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Child Custody Drug and Alcohol Testing

Parents involved in child custody cases may want the custodial (or non-custodial) parent to undergo random or periodic drug or alcohol tests. We can check for illegal drug or alcohol usage for up to 90 days back.

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DUI or DWI Drug and Alcohol Test

Arrests or convictions for DUI or DWI often result in court-ordered drug or alcohol tests. Health Street can perform these tests, can manage your random notifications, and can report results directly to courts.

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Probation Drug Testing

Court ordered drug testing for probation or pre-trial services. Results can be faxed to a probation officer, the court, or your attorney.

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Court ordered drug tests are required in many situations, including arrests for DUI or DWI, probation, and child custody arrangements. Remaining drug-free or alcohol-free may be a condition of a court order or legal agreement between parents. Often, the court order or agreement will determine the drug and alcohol testing frequency and guidelines. Court ordered drug tests are common for violations like driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Legal battles involving child custody may include issues of drug or alcohol use or abuse among one (or both) of the former spouses. In order to protect the children, an ongoing program of random drug testing is often agreed upon or ordered by the court. Alternatively, the program may include testing of either spouse at the time of visitation or custody.
The court may order the parties to share in the costs, or to order one party to cover all the drug-testing expenses, or this decision may be covered by a mutual agreement. Regardless, Health Street has the flexibility to work with whatever program is decided upon.
Health Street can customize a random drug testing program for any court ordered purpose. We can contact the parties to alert them when random testing should occur, or, if the determination of testing dates is made by the State or the parties in question, we can simply arrange the tests whenever required. Our customization and flexibility for court ordered drug testing is unmatched in the industry.