Drug Test Types

Different Types of Drug Tests

Confused by all the different types of drug tests? Health Street breaks it down into 5 easily understandable categories.
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What are the different types of drug tests?

Employment Drug Screening

Employers want the right employment drug test at the right time in the right place. Fast and easy. Health Street’s “Digital Delivery” of drug test authorization barcodes via email or text message, right to the employer’s computer – or to the employee’s cell phone – is the state of the art. Our secure eResults portal allows Employers to view all of their employee reports in one convenient location, with online cloud storage of the PDF files plus downloadable doctor-signed PDFs.

Court Ordered Drug Testing

Lawyers and those involved in the legal system need to create and/or implement drug testing programs to comply with legal agreements or the courts. Divorce, DUI or DWI arrests, probation, pre-trial services, and child custody arrangements often require ongoing or random drug and/or alcohol testing. Health Street provides the tests, manages random programs, and reports results to whomever is specified (e.g., courts, attorneys, etc.). We also help attorneys craft optimal agreements for drug testing during divorce.

DOT Drug Testing

Employers in the transportation industries must comply with a multitude of USDOT rules and requirements regarding drug and alcohol testing. Health Street’s DOT drug and alcohol testing services, random pool, and supervisor training meet the requirements of the US Dept of Transportation. We can manage your consortium, help keep you in compliance, and assist in DOT audits. Whether you need one test or a complete DOT drug and alcohol compliance program, Health Street can help.

Urine or Hair?

People ordering drug tests want to know how far back they go. Drugs (and their metabolites) remain in the system of someone who uses them for a certain period of time after the effects of the drug wear off. Urine Drug Tests go back up to a week or so, but it varies by drug used, amount, etc.), while Hair Follicle Drug Tests go back much further (approx. 90 days). Health Street offers many varieties of both urine and hair tests. Depending on how many types of drugs are included in the test, we can help you choose the right test for your needs.

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol is a drug, but it is, of course, legal when consumed responsibly. Therefore, it is critical to order the correct alcohol test for the specific requirements of the situation, ensuring that legal consumption is not inadvertently picked up as a false-positive. Alcohol testing can be used to detect the immediate presence of alcohol (breathalyzer), or it can be used to go back 12 hours (urine), 3 days (EtG test), e weeks (PETH test), or even 3 months (hair alcohol test). Health Street offers all of the above, and furthermore, at multiple locations including Mount Pleasant, MI.  These alcohol tests can also be combined with any drug testing panels. Call 888-378-2499 for more information.

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