How to beat a drug test - what works and what is pure myth

How to Beat a Drug Test

Before buying a detox cleanse, if you want to beat a drug test, learn what works and what is pure myth.
Jared Rosenthal
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Urban legends abound about how to beat a drug test. Today, so many products and websites are ready to pocket your money by persuading you that they have the secret sauce to help you magically test negative. Users who desperately need a negative test result in order to get a job (or to stay out of prison, or to maintain visitation rights to the kids) are understandably easy prey for these modern day snake oil purveyors. The products have alluring names like, “Definite Detox,” “Assured Cleanse,” and “Total Guardian.” The fact is, drug testing myths remain some of the most widely believed fantasies, even among highly educated people and professional companies. What is it about drug testing that causes intelligent people to think preposterous notions are true, without ever checking the facts?

The GNC Flush

Ok, let’s get right to my favorite myth. I hear it all the time from otherwise smart adults when I tell them I do drug testing for a living. They always come back at me with, “Can’t you just buy one of those drinks at GNC and beat the test?”

Oh yeah, because GNC is known for accurate statements on its products, and they always work exactly as promised. Want more energy, better sleep, bigger muscles, and a trim belly? Just drink this shake! Never mind that the FDA doesn’t approve any of it, nor does the science ever bear it out. Never mind that if the advertised benefits of GNC products were always true, the whole nation would be slim, muscular, and bounding with unlimited energy. The only thing I don’t understand is why none of these guys are ever sued for false advertising. If you want to beat a drug test, you would do just as well to buy a magic potion.

When it comes to the drug testing flushes, washes, cleanses, or whatever marketing crap name they want to call it – it’s hogwash, mere fantasy, and plain old bull. Instead of taking a GNC flush, try this for equal chance of success: take your money and light it on fire. I guarantee that if you don’t beat the test, at least you’ll get a little warmth.


If you’re slick enough to sneak in some bleach to the bathroom with you when you go for a drug test, or the testing company is dumb enough to leave some cleaning agents in the bathroom, you might consider slipping some into your sample to oxidize the drugs. Hydrogen Peroxide works, too. Perfect system, right?

Wrong. We test for adulterants. Not a good idea at all. Next!

What drugs can be detected in a drug test?

Pretty much any drug can be detected. Cocaine, marijuana, heroin, speed, opiates, oxycontin. And also, ecstasy, molly, bath salts, suboxone, benzo’s, and more. These are some of the most common tests:

Second hand smoke

Second only to the excuse of, “My dog ate my homework,” is the well worn lie of, “I didn’t smoke, I was at a party where people were smoking.” How do I know that this is always a lie? Because your body can’t produce the metabolites that are detected in a drug test for unless you actually ingested the drug. That’s true for a hair test or a urine test. Having the smoky smell of marijuana in your hair doesn’t mean the drug is in your hair. Think about it: if you get a BBQ smell in your hair when you pass the shish kebob man on the street, does that mean you have shish kebob in your hair?

The Whizzinator

Mike Tyson recently bragged about using the Whizzinator to beat drug tests throughout his career. It’s a nifty tool. A jockstrap with a prosthetic, and a heating device on the hip to hold clean urine and keep it warm. The problem is, the brilliant makers of this device also had a knack for boastfulness, advertising online that it could be used to be a DOT drug test. The feds were not pleased. When a truck driver killed a child while under the influence of drugs, despite him having passed a recent drug test, it came to light that he beat the test by using the Whizzinator.

Ultimately, the manufacturers of this device went to jail, and production was shut down. DOT changed all their regs for “observed” testing – the kind of testing where a collector has to actually watch you pee. Prior to this, the collector only had to watch the pee coming out of the body and into the cup. And the Whizzinator, which fit over the man’s real penis, and apparently came in a variety of colors and sizes, was impossible to recognize. Since then, at every observed DOT drug test, the donor must drop his pants to his knees, raise his shirt above the navel, and do a 360 degree turn. This seemingly unbelievable practice has survived various court challenges. The feds are not playing around when it comes to safety, and their commitment to get drug users off the road, the rails, and the sky.

If you’re not a professional athlete, truck driver, or pilot, you might still get away with using the Whizz. But then, it’s been years since they were made, so good luck with that…

The best way to beat a drug test

Don’t use drugs. Plain and simple. Works every time. Free. Easy to understand. And, no hangovers.

But if you did use marijuana, and you have a drug test coming up, you should read this infographic about How Long Marijuana Lasts in Your System.

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  • c.a.

    I’m really confused. I’m in a contentious divorce (not that many aren’t), and am prescribed two benzodiazepines by my physician – one for general anxiety and the other for sleep. I take less than what is prescribed (although, as trial soon approaches, my anxiety had been high and I have taken the general anxiety medication more regularly) . I am supposed to get a quantitative drug test done, and it sounds like it will be hair follicle testing.

    As stated, by no means am I exceeding the prescribed amounts of Benzodiazepines. But, my ex has made so many allegations that I abuse my meds that I am terrified to take this test.

    Can hair testing be truly quantitative on a prescribed medication that is not abused? It would seem to me that I would have to be massively exceeding my prescribed dose for substantial amounts to show up. Obviously, there are benzodiazepines in my body, as I take them. I have scoured the Internet, looking for an answer regarding quantitative testing and hair testing, and have surprisingly come up empty handed. Any insight would appreciated. Thank you.

    • jared

      Yes hair testing yields a quantitative result, if non negative. That means we can tell the amount of drugs in the hair. It’s expressed as a ratio, for example, 1 picogram of benzodiazepines per milligram of hair. There is a cutoff level for all drugs, and it varies depending on the drug. So, to avoid false positives, you have to have more than a certain amount of the drug in your system to trigger a confirmation test. Trace amounts are considered negative.

      Now, onto your issue of prescribed medications. IF you have a valid prescription and you are not exceeding the dosage recommended, then our MRO (a doctor) will call it a negative. Nobody will see the quantity except for the doctor. It won’t show on the report for a negative.

      • c.a.

        Thank you so much; this puts my mind at ease (valid prescriptions for both meds). Thank you again. You truly are providing a public service by responding to these inquiries.

        c. a.

        • jared

          How did the test work out?

          • c.a.

            It didn’t, but you have given me assurance that, should somebody decide to request one again, I will pass. He reneged on the request when I agreed to pay half. Pretty comical. Thank you again for your wealth of information!

  • mitch

    How much cocsine has to be consumed to have a positive hair drug test

    • jared

      Hair testing doesn’t pick up a single usage. Typically, you need to use multiple times in a 90 day period for a hair test to come back positive. That said, everyone varies in their metabolism, speed of hair growth, etc. It also matters how much cocaine (or marijuana, or whatever) you consume, even if it’s just once. Does that help?

      • KennyRedd86

        Is it true that marijuana stays in your hair longer the darker your hair is ? Also do employers really go back 6 months on a hair test ?

        • jared

          Hair tests are generally 90 days, but some labs say body hair can reveal up to 1 year. If you have head hair, then it only goes back 3 months as a standard. That’s an inch and a half of hair.

        • jared

          And the color of the hair has absolutely nothing to do with how long the drugs stay in your hair.

  • Jason

    If you’ve done one klonopin and one suboxone over a month ago and you still have a month left til the test and if you shaved your body and let it grow back would it still show up as a positive?

    • jared

      Klonopin is a benzodiazepine, so that would only show up in a 9 panel or greater. Urine tests go back about a week for benzo’s, hair tests go back 90 days but one pill won’t show up. Suboxone isn’t normally tested in a hair test or a urine test; that would typically only get tested in special orders (like if someone knew you had a problem with suboxone, or a clinician who was monitoring your use of it). Any other questions?

      • Jason

        Should I stay away from detox shampoos and stuff

        • jared

          Yes. They are nonsense. And furthermore, if you contaminate your own hair, the lab could identify it as an attempt to adulterate the specimen.

          • Ashley

            What about bleaching

      • Anonymous

        I know I’m going to be taking a drug test in about a month or so from now. I’ve used coke and Xanax today. It was like half an 8 ball in coke and Xanax almost regularly. How long would it take to be clean in a urine test.

        • jared

          Drugs (other than THC) typically stay in the urine for about a week.

      • Marti Ferguson

        Hey u sound like u know what u r talking about so I have a serious problem and question… My Husband has to see his Parole Officer for a random drug test and he has benzo cocaine and opiats n his system…he is on suboxen and they r aware that he has a script for it so thats cool but we had a situation come up that stressed him out and he relapsed. He has to see his P.O. tomorrow and all that is in his system. I need a miracle drink or what?? to get this outta his system…..I dnt know exactly what test they use at the P.O. office but I think its a 16 panel. HELP IM FREAKING OUT!!! He has done soooo good for almost a yr and he messed up but this cld cause him to violate and go to prison to finish his sentence! He has been out on Parole for 5yrs and NEVER violated. He is the ONLY Provider for me and our 2 children cause I am Disabled and cant work….I am soo scared that he may violate and I really need to know what to do to get it outta his system????? WHAT CAN WE USE??

  • Jason

    What panel test do trucking companies use?

  • Jason

    I fear that someone spiked my drink the other night with 1 tablet of morphine. I didn’t drink the whole thing will that show up on a hair test?

    • jared

      Highly unlikely. But you need to hang out with different people. Why would someone put morphine in your drink? That’s not a normal thing, even for date rapists. They would use a benzo like roofies or GHB. What’s your reason for thinking it was morphine?

  • Rach998

    I have a hair test tomorrow. I have not used any drugs, but back in January for about 2 weeks we smoked some of that legal incense, spice, k2, whatever you wanna call it. This was stupid and I don’t think recommend it! I know that won’t show up, but we smoked out of an old weed bowl. It hadn’t been used in forever and my boyfriend had scraped all the resin out when he was desperate. I mean he scraped the crap out of it. Is it possible I could test positive on this hair test for the tiny amounts of the that could have been left? This bowl was clear again to the point he couldn’t get any more resin out. But I’m so worried since we smoked that k2 out of it im going to fail. We smoked several times a day out of it for about 1 1/2-2 weeks. I’m thinking since theree was literally no resin in it, I should be ok, but the repeated use for 2 weeks is what’s making me nervous. Please help!

  • Rach998

    Also what about ambien or phentermine? I havea script for ambien and I got the diet pills from a diet clinic. Nota Prescription from a Walgreens, they fill it in the clinic with your name and info on the label. Could that show as something els, and if it does show since it came from a diet clinic with my name on it, I’m in them clear right?

  • Girl123

    Hey dude,
    I’m a female and about 215. Overweight definitely. I smoke everyday. I have a drug test for work in maybe a month and a half. I just found out so haven’t smoked today and don’t plan on it until everything is taken care of. What are my odds? I know to drink water gonna be exercising and eating clean. What is my best option?

  • christa

    My boyfriend has a job interview tomorrow he has hhad a problem with smoking pcp the last several months… He sstopped last month but unforuntately smoked 5days ago and again 2days ago… This is all assuming he gets the job and goes for a urine…but how long does pcp typically stay in your system and is there any thing he could do to pass?

  • J-Brown

    I’ve passed 5 test using the GNC cleanse. Maybe some people don’t do it right.. 2 caps 3 bottled waters 3-4 hours before the test.. Must take test within 4 hours or it won’t work.

    • Maritza

      J brown what product did you used?

    • Brittney

      What detox did you use?

    • beensee

      What one?

  • Dick M

    I have had chronic back pain from a motorcycle crash for the past 15yrs. I was on pain meds but stopped taking them 6yrs ago. I had a huge flare up with spasms this past weekend and was completely immobilized yesterday. I have taken 3 doses of Acetaminophen/Codeine #3…one at 6pm yesterday, one at 10pm yesterday, and one at 7am this morning. My luck is the worst in the world, I was just informed I have a random urine test tomorrow. With decent water and food intake and excretion, any chance of passing? I am 6ft 235lbs and 45yrs old. If not, how long until I can safely test? Thank you for your help.

  • Jason

    Hey Jared if you share a drink with someone who has smoked pot or anything can that get into your hair or do you have to actually ingest the drug?

  • disqus_my3k3bTtRf

    1.GNC Detox drinks DO work if you have a lower toxin exposure. They allow you to drink enough water to dilute the metabolites without you showing up as ‘diluted’ (by adding protien, color, and creatine to the urine). They don’t work 100% of the time, but usually do for light smokers. 2. the color of your hair DOES have to do with how long metabolites bind to your hair, contrary to what another commenter said.

  • Damon Wright

    Would a summer job use a five panel drug screen? I have a drug test in 7 days and the last time I smoked was 2 days ago meaning that I would be clean for 9 days. BUT I took 4 Adderall pills over the last week and I’m nervous that they’ll show up in the test. I’m 160 6’2 with a fast metabolism. Is there any hope? My summer job is like a mentoring thing under mdot (Michigan department of transportation)

  • Lex Monroe

    Desperate. Here is my situation. Weight 220…african american/caucasian decent.. dark brown hair.. shoulder length..kinky curls. I smoked the good good onba daily basis..for over a year. At least 3 blunts a day. i found out exactly one week ago i had a hair test coming up In less than two weeks. I havent smoked at all in 4days..the first 3days i cut back tremendously to about 3hits a day then was able to stop completely. I have done a relaxer treatment (chemically straightening) on my hair and have been doing vinegar, salyctic acid 3% and tide washings twice a day. I have everything from lemon juice..rosemary..baking soda..every home remedy out there except bleach. i am ordering a shampoo…NOT a masker. im trying to get my test for a week from now (05/08) and im very deserpate to know my chances of passing. Im going to do all the home treatments before the shampoo..just having a hard time deciding which one will work best for me! I have money to spend..just dont want to waste it. please help me…im desperate for any advice! And yes…i know i shoukdve stopped completely the day i found out…was just hard for me due to my addictive personality…i dont do ANY other drugs. I also bought niacin pills…green tea fat burners and have started sweating (cardio). Please help!!!!


    what do I buy to pass a 11 panel parole urine drug test

    • Nikolai Kalinovski

      A plane ticket to Mexico

      • james bond

        lmao, awesome

  • Gdogg

    I just took a home 5 panel urine test kit and tested positive for everything except for Weed and I had a drag on a joint last Saturday. I used some cocaine on 6 June. What can I do to cleanse my system?

    • Stephen southard

      How did you achieve that. I haven’t smoked in bout 2 weeks need to test neg for thc but not my prescribed xanax

  • drug lord

    Smoke weed everyday the gnc does work you jackass prick it did for me you pussy ass bitch drug testing fagot

    • parker

      Hey friend, Jan 1 my company has begun drug testing employees, we are a small company and many others like myself are just weekend partiers, trying to find easiest way to pass the test, any advice much appreciated

    • Alex

      what kind of gnc product worked for you?

  • Coolbreeze

    See an answer like this just pisses me off because you say just don’t do drugs, if anyone is online searching for how to pass a drug test it is clearly too late ahd the drugs are done already and now they are online searching for a way to pass it. I seriously doubt anyone would be Looking for a way to pass if they were clean

    • Yosemite Sam I Am

      Agreed! What a stupid article.

    • frank1984

      yep, no real help, A friend told me to use Certoclear, was wondering if it worked for anyone else

  • Reverend Veritas

    I’ve used the 2-day green slush detox mix from GNC three times before with 3/3 success. I used to smoke all day every day, and when I had to UA for job tests I’d throw down $40 for the two bottle kit and pass, so I guess it isn’t total snake oil.

    • CJ

      what is it called

  • Lauren

    So I took an Adderall today. I used to be prescribed to them years ago and it was one of mine I took, stupidly. I don’t have my prescription anymore nor can I get in touch with the doctor who prescribed them to me! I’m worried my color is going to get called tomorrow and it’s going to show up as Amphetamines on my test! What can I do!?

  • Nikolai Kalinovski

    Aren’t you guys just like the opposite end of the spectrum compared to those guys who sell the Detox drinks? Like really, who would pay $75 for a five panel strip test? The real going rate for that is only around $15!

  • Marilyn starr

    I need to know what to buy to clean my system

  • Stephen southard

    How can i rid body of thc but not benzos

  • Stephen southard

    I have test in morning Haven’t smoked for two weeks. I’m prescribed xanax and need it to remain. Please help as I’ve got alot riding on this in the a.m.

  • Velocet 8

    You’re either completely wrong or just misunderstanding basic concepts for most of your points.

    1 – The “GNC drinks” aren’t meant to make you test negative, they are meant to spike your system with creatine, electrolytes, etc so that you can safely drink several gallons of water without the fear of hyperhydrosis or having a low creatine count in your urine which would be a giveaway. This is called the “DILUTION METHOD”, and it does work most of the time when it is done correctly. Your point about “GNC drinks” not beating drug tests would be valid, IF they were meant to…but they aren’t. They are meant to assist you in using the dilution method to beat drug tests, which they do successfully. Most smart people just take a creatine supplement or eat lots of red meat, and then drink gatorade in addition to their water….rather than waste money on overpriced drinks that do the same thing. Anyways…you’re wrong about the “GNC drinks” because you don’t understand the basics of how they contribute to beating a drug test.

    2 – Adulterants. Yes, destructive adulterants (like bleach) are tested for. Other adulterants, like Aspirin, are not. Aspirin ingested in high but safe dosages combined with small amounts of powdered aspirin added directly to the sample will help block the panel screen. For most drug tests, a negative panel will be sufficient. GC-MS testing will not be blocked by Aspirin adulterants, but if you can beat the panel screening then GC-MS will likely not ever be used. It’s not sure fire but it can work for some and it is undetectable because nobody tests for aspirin adulteration. So you’re right about bleach, but that isn’t the whole story of adulterants.

    3 – The whizzinator. The whizzinator is generally for morons, but synthetic urine and powdered urine DOES work to beat an unobserved drug test, and using a whizzinator might be easier than using the condom method. You incorrectly assume that people use the whizzinator to beat an observed test. They don’t. They use it to beat unobserved tests, and newsflash my friend, 90% of all drug tests are unobserved. Observed testing generally only happens in law enforcement, military, and rarely in medical work. Nobody that is getting a drug test for Walmart, Lowe’s, grocery stores, teaching, daycare, etc is being observed. That just never happens for many legal and ethical reasons. So, for the vast majority of people, using a whizzinator might be completely legit and serve a purpose. At any rate, the synthetic or powdered urine is what beats the test, so in an unobserved test the delivery method is irrelevant.

    4- Second hand weed smoke absolutely can and does create traces of metabolites in GC-MS testing, and even in panel screens in extreme cases. You would know this except you don’t use a GC-MS in your converted food truck lab. Your point incorrectly assumes that the second hand smoke excuse is based on it sticking to your hair? People breathe second hand smoke…and that smoke metabolizes. This is why second hand tobacco smoke can cause cancer. Do you even science, bro?

    5 – Poppy seed ingestion absolutely DOES create a false positive for opioids in drug testing. Ask any plasma donation center, they’ll tell you. They even mention it on the forms you sign to donate plasma. Anyone can Google “do poppy seeds cause false positives” and find confirmation from the ASDA, NIDA, and Snopes that prove that you’re wrong. How embarrassing for you.

    5 – You don’t “do drug testing for a living” and hear people’s excuses about second hand smoke etc. After a drug test, people don’t speak to the testing lab workers. With your little food truck wannabe testing lab reality show whatever, you might feature people making excuses, but real labs don’t ever hear them, and people don’t need to give excuses except for in a court setting. If a negative test prevents someone from getting a job, they don’t have a discussion about it, they just get a phone call telling them they don’t get the job. Labs report results directly to employers and there is never a conversation between the person tested and the lab workers or the employer regarding the results. This literally never happens. Your start-up self promotion is a fail, chief. You know nothing about this industry.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but based on this poorly researched and innacurate article I can only assume your mobile lab testing to be a joke as well. Leave the science to the people with actual medical degrees. Your healthcare administration degree clearly didn’t prepare you for laboratory diagnostic work OR research into health issues.

    • Roxyqueen


  • mark

    Go to amazon and get CertoClear, its a small green and white packet. Sh!t works like gang busters. I get randomly tested at work and passed with this stuff like 5x already.

    • Lol, I thought i was the only one that knew about that stuff. It works, I just order it from the certoclear site, you get free shipping

  • mark342w

    I passed with certoclear. the stuff from gnc, qcarb isnt that good anymore

  • Js4e

    I have had DOT test for the past five years and they have never watched me in the bathroom. You sound like you are so against marijuana! Get a persons clean piss. Make sure it temps hot enough and you are good to go. Stupid article is right!

  • Rachel

    Preemployment drug screen that I have to take before I start working in 4 days, female 105 lbs, smoke everyday good stuff but not a lot , already clean for 4 days , any suggestions, cannot fail!!

  • montanandontplay

    I have to piss neg for pot and posi for oxy as per my new pain contract. I have about 3 weeks to accomplish this. Mind you, I have been a smoker since the 1980’s and i have been smoking high THC content medical strains for the past several months.
    About 5 years ago I had a nicotine UA done to assess a surgical requirement and I used a commercially marketed nicotine cleanse that produced a neg UA in a week. I am wondering if THC can be removed from my system much the same as I did with the tar and nicotine from my cig habit?

    • montanandontplay

      UPDATE: I passed my test in 15 days using a commercial cleanse product. IDK if I am due to go back to the clinic ever because of the weirdness going on nowadays around here. If I obtain another script it,s always possible the pharmacist could just confiscate it and not give me anything.

  • Raimond_Rodriguez

    If my last use of Crack cocain was three days ago and I have a urine today on the third day will I be fine

  • Andrew Lopera

    I have a secret

    • Roxyqueen

      yeah what is it that your gay?

    • Roxyqueen

      from the looks of your pic it shouldnt be a secret/

  • Andrew Lopera

    Let me know if interested because idk if this is still up. But I had a few of my friends pass test and I mean like federal, etc. let me know

    • travis carlson

      How do u pass??? whats the secret

    • cortez evans


  • derp

    Terrible article! It’s implied that you have it in your system and are trying to beat it. Just awful. 0/5 no information on how to beat it

  • ronabby

    My boy passed with certoclear, I just ordered it and have a screening this monday. Ill get back at u with the results

    • Adam Dasharter

      Well since he never replied I take it he’s in jail.

  • mwhit1

    Certoclear worked for me 2

  • Srt

    Wow lol
    You spent a lot of time writing this article and a whooole lot of money on pay per click for this wittle hissy fit

  • John tschoepe

    I need somn to pass a probation swabb test n peroxide in mouth dont work.i really need this .im a single dad.n partied n i will loose everything i worked for for four years. Gnc is what i was told to find somn

  • mizzdee4u1

    I need help I’m getting test for alcohol that’s all I do I’m not worried about any other drugs but just alcohol I drank 2 days ago n drank a lot of water n took some pills that help clean me out n I’m gonna do that detox drink tomorrow morning b4 my test will I b good ….any comments are good

  • Marshall Posey

    Dude, article-writer, you’re an asshole. Abstinence is NOT realistic. Why don’t you write a HELPFUL article instead of making people read the entire thing only to find out that you’re a straight-edge douchebag?

  • Justin Fitts

    Total Eclispe Definite Detox is very effective IF you use it correctly! It is meant to cleanse your body of toxins NOT cover it up! I’ve read so many articles and comments from users saying it did not work for them. Mainly because they used it the same day of their drug test. That is not how it works. I’ve been using TEDD for over 8 years ( pre employment tests ) and have had nothing but success!
    Here is how you’re supposed to use the product:

    First, make sure you’ve been THC free for at least a week. ( a few days is fine depending on how frequently you smoke ) and drink plenty of water
    Second, have a somewhat empty stomach prior to taking the detox. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day beforehand as well.
    Third, take the 4 capsules with lots of water along with the concentrate that comes in the box. ( This part of the process is written on the side of the box. 32oz of water at a steady pace. Then wait roughly 15 minutes and drink an additional 16oz of water. ) Not too fast and not too slow. It can be a bit rough.
    Fourth, get ready to start urinating A LOT!
    From my experience, I start urinating frequently and my urine will be almost a bright looking yellow. After some time, still while going back and forth to the bathroom, it will likely switch gears on you and you will then be sitting on the toilet because it starts to come out of the other end. Basically diarrhea at that point. Keep in mind that you should still be drinking water because the more you pee the better!
    Fifth, I would give it roughly 5 to 7 hours of trips back and forth from the toilet. You will know once you’ve basically got out all of what’s inside of you that you needed to get out.
    Stay hydrated as much as you can. Until you decide to smoke again, you are now pretty much THC free!! It’s really all about how much time you give yourself to detox. Depending on your weight and metabolism of course.
    If your drug test is the next day then you should be just fine. I like to give it another full day of eating fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and staying away from toxins as much as I can help it. Just for reassurance. That 24 hours your body is still in a state of detoxification.
    And last but not least, when you’re taking your drug test, make sure to hit the specimen cup MID STREAM!

    I hope this helps!!

    • Mo-Jo

      I just purchased total eclipse definite detox maximum strength. I have a 5 panel screening in roughly 19 hours. Do you have any information on TEDD’s ability to remove toxins from substances other than THC? Such as amphetamines for example.

  • James Squier Sr.

    I took a employment screen with Rapid 5 panel + Methamphetamine and passed after LEGALLY using prescribed Norco that morning.

    Test Result: Negative
    Result Description: Negative
    Substances Found:
    MRO Verified Comment:

    How is this possible?

    Signed: Nothing to hide.

    • Roxyqueen

      it was obviously a crappy test cheap!!

  • Becky

    Most of the THC (65% ) leaves the body via bowel movements…..however some of it is re absorbed in the intestines, before it actually is evacuated….that’s why it takes so long to rid the body of THC….so here’s what I’ve read….and I believe this and am going to test it myself….fat free / low fat products like Lay light chips contain Olestra…..Olestra prevents the body from absorbing fat….pot is stored in the fat cells….so no fat re absorption can take place in the intestines before evacuation……which detoxes you faster. I researched this all day cause I’m up for a drug test soon. Another detox method is a cilantro juice drink because it naturally causes chelation…..removal of toxins and it’s great for you…lots of vitamins plus anti inflammatories. That’s my 2 cents.

    • Becky

      I’m doing these two methods together.

  • ronabby

    Passed, used certoclear, weed and coke, clean for like a week , ued the certoclear powder @ 1hr before

  • Bob Dobaline

    The worst article I’ve ever read on the subject. Been using Definite Detox for every drug test for years now and it works, hands down. Plus every 4th product is free.

    • Aj

      Where can I get that at?

    • Luciano Burt

      Yo i have a drug test coming up Monday i need to pass or i go to jail .. text me at

      (302) 583-3525 please

  • MakingMrLincolnProud

    I think you should go and present this live at an event where the question is ‘how can one beat a drug test?’ Yeah give them your holier-than-thou nonsense. Of course you’ll probably need some opiates yourself to help ease the pain of the well-deserved beatdown you receive.

  • Yeah, I don’t think those excuses would work.

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  • Nick Hoffman

    Here’s the thing I got a drug test on Wednesday @ 1p.m.
    it’s now 6 a.m. Sunday…
    would meth be out of my system by then? And if not what’s the best detox to use?

    • Tammy Bailey

      Don’t do fuckn METH dumbass!!!

  • Roxyqueen

    I can not believe I wasted my time on this stupid fucking site!!your an asshole dude like for real!! Like people are serious and thats your advice fucking moron!!

    • Hollwedel Matthew

      Yea you are a dick; don’t forget people get what they deserve.

    • Tim

      Good thing they don’t test for a dirty mouth !

  • Roxyqueen

    Thats exactly what I said!! what a dick!!

  • Chris

    Who ever wrote that shit needs to check their facts before they run there mouth about something they obviously know nothing about…Read the DOT guidelines and it will tell you exactly every step to take on the collection process for the collector and the donor and tells you what the process is for anything that could go wrong on the the collection process. Unfortunately I have to agree with him when he said that the easiest way to beat a drug test especially for THC is not to use.

  • Brent Gogel

    They still make Monkey Dong. Which is a Whiz n nator. But b careful. The thang hangs about 6 inches on soft so dont just flop all of it out. Thats what got me busted once