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Hair DNA Test

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Hair DNA testing is offered as an alternative to testing DNA using a cheek swab. While a cheek swab is a preferred method for conducting a DNA test, such as a paternity test, it is possible to use other specimens, such as hair follicles, when one of the parties is not available to get a cheek swab. Because the hair specimens are collected at home, the results of hair follicle DNA tests cannot be used in court. At least six to ten strands of hair with the follicles intact are required for us to extract enough viable DNA for this test. The other party will be receive a home DNA test kit and will provide cheek swabs. Register online or call (888) 378-2499.

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Hair DNA Testing Options

Hair DNA Test
DNA from hair follicles can be compared to another person's cheek swabs to determine if there is a relationship. This service is typically ordered if one of the parties is not available to get a cheek swab, such as if the person is out of the country. A family member can mail the hair specimen to the party that is in this country. Register Now
Fingernails DNA Test
DNA from fingernails can be compared to another individual's cheek swab to determine if there is a relationship. Register Now
Home Paternity Test
Home Paternity Tests are considered "peace of mind" DNA tests. In other words, it allows you to get the answer to a question about a relationship, but the results can not be used in court. Register Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get DNA from hair?

In the majority of cases, we are able to extract viable DNA if the hair sample was collected correctly. However, despite the high success rate, hair DNA testing is not the recommended method of testing because it is not guaranteed to be viable. Cheek swab DNA testing is recommended and less expensive if the person is available to complete the test.

How much does a Hair DNA Test cost?

The cost of our hair DNA test is $575.

Can I use Hair DNA Test results for court?

No, these test results are for your own information for peace of mind purposes only. If you need legal DNA test results, Health Street offers a variety of legal testing options.

What are the requirements for hair samples?

To conduct a hair strand DNA test, we require at least 6 to 10 strands of hair with the follicles (roots) intact. We will mail you a kit to collect a cheek swab from the second party for DNA comparison. After we have received both DNA samples, we can compare them to determine if the two people are related. It's important to note that while cheek swabs guarantee viable DNA, hair strands may not always contain viable DNA. Extraction success rates range from 80-90%, and if the hair sample does not have viable DNA, results cannot be provided.

About Our Hair DNA Test

Hair Follicle DNA Test

In order to conduct a hair strand DNA test, we will need at least 6 to 10 strands with the hair follicles (roots) intact. In order to compare this person's DNA to a second party (for example, to determine paternity or another relationship), we will mail you a kit to collect a cheek swab.

Once we receive the DNA sample from each party, we will compare the DNA from the hair with the DNA from the cheek swab to see if the two parties are related. Cheek swabs are guaranteed to contain viable DNA; however, hair strands are not. We typically can extract the DNA in 80-90% of cases. If you order this test, and the hair turns out to not have viable DNA, you will not get results. Keep in mind that there are no refunds because the attempt to extract the DNA from the hair is considered a used service.

Other DNA Specimens

If you don't have viable hair follicles and conducting cheek swabs is unrealistic, there are a variety of other Unusual DNA Specimens that we can test, including fingernails, teeth, garment stains, and more.

Why Choose Health Street

There are many reasons why Health Street should be your choice for this type of genetic testing.

You can order online — it's fast and easy.
Choose from more than 10,000 licensed clinics conveniently located across the U.S.
Genetic sample collection is handled by professional technicians.
We have more than a decade of expertise with DNA relationship testing.
Our legal DNA testing provides a high level of accuracy that's admissible in court.
Our home DNA test kits are highly accurate and can provide a peace of mind.
We send your DNA testing results securely by email and U.S. mail.
We provide personalized customer service and can answer any questions you may have.

Health Street is your premier resource for genetic relationship testing. In addition to sample collection with cheek swabs, we can also work with other materials, such as fabric, teeth and hair.

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