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Legal Paternity DNA Test

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Health Street's Legal Paternity Test is DNA testing that determines with 99.9% certainty if a man is the biological father of a child. The DNA sample that is used for our legal paternity testing is collected by a simple cheek swab at one of our nationwide clinics. This makes the testing fast and convenient for the potential father. The test results are provided as a written and court admissible DNA report, which can be used for establishing paternity and any other legal purpose that relates to paternity.

Our DNA paternity testing uses 21 genetic markers for its comprehensive analysis. The conclusive results provide you with the information and resources you need for court-admissible DNA evidence. Register online or call (888) 378-2499.

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Legal Paternity Test
This test can provide court-admissible evidence of paternity, and can be used for a variety of other legal reasons. Find Clinic Now
Home DNA Paternity Test
Although our Home DNA Paternity Tests are just as accurate as a clinic paternity test, it is important to note that these cannot be used for legal purposes. Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paternity Testing?

A DNA paternity test uses genetic samples to confirm or rule out the biological relationship of father and child. It is often ordered by a lawyer or presiding judge to settle a child custody and support court case.

How costly is Paternity DNA Testing?

At Health Street, our legal lab-based DNA test to determine paternity costs $350.00. We use a comprehensive 21-marker analysis for conclusive results that are legally admissible in court. Home tests, while available, aren't legally recognized.

For residents of NY, a doctor's prescription and $45/person lab fee directly to the lab is required. The total fee is $390 for a 2 person test.

We make it easy to schedule an appointment online, and you can choose from one of our thousands of DNA collection and testing sites across the U.S. You can decide the time and place where you wish to test, and if the parties want to test together at the same clinic. If this isn't possible, they can test separately at different labs and/or at different times.

Once we have the required information, we will send you a text message and email to confirm your appointment details. We also offer home and hospital visits in certain locations for an additional fee—call us for details.

When arriving for the test, adults should bring their photo ID. For the kids, bring their birth certificate or social security card. In the case of newborns, the hospital discharge papers serve as identification.

How long do results take?

Following sample collection, it usually takes about a week for the results of court-admissible DNA tests. The signed lab report is sent to you by email, and you will receive the official hard copy in another week or two by U.S. mail.

How are test results determined?

We offer a wide selection of DNA testing services, including legal paternity tests. It's easy to order online and you choose the time and place for your relationship tests. We send you confirmation by text and email and send status notifications every step of the way. Our licensed labs provide highly accurate results that are admissible in a court of law, which isn't the case with an at-home collection kit.

Contact us today for your legal DNA profile test or order online.

Does paternity testing require a blood draw?

No, our paternity tests use a painless cheek swab to collect buccal cells from the inside of the cheek.

The Legal Paternity DNA Test is court admissible, and you will receive a notarized copy of the DNA test results. The home kit is simply for peace of mind, and cannot be used in a court of law. Both tests can determine paternity with 99.9% certainty.

About Our Legal Paternity DNA Test

What a Legal Paternity Test Can Be Used For
Change a child's birth certificate
Petition for child custody
Establish paternity so the parent can receive child support
Change wills and estates
Prove the right of inheritance
Obtain Social Security survivors benefits, or SSI
Why a Legal Paternity Test is Needed

Although it is possible to purchase at-home testing kits, they are not considered to be court-admissible DNA tests for legal purposes. Only a legal DNA paternity test from a certified lab can be used in court.

Why might you need one? A legal paternity test is required if a woman or man wants to identify a child's biological father, and needs the results for legal purposes, such as to collect child support payments from the other parent. A child born to unmarried parents may need a legal DNA test to have the father's name added to their birth certificate or to receive Social Security survivors benefits upon the father's death. Another reason is so that the rightful father of a child can be notified if the mother places the child up for adoption.

Legal DNA testing is often ordered during a divorce and child custody case by the couple's attorneys, the judge, or one of the divorcing parents. Our DNA paternity testing is done by professional technicians at one of our nationwide clinics. The DNA testing laboratory report is signed by a doctor.

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