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Pre-employment background checks and drug screening services provide enhanced workplace protection to employers, fellow team members, and customers across industries and sectors. While necessary to limit costly liability and compliance concerns, such services also enable employers to easily identify falsified details on an application or resume that could impact workplace safety.

According to recent research, a shocking 78% of job candidates would consider lying or have lied on a job application to boost the chances of receiving an employment offer. When you consider the gravity of what your organization undertakes on a daily basis, are you willing to risk the repercussions of what was not properly identified during the pre-employment screening process?

To avoid any underlying concerns among incoming applicants, understand the exact compliance needs for your specific industry and operating location. Health Street provides you with employment screening services tailored to your specific industry, allowing you to easily detect risk factors associated with certain applicants and hire with confidence. Whether it’s Department of Transportation requirements or mandatory drug screenings for healthcare professionals, here’s a look at Health Street pre-employment background checks and drug testing recommendations by industry.

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City, state, and federal level employers are typically required to comply with various government background screening and employee drug testing regulations. Use our in-depth pre-employment screening and multi-panel drug testing services to meet any and all compliance needs.

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Healthcare & Hospitals

Healthcare employers require a collection of background screening and employee drug testing tools to support workplace and patient safety. Alongside state compliance requirements, learn more about how our services can help healthcare employers meet all pre-employment screening needs.

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With constant production demands and time-sensitive deadlines, our pre-employment background check and drug testing solutions enable manufacturing employers to identify employee concerns upfront to prevent slowdowns later on.

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Transportation & Logistics

The U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) requires drivers to comply with background checks and employee drug testing requirements to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Employers should seek screening services when looking to hire new drivers to eliminate liability concerns and verify DOT requirements.

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Private Security

Private security employers heavily rely on employees to provide constant, top-tier protection for clients. Identify any upfront applicant concerns that could impact client trust and dependability with our robust collection of pre-employment screening and drug testing services.

aerospace - industry-tiles

Aerospace & Defense

Due to the high level of security that aerospace and defense positions demand, employers require a screening solution that goes deep. On top of employee drug testing, use our background screening services to assess the National Criminal Index, National Sex Offender Registry, and the No Fly List.

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With a constant need to fill employee positions to maintain surging industry demands, our pre-employment background check and drug testing services supplement Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards to keep your workplace and employees safe.

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Information Technology

In the age of cyberattacks and data breach threats, IT employers should seek our pre-employment screening and employee drug testing services to verify which applicants are trustworthy and pose minimal risk to the sensitive nature of IT companies.

education - industry-tiles

Education & Schools

Creating and maintaining a safe school environment relies on the trustworthiness and efforts of its faculty. To help ensure student safety while meeting local school board compliance needs, our pre-employment drug testing and background screening services are here to help.

financial - industry-tiles

Financial & Banking

Day-to-day finance employers rely on staff to handle extremely sensitive customer information and assets. Our expansive collection of background screening and employee drug testing services can identify early-onset security concerns that can later pose significant risks to your organization.

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Child Care

State rules and regulations often require child care employers to conduct thorough drug testing and background screenings before hiring. On top of multi-panel drug testing, our pre-employment services assess criminal records and the National Sex Offender Registry for a holistic approach.

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Hospitality Services

Across the hospitality industry, employers know how impactful a poor customer experience or review can be on a business. Avoid customer troubles brought on by poor employee actions using our variety of pre-employment background checks and employee drug testing services.


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