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Types of Substance Abuse Drugs Testing

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There are literally dozens of different types of substances (drugs) that people abuse. These drugs have varying effects on behavior and manifest themselves in a host of symptoms. Substances fall into several categories, such as uppers vs. downers and street vs. prescription. It is possible to detect nearly any of these with a laboratory test. It's important to note, there are several different types of drug tests. Each one is set up to screen for a certain set of drugs. The type of drug needs be included in the testing panel for it to be detected by the test. We can screen for drugs or any other illegal substances through urine (urine drug testing), blood, hair or sweat.

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About Types of Substance Abuse Drugs Testing

Club Drugs

Club drugs is a term used to describe a variety of psychoactive drugs that tend to be abused by teens and young adults at nightclubs, parties, and concerts. Drug testing detects commonly known drugs like ecstasy and Ketamine. There has been increasing concern in recent years about the safety of these drugs, especially considering some high profile deaths as a result of using club drugs.

Street Drugs

Street drugs are readily available in our society. Millions of people use drugs like marijuana, and cocaine to alter their moods. Street drugs are sought out for their quick highs and a false sense of escape, and then, once tolerance builds up, they are often sought just to feed an addiction.

Some of these illegal drugs can be detected by a urine sample in a 5-panel drug test. Some of these drugs force people to enter treatment programs to battle their addictions.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs and their widespread substance abuse has been broadly discussed in the media in recent years and is on the rise, especially among teenagers and people with chronic pain. There's a common misconception among Young people that prescription drugs are safer than street drugs, a myth that has no basis in reality.

These drugs were initially being prescribed to deal with the side effects of certain medical conditions, but due to their highly addictive nature, many people became dependent on the drugs. The national institute on drug abuse reported that in 2017 a United States drug abuse survey found that 2 million Americans misused prescription pain killers for the first time.

Date Rape Drug Tests

Date rape drug tests should be given in the case of a suspected assault to confirm or rule out whether the drugs that are often used in sexual assault are in the possible victim's system. Some people may choose to take a drug screen and review the test results in private. A positive result, helps us identify which drug was used.

Performance Enhancing Drugs

The use of anabolic steroids and human growth hormone is both dangerous and illegal in nearly all competitive sports, and the side effects are potentially gruesome. Many competitive leagues incorporate drug testing programs to screen for performance-enhancing drugs.