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12 Panel Drug Test

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Our 12 Panel Drug Test screens for the basic drugs found in a 10 panel with the added screening of an expanded opiate class (e.g., OxyContin, Percocet, hydrocodone, and oxycodone) as well as an expanded amphetamine class that includes ecstasy, Molly, and MDMA.

If you’re looking for a thorough drug test that will cover all the common street drugs and then some, a 12 Panel Drug Test gives you the best value. This test is a great solution for employers who require more aggressive pre-employment drug screening. Individuals and employers can register online or call (888) 378-2499.

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12 Panel Urine Drug Testing Options

12 Panel Urine Drug Test
Health Street’s in-depth 12 Panel Urine Drug Test offers the best value for most employers and individuals. Due to the broad scope of the 12 panel drug test, it is often used for child custody, pre-employment, probation, divorce proceedings, and other legal purposes. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel Plus Urine Alcohol
To add a urine alcohol test to your selection, choose this option. Find Clinic Now
EtG Alcohol + 12 panel
When alcohol use is a more significant concern, this option includes a 12 panel drug test with EtG alcohol testing in order to identify alcohol use with an extended look-back period. An Ethyl Glucuronide alcohol screen is able to detect alcohol use within the last 3 days, far longer than the typical 12 hour window that a traditional alcohol screen provides. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel + K2 (Synthetic Marijuana)
K2, also known as synthetic marijuana, is actually a dangerous manmade chemical mixture that is sprayed onto herbs. This test adds a K2 drug test onto the panel of drugs being tested. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel without THC
If you would like to exclude THC or marijuana from the substances being tested, this is the option to do so. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel + Expanded K2 + Bath Salts
Bath salts are another highly dangerous drug that have been associated with violent behavior. This comprehensive 12 panel adds testing for both K2 and bath salts. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel + Nicotine
This testing option adds nicotine into the list of substances being tested. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel DOT Mirror Urine Drug Test
Instead of the usual non-DOT drug test cutoff levels, this option follows DOT cutoff levels. Find Clinic Now
EtG Alcohol + 12 panel w/o THC
An ethyl glucuronide alcohol test has a longer window of alcohol detection than a regular urine alcohol test, identifying alcohol consumption up to 3 days back. This test adds EtG alcohol testing and removes THC. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel w/o THC + Alcohol
This testing option removes THC, and adds a urine alcohol test that looks up to 12 hours back. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel + Nicotine w/o THC
To add nicotine and remove THC from your 12 panel drug test, select this option. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel + 2 PPD TB Tests
Especially in healthcare professions, a PPD test may be required in addition to an in-depth 12 panel screening. This selection covers both, and adds a second PPD test since follow-up testing is sometimes necessary or required. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel Urine + Suboxone
Suboxone, which is a brand name that uses buprenorphine, is intended for use in managing withdrawal symptoms of opioid addiction or dependence. This 12 panel combination adds Suboxone to the test. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel Urine Plus Rohypnol
Rohypnol’s (Roofies) infamous reputation as a date rape drug makes this a common substance to add onto urine tests. Find Clinic Now
Custom 12 Panel, Low Opiate Cutoffs, Exp Benzo, + K2 (Expanded)
With a lower tolerance for opiate cutoff levels, this 12 panel also adds testing for expanded benzodiazepines and K2 for an even more thorough drug screening experience. Find Clinic Now

About Our 12 Panel Drug Test

How Does a 12 Panel Drug Test Work?

The 12 Panel Drug Test is a lab test, so the person being tested comes to one of our clinics for professional specimen collection. Our testing clinics can use either a urine or hair follicle sample to screen for the 12 drugs listed towards the bottom of this page.

Occasions That Require a 12 Panel Drug Test

Due to how comprehensive a 12 Panel Drug Test is, it’s often used in court cases (e.g., child custody, divorce proceedings), pre-employment, and probation requirements. Because this screen tests for an extensive list of substances, the most common drugs are often covered within the scope of a 12 panel.

Our 12 Panel Drug Test is also a great resource for employers who are looking to maintain a drug-free workplace. In addition to our drug testing capabilities, our drug panels can be combined with any of our background checks to create a comprehensive pre-employment package. You should know who you’re hiring, and Health Street can conduct a thorough background screening to ensure just that. We have specialty packages that combine drug testing with background screening for the ultimate peace of mind and security.

Hair Follicle vs Urine Sample

The two collection methods of a 12 panel screen include either a urine drug test or a hair follicle drug test. The biggest difference between the two collection methods is essentially the detection time. Hair follicle samples can be taken from either the head or the body. Samples are usually collected at one of our 5,000 clinics nationwide by one of the specialists. Hair follicle samples can provide insight into drug use within the last 90 days, and the test is sometimes used by federal and government agencies as well as law enforcement and the courts.

Urine samples have a much shorter detection window, but they are often the most common form of drug testing. A urine drug test will usually look for drug and alcohol use within the last week (5 to 7 days). Because urine drug testing is often much more cost effective than the hair follicle alternative, many employers opt for this form of testing because it’s a time-tested method and readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect During the Test?

Urine tests are usually conducted at a facility with a single-stall bathroom with a door. The person taking the test will urinate into a cup provided by the lab technician. In rare cases, a technician may be required to monitor the person providing the sample. Some additional precautions are taken to ensure the urine sample isn’t tampered with by the individual being tested, such as turning off the tap water, putting blue dye in the toilet bowl, or taking the temperature of the urine immediately after testing.

How Far Back Does a 12 Panel Drug Test Go?

This really depends on the collection method. Our standard 12 Panel Drug Test uses a urine sample and therefore looks at usage in the past week. Since metabolisms vary, as do types of drugs, this is not a hard and fast rule. If you want to look at drug use over a longer period, our 12 panel hair follicle drug tests start checking at about a week ago, and go all the way back to around 90 days.

The most comprehensive approach is to do both urine and hair, thereby checking both the current week as well as the past three months. Keep in mind that how far a test goes back and what shows up on a 12 panel drug test can vary depending on several factors, such as the person’s age and metabolism, the amount of the substance used, and frequency of use.

All times below are approximated

Drug Name Urine Hair
Amphetamines 3-7 days 90 Days
Marijuana 30 Days 90 Days
Cocaine 3-7 days 90 Days
Methadone 3-7 days 90 Days
Opiates 3-7 days 90 Days
Benzodiazepines 3-7 days 90 Days
Methaqualone 3-7 days 90 Days
How Long Does It Take To Get Drug Test Results?

For a 12 Panel Drug Test, results are available within a day or two, if it’s negative. Non-negatives are re-tested using GC/MS which can take about week.

Does Alcohol Show Up on a 12 Panel Drug Test?

The 12 Panel Drug Test does not automatically include screening for alcohol. If the business or individual wants an alcohol screening, they have the option to add this screening to the test, in the form of a standard urine alcohol (with a 12 hour lookback) or an extended EtG alcohol test (with a 3 day lookback).

Does the 12 Panel Drug Test Screen for THC?

THC, Cannabinoids, and any other Marijuana-related substances can be detected in the 12 Panel Drug Test. Note: Marijuana and many associated products are legal in many states. If these items are legal in the state where the individual is being tested, consider excluding it from the drug test with Health Street’s customizable testing options that exclude cannabis, such as our 12 Panel Excluding THC.

Will Adderall Show Up on a 12 Panel Drug Test?

Yes. Adderall is included in all 12 Panel Urine Drug Tests.

Does Suboxone Show Up on a 12 Panel Drug Test?

Yes. Suboxone can be detected on a 12 Panel Drug Test, but only if it is added onto the panel of drugs being tested. Our 12 Panel Urine + Suboxone testing option includes Suboxone.

Does Klonopin Show Up on a 12 Panel Drug Test?

Klonopin is a benzodiazepine that can be detected in Health Street’s 12 Panel Drug Test.

Why Choose Health Street

Health Street is one of the most trusted providers for pre-employment drug testing. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to quickly and safely deliver drug testing results to individuals or employers. By providing employers with a secure way to review results, we help them mitigate risk and allow more time to focus on hiring the right candidates.

We also offer individuals the ability to discreetly get drug tested and review their results inside our online platform. Simply order a test online, visit one of our 10,000 locations nationwide, and our specialist will collect the necessary specimen. Within a few days, you can log into our online dashboard to securely review your results.

In addition to drug testing we offer a suite of other services including DNA testing and pre-employment background check services.

What Drugs Does a 12 Panel Drug Test Test For?

Please keep in mind that although this is a 12 panel drug test, more than 12 types of substances can be detected in this panel. This is because many of these drugs belong to the same class (e.g., codeine, morphine, and heroin are all basic opiates). The below links can be used to learn more about each substance:

arrow_right_alt Heroin
arrow_right_alt Codeine
arrow_right_alt Morphine
arrow_right_alt Hydrocodone
arrow_right_alt Oxycodone
arrow_right_alt Molly
arrow_right_alt Ecstasy
arrow_right_alt Cocaine
arrow_right_alt Angel Dust (PCP)
arrow_right_alt Benzodiazepines
arrow_right_alt Barbiturates
arrow_right_alt Methadone
arrow_right_alt Propoxyphene
arrow_right_alt Methaqualone (Quaaludes)

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Health Street offers many other options for urine drug testing. If you’d like to see a comprehensive list of all urine drug tests that we offer, you can view all urine tests here.

If urine testing isn’t what you need, try taking a look at our 12 panel hair drug test.


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