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Avuncular (Aunt/Uncle) DNA Test

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Health Street’s Aunt or Uncle (Avuncular) DNA Test determines if a person is the nephew or niece of someone else. This aunt/uncle DNA test is frequently ordered in lieu of a paternity test when the alleged father cannot or will not be tested. In most cases, a third relative is required to get a statistically significant result on an avuncular DNA test. This can be the mother of the child, another sibling of the alleged father, or another known child of his.

An appointment is required for the legal avuncular DNA test. Tell us when and where you wish to test, and let us know if the parties will test together, at the same clinic and at the same time, or separately at different clinics and/or at different times. We’ll send you an email with your appointment information. If the times or locations scheduled in your appointment letter don’t work for you, we’ll make changes at no charge. Adults should bring photo ID. For kids, please have a birth certificate, social security card, or (for newborns) hospital discharge papers. Register online or call (888) 378-2499.

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I had dna testing and it was done very professionally and quickly. Thank you for your help!
Annie Thornberry
Customer service was friendly and efficient, they answered our questions and got us in quickly.
Tara ezell
Somewhat confusing system but Cecelia took the time to get everything set up for me thanks to everyone else for answering my questions also about DNA testing
Earla R Horstman
Having swabs done was great, but I’m still waiting for results. I was told one week. It’s been way more.
Sherry Batya
Excellent service, from placing order to having testing done. Had DNA testing done to have child’s birth certificate corrected. Father passed away three months before her birth, so brother of deceased father had testing done for the child.
Sherry Batya
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Avuncular (Aunt/Uncle) DNA Test Options

Avuncular (Aunt/Uncle) DNA Tests
Health Street’s Aunt or Uncle (Avuncular) DNA Test determines if one person is the niece or nephew of the other. This test is commonly ordered in lieu of a paternity test when the possible father is not available. Find Clinic Now
At-Home Avuncular DNA Test
If the results of this Avuncular DNA test are needed just for a “peace of mind,” this is a great home testing option. Find Clinic Now
Legal Paternity Test
If the father is available for testing, it’s best to choose the legal paternity test. Find Clinic Now
Home Paternity Test
Home Paternity Tests allow you to confirm if someone is the father of a child. Home DNA tests can not be used in court. Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How Costly is Aunt / Uncle DNA Testing?

At Health Street, our avuncular DNA test cost is $450.00. Additional parties may be required to get statistically significant results, and these parties can be added for $100 each. Results are admissible for legal purposes.

Attention NY Residents: A doctor’s prescription is required for all DNA tests; additional lab fees must be paid directly to the lab.

Who Determines the Results of My Test?

Our lab examines 21 genetic markers from the DNA samples that the parties provide. A statistical analysis is performed which determines the likelihood that the people are related. In an avuncular test, the likelihood of a niece or nephew relationship may or may not be conclusive, depending on the number of parties tested and the closeness of their existing relationships.

When Will I Get My Results?

After a technician takes a DNA sample using a cheek swab at one of our labs, it usually takes about one to two weeks to receive your avuncular DNA test results. We will send you the signed lab report by email, and then the official hard copy is sent by U.S. mail, which you should receive in an additional week or two.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Clinic?

Adults taking an avuncular DNA test should bring their photo ID. For kids taking the test, a parent or legal guardian should bring them in with their birth certificate or social security card. For newborns, we accept hospital discharge papers.

About Our Avuncular (Aunt/Uncle) DNA Test

What Avuncular Testing is Used For

Avuncular DNA testing compares a child’s DNA with the DNA of another person to determine how likely it is that they are the child’s biological aunt or uncle. Confirming an aunt or uncle relationship helps to determine paternity if the father isn’t available.

Why Get an Avuncular DNA Test

There are instances where, because a key individual is unavailable, avuncular DNA testing can provide answers that would otherwise be difficult to come by.

This includes the following situations:

A paternity test is needed for legal purposes, but the alleged father is incarcerated, deceased, otherwise unavailable or unwilling to submit to a DNA test. In this case a brother or sister can stand in for him, and the results will imply or exclude a biological relationship with the potential father.
A sibling study is desired, maybe for an inheritance case, but one of the possible siblings cannot be tested, so this can be used instead. In this instance, a DNA sample from his or her child is compared to other possible siblings to verify any genes in common and determine if they are related.

Legal DNA tests differ from home tests in that the test results from legal tests are court-admissible, whereas at-home collection kit results are not.

How to Schedule a Test

We require an appointment for avuncular DNA testing, but we offer flexibility in scheduling. Even so, you should book early for your choice of appointment time.

Here’s how to schedule your test:

Order Your Test. Order here and schedule your DNA test online and indicate your location and time preferences, or call us to schedule it for you and make your payment over the phone.
Select the Time and Place. When you select the time and place where you wish to have your DNA test, let us know if the participants will be testing together at the same facility at the same time. They can also be tested in the same clinic at different times, or at different locations.
Get Email Confirmation. Upon ordering your DNA test, you will receive an email confirmation with information about your appointment.

Make Changes at No Charge. If you need to change the times or locations for your tests, we’re happy to make the changes for you, free of charge.

Why Choose Health Street

Why order your aunt / uncle DNA test from us? We are experts in DNA relationship testing that can help answer questions for legal purposes or for your peace of mind.

Benefits of our DNA testing services include:

Easy online or by-phone ordering
Personalized customer service
More than 5,000 nationwide clinics to choose from
Affordable price
Fast, secure test results

Contact us for more information about our relationship testing services and order your avuncular test from Health Street today!

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