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Nearly all types of substances that people consume can be detected in the days, weeks, or months that follow by a simple drug test. Whether the drug is obtained by prescription for a medical purpose, purchased on the street for illicit recreational use, or given to someone unknowingly, drugs and their metabolites remain in the urine and the hair after the psychoactive effects wear off.

Drug tests identify the class of the drug that was consumed as well as the specific metabolite found in the body. Since some of these metabolites may exist in the body naturally, labs establish minimum cutoff levels for each drug class to avoid reporting false positives.

Health Street provides descriptions of the substances themselves to educate our clients. We intend to provide a resource for businesses and families to better understand what it means if someone they screen comes up positive on a drug test for one of these substances.

Drug Categories

Prescription Drugs

open_in_new Amphetamines
open_in_new Barbiturates
open_in_new Benzodiazepines
open_in_new Moprobamate
open_in_new Methadone
open_in_new Methaqualone
open_in_new Methylphenidate
open_in_new Propofol
open_in_new Propoxyphene
open_in_new Zolpidem (Ambien)

Club Drugs

open_in_new Ecstasy
open_in_new Molly (Ecstasy)


open_in_new Butorphanol
open_in_new Codeine
open_in_new Fentanyl
open_in_new Hydrocodone
open_in_new Morphine
open_in_new Nalbuphine
open_in_new Oxycodone
open_in_new Pentazocine
open_in_new Sufentanil
open_in_new Tramadol

Opiate Inhibitors

open_in_new Naloxone
open_in_new Naltrexone