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Postmortem DNA Test

Our postmortem DNA test compares the DNA from a recently deceased person with a living relative. This test is ordered by the families of people who left unanswered questions about close relationships, especially children. Wills, estates, and social security cases or survivor benefits may depend on getting this test.

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Postmortem DNA Test

Postmortem DNA Test

Who needs a postmortem DNA test?

A postmortem DNA test should be ordered if a close relative has recently passed away, and you need to establish the legal relationship of that person to a child, sibling, or other family member. Often, people need proof of a relationships to handle various matters related to the estate of the deceased, or to access government benefits like social security.

How do I schedule a test?

Health Street works with you, the coroner’s office, or the funeral home to obtain the specimen from the deceased. The other person being tested will need be scheduled for a cheek swab at one of our clinics.

When will I get my results?

Generally, it takes about a two weeks to obtain the results of a postmortem DNA test. The signed lab report is emailed to you, and an official hard copy is sent later via US mail, which takes an extra week or two to arrive.

Who determines the results of my test?

After our lab extracts the DNA from the deceased, and the other party has gone in for a cheek swab, our geneticists study 21 genetic markers for each person. They perform a statistical analysis to determine the likelihood that the parties are related.


NY residents must provide doctor’s prescription for all DNA tests, and must pay $45/person lab fee directly to lab.

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Postmortem DNA Test
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