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Employers Struggle With Cross-State Marijuana Legalization and Its Impact on Employment Drug Testing Practices


Marijuana continues to become more and more accessible throughout the US. With more states legalizing the drug, what should employers expect?

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How Florida Employers Can Save Money by Ensuring They Qualify for the Drug-Free Workplace Credit


In 1990, Florida adopted the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Program, incentivizing employers in the state to combat workplace drug use in an effort to improve worker safety.

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Nationwide Study Finds 65% of Surveyed Respondents Abstain Use for Less Than a Month Before Workplace Drug Testing


After a nationwide survey by Health Street, 65% of participants admitted they abstain from marijuana use for less than a one month period before a scheduled drug test.

73% of Occasional Marijuana Smokers Returned to THC Within 30 Days After Their Pre-Employment Drug Screening

Jared Rosenthal

Health Street surveyed nearly 600 participants from locations around the country, 84 percent of whom are employed. Out of those, half were required to take a drug test.