor prescribe medication) and subjected to cross exposure from the sweat, saliva, and sexual transmission, even airborne residue from illicit drugs and substances that are smoked.

      Just a friendly or loving kiss everyday puts a non-drug users at risk even when their partner holds / uses medication (opiates and other controlled substances) prescribe by their doctor.

      Our country employment workforce use of hair follicle drug test to screen employees and job seekers is bias to the 10TH DEGREE.

      We the common man and woman regardless of race or creed are not aware (Some but not enough to affect a change) of this unfair employment practice because it is widely accepted but our governments and job providers take advantage of common people trusting sheep like mentality.

    • Yvette-Jeannine Boucher

      I’d say you need to get rid of your husband if he doesn’t stop using. He’s going to bring you down. Either he stops, or you leave…that’s the ultimatum you need to give him. See? It’s already impacting your life. Ain’t no such thing as “recreational” cocaine use, gf. Even if it IS recreational now, it won’t be soon.

    • TheBigDM

      Maybe you kissed him while he was on it and the “drain” got you!

  • josh

    Im going to do a 3 months hair follicle today and I did cocaine 6 day ago. Only did a little bit you think it’s going to show that I’m positive?

  • AVP

    Jared I received 3 shotguns from my boyfriend every day in the last 2 weekends for a total of 9 blows. Before that nothing… Totally clean. In most I did not inhale the smoke. I have an upcoming hair follicule test on Aprill 22 at work. I’m freaking out. Do I have any chance of passing the test?

  • Marisela Zavala

    If I took a little sniff not even a full line of cocaine for the first time will it show up I have test in a week

  • Marisela Zavala

    I f I took a lil sniff of cocaine not even a full line I don’t do any thing like this I was very drunk feeling stupid now cuz I have a test in a week. Due you think I’ll pass

  • AVP

    Jared I received 3 shotguns from my boyfriend every day in the last 2 weekends for a total of 9 blows. Before that nothing… Totally clean. In most I did not inhale the smoke. I have an upcoming hair follicule test on Aprill 22 at work. I’m freaking out. Do I have any chance of passing the test?

  • Jack

    Hey bud, my buddy said to me that there are places that test the root of the hair. Is that true?

  • Jessi

    I haven’t smoked since Sept 2015 but somehow THC is showing up positive in my saliva drug test for Forensic Fluids. My boyfriend smokes and brushes his teeth afterwards/before he kisses me. His saliva is the only way I can come to think of even how I could test positive. So my question is would that give me a false positive with the hair follicle drug test?

  • Someone somewhere

    If i smoked say middle to end of jan and was called about a job that does hair testing on 16 mar for hair test and had shaved it or naired it all off and had to do a urine test then 60 days after being hired was going ro have to take a hair test would i pass we are talking 60 days from mar 21st i passed the urine test on mar 16? Can someone answer this.

  • Joe

    I used to use marijuana frequently. I have a hair test on may 15 and have not used any drugs since january 15. I have gotten several hair cuts since then but have been exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke on multiple occassions. Will i pass my hair test? Also, would the test detect one key bump of cocaine?

    • Richie fletcher

      did you pass?

  • justingregor

    Hi there, I just failed a urine test, the result was morphine. I swear on my life I have never knowingly used this drug but one time about five years ago, and I got it at the E.R by a doctor for a colon infection that they thought may be a apendicitis . Can you give me a reason for this?

    • Jennifer Moreira Dinzey

      I heard once that poppy seeds may give you a false positive drug test.

  • Timothy Gordon

    If I took one hit of weed a day would my hair test come up positive?

  • Danksta

    How long do I have to wait after I stop using to cut my hair “as short as my trimmers will go” so that all the drugs will be out of my hair , also I will shave my whole body but I might be getting tested in the next few months but I’m stopping tonight , how many days or weeks do I need to wait to cut and shave myself so all the drugs are out and I don’t cut it too early and still have drugs in the very little hair I would have left ?

  • Jay Young

    Starting a new job soon and they require a hair test. Haven’t smoked or consumed since January 2015 (This is estimating since I don’t remember if I did anything other then drink at the party. I am certain that I didn’t, but its a good baseline) The last time I ACTUALLY remember consuming brownies was mid 2014. I’m just nervous that something might come up even though i haven’t smoked in so long and the fact I was walking by someone and they were vaping and smoking a blunt and I smelled it. Anything helps!! I really want this job XD

    Additional information: I’m male, 5’9″, 260 lbs, hair grows a little above average(it just grows quick, but not insanely fast)

    • Richie fletcher

      Did you pass?

    • Tpain420

      So i went to get a drug test for a major position life changing like the rest of you. I am a heavy smoker but have a very fast metabolism. Im 5’8 130 lbs male. 2/4 percent body fat. I can pass a urine test in 4/5 days. Ive tested it myself. And passed for military drug screens. I went to take my hair drug test in the middle of may this year. I always have short head hair around .25 of an ich. I read to shave from head to toe and i went to get my test done and i was disqualified from getting the postion simply because they could not give me a hair test and to be accepted you need to pass a hair folice test. So take this into consideration, the facility told me head hair has to be at least an inch and a half and body hair at least a half an inch. I love to smoke just like the rest of you and dont want you guys to get screwed over like i did.

  • Kevin York

    Hey folks. I am currently interviewing for a major position. This job would be life changing, however, I was a pretty heavy smoker up and until the end of November 2015. I haven’t smoked since (though I’ve wanted to BAD). I shave my head whenever my hair gets long (always have) So I’m guessing I’ll have to give a sample from elsewhere… Should I give my body a once over and just let it grow from there, or would that be too suspisious??

  • Theresa

    Hi I have been clean for a year and relapse around 2 1/2 mo ago I smoked crack 50$ worth and now have to do a hair follicle test for a new job…. Do you think I’ll pass

    • Richie fletcher

      Was wondering if you passed?

  • Jake Tarlton Jones

    a few weeks ago I took a little bit of liquid codeine and i have a hair test in 7 days. Will just this single use cause me to fail?

  • Jcf8452

    Smoked a month ago. 1 hit, first time in a year. Had a follicle test today where they shaved my arm pits. I drink a lot of wated and excersize daily. Am I in the clear?

    • Olivia Young

      did you pass?

      • Jcf8452

        Yep, flying colors!

        • jeremy

          why didnt they cut from your scalp?

  • Jerrod

    Did a line of cocaine for the first time in six years wen drunk. How long will it take for it to get out of my hair. Can I speed the process up by sweating don’t want to cut or dye hair it will look obvious n not sure bout the chemical methods either. Plus can second hand marijuana smoke cause me to fail hair test. Any feedback n tips to speed this process up will b greatly appreciated

    • Allanon

      Any luck? Or r u in jail

  • Kitten

    My last time smoking crack was 24 days ago. Before then it was the first week of april and it was only two hit. Is there a chance I pass a hair drug test? I took a hair test today 05/18/2016

  • Jessica Bird

    I used to smoke pot heavily, but that was a couple of years ago back in high school. I am now 21 and I can’t remember if I’ve smoke within the past three months, but if I did, it was only once and I only took a couple of hits. I have to take a hair sample drug test by the end of this month. (May) I’m just curious if this will cause me to undeservingly fail. Please, if anyone knowledgable could respond, I’d be so grateful.

  • bizzle

    I don’t do any drugs WHATSOEVER and my hair follicle test was positive for cocaine, they lady that called me wouldn’t even tell me what I was positive for, she asked me if I had been taken any meds or anything like that and when I told her my list of what I had been taken (due to migraines I had been taking certain meds, by mouth and IV) she told me that none of them are the reason I was positive, so when I asked what it was she was like you ingested cocaine..???? so then I said no I didn’t, this is a mistake, what do I need to do. I don’t do any drugs. she didn’t even care that the fact that I was trying to figure this out. SO I am on a mission to retake this damn hair test else where and if I need to do blood work and everything else I will. I am not going to be denied a job because of this. AND to top if off, the room had hair everywhere AND they didn’t even clean the scissors… so. how does that work

    • Dale Gordon

      Use cocaine

  • Pertrease Ad

    My urin is clean I haven’t smoked since march 2016, will I pass a hair test

    • Tyler Ward

      This is my question as well

    • Tpain420

      As long as you cut the hair out that still retains the thc and let it grow back at least an in and a half you will pass body hair needs to be at least a half inch

      • Steven Bastien

        Im not a heavy on weed at all. I tried it once or twice this yr. If I remember correctly it was either in March or april. I took my hair test today n they shaved my armpit hair. I never ever shaved my armpits before but because humans generally shed some hair every so often will I be ok? The company that I’m applying to says they check the last 6 months. Again I am not a heavy smoker at all(did it only twice), I have a fast metabolism, I sweat easily n alot, n I drink alot of water which obviously cleanses ur system. Am I ok?

  • patrick brady

    If I was clean for 2 years and when I came back home I smoked for 31 days but I stop and I have a hair test in about a week or two but the company test the 90 days so will it show up

  • Bear Downs

    shame shame shame…

  • KrysB

    What about 2 uses of marijuana within a 90 day period? I was asked to take follicle test today and have 3 days to comply for pre employment. I don’t consider myself a drug user per say and in freaking out a bit

  • Steve

    Jared, I smoked between 60-70 days ago. Nothing extensive just a few hits. I have a Hair Follical Drug Test coming up the end of next week. I am bald so body hair will have to be taken. Any thoughts?

  • FL

    did you pass sergio?

  • Sam

    I smoked yesterday. And had to take a hair test today would it show. ??

    • Tpain420

      No takes 4/5 days for it to get jnto your hair

  • Brian Joseph McIntyre

    So my hair is six inches long I’m gonna stay clean for 90 days do I have to shave my hair??? I mean even after for the job I’m gonna stay clean I just don’t wanna cut my hair…

    • Tpain420

      You must cut your hair it stays in untill you cut it out. Make sure you have time to regrow your hair or they cannot administer the test and you most likly wont get the job. Hea hair needs to be an 1.5 inch body hair .5

  • Tpain420

    So i went to get a drug test for a major position life changing like the rest of you. I am a heavy smoker but have a very fast metabolism. Im 5’8 130 lbs male. 2/4 percent body fat. I can pass a urine test in 4/5 days. Ive tested it myself. And passed for military drug screens. I went to take my hair drug test in the middle of may this year. I always have short head hair around .25 of an ich. I read to shave from head to toe and i went to get my test done and i was disqualified from getting the postion simply because they could not give me a hair test and to be accepted you need to pass a hair folice test. So take this into consideration, the facility told me head hair has to be at least an inch and a half and body hair at least a half an inch. I love to smoke just like the rest of you and dont want you guys to get screwed over like i did. :)420 for like them

  • Steve

    I smoked about a half a gram of meth between yesterday and today and I have a hair test in 13 days, am I going to fail?

    • Mike H

      No you’re just a loser for doing Meth

      • MikeD

        Your calling people losers for doing drugs? So what made you come here? What drug are you trying to figure out to beat out of a hair test? OR you just here to pick up other guys? People piss me off with degrading others for their addiction problem.

        • Mike H

          People choose to become addicts. Don’t do it the first time and u won’t get addicted. Then they expect hard working people like me to pay for their rehab. What a joke. I have zero sympathy for drugees. Let them all od and get it over with

    • Yvette-Jeannine Boucher

      I’d say that’d be a positive there Steve, but I’m sure you already have the results. Why in the hell did you do that when you KNEW you had a test???

  • Harry

    Hey everyone!

    So I have a hair test this Monday July 25th. I smoked very occasionally and took a few hits on April 30th for my last time. I got my hair cut earlier this month as well. Should I worry? What’s my chances of passing?

    • Allanon

      I’d say ur in the clear.

    • jeremy

      Did they take the sample from your scalp?

    • Harry

      They pushed the test back to the 27th wednesday. I just realized I smoked some on 5/13. I bought nexxus aloe rid (the old formula) and zydot ultra clean. They said they are cuting and erasers length from my hair so I’m assuming not the root. Pretty stressed….

  • jeremy

    I took one dab hit on 4/22/16 and today is 7/25/16. Before that I had took one or two joint hits in the previous 3 months from 1/05/16 – 4/22/16. Should I be worried? I have gotten probably 2 or 3 haircuts since 4/22 and probably 5 haircuts since January. Also, is there any way to guarantee they take the sample from my head as long as my hair is long enough? I am afraid they try to take it from my body hair

    • jeremy

      The test is probably within the next week or so

  • Matt

    Is there a part of the body that is preferred to hair follicle test. For example, my chest hair grows the fastest out of anywhere on my body, is that the best place to be tested? Haven’t smoked or anything in 7 months.

  • Phillip Mcnabb

    I quit smoking 3 weeks ago my head hair is to short to test. I just shaved my whole body (heard hair will grow back clean) Idk when my hair test is could be 2 weeks or 2 months from now. I don’t plan to smoke again. Will my body hair still be clean???

    • Nurse rachett

      If you tested dod you pass. Body hair is up to a year

  • This site is some sheitt they don’t even answer your questions.

  • taylor kirkwood

    I smoked weed last month on the 8th and took a hair drug test on the 5th so I’m wondering if I’ll pass?

  • daniel wolfrath

    So I just took a hair folical test I took a few hits off my buddy’s bowl but that was it about 9 weeks ago nothing since then will I pass

  • My3sons319

    Has anyone ever used the Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo as a meth addict and if so did you pass?

    • Ashley Fenton

      Update??? Did u use any shampoos and what was ur test results

  • Heather Dixon

    Has anyone ever used the Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo as a meth addict and if so did you pass?

  • Kevin

    Last time I smoked was 6 months ago, just had a follicle test yesterday where they tested body hair. WI’ll I show negative for the test.

    • Kay Roc

      Did it show up negative?

  • Tom

    I just fail my hair drug test. I used the Testclear hair detox system just like they instructed and I fail anyway. Their customer service was very responsive before I gave them my money. After I fail the test they have hung up on me and have not returned my emails. They said their was no guarantee. They imply through their advertising that their stuff is from Nexus but in reality it’s not it’s just a cheap knox off. I’m writing this because I want to warn people not to fall for Testclears line of bull shit. You have been warned.

    • Nurse rachett

      No shampoo, creams, bleaching will give you a clear test…they just want uour money

    • Nat Mel

      Did you pass?

  • mrperfect8064

    Will using drugs one time be detected in a hair follicle test like Ex that was weak as hell?

    • Eric

      What happened after all did u come out positive ?

      • mrperfect8064

        Negative got the job

  • Corey Brooks

    I haven’t smoke crack for a Lil over 7 months..I gotta take a hair test this week I should be ok????

    • Tre H


  • Pops Sovrano

    I’ve not used Marijuana in a solid two months, and more sparingly in the two months prior to that (1-2 times a week), so I’m wondering how I’m gonna fair on a hair follicle taken from my arm.

    • Benita Moffett

      Did u pass

      • Pops Sovrano

        They actually took from my beard, but yes, I passed.

  • kassy

    my boyfriend is a recreational pot smoker. He smokes on occasion around 2 times a week give or take but not daily or habitually. His use is sporadic. He took a hair follicle test and it came back negative for marijuana. How could that be?

    • kassy

      I should add he stopped smoking for a few weeks before the hair follicle test.

  • jm

    I been clean for 3 months already July 4-5th I last did some bumps of coke that’s it, like 3weeks ago a friends tried to be funny and blew weed smoke in my face I kinda smelled it cus I was facing the other way but when I turned it was all in my face and I moved out the way fast but that’s about it I been clean and away from all drugs today makes 3 months so my question is do I still have to shave my hair bold to let it grow back out all clean or should I be good???

    • Nurse rachett

      Blowing smoke in your face will mot cause a positive. Plus shaving your head does not get rid of the hair follicle….only hair with follicle can be used to test. If you are required to take a drug test soon…one they will ask why you shaved your head and the can take hair from anywhere on your body. Body hair can go back almost a year.

      • Carol Lane

        Sooo wrong!!! Just had a hair test. They cut your hair close to the scalp. They do not have to have a hair follicle!!!

  • sunny24

    I stopped doing meth six months ago and did one line about two weeks ago.Its all I’ve done in six months.I just found out I have to do a hair follicle tomorrow morning.Will it show up?Also wondering if tramadols will show up.In a urin test it comes up as PCP

    • Nurse rachett


      • Nurse rachett

        Tramadol is in the class of drugs called synthetic opioids. It is not an opiate (opiates include heroine, codeine and morphine). … It will NOT show up as an opiate. It will show up as a synthetic opiate, A.K.A. “opioid” and sometimes called “alternate” opiate.

        • Rodama3232

          Can they tell if u have used a detox shampoo? Im going on 104days and have a test tomorrow

          • Alex Ortega

            So did you pass

  • Randomguy1234

    I smoked dab but a very very small amount like the rest after two people hit it about 25 days ago for the first time ever and have a hair test tomorrow am I good?

  • tjc19969

    ive been clean off of cocaine now for 60 days, trying to get my life in order, would i be able to pass a riah test at this point curiously?

    • Nurse rachett

      Head hair test, you should be fine

  • bobert301

    i smoked weed saturday night but before then i hadn’t smoked since august . i have a hair test thursday , will i be ok ?

    • Benita Moffett

      How did u come out

  • Joy. Sadns.

    I used once almost three months ago will that show up

  • Stevie Gardener


    I smoked meth once about 2 months back and am due to have a follicle test in less than a months time. Yesterday, I cut my head hair to 2cm all over in the hope to avoid a positive reading.

    Can you tell me if it will show up or not?

    Also, if they can’t get a long enough sample and they want to take some from my body, how long does the body hair need to be to show up 3 months.

    One more thing.. if i only used once about 2 months ago, what are the chances that it will even show up at all?

    Thanks very much for an informative post!

  • Twana Gant

    I have been clean off crack since March 24 I took a hair follicle test in july an they went back 90 days an the results came back positive for the 60 90 my levels were 2,172 it went back to April but I was in rehab then so should my levels still be that high still? I need help!!

  • Virginia Hawkins

    I did cocaine a one time thing on Oct. 15 I have to have a hair strand test next week will that even show up if I did it one time

  • Koty Strongburg

    I have an interview tomorrow and If I get a job offer, there is a hair test. I got really drunk with a friend and did ONE small line of coke about a month ago. I never touched the shit since and it was my first and ONLY time doing illegal hard drugs. Will I fail the test?

    • Eric

      What happened after all?

    • jay

      did u pass

  • megan

    I just took a 6 month hair test with extended opiates yesterday. It’s for custody. I have been clean about 120 days. Before that I may have taken a Percocet very seldom and I did do coke one night about 5 months back. I did not expect the 6 month test I thought it was a 3 month test so I’m freaking out. I don’t use any drugs anymore but I did slip up those couple times. How likely am I to pass/fail the test?

    • Alex Ortega

      Did you pass?

    • Benita Moffett

      Did u pass .

  • Rodama3232

    Can they tell if u used a detox shampoo? Im going on 104day will i be okay?

  • April Creger

    I just took a 10 panel extended opiates I was clean at 99 days when I took it and am still clean but I popped up for cocaine I am very devastated by the results and think they messed up I did not ask the tech to cut the extra hair and discard

  • John reid

    I stopped smoked and waited seven days the shaved my body will the new hair that grows be clean from drugs

  • TheBigDM

    Smoked weed ( 1 gram over 2 days) starting on Friday, have a hair test tomorrow ( Wednesday) will I pass? Not a smoker.

  • Fatkid

    All my life I have had a job that drug tests. At 44 years old I had never done a drug but always said when I retire I was going to smoke pot just to see what it’s all about. They shut down the plant where I worked last year and I was laid off so I decided to try. So about 8 months ago I smoked one joint but didn’t like it so I’ve never done it again. I learned last week I am going back to work and I have to hair test. I’m a white male with brown/gray hair and my hair is about 3 inches long. Should I worry?

    • disqus_3792

      Dude you literally have nothing to worry about imo.

    • Diana

      What happened

  • andy kominovski

    I had a hair follicle drug test today. I used to be an all-day everyday marijuana smoker but had quit since July 15th. I’ve done research and most say results only go back 90 days although the hair sample was taken from my arm rather than my head so I’m wondering do I still pass?

    • Ben Smith

      Did you pass?

    • Benita Moffett

      Did u pass

    • Todd Varhole

      Andy kominovski, did you pass?

  • Alex

    I dis cocaine exactly 50 days ago. I did like 4 bumps while out with friends. I applied for job after that. Now I have a urine test (I’m certain I’ll pass) but also a hair test. I’m a type 1 diabetic. Extremely thin hair, and a very high metabolism. I’m nervous. How likely am I to pass ?

    • Tim Fogarty

      Did you pass?

      • jay

        did u pass

        • Alex

          Yes. Not sure how tho.

        • Alex


        • Alex

          Yes. Really surprised I did

  • Fernando Beltran

    Im a first time user ,I did a key bump of cocaine about 2 months ago and i had a hair follicle test for a job does anybody know if i would pass the test?

    • jay

      did you pass

      • Fernando Beltran


  • Random

    Did meth for about 2-3 weeks 4mths ago and job hair tests body hair 6mths back,am i screwed?

  • Sherlock25

    I smoked weed like 5 times in sept then took a 10 day break smoke once October 7 but it was 2 hits off a vape pen it’s been 4 months today and I took a hair test and they cut my arm pit hair but through those 4 months I’ve trimmed down my armpit hair once or twice I feel like my chances are pretty good.. what’s your thoughts?

    • ashley ferguson

      It doesn’t matter how much u cut ur hair they are testing the follicle of ur hair. The bulb like thing that is at the end of ur hair strand when it is pulled out.

      • Sherlock25

        Your a dumbass that’s never taken a hair test they don’t pull your hair they cut it and I did pass

    • DirtyTech

      How did you do? I basicly have the same stats but will be tested in a week.

  • Alan Kd

    i never had drug in my life the test come back very low dose of cocaine but i never had druk in my life 🙁

  • British guy

    Am I going to pass my hair folicle test? Last time I did drugs was in August 2015, smoked a bit of weed and did MDMA a few months before that. So basically I haven’t done anything in 18 months or so and have had numerous haircuts since

    Any advice would be great

  • Fernando Beltran

    I did about 1 or 2 key bumps of cocaine about 3 months ago i didnt cut my hair in that time period and i recently cut my hair short would i be able to pass a hair follicle test

    • Cesar DeLeon

      Did u pass

  • brownandproud75

    I did cocaine about 3 months ago, it was a lot maybe 4 grams 100$ worth, I have shaved my head and body 3 times since then and will take a test in 2-3 weeks, it will be at about 100 days since i did anything do y’all think i will pass, my hair is really short less than half inch

    • travis ross

      You will pass

      • Katelynn Freeman

        if i did meth around the end of december and its not march but i dyed and bleached my hair twice. and i took a hair test march 10th would i pass it? they havent gotten back to me and its been a week and a day now since i took the test.

        • tinadoebert

          Did u pass

          • Katelynn Freeman


          • tinadoebert

            Thanks. So about how many days were you free of anything before your test?

          • Lady Cyn Aptic

            Meth. Gross. Truly hoping y’all fail.

      • Cesar DeLeon

        Was shaving a must in order for him to pass? Or would he have passed without shaving

        • travis ross

          cocaine stays in the hair until it is cut off. so if they only took 1.5″ there is a good chance that he would of passed. but if hair grew slow on him there is a good chance he would fail. you just have to make sure you cut out the dirty portion of hair. so shaving it or cutting extremely short is best

    • MattD

      Did they take body or head hair?

  • bryan winberg

    Will sweating hitting the sauna / working out hard burning fat help the hair test timetable.? Possible make it less than 90 day?

    • travis ross

      Yes. If you are not using cut your hair and it will grow back clean. Same for body hair.

  • Kacy

    My finance said he snorted 1 gram of meth on 4 or 5 different occasions. I didn’t believe that was all so he agreed to a hair test. The test came back that he was all clean does that mean he was telling the truth and just didn’t do enough to show up ??

    • travis ross

      Not necessarily. He could have cut his hair prior to the test. After the drugs are out of your blood they don’t grow in your hair. So could have been cut out. Also the hair won’t grow positive until 7 days after usage.

  • Felix Flores

    Just did a hair drug test 3/9/17 Does anyone know if it detects 1 time use from 5-6 months ago???

    • travis ross

      You should be fine.

  • Brian

    So I’ve been clean from coke for 15 months. I was drunk and hit one small line. That was 5 days ago. I just a hair test this morning. Do you think the coke will show up with it being one time, small amount and so soon ago??? Please help! Freaking out!

    • Todd Varhole

      Dude your BUSTED.

  • Stephen Venable


    I smoked 2-3 grams of Crack on new years and I have a hair test tomorrow and I have cut my hair a month or so ago and it’s probably right at 1.5 do u think I will pass?

    • tinadoebert

      Did u pass?

  • Doc423

    Does hair testing check for alcohol? and if so, how long?

  • Gary Garcia

    I was recently contacted by DISA regarding a positive hair folic in sept 2016 I also took one 3 days prior which was negative along with three UA’so which where also negative I have been clean for close to ten years how can that be explained???

  • Cesar DeLeon

    I did 2 keys of coke 6 months ago,
    and I have a hair follicle test in 3 days did not shave my hair was wondering if shaving my hair was a key factor in passing and if not then what are my chances of passing? Heard it goes back 90 days but wasn’t sure if shaving was necessary

  • Beau

    I never smoke and took one hit off a joint 3 weeks ago and have a hair test friday. What is the probiblility?

  • Nick

    Say I quit smoking and shave my head bald The same day. Assuming there is still thc in my system, roughly how long would it take to completely be out of my system before I can shave again and only have “clean” hair be the only thing left?

    I know I have the luxury of time on my side, but I’d like to have the best chances of passing an expected hair test in the future.

  • Italo Valentin

    I had smoked marijuana few times last week, and this week I figured I’ll have to take the test in three months, so I shaved my body. What’s the chance of me getting caught in the test? The new hair will grow clean?

    • shots have mercury

      Maybe try drinking tons of distilled water to leech particles out of your body.

  • John Williams

    I have not smoked weed in exactly 180 days, never have done other drugs too. The sides of my head are shaved but the top of my head is about 3-5 inches long. Will they cut from the top of my head or my body? I have had 3-4 haircuts since I have smoked last and do not have much body fat (maybe 15%) also I work out consistently. Should I be worried that I will fail? I was never consistent before the 180 days, maybe once or twice every other week or so. Please help!

  • Rather not say

    Please any1 help. I used be a heavy, pain medI cation prescribed user, but haven’t in zyears. This Friday so 2 days from 2marrow taking a dcf 10 panel hair test. I think new years eve I split a gram of heroine with a girl. And maybe 1 30 MG roxy in December 2016 and handful daulidids 8mg which I used to get 4 pain and they roxy… I’m so scared, that imma lose my son. The girl who pulled me in I droped once I realized was no good be around and realize I’m prob nor strong enough to be with a g/f who sometimes partied. It’s been like 94 days since that and longer 4 the pain medication which was winter break. I ordered overnight hair shampoos. And and a short hair male so trimmed legs and cut off tips of underarms to lessen chances. Any workable tips or adice I’ll use. Does this mean I’ll fail? My ex I think is pushing child services into hair just like during court in past but all those timma was clean. So guess she’s still upset she used to abuse son and lost custody 2 me. Am I fine or what should I do? I thought was a urine I know I’d been fine so said ok then see paper and says 10 panel hair

  • Mandy

    I smoked a joint and half of another joint 6 weeks ago prob been 2years since i have done that. Will it show up in my hair test?

  • Jason Street

    Haven’t done coke in a year. Did 2 keys bumps a week from my hair drug test. Probability of testing positive?

    • Louie

      Did you pass?

  • Ryan Smith

    I am around second hand pot smoke about once per month and have to take a hair drug test. I shave my head so it will have to be body hair. I also smoked about 1-2 hits of weed about a year ago. Do you think I have anything to worry about? The pot that the people smoke is very strong. It is usually in the basement or on a covered porch so it is fairly well ventilated.

    • Ryan Smith


  • Laura p

    I just want to ease the worry for people similar to my situation!
    I’m 5’3 130lbs long pass shoulder length dark brown hair. I do hot yoga 2x a week.
    The last time I smoked was New Years so about 3 months to the day I took my hair drug test. Before that I smoked 2x each month December November and October. And before that I was smoking weekly 2x all through summer. I lived in a house where people were constantly smoking so I was exposed to second hand smoke all the time. I found out I had to complete a hair test in 48hrs and I couldn’t bring myself to do the methods that ruin your hair so I said screw it and just went for the test! PASSED!

    • Bundles

      Hey Laura, what do you mean about 3 months? How many days after the 3rd month? Im so worried since I might have to take my test exactly the 90th day. I would love to hear from you.

      • Laura p

        I took the test 100 days after my last smoke session. If you weren’t a heavy smoker and haven’t smoked in 90 days you’ll be fine don’t worry!

        • Abraham Leon

          Hey laura i last smoked in December, before that in November and before that august. Only three times in a year and was surprised with a hair drug test. They pulled it from my leg due to me having a fresh cut

  • tinadoebert

    Ok I have done a small line of meth and a small line of coke one time each in the past 70-100 days nothing else for 6+months, do i have a chance of passing my hair test?

    • Raven Effect

      How’d it go?

      • tinadoebert

        I passed!

  • Oops

    Well I had to take a hair sample hope it come out negative cause I haven’t smoked since I found out i five months pregnant but I sit around people who smoke sometimes…

  • Rose

    I smoked one week ago about 1 time for 4 days. 4-6 hits I will probably have a hair drug test soon in about a week. Prior to these days last week I hadn’t smoked in 2 years! I’ve never been a heavy smoker either. Should I be worried? Please help I’m freaking out

    • Travis

      Did you pass?

  • Time

    I took a hair drug test today (armpit hair), in the last 6 mo. I have only smoked once (Super Bowl 82 days ago). Is it likely they will catch that ? Prior to that there was some regular use.

    • Abraham Leon

      Did you pass

  • Eddy Tamez

    This hair test is dumb. I have never in my entire life done any kind of stupid drugs, I just got a test done from my legs and they told me my hair test came up positive for “cocaine” I have no idea where to get that or who sells it, not even weed, I’ve tried to discus with them idiots and all they said was, oh you can’t lie it is in your system, I’m like WTF? Really how? Some dude smoke crack in my car one time and that is the only thing I can blame on, I told him to get out my car because it was bothering my eyes so he only stayed in the car for like 2 minutes, but people says you can’t get it like that, so I’m losing my head now. I’m so worry because I lost the job opportunity and I DO NOT DO DRUGS AND NEVER WILL.

    • Nadine Russell

      The same exact thing happened to me last week and the lab called me my first day of work. I have never done cocaine and I don’t smoke weed. This situation has me going crazy. My supervisor is allowing me to retest at my expense which I’m doing in the morning after spending over $350 this past weekend washing my hair and body with vinegar, acne solutions, Tide, nexus also rid and other detox shampoos in preparation and hair dye. If I don’t know ow how it could have gotten in my system then I DO NOT do drugs, how the heck am I to get it out. This has been the most stressful thing ever. I need this job and I like it so far.

      • Eddy Tamez

        I totally understand how you feel.In my case I went crazy. I got scared.and shaved all my body and head hair, I’m waiting for the hair to grow back a little to go retake the test on my own, Because these people from this company they just didn’t care. they said I came out positive and never heard from them again. I want to prove them wrong in a couple weeks. This is so unfair.Let me know how you retake goes. This new clinic said they will look up into the stuff I’m taking and eating if it comes positive again.

        • Tony Muhammad

          They will not hire you if you prove them wrong. These companies stand by positive hair drug test. They don’t care how drugs got in your system or if your specimen might have been contaminated by / at the lab which is the only rational explanation in cases of people that know for a certainty they are not drug users or abusers yet their hair samples come back positive. I had almost the same experience as you and Nadine Russell in 2014.

          I was pissed off too which lead me to scientific research that supports the accuracy and results of hair sample drug testing such as this health website but the scientific research available against Corporate America wide use of hair follicle drug test and its inaccuracies is overwhelming yet denied and successfully (so far) rebutted with the aide of big money from Corporate America. Other developed countries do not subject their workforce to hair follicle drug test because of the existence of overwhelming scientific evidence that finds hair follicle drug testing are inherently bias.

          • Eddy Tamez

            Thanks for your reply, when I said to prove them wrong, I meant to show them that I do not do drugs at all and things got wrong in another way in the test not because of me doing cocaine. I know I will not get the job back but I feel bad you know I feel abused I don’t even know how to explain it. This is not about the job anymore at this point, they have to know that that test is not always right,

          • Tony Muhammad

            Companies that require/ force hair follicle drug test on new hires and employees realize the apparent flaws in the test and don’t care they even have the audacity to refer you to substance abuse counseling regardless of inaccuracy.

            I personally went as far as to file complaints with the ACLU, EEOC, DOT, BBB, and DOJ before I accepted the realization that hair follicle drug testing is part of a bigger scheme to thin the herd of viable and qualified workers able and willing to work in our society.

            You and I like others basically become flies trapped in a web of lies that American big employers justify not able to fill phantom or limited numbers of positions, balance job search numbers for the unemployed and underemployed, to balance or justify the workforce monthly overcount of jobs available in the American society.

            Oh guess what if you don’t realize it…Your name and mines also went into a national job database that tracks applicants/new hires that failed hair follicle drug tests.

            Corporate America utilizes a means or code they share that gets around citizens constitutional privacy rights that are meant to protect our privacy. Example, the next job application you fill out will ask you if you refused or failed a drug test issue to you by another company the past three to five years. If we as citizens have constitutional privacy rights then what gives an employer the right to infringe on those rights. When they deny a job applicant even an interview or consideration if you or I do not give them permission to ask another employer to share whatever file they have on you regarding employment drug testing.

            Sorry to inform you that positive test result, you experience might prevent you from landing a desire employment position for the next six to twelve months.

            If you have greater success than I seeking justice e.g. filing a class action lawsuit, and or finding a law firm willing to file on worker’s behalf in this matter – please keep me informed.

  • Luciano M.

    I did a small amount of cocaine about 95 days ago February 5 ( super bowl) and some time in January, i am not a heavy drud user.And just did a hair sample drug test yesterday 5/10/17,will i pass the test?

    • Emily Hendersen

      Did you end up passing?

      • Luciano M.

        I don’t know, I should receive a answer by tomorrow..

        • Hailey Fitzgerald

          Did you pass?

          • Meagan

            Guess not? 😏😂
            No, that would suck to lose a job over something you did months ago. I hope he did as long as he’s kicked the occasional yay useage.. its just not worth it.
            I personally don’t know how anyone could like feeling all racy like that..but hey, that’s just me!

    • Know what’s up

      You are on the cusp, it could go either way. 1-1/2″ of head hair tests back 90 days.

  • Kay

    I’m 82 days clean from Cannabis. I may possibly be asked to give a hair sample for a new job tomorrow. What are the chances of me passing? My hair grows extremely fast.

    • Know what’s up

      You will most likely test positive.

    • Lokey

      Did you get your results?

  • questions…

    Took a 9 panel on Thursday. It was $249. Says 9 panel plus opiates is $299. Does this mean the the standard 9 panel does not test for opioids/synthetic opiates?
    Is it more for 6 month? They took my super long hair for the test, but I’m assuming the labs only test the newest 1.5 inches.

  • MD2678

    I had to take a urine, and hair sample drug test for work 7 months ago and my hairs hasn’t been growing back since they cut it in which I still have a bald spot on my head that’s the size of a golf ball. Should I speak to a doctor that deals with hair about this?

  • MD2678

    Oh and when I took the 2 test including a alcohol test I got my results back in which I passed with flying colors but the strange thing about it is my job suspended me from work for a month without telling me nor did they give me a reason on why I was being suspended, I had been waiting for a text with my work schedule and never got a schedule so one day I went to the office to fill out some paper work and came across a paper with my name saying I was placed on temporary suspension for 1 month but again no reason as to why.

  • Ag

    I smoked weed(smoked with a little oil on it too and eat a gummy) with my hubby on Monday 5/22. Because I got turned down for the job then the next morning they called with another spot open. The last time I smoked was in March. I’m not a big smoker. Will my hair test come back Positive. And if it does can they tell my other job?

  • Sml

    So i smoked yesterday like 2-4 weed hits off a bowl i want to go apply at a job that i know does hair test. I was wondering is it worth it or should. I just wait.

    • dutchmob

      go right away

  • Dwayne Maclean

    How long for meth to get out of system for drug test

  • Jimmy Diggs

    I have a prescription for amphetamine. I took a hair follicle test, and the results showed 816,604 pg/mg. Wouldn’t a person die before being able to consume the amount of amphetamine required to produce that result?

    • Tasha Luke

      Did you test positive for methamphetamine or amphetamines? I’m so confused as to how to tell when reading a hair follicle result and it says positive amphetamine and methamphetamine how are they supposed to be distinguished?

    • Thomas Mack

      no, a picogram is 1/ 1000th of a nanogram, so it’s legit just 1 trillionth of a gram. so even with yours being 800 thousand it’s actually like .08 millionths of a gram. an i know u asked like 3 months ago, but figured I’d answer for anyone else who doesn’t fully get what all the numbers and abbreviations. so IDK, hope it helps someone out…

  • Kayla

    I have 5 dreadlocks no where near the area where they take the hair follicle sample from (they are located at the bottom of my head). My body hair is also no where near even an inch. Any suggestions on a location that will still take my test? I’m baffled that they will not perform the test, even though it is court ordered. I have a full head of perfectly clean hair to use. Looking for suggestions!

    • dutchmob

      your gonna fail

  • delores001

    How fast or long does it take for results of follicle tests. I know how far back but not if results are immediate..

  • Vick

    My husband has a hair test in a few months I’ve been taking hydrocodones my parents will give me this whole time he’s been clean on everything honestly I’ve been doing this behind his back will that fail him?

    • Delores Pulliam

      If u plan on giving your husband hair somehow then I’m only assuming it probably will not help him but fail the test due to how long you have been taking it.

      • Valori Elaine Donaldson

        Exactly Delores not to mention they run all sorts of tests on the follicle not limited to hormones.

    • Valori Elaine Donaldson

      Why would it fail him if he’s not doing it, or did I read that incorrect and he’s been taking it with You Vick?

    • Red

      You’re an idiot.

  • Lmenj

    I’ve been cannabis-free for 90+ days up until a few days ago. What’s the likelihood that I test positive for a hair test set within a few weeks from now? I smoked, at best, a gram or less and dont intend to smoke anymore.

  • dbull

    I took 4-5 .7mg of hydrocodone about 2 months ago since then iv had 1 haircut. I hurt my back and didnt have insurance so my friend gave me a few to help with the pain. Will i fail my hair test in 2 days?


      did u fail?

    • Jasmine

      Anyone that needs aloe rid please email me at old formula 8oz for $125

      • Valori Elaine Donaldson

        Sorry Jasmine that stuff will show up as well. Then the person being tested looks even more guilty! Especially if they ARE not sure anything we’ll show up! These products have ALL BEEN debunked. Science is too far ahead of products like what You’re trying to sell here. Anyone who tells YOU or ANYONE in this thread differently is Lying and is trying to scam people who REALLY need work! Sorry Sister

  • XxCaliforniaBearxX

    I did coke about 2 times In the last month and half. Haven’t done no coke for 3 weeks. I had a hair test but prior I cut my hair really short plus shaved my beard and mustache. I usually shave my armpits legs and chest. I was told I had to let my hair grow. Any chance I can pass my tes if I go in. I think it’s almost to length. I would be sure I’d pass if they take my mustache or beard hair because it is already grown out too. Any suggestions?

    • MattD

      Did you pass?

      • XxCaliforniaBearxX

        Yes sir I’m making some good money and great benefits.

        • MattD

          Thanks for the reply I’m in a similar situation. How many days was it since last use when you took the test and where did they take the hair?

          • XxCaliforniaBearxX

            They took my beard because since I constantly shave I knew I would be clear but it has to be at least 1/2″ long. I went about 1 month clean before test maybe less

          • MattD

            Okay thanks for the response yeah I did coke like 4 or 5 times in a month and half period on weekends not to much each time but I didn’t do any for 30 days and shaved my legs cause I’m pretty sure that’s where they take it from. You think the new grow will have traces in it?

          • XxCaliforniaBearxX

            Shouldn’t if you have not done any at all. But do try to get some

          • XxCaliforniaBearxX

            Zydot ultra clean that’s all I used just in case

          • MattD

            Oh so did you use that stuff?

          • XxCaliforniaBearxX


          • MattD

            When did you use it the day of the test or days before and did you use more than one

          • XxCaliforniaBearxX

            I used the day of 2 treatments

          • MattD

            Okay thanks yeah I ordered a Home test and I’m going to shave again and I will have some time so I’m pretty sure I will be fine thanks for responding

          • XxCaliforniaBearxX

            Best luck to you. I am sure you will be good

  • Juan Aleman

    I have been smoking pot for over 30 years and lived in a state it was legalized i had to go for hair follicle test they went under my beard cut about 1/2 inch can anything b detested I thought it wad from root?

  • John Carpenter

    So this happened a couple years back. I was battling my ex fiancé in court over custody. She was the basic/common drug ho, that no parent (father and mother) would want around their children. Well, the custody battle started to get really ugly so I explained to the Guardian ad Litem about her frequent drug use. Well, what goes around comes around and she said the same thing about me. But the crazy thing was that only I had to take a hair follicle test, NOT HER! Long story short and then I will get to the hair test, I won custody and the last time my son saw his mother was May of 2011.

    So now it’s the day of my hair follicle test. In my mind, I did an X pill about 45-60 days prior, I was on prescription Vicodin, I was a frequent pot smoker (almost every day), and I had snorted a few lines of Coke two weekends prior. So I did pretty much what every guy would initially think to do……shave my head! Well, even still I knew that there was still something that they could make happen with a snap of their finger. So I go to some medical office building attached to a local Emergency Care place. I approach the front desk and explain that I am was here to take a hair follicle drug test. She immediately looks at my head, turns to the girl working next to her, laughs and says “hahahaha”. She then turns to me, looks me dead in the eyes and says to me “sweetie, just because you shaved your head real short doesn’t make it any more difficult for us to extract the follicles from your head. Well, in this case honey…….from your body!”

    Now a different lady takes me back to one of the exam rooms. So at this point, I’m about 24 or 25 years old, still in my PRIME! So she makes good and comfortable small talk. I’m highly attracted to her and not really looking for any signs or really looking for anything. In retrospect…….. It was all the perfect moment for you to meet someone special. So she goes on asking me sort of personal questions like “why am I having to do this test?” And “there are a lot of big time players involved in this”, due not partly but mainly to protect my name. So I pretty much spilled all of the beans about my baby momma and they are just downright mean and terrible and cruel. I could never ever forgive her for doing something like that. And to get busted. But you must have just stopped or at least just stopped caring. IMO, looking back now, I think she liked me. I also think, that TO HER, we had a “moment” or a “moment of clarity” so to speak. Soooooo now fast forward to the test results at court.

    It listed every single drug known to man on that sheet but the very first thing that I really did notice was that virtually everything that listed said a word I thought I would never be so happy to see more than one time, “NEGATIVE” and just repeated that on every single drug. So……how did I beat the hair follicle test? Did God, at the last second for decision, throw a wild card in there too save my son’s life? Or! Did she really just develop this since of “awwww him and his son are just the cutest in the world and I cannot have that weighing on my conscious?” Did she provided her own hair? One thing I remember, I remember signing a whole bunch of forms but I do not remember what exactly or where she put the hair at. Because usually they put it in a little baggie, seal it up tight, and then make you initial and sign it. But they didn’t do any of that 🙂 to my much approval and amazement.

    I think it’s safe to say though, that I got REALLY LUCKY!!!

  • Livie

    It’s august and I did drugs one night in April. Will it show up with it not being a large amount? I need a 6 month hair test also…

  • Luke Cifelli

    Had one 100mg edible about 3 weeks ago. Only time I’ve done any kind of drug… Will I test positive?

  • T.y. Macho Camacho Noriega

    Can drugs that I don’t use such as, (cocaine and benzoylecgonine) still be found in my hair after being dyed another color?

  • Christine Brigitte Dockery

    My test result came back with a reading of 1007ml for methamphetamine I didn’t use ANY. kind of drugs since May 13,2017 my question is how can the reading be 10007ml when yet its been more than 90 days since my last use .

    • Christine Brigitte Dockery

      Ops sorry the reading is 1007ml not 10007ml

    • Eric Parker

      I didn’t use ANY. Its been more than 90 days since my last use. You realize how contradictory that sounds yes? Meth is a terrible drug, its my hope for you that its forever in the rearview mirror.

    • Tara Cain

      It goes back 90 days apporoxmitly. So that would be right on the line. So that is probably why it shows up

  • Melina Brigner

    Does a hair follicle detect exactly what drugs are in your system? Or just that drugs are there?

    • Lisa Saphire

      Yes they do I told social services I was only doing coke or weed but I was doing crack so hirstrand test tells a lot where as on the tribe test it and up as just cocaine

      • Herc

        Powder cocaine and crack cocaine would be indistinguishable in any toxicology screening. They’re the same exact alkaloid, one is simply the protonated version of the other.

  • JTM78

    Will an armit hair test go back any further than a year?

  • John James

    So for school I occasionally take Vyvanse (Amphetamine) when I have to study before exams. It is currently October 3 2017. I am not sure exactly when my hair test will be. I used 50 mg twice in April, twice in May. I remained drug free for a solid 4 months then did 50 mg once mid- September. I also did 125 mg of Vicoden (Hydrocodone) about a week ago (none besides that in years). I’ve read various places that one time use is rarely detected. Due to the low volume of use and period of abstinence should I be worried about the test when it is administered? I will have at most 1.75 in of hair on my head and body. It should be a standard 90 day (1.5 in) test. I will inform if I pass or not in case anyone else is wondering.

    • Red

      Did you pass?

  • MattD

    Did cocaine about 4 or 5 times in a month and a half on the weekends with friends like an idiot. I haven’t done any for 30 days and I shaved my leg hair. Will the new hair growth have traces in it? I have a fast metabolism and not a lot of body fat

  • Brianna Avila

    I took one hit of weed in late August for the first time in 2 years. There is a possibility I will need to do a hair follicle text in the nest two weeks or so. I’m 5’3″ and way 120 lbs. I have pretty decent metabolism… Do you think I’ll pass? I’ll be at around 80 days.

    • Sharon Hopson

      Did u pass

    • Anonymous

      You’re going to pass because he just took one hit

  • theoneswithoutnames

    my parents are drug testing me by hair and they said my thc levels need to be down next time they do it, i smoke everyday multiple times the first time they tested me and smoked one hit about 3 weeks ago again, will my thc level be down if they hair test me again?

  • kim

    haven’t smoked pot since last Oct I went to jail Sept 10 2017 was in there til Sep 29 2017 when I bailed out I took a test on Oct 4 and it tested positive for marijuana what could cause it they never said how much was in my system what can I say to the judge when she asks about this I’ve ate a bagel& bread w poopy seeds on them I live w someone who smokes weed but I stay in my room away from it and it’s the first time I’ve dropped dirty I was court ordered to do drug drops but I past all my drops for 4 months and now this

  • kingo fassholes

    It all sounds like a CROCK to me. People were crapping themselves when companies and parents were targeted by the TV ads and started ordering the FOS Tests.
    Then all of THAT testing STOPPED. Funny thing, EVERY Ad stopped too.
    An AMAZING kawinkidink? I don’t think so.

    I’ve has some guys working with me and they’d tell me about their Probation Officers. How some of these guys Demand they let them into their home to Look it Over. If it ain’t a Court Order, you don’t have to let them in. I’ve had the displeasure of having to talk to some of those clowns. They’re biggest mistake, ORDERING me to do ANYTHING. They like to threaten with Court. I’d tell them to go right ahead. I’m paid to do my Job, NOT Theirs.

    You get some Wanna Be a Cop, but CAN’T, because their Psych Evaluation came back showing EXACTLY how they’re an Unstable Megalomaniac. The only jobs they’re fit for is Prison Guard, Probation, or Schoolyard Bully.
    I believe the Butt-Biscuits ordering the “Tests” are (Doing Nothing More Than) Playing the Odds. If a person is of a certain Age, Background, Ethnicity and/or etc. Said Person’s WILL Test will come back Dirty(?).

    IF someone could afford to have the exact same Test done on them self WITHOUT giving ANY other Info, the Test would come back very different.

    It would be funny to send someone else’s hair. Just don’t send Animal. Unless, it’s Ape.
    What’s next, Testing the Toenails?

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    Failed a hair test for Marijuana once, hadn’t had Marijuana in like 4 years and my hair was only a couple inches long. Hair testing is a crock.

  • Marcus T Allen Sr.

    Do this test come back positive if you been around weed smoke? I don’t smoke but I was around it?

    • Anonymous

      No it does not

  • Anonymous

    Okay so I signed up just to post our situation my husband was changing jobs, and he was smoking a bowl of green once a day after work only. And maybe one week out of each month from January to June and stopped. He took a hair follicle test, and they are supposed to take it from his head but his uncle cut his hair and messed it up. So when he went to take the drug test they shaved his leg and this was in November and He passed! Yay! Thanks to God! That taught us a lesson and he does not want to do that no more. He got a pipeline operator position so it’s not worth risking a great pay 😊

  • Dave Hummel

    Anyone else think this would be a great forum to meet partyers?

  • dB Cooper

    Took a few hits and passed with about 80 days of not smoking. A few hits shouldnt be an issue.