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Urine drug tests are an effective and inexpensive method of identifying drug use in the recent past. Employers and individuals seeking a cost-effective and time-tested method for detecting virtually any drug choose urine screenings. There are many advantages of urine testing. Drugs rapidly make their way into a person’s urine, and thus can be detected almost immediately after consumption. It is very difficult (though not impossible) to cheat a properly administered urine test, despite the preponderance of legends to the contrary. And, urine is universally available in humans, unlike the other bodily specimens that can be tested (such as hair).

Specialty Urine Drug Tests

If you’re looking to drug test for a specific substance, try taking a look at our substances page.

What is a Urine Drug Test?

A urine drug test is a way to identify if someone has ingested drugs in the recent past. When consumed, the body metabolizes it, and then excretes the metabolites as well as the drug itself. When a laboratory analyzes a person’s urine, drugs and their metabolites can be detected and reported.

Are Urine Drug Screens Effective?

Urine drug screenings are effective for identifying recent use of drugs. When someone ingests drugs, they are immediately present in the urine, although it can pass through the system in a matter of days. The length of time that a drug remains detectable varies based on the type of drug used and a person’s metabolism. It is difficult to cheat a urine test when administered properly. Many people believe that a urine drug test can be beat by taking a flush or a cleanse that is available at health food stores; however, the claims made on these product labels are not FDA approved and are widely discredited by the drug testing industry.

How long do drugs remain in urine?

Drugs typically remain in the urine for up to a week, except for marijuana, which can remain for up to a month for heavy users. Nevertheless, every person is different, and many factors affect the length of time that drugs stay in the system, including:

how much of the drug was consumed
individual metabolism
excretion of fluids since the drug was consumed

What drugs can be detected in urine?

Any ingested drug is excreted through the urine. Therefore, urine testing offers the widest range of options for detecting drug use at the lowest cost. Health Street offers urine tests from 5 to 22 panels, plus specialized tests for rarely consumed narcotics, synthetics, and other street and prescription drugs. The tests that are arranged in panels include common combinations of substances. For example, a basic five panel screening tests for common street drugs, whereas a comprehensive 12 panel test includes prescription drugs, ecstasy, and more. Alcohol screenings can be added to any urine drug test. Finally, specialized urine screenings for rare or newly available drugs can be arranged.

How to register for a Urine Drug Test

Health Street offers urine tests at over 5000 locations nationwide. Register online and pick a convenient clinic location. All non-instant tests go to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for analysis. If the initial screening is non-negative, all of our tests include GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) confirmation testing. We offer many versions of urine testings, including tests for a single substance, or panels that include up to twelve or more classes of drugs.

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How long does it take for results?

After the urine specimen is provided, it is delivered to one of our certified laboratories for professional screening. More than 95% of negative urine drug screens get reported back in one business day, although occasionally it takes two business days. Non-negative screens go to GC/MS confirmation testing, which typically takes about a three to five business days to get the results. In rare cases, it can take longer.

Why use Health Street for Urine Drug Screening?

Health Street conducts tens of thousands of these tests every year. All urine specimens go to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for testing. If the initial screening is non-negative, all of our tests include GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) confirmation testing. There are many versions of our urine drug test, including tests for a single substance, or panels that include up to twelve or more classes of drugs.

Health Street’s lab-based tests are reviewed by one of our certified Medical Review Officers (MROs) prior to the release of results, which allows people who are taking prescribed medication a chance to explain that to our doctors. Legally prescribed medications that are taken consistent with the prescribed dosage will be listed as “negative” on the final report.

Urine specimens are collected by professional technicians at one of our 2500 clinics across the United States. If you have 10 or more employees to be tested at the same time, we can schedule to come to your location for on-site testing. On-site testing costs a little more, but it saves time and labor expenses; it’s particularly beneficial for non-standard shift workers who aren’t working during normal clinic hours.

You are encouraged to discuss your drug testing requirements with one of our representatives. We can assist you in the development, design and implementation of a urine drug testing program that will meet your company, personal, or court-related objectives. Just call (888) 378-2499 for assistance.