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DOT Background Check

DOT Background Check

If you’re a hiring manager or HR director for a trucking company or any other organization that is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), you must administer background checks that adhere to DOT regulations. A DOT background check provides you with the screening services you need for safety and compliance.

Our screening solutions verify that your company’s drivers are safe for the road, whether you have one company car or a fleet of trucks. Services include motor vehicle record (MVR) searches, historical research into alcohol and drug test violations, and the option to regularly monitor a person’s driver’s license for traffic violations or suspensions.

Types of Driver and DOT Background Check Services

Background Check Options

Driver and DOT Background Check Packages:
DOT Triple Database$250
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DOT Platinum (Plat + MVR + Prior Empl)$250
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Ultimate + MVR (Platinum + 10 Panel + MVR)$299
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Instant 5 Panel + Court + MVR + SS + NCI + Offender$235
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Court Record, MVR, 9 Panel Package$175
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Build Your Own Background Check PackagePrice varies
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Individual Background Screening Services:

What is a DOT Background Check?

Our DOT background check services will help your company to keep unsafe drivers off the road in the following ways:

Check if your drivers failed any DOT alcohol or drug tests while working for prior employers, within the past three years. To do this, we:
Reach out to prior employers
Check the FMSCA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse
Ensure the candidate or employee does not have a suspended driver’s license or too may “points.”
Monitor drivers’ licenses regularly for violations during off work hours, including citations, DUIs, and recently suspended licenses.

Promote responsible driving and maintain your organization’s safe road record while minimizing company liability with comprehensive, ongoing driver screening.

Why Perform DOT Pre-Employment Background Checks?

DOT regulations prevent a commercial driver who failed an alcohol or drug test from working at any company until he or she is cleared for work by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). For this to occur, the person must pass a return-to-duty drug and alcohol test. At the direction of the SAP, they may also be subject to ongoing follow-up testing.

Therefore, it is critical to your business operations that you know the prior drug test results for all new hires. Additionally, if you plan to hire anyone who is covered by DOT substance testing regulations, DOT background checks are required.

The FMSCA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

If you’re a motor carrier operator, you can check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse for drivers with prior violations. This service has been available since January 2020. Health Street performs this function for DOT employers as part of our background checks for companies in the trucking industry.

Important Note: Since employers need to look back three years for previous violations, you will need to contact companies that employed your driver applicants prior to January 2020. Health Street includes this work in our DOT Prior Employment background checks. In January 2023, there will be three full years of data in the Clearinghouse, so it will no longer be necessary to go back to other employers.

More About DOT Screening Services

DOT Pre-Employment Screening and MVR Check with Criminal Background Check

We offer our DOT clients flexibility, so you can order just what you need to fit your needs, in any combination. Choose one of our pre-built screening packages or mix and match services to design your own custom background check package.

How Does the DOT Conduct Background Screenings?

The DOT sets regulations yet leaves it to employers to run background checks to ensure that their drivers are safe and qualified. You can either go through the time-consuming background check process yourself or hire DOT background screening professionals.

What Are the DOT Background Check Requirements?

Fleets are required to check a driver’s prior three years of drug and alcohol testing history before allowing them to perform safety sensitive functions. DOT background screenings include motor vehicle records for past driving history, DOT employment verifications, FMCSA alcohol and drug panel screening, and a DOT physical exam. Transportation regulations are available on the e-CFR website, and the FMCSA provides their interpretations of the laws.

How Long Does a DOT Background Check Take?

The time that it takes to perform a DOT Background Check depends on many factors, including the location of employment or residence, and the packages or services selected. While database background check results are normally very quick, the results of court record background checks depend on the state or county that we need to check. Some states and counties make this very easy, while others impose significant delays. For example, in many states our court runners can get a state-wide repository back on the same day it is requested. In a few states, however, we are required to wait for the clerk of the county court to perform a manual search of the records, which can take several days or, in rare cases, a week or more.

Were DOT Background Checks Required Before the FMCSA?

Long before the FMCSA Clearinghouse, trucking companies were already required to check a driver’s prior drug and alcohol testing history. Before the Clearinghouse and even still, checking a driver’s prior 3 years of testing history often relies on phone calls and faxes to a driver’s prior employers, which is time consuming and labor intensive.

Health Street Helps Your Business Stay DOT Compliant

We have worked with many DOT-regulated companies to help them stay compliant with state and federal requirements, while thoroughly vetting potential drivers and maintaining a safe workplace. In addition to our DOT background checks, which are FCRA-compliant, we also offer DOT alcohol and drug testing, random pool memberships and other services.

Register your company today for our rigorous DOT background screenings and make informed hiring decisions.