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Whether you’re a small business owner or the head of your company’s HR department, you probably spend a lot of your time checking the references and credentials of new hires. That critical vetting of future team members includes confirmation of employment history, educational records, professional certificates, licenses, and references. It’s a time-consuming, mundane task that typically involves many phone calls and a lot of paperwork, taking you away from other important work. Outsourcing your resume verifications to a background screening company saves you and your human resources staff time, money, and aggravation.

At Health Street, we verify the information on your applicants’ resumes and report the results in a concise PDF report. These reports are stored in a secure online portal for your convenience, along with any other background checks that you order. Having these reports in a secure mobile-friendly portal lets you and your hiring team access candidate information at any time, from anywhere.

Employment History Verification

Our Employment Verification service scrutinizes each previous place of employment that your candidate has listed. In our pursuit of their true work history, we seek to confirm that they indeed worked at that organization, the dates of their employment, job titles, and salary history.

Professional License Verification

Has your job candidate indicated that they have a license in an area of expertise that pertains to your industry? It is important to run a background check to ensure that this license is accurate. We offer a Professional License Verification service, which examines your candidates’ or employees’ certification or licensure.

Reference Checking and Verification

Save time by letting us handle the phone calls to check references for your new hires. Our Reference Check service provides you with an easy to read, convenient report. Give us the candidate’s name, plus names and phone numbers for any references they’ve given you, and we do the rest.

Degree Verification and Education History Background Checks

Our Education Verification examines any schools your candidate has indicated that they attended, in addition to degrees they claim to have earned. We strive to confirm (or deny) that they attended the school, and that they received a degree from the institution (degree verification).

Is Resume Verification Important?

The purpose of a resume, from a job seeker’s perspective, is to appear as impressive as possible to you, the hiring manager. But how accurate is it? Have they lied about or embellished their employment history? Have they stretched the truth to make them seem more experienced in certain areas than the really are? There are several dangers for your organization if you don’t have the complete picture. One is that they may be unable to do the work. Another is that, depending on the position, their lack of knowledge may put other employees and customers at risk. There may also be potential liability issues for your company. So yes, it is extremely important!

What is the Best Way to Verify a Resume?

The only way to guarantee 100 percent accuracy is to contact each workplace, school, and reference. Ask for confirmation of their employment and confirm attendance at their school and any degrees they claim to have.

How Do You Verify a Candidate’s Employment Record?

To verify employment for a candidate, call their companies and ask for dates of employment and what they did there. By verifying employment history, you ensure that the person you’re thinking of hiring really has the skills and experience that they’ve indicated.

What Are the Best Employment Verification Services?

The employment verification process for candidates can be complex and time consuming. The best verification service will be comprehensive and provide secure, easy-to-view reports. It’ll give you the option of adding on additional services as needed.

Trust Health Street for Your Resume Verifications and Background Checks

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At Health Street, we work with more than 10,000 businesses to provide them with background checks, resume and employment history verification, and other services. We help your company streamline your pre-employment screening process. By combining advanced technology and human hands-on investigations, we ask questions and deliver the truth about your job candidates, so that you can make better informed hiring decisions.