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Urine Alcohol Tests

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Alcohol urine tests determine if a person has been drinking in the recent past. Urine Alcohol Tests, including EtG tests which have a longer look back period than a basic urine screening, are typically used in situations when the person is required to be abstinent, either permanently or over a specified period of time. A positive result on an alcohol urine test does not necessarily indicate current intoxication. Rather, a positive result would indicate the consumption of alcohol over the recent period of time specified by the type of assessment. Basic urine alcohol tests the prior 12 hours, whereas an EtG test checks the prior 70 to 80 hours, i.e., the prior 3 days.

Health Street's 10,000+ locations nationwide provide basic urine alcohol tests and EtG exams, as well as many versions of these tests that combine drug and alcohol detection in a single screening. Register at (888) 378-2499 or online.

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Types of Urine Alcohol Tests

Health Street offers several urine alcohol tests, including a 12-hour Urine Alcohol Test and an 80-hour EtG one. We also offer several combined drug and urine tests. These detect a byproduct, or metabolite, that the body produces when metabolizing alcohol. This byproduct is present in the urine in different forms, and it is detectable for a minimum of 12-hour, up to a maximum of 80 hours. The 12 hour version is known as a basic urine alcohol test, whereas the 80 hour version is called an EtG Urine Alcohol Test.

Who should order a Urine Alcohol Screening?

Parents who have weekend custody of their children, but are required by a court order to refrain from any consumption of alcohol during the custodial period. In this case, an alcohol urine test at the conclusion of the period in which he or she has visitation or custody could be administered to ensure that he or she did not consume alcohol in the recent past. These are frequently required by court order or signed agreement between former spouses.