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Hair DNA Test

While a cheek swab is a preferred method for conducting a DNA test, such as a paternity test, it is possible to use other specimens such as hair follicles when one of the parties is not available. This service is typically ordered if one of the parties is outside of the United States, and a family member mails hair to the party that is in this country. Results of a hair strand DNA tests cannot be used in court, so if legally binding results are required, please opt for the legal DNA test, which requires an in-clinic specimen.

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Hair Follicle DNA Paternity Test

In order to conduct a hair strand  DNA test, we will need at least 6 to 10 strands with the hair follicles (roots) intact. If comparing this person’s DNA to a second party (for example, to determine paternity or another relationship), the other party will need to do a cheek swab on himself/herself. We can mail you the kit for the cheek swab. Then, we will compare the DNA from the hair with the DNA from the cheek swab to see if the two parties are related. Cheek swabs are guaranteed to contain viable DNA; however, hair strands are not. We typically can extract the DNA in 80-90% of cases. If you order this test, and the hair turns out to not have viable DNA, you will not get results. Keep in mind that there are no refunds because the attempt to extract the DNA from the hair is considered a used service. Nevertheless, if the hair is not viable, you will receive 50% off the next attempt.

Other DNA Specimens

If you don't have viable hair follicles and conducting cheek swabs is unrealistic, there are a variety of other Unusual DNA Specimens that we can test, including fingernails, teeth, garment stains, and more.

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3 Ratings
5.0 out of 5 stars.
Hair DNA Test
By yahia abdo on June 28, 2021
Great job
Hair DNA Test
By Karen Rodgers on January 17, 2019
Very quick results. Paternity dna test. Lewis(sp) was very helpful in helping me decide which test to order. Very nice I used your web site to contact you.
Hair DNA Test
By Severino Vega on August 2, 2018
Great services!

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