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Sibling DNA Test

A Sibling DNA Test determines if two (or more) people are full or half-siblings. This test is often ordered by a mother who wants to see if her two children have the same father but doesn’t want the possible fathers to be involved in the test. Two adults who discover that they might share a father may also schedule this test.

In fact, any time people think they might share one or both parents, but aren't 100% certain(or just need proof for legal reasons) benefit from ordering this DNA test. Examples include: adoptees who find each other but don't have proof that they're siblings; children of sperm donors who locate one another on registry websites and think they might have the same dad; or any two people who aren't 100% sure if they are full siblings or half-siblings for whatever reason.

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I went to Health Street for a dna test,not only did the staff my me feel comfortable my worker Jared took care of me right away n explained all the necessary information professionally and with a great amount of knowledge.. I recommend any one in the same predicament stop by.
By Adam on April 10, 2016
This review is for the Customer Service person who took my call and set up my appointment. She was kind, attentive, and had extremely good active listening skill. When I got the email form for DNA testing, I realized how accurately she'd understood my situation from our conversation without my having directly stated much of what I was wanting. With all the emotion around my situation, Shelley made it easy and painless.
By Dani-Jean Stuart on May 5, 2016
Excellent people. Handled a serious issue (for me) with respect. For that I thank Healthstreet.
By Tom on January 23, 2016
4.9 out of 5 stars (38 reviews)

Full Sibling and Half Sibling DNA Test

Sibling DNA Test

How do I schedule a sibling DNA test?

An appointment is required, but scheduling is flexible. Schedule online or call us. Tell us when and where you wish to test, and let us know if the parties will test together, at the same clinic and at the same time, or separately, at different clinics and/or at different times. We can swab the parties in different parts of the country at your request. We’ll send you an email and text message with your appointment information. If the times or locations scheduled in your appointment letter need to change, there is no additional charge.

For sibling DNA tests, it is important that you tell us what you know about your relationship (for example, “we know we share a mom”) and what you don’t know (for example, “we think we have the same dad, but we’re not sure”). This helps us analyze the statistics and compare your DNA properly. Furthermore, if other known siblings or half-siblings on either side are available for testing, that can help improve the statistical certainty of the results.  We recommend at least one other close relative be included to assure conclusive results.

When will I get my results?

Generally, it takes about a week to obtain the results of a sibling DNA test. The signed lab report is emailed to you, and an official hard copy is sent later via US mail, which takes an extra week or two to arrive.

Who determines the results of my test?

After our lab extracts the DNA from your specimens that (the cheek swabs), our geneticists study 21 genetic markers for each person. They perform a statistical analysis to determine the likelihood that the parties are related as full siblings or half-siblings. In sibling DNA testing, the likelihood of a relationship may or may not be conclusive.


NY residents must provide doctor’s prescription for all DNA tests, and must pay $45/person lab fee directly to lab.

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36 Ratings
4.9 out of 5 stars.
Sibling DNA Test
By J.W. on April 6, 2018
Cecelia R. was very helpful with getting the appointment scheduled and assisting with faxing paperwork. Services were utilized at a lab facility. Sibling DNA test was ordered.
Sibling DNA Test
By patty Williams on October 18, 2017
Louis, with gratitude, thank you for your persistent work ethics to get the correct out come of my brother Steve and i, DNA testing. Our lives can now resume back to normal . Respectfully, patty Williams

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