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Pre-employment background checks and drug screening services provide enhanced workplace protection to employers, fellow team members, and customers across industries and sectors. While necessary to limit costly liability and compliance concerns, such services also enable employers to easily identify falsified details on an application or resume that could impact workplace safety.

According to recent research, a shocking 78% of job candidates would consider lying or have lied on a job application to boost the chances of receiving an employment offer. When you consider the gravity of what your organization undertakes on a daily basis, are you willing to risk the repercussions of what was not properly identified during the pre-employment screening process?

To avoid any underlying concerns among incoming applicants, understand the exact compliance needs for your specific industry and operating location. Health Street provides you with employment screening services tailored to your specific industry, allowing you to easily detect risk factors associated with certain applicants and hire with confidence. Whether it's Department of Transportation requirements or mandatory drug screenings for healthcare professionals, here's a look at Health Street pre-employment background checks and drug testing recommendations by industry.

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