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Legal Grandparent DNA Test

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Health Street's Legal Grandparent DNA Test can determine paternity without the need to test the alleged father. This court-admissible DNA test is ordered when the father refuses or is not able to visit a clinic for a cheek swab, but at least one of his parents is still alive.

The parties can be tested together, at the same time and the same clinic, or they can be tested separately at different times and/or at different clinics. This can be very helpful when the parties live in different states. Upon scheduling your tests, we will send you an email with your appointment details. Register online or call (888) 378-2499.

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Fueron muy amables, y los resultados estuvieron muy rpido. Muchas gracias
Odalis C.
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Got in fast. DNA was done quickly, even with a squirmy baby. My results did get lost in the mail because of the holidays. Luis helped me right away, order new ones. He didn't question me, he understood and empathized with my concerns, and got another packet out in the mail for me right away. I loved how they turned something that could have went very badly, into a great experience. Very professional. You can't go wrong. We did a DNA with a male child and paternal grandfather!
N B.
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Had a conversation with Ryan today and he did an outstanding job...Both knowledgeable and professional as well as able follow up with all he promised...I felt very fortunate to get him as your representative !
Gary W.
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Very nice and helpful!
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It was ok
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Legal Grandparent DNA Test
Legal Grandparent DNA Tests can be used to determine the paternity of a child without the alleged father. These DNA test results can be used for legal purposes. Register Now
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is grandparent testing?

Grandparent DNA testing is used to identify the biological relationship between a child and an alleged father, without having to test the father himself. It uses DNA samples from the child, the mother, at least one of the child's paternal grandparents.

How costly is grandparent DNA testing?

Our Grandparent DNA Test costs $450.00. It includes easy online or phone scheduling, convenient appointments at any of more than 5,000 clinic locations nationwide, expert analysis of genetic material, and reliable, confidential results that hold up in court.

Attention NY Residents: A doctor's prescription is required for all DNA tests; additional lab fees must be paid directly to the lab.

How do I order grandparent DNA testing?

Book your appointment online or call us, and we'll set it up for you. Our scheduling department will make your appointment based on your preferences of when and where you would like to test. The parties can test at the same time in the same location, or separately at different locations nationwide.

What should I expect at the DNA appointment?

You can change your appointment or location at no additional charge. When you arrive for your test, all adults must present their photo ID. If the child is under 18 years of age, they can be identified with their birth certificate, social security card, or - for a newborn - using hospital discharge papers.

How do I get my results?

In most cases, after all specimens have been collected, it takes one to two weeks for you to receive your results. First, we send your test results via email, and then we'll send a signed hard copy from the lab through the U.S. mail.

No, appointments are usually available Monday through Friday. Same day or next day appointments are often available.

Do the people being tested need to be in the same state?

No. For an additional $50, parties may choose the location and time most convenient for them. Our clinics are nationwide.

About Our Legal Grandparent DNA Test

Legal Grandparent DNA Test

If you need DNA test results for a legal purpose, such as for the child to collect social security benefits or so that you can change their birth certificate, the specimens must be collected at one of our clinics. Courts will not accept results from home DNA collection kits.

We have thousands of convenient locations in the U.S., and we offer flexible appointment scheduling. The grandparent(s) do not have to test in the same location as the child and his or her mother.

Why Get a Grandparent DNA Test

You may be trying to establish paternity for legal purposes such as child custody or child support, but the man is not available to be DNA tested, possibly due to an unwillingness to be tested, incarceration or death. A Grandparent DNA test is a good alternative to determine paternity.

Here's how it works: we need at least three of these four people to provide a DNA sample using cheek swabs:

Paternal Grandmother and/or Paternal Grandfather

If both paternal grandparents are available for testing, that's even better. If the mother does not agree to be swabbed, then we require both grandparents. By establishing the grandparent-grandchild relationship, the paternity of the alleged father can be imputed.

Why Choose Health Street

At Health Street, we offer DNA testing of a child's grandmother and/or grandfather for proof of paternity that can be used in a court of law. There are many reasons why Health Street should be your choice for this type of genetic testing.

You can order online — it's fast and easy.
Choose from more than 5,000 licensed clinics conveniently located across the U.S.
Genetic sample collection is handled by professional technicians.
We have decades of expertise with DNA relationship testing.
Our legal DNA testing provides a high level of accuracy that's admissible in court.
We send your DNA testing results securely by email and U.S. mail.
We provide personalized customer service and can answer any questions you may have.

Health Street is your premier resource for genetic relationship testing. In addition to sample collection with cheek swabs, we can also work with other materials, such as fabric, teeth and hair. Read our blog for more information about DNA testing and order your legal DNA test today!

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Fast DNA Test
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By Eva on 7/7/2021
Did a dna test between my daughter and alleges grandfather. The results were fast.
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By Sadalia on 8/26/2020
Did not use the app yet
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By LaShonda J. on 8/26/2020
Thank you for your services. I was very satisfied with the results.
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By LaShonda J. on 8/19/2020
The process was easy and very simple.
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By Lequita S. on 5/28/2020
Fast and easy
Fast Paternity Results
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By Frances J. on 5/6/2020
I love the fast response an results of my paternity test
Happy with Company
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By Karen D. on 2/25/2020
Im happy with the company and the person whom booked the appointment, however, the lab core personnel was not friendly, acted like they didnt no what to do and made me feel very un easy at the apt. My grandson cried the entire time we were in the office , my point is that babies yes cry but even his senses picked up the worker was not friendly. Im glad the test was sent to you ... I would not recommend this location to anyone. Let me say again the customer service to set this test up was nice informative an answered all questions. The staff at lab core shows they are not happy with there job!
Professional Staff
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By Sadat H. on 2/12/2020
Very professional staff
Excellent Customer Service
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By Catina P. on 1/10/2020
Customer service was excellent.I used lab Corp services out of Fayetteville,NC for DNA testing. I highly recommend this service especially my representative Quevea James she was awesome!!
Helpful, Efficient Service
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By Jhermaine V. on 7/12/2019
Customer Service really helped me with what I needed right away, they were really helpful and the clinic I was sent to was clean. Got my results in 4 days!