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Legal Sibling DNA Test

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A Sibling DNA Test will determine if two (or more) people are either full or half-siblings. A mother may order this type of DNA test to see if her two children have the same father, without having to involve the potential fathers. Two adults who believe they may have been fathered by the same man may also get this test.

Any people who believe they may share one or both parents, but aren't completely certain, or perhaps they need definitive proof for legal purposes, benefit from our legal sibling DNA test.

Examples include:

Adoptees who discover each other but can't prove that they are siblings
Children of sperm donors who find one another on a registry website and believe they may have the same dad
Two people who aren't 100% certain of their family history and want to know if they are full siblings or half-siblings

Our half-sibling and full sibling DNA test will give you the answers you're looking for. These tests are able to confirm the biological connection between sisters and brothers. Register online or call (888) 378-2499.

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Sibling Legal DNA Test
A legal DNA test should be selected if you need to use the results for any legal purposes, now or in the future. Register Now
At-Home Sibling DNA Test
Home DNA Testing is fast, private, and convenient. However, you cannot use the results of a Home DNA test in court, or for any other legal purpose. Register Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How costly is brother & sister DNA testing?

At Health Street, our DNA test for siblings costs $550. We are experts at relationship testing and have convenient clinics located across the U.S. This makes it easy, even if the potential siblings live in different states.

Note for NY residents: NY residents must provide a doctor's prescription for all DNA tests and must pay $45/person lab fee directly to the lab.

Who determines the results of my test?

After our lab collects the specimen (from a cheek swab) and extracts the DNA, our geneticists study 21 different genetic markers for each individual. They perform a statistical analysis that determines the likelihood that the people are biologically related, either as full siblings or half-siblings. Please be advised that in sibling DNA testing, the likelihood of a biological relationship may or may not be conclusive.

When will I get my results?

It usually takes about a week to obtain sibling DNA screening results. You will receive the signed lab report by email, and an official hard copy is sent by U.S. mail. This paper copy of the DNA results takes an additional week or two to arrive.

Does Health Street offer an at-home sibling DNA test?

Yes, we offer a Legal Sibling DNA Test and an At-Home Sibling DNA Test. We highly recommend the Legal Sibling DNA Test if you need to use your test results for legal purposes. At-home DNA test results cannot be used in court and are only intended for those seeking peace of mind.

Yes. This test can determine full siblings or half siblings.

About Our Legal Sibling DNA Test

What Sibling DNA Testing is Used For

This type of relationship testing answers the question "do these individuals share the same parents?" A mother may have remarried, had a child by another man, or there was a sperm donor.

It is not always possible to test the parents. The children might not be in touch with their biological mother or biological father. The parents may be deceased. Or they may not agree to be tested. Genetic testing of siblings can prove or disprove siblingship, which can be helpful for legal reasons and to provide peace of mind.

How to Schedule a Sibling DNA Test

We require an appointment for sibling DNA screening; however, we offer flexible scheduling. You can order and schedule your test online or call us.

Tell us when and where you would like to be tested and let us know how the individual parties will be tested. They can test together, at the same time and at the same clinic, or separately, at different times and/or different clinics.
If the parties reside in different states, they can be swabbed where they live, at your request.
We'll send you a text message and email with your appointment information.
If you need to change the scheduled times or locations in the confirmation letter, there is no charge to do so.
Tests are performed at licensed clinics and DNA samples are collected through simple cheek swabs.

Important: For sibling DNA testing, please tell us what you know about your relationship (for example, "we know we have the same mom") and what you don't know (for example, "we think we share a dad, but we're not sure"). This helps us to properly compare your DNA and analyze the statistics. Also, if other known siblings or half-siblings on either side of the family can be tested, that improves the statistical certainty of the DNA test results. We recommend at least one other close relation for a conclusive result.

Why Choose Health Street

There are many reasons to order your DNA test through Health Street. We have years of knowledge and expertise in court-admissible DNA testing, which may be required not just for child support and child custody cases, but also for immigration issues, inheritance, and estate planning.

While home DNA testing is often available, there may be a question of whether a judge will accept those results. Our legal DNA tests, which are analyzed by professional lab technicians, are highly accurate and admissible in court. This can make legal proceedings go far more quickly and smoothly.

DNA collection is fast and easy at one of our many licensed clinics.

In addition to our affordable testing services, we offer personalized customer service, easy by-phone or online ordering and scheduling, and the convenience of thousands of clinics nationwide.

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Shocked at Results
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By Sherry Y. on 1/20/2022
I have wanted to do this for years. It took longer than I expected and I was shocked at the results. Mary was my brothers daughter by marriage. Now by DNA she is now my sister I am devastated at the results because she is now my dads daughter. I have never wanted a sister. It is what it is but I still cant believe it! Thank you for closure for her. Butare you sure Could she still belong to my brother
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By Hannah B. on 5/27/2020
loved the lady, gave me a pic
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Great fast service!
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By Michelle D. on 5/23/2019
Louis has been professional and prompt in responding to my questions and information needed. He appears to be very knowledgeable and that is comforting when requesting services that require complete accuracy and may involve life changing results!
Absolutely Wonderful Service
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By Atina W. on 5/16/2019
Customer Service was absolutely wonderful! I used your facility in Winchester. I did half sibling testing.
Queva Was Amazing
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By Brenda T. on 3/24/2019
Queva was amazing. I want to thank her for going over and above what was needed to help me. She deserves the highest rating possible (more than a 5 star----she needs 10 star.I went to Lab Corp in Hampton, Va to have a DNA test for siblings.
Highest Rating Deserved
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By Brenda T. on 3/24/2019
I would like to thank Queava for going over and above what she needed to do. She was such a big help to me. Without her help, not sure I would have been able to complete the process. She deserves the Highest Rating possible.I went to Lab Corp in Hampton, VA.Had a DNA test for siblings.
Great Family Discovery
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By Vivian H. on 12/20/2018
Great.Of course it turned out great.I am 66 years old and I finally found out who my dad and brother is.
Great Service
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By Dina E. on 11/1/2018
Customer service great! The test a rip off!
Relief in Family DNA Testing
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By Theresa M. on 10/23/2018
Knowing that I can add another family member to my DNA testing at no extra cost is such a relief there are no words to explain that. Thank you all so very much.