Nicole Slaughter

Nicole Slaughter - Health Street Director of Digital Content


Nicole is an accomplished professional in the realm of digital content, with expertise in strategic planning, literary prowess, and design acumen. In her role as the Manager of Digital Content Technology at Health Street, she leads a team of content editors, ensuring high-quality deliverables through meticulous oversight. Nicole's responsibilities include many diverse areas, such as conducting research, crafting SEO-driven content, and spearheading the creation of innovative web page designs to optimize user experience (UX).

Driven by a passion for growth and development, Nicole remains committed to continuous learning, both for herself and her team. Currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Information Technology, specializing in User Experience, she stays at the forefront of emerging trends and best practices in the field. With her dedication to excellence and a holistic approach to digital content, Nicole plays an instrumental role in shaping Health Street's website.

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