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About Health Street   Health Street offers professional drug tests, DNA tests, paternity tests, alcohol tests, drug screening by hair test and urine test, hair follicle drug tests, and background check services to individuals and companies throughout the USA. We serve hundreds of companies and thousands of their employees, as well as individuals who use us privately. We operate and work with thousands of clinics and mobile collectors. We serve the entire United States, and parts of Canada. We provide onsite drug and alcohol testing for emergencies, such as post-accident and reasonable suspicion, 24 hours a day.   Health Street is not a physical laboratory, however, we send all of our specimens to contracted partner labs including the following:
  • Laboratory Corporation of America (AABB and SAMHSA Certified)
  • DNA Diagnostics Center (AABB Certified)
  • Quest Diagnostics (SAMHSA Certified)
While we will make every effort to serve you, please note that not all services are available in every geographic area, while other services may only be available during certain hours. Also, some of our services are for companies only (not for individuals). If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   Health Street is a dba of Sansei, Inc., a New York State Corporation founded in 1994. Our former slogan was “Drug Testing on Wheels”, and this verbiage may continue to appear on some of our written and/or digital documentation.   Health Street’s NYC headquarters is at: 2417 Third Avenue, Suite 813 Bronx, NY 10451   Our primary phone number is: (888) 378-2499   We can be reached via email at: staff@health-street.net   Intellectual Property “Who’s Your Daddy?” and the “Who’s Your Daddy?” logo are registered trademarks of Sansei, Inc., d/b/a Health Street. Any reproduction, use, or imitation of the logo, or any use of the phrase “Who’s Your Daddy” with respect to DNA testing in any fashion, without prior written consent, is strictly prohibited.