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Biometric Screening for Employers (Blood Testing)

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If your company is considering a workplace wellness program, diagnostic blood tests and biometric screenings for employees are usually a part of that. Having information about one’s health issues can encourage someone to improve their lifestyle in ways that benefit them personally and professionally. Comprehensive blood tests can alert them to risk factors or a potentially serious medical condition. Since a healthier worker is more productive, a biometric screening and blood test will also help your business. This makes it a worthwhile investment. Offering your employees, a wellness program shows your concern for their wellbeing.

Health Street is your partner in workplace wellness. We offer several diagnostic blood tests and biometric health screenings. Blood testing includes Complete Blood Count (CBC), Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Lipid Profile, and Lipid Profile plus Glucose. In a basic biometric health screening, a person’s height, weight and blood pressure is measured. The exam might also include checks of body mass index (BMI), blood sugar, blood cholesterol and aerobic fitness.

What is a Biometric Screening for Employers?

A biometric screening is a measurement of a person’s physical characteristics that can be used as part of a health assessment in the workplace to set a benchmark and evaluate changes in a worker’s health status over the course of employment.

Health and Wellness Benefits for Your Company

With an employee wellness program, there are several benefits for employers. If the team member receives important information that leads to lifestyle changes and improved health and wellbeing, health screenings can reduce a worker’s sick days and enhance their productivity. A healthier employee is also a happier one, which could lead to greater job satisfaction and less turnover.

Biometric Screening Information for Your Employees

If you are introducing wellness initiatives into your company, your staff may have questions about biometric screenings and blood tests, especially whether they are required to participate. Along with health assessments, it is important to provide access to health education and to be clear about why employee health is important and how taking part in your wellness program can benefit them. For example, certain health issues can be prevented through early detection.

Your workers may want to know the following:

Can My Employer Require Biometric Screening?

No, they cannot. Per ADA rules, an employee cannot be required to take a medical exam, unless it is “job related and consistent with business necessity.” It must relate to your ability to perform your job or there must be a medical condition that poses a threat in the workplace.

What is Involved in a Biometric Exam?

As part of your screening, there will be a blood draw by a licensed clinician, so that they can measure your glucose level, cholesterol, and triglycerides. They will take your blood pressure and record your weight, height, and BMI measurements.

Will My Medical Information Be Kept Private?

Under HIPAA rules, you must give prior consent before your employer can request your medical data from a healthcare provider or clinic. Any screening results are referred to as your Protected Health Information (PHI), which is protected under U.S. law.

Blood Tests, Biometric Screenings and ADA Regulations

It is important to know that an employee cannot be required to take part in your wellness services or submit to health screenings that do not directly relate to their ability to perform their job duties. Though it cannot be mandated, as an employer, you can offer an incentive for your employees to participate.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) outlines the requirements for corporate wellness programs and obtaining employee health information as per Title I of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). As an employer, you may inquire about a staff member’s health and do medical examinations, provided that it is part of a voluntary workplace health program.

The StaffGlass Solution for Biometric Screenings and Employee Wellness

One major advantage for our business clients is the ability to use our proprietary software to fully manage your company’s worker health exams. StaffGlass makes it easy to order, schedule, track and view the results of blood tests and biometric screenings, from the secure dashboard. This is just part of an integrated recruitment and onboarding platform.

In addition to being able to do remote ID verification and perform background checks, you can order drug and alcohol tests, blood tests and biometric health screenings and other health services. An applicant’s record becomes their employee record when hired, so that you can continue to order periodic tests and occupational health assessments as part of a complete health and wellness program.

Health Street and StaffGlass benefits include:

Employee Convenience – More than 10,000 nationwide clinics to choose from.
Safe, Fast and Accurate Testing – Exams are performed at licensed facilities.
Wide Range of Health Screening Services – Choose from employment physicals, antibody tests, vision and hearing tests, and more.
Streamline Exam Scheduling and Results – Order directly from the platform, track status of tests and view results securely from the dashboard.
Integrated Solution for Hiring and Onboarding – Combines identity verification, background checks, occupational health screenings, drug tests, e-sign document management and an applicant tracking system.
Web-Based, Mobile-Friendly and Accessible – The platform can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. No hardware or software is required.
Single Applicant/Employee Record – Eliminates data entry errors and unnecessary duplication. Everyone in your office accesses the same information that’s always up-to-date.
Advanced Security and Data Protection – Sensitive employee health data is protected by the latest encryption technology and data management best practices.

Contact Health Street today to become a business client. We will help you set up a health screening program and show you how to more easily manage your health and wellness initiatives, for healthier, happier employees.


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