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Employment Background Check: Triple Database Package

Our Triple Database Package is an Employment Background Check that searches 3 databases: the national criminal index, registered sex offender registry, and the terrorism registry (also known as the 'do not fly' list). We automatically add a Social Security Number Trace at no additional charge. This is a rapid background check database search with quick results. We review all results prior to releasing them to the employer in order to flag any concerns.

While this search is fast and broad, it does not include court record screening. For the ultimate in peace of mind, order our Platinum Package, which combines the Court Record Repository Package with this Triple Database Package.

4.9 out of 5 stars (69 reviews)
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Amazingly fast! easy to work with! Pleasant! couldn't ask for better!
By Mary Ellen Foley on March 28, 2016
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I was referred to you and the process was completed in less than 5 minutes. All I needed was to speak to someone to do this correctly and YOU were able to accomplish what other company's phone systems and websites could not. THANK YOU
By Dan Donohue on July 7, 2017
CraftMaster Hardware
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Great, professional, fast, efficient service! Thanks so much!
By Debbie Russnogle on January 18, 2018
Cleaver Brooks
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4.9 out of 5 stars (70 reviews)

Employment Background Check - Triple Database Package

Employment Background Check - Triple Database Package

Employment Background Check – Triple Database Package

This employment background screening package offers rapid response time and provides a good overview of someone’s criminal history by checking these 3 powerful background check databases:
  • National Crime Index
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • Do Not Fly List (aka Terrorism Registry)
We also provide a complimentary Social Security Trace with this employment background check package.

How Does the Employment Background Screening Work?

All of Health Street’s employment background checks require a signed agreement (only needs to be signed one time) and a signed waiver for each individual being screened. All of this is done electronically via Health Street's proprietary e-signature methodology to ensure a combination of maximum compliance and minimal effort. All employment background check reports and drug test results are posted to a secure online portal. You'll be provided a password once you register for testing.

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69 Ratings
4.9 out of 5 stars.
Triple Database Background Check Package
By Cheryll Snyder on October 28, 2020
Process and Data Automation
wonderful, fast service!
Triple Database Background Check Package
By Leanne Ostrander on October 9, 2019
Aspen Group
Great service and quick turn around!
Triple Database Background Check Package
By Christine Lovett on June 6, 2019
Jarred (I hope I spelt his name right) did a great job walking me through a computer glitch I was experiencing with the background check. He was very patient and professional.
Triple Database Background Check Package
By Kristy on April 16, 2019
Broadway Enterprises Inc.
Everything was fine. I asked about financial screening and was told that wasn't an option. I received an email later stating the test was an option and the name. I responded with a question and never received a response. Things worked for this transaction. Thank you. Its easy. It would be nice to view the specifics of each test within the portal and not have to go back and forth between the website and the portal to view test specifics.
Triple Database Background Check Package
By Kwami Johnson on April 9, 2019
Private Background Check
Excellent customer service
Triple Database Background Check Package
By Cheryl Sinclair on December 28, 2018
Private Background Check
Response was quick, Drew was very helpful. Issues noticed with report: address history had numerous errors - streets I have never lived on as well as stating living in sites under my married name yet I was not even married at that time. I realize these results are based on an array of inputted information from various sites so they are at the mercy of those sites being accurate.
Triple Database Background Check Package
By James A Reynolds on November 7, 2018
Very efficient process and done very quickly. Thank You
Triple Database Background Check Package
By Michael on November 5, 2018
HVAC Care Plus
The service was timely and very professional!. Excellent service.
Triple Database Background Check Package
By Rudilie on October 25, 2018
Amertech Tower Services
very professional. Excellent. Excellent and fast service
Triple Database Background Check Package
By Kandis on October 11, 2018
Top Notch Telecom
Always extra friendly and prompt. It only takes a few minutes to get anything taken care of. Completely Satisfied!. Easy to maneuver through and quickly get things done. Time is very important to me and you guys are quick and adequate with my needs. thank you so much!

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