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Drug testing is an effective and widely accepted method to identify drug use, deter consumption of illicit substances, and ensure the safety of employees, customers, children, the roads, and the public at large. Companies, courts, parents, and divorcing spouses frequently order drug tests to prevent the ill effects that drugs can cause, and just as often, to penalize those who use them.

Health Street's 5000+ locations nationwide provides DOT and non-DOT drug test. Register at (888) 378-2499 for urine or hair follicle drug and/or alcohol tests, including breathalyzers. We offer both employment and court ordered drug testing services. We manage random drug testing programs for companies and individuals. And, we can even come onsite to your business or the scene of an accident.

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About Drug Testing Services

Urine Drug Testing

Urine is the most widely used method of drug testing. It is inexpensive, effective, and time-tested. It's much harder to cheat a urine drug test than most people think. Health Street's urine drug testing detects drug use in the recent past. Virtually any drug can be detected in the urine, and Health Street offers numerous options, from a basic 5 panel urine drug test to a comprehensive 25 panel, plus specialized screenings for rare or newer drugs that aren't included in the panel tests.

Hair Drug Tests

Hair follicle drug tests detect drug use over a much longer time period than urine. Hair tests go back 90 days, and are virtually unbeatable. If a person has short or no head hair, body hair can be used. If someone is completely bald, then a hair test is not possible. Many drugs, though not all, can be detected in the hair. Health Street offers numerous drug testing services, from a basic 5 panel to a comprehensive 14 panel hair test, plus a specialized screening just for alcohol.

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Testing is a way to determine if someone is intoxicated presently, or has been in the past. There are several methods of alcohol testing, offering wide variations in the time period of detection. The type of alcohol test chosen should depend on the circumstances surrounding the need for it. Breath tests determine present intoxication, which is a great choice for reasonable suspicion or post accident. Urine tests can go back up 80 hours, and are frequently ordered by courts, or by ex-spouses seeking to ensure that no alcohol was consumed while in custody of a child. Blood tests can detect usage over a 3-4 week period, which can be used to prove/disprove sobriety over the past month. And, testing hair for alcohol use can go back 90 days, and is typically ordered when little to no alcohol is permitted over an extended time period.

Employment Drug Testing

Companies of all sizes require drug testing as a condition of employment in order to keep their workplaces safe and to reduce the risk of liability from accidents caused by staff being under the influence. Pre-employment drug testing is the most common type, but more often these days, companies are aggressively rooting out drug users from their ranks by instituting random testing, promotion testing, and on-site testing. Post accident and reasonable suspicion testing is frequently implemented by companies wishing to reduce workers compensation claims or other legal liabilities.

Court Ordered Drug Tests

Courts often order drug testing in relation to child custody, probation, DUI/DWI, or pre-trial services. Parents getting divorced often sign agreements to submit to drug or alcohol testing as a condition of being with their children. Court orders or legal agreements often designate the frequency and reporting requirements for the drug and/or alcohol testing. It is common for courts to require one or more drug tests for driving while intoxicated. In fact, many jurisdictions require an ongoing program of testing even before the case goes to trial.