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API For Developers

Human Resources Information Systems are often fragmented, and HR professionals typically rely on multiple softwares with a variety of specialized functions to be able to fully manage their applicant and employee data and services. The downside is that there is frequent duplication of effort and data, and it can result in quality issues and human errors. API's are a great way to reduce duplication across various systems and harness the innate functionality of software applications in the way in which your company can best utilize them.

If your company has the technical expertise to take advantage of such integrations, Health Street offers a modern API with a series of endpoints that allow you to perform virtually any function within another system. Whether the system you wish to integrate with Health Street is your own custom system or another SAAS provider, please browse our documentation to understand more about what you can achieve via our API. If you wish to explore it further, contact us for sandbox credentials. We're happy to work with developers to help customize integrations as well!

How do I get access to test the Health Street API?

We offer standard and custom integrations to our REST API. If you would like to obtain credentials or speak to us about a custom implementation, contact our tech team and let us know a little bit about how you would envision using the API.

How much does it cost to access your API?

Health Street's API is currently free of charge. However, if you wish us to set up a custom integration, a fee would be agreed to in advance based on the amount of development work we would require to adapt to your specific needs.

What services can I integrate with the Health Street API?

Health Street's REST API allows a company to easily register for drug tests and background screening services from within their own applications. For example, if you have a database that has all of your applicant information, you can send a request for a drug test authorization directly to our endpoint, and receive back an authorization code, a Base 64 encoded barcode, clinic information like address and hours, and anything else you need for the purpose of utilizing the drug testing service.