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Our Ultimate Package is a court record investigation combined with a triple database search, plus a 10 panel drug test. This is the most comprehensive criminal background check service we offer, combined with one of our popular drug testing services. This criminal record background check includes searches of 3 databases like the national crime index, plus a social security trace and a court record search. Drug test upgrades and employment background check add-on services are available.

Registering for a background check package is simple and quick. Simply register online or call (888) 378-2499. Signatures are collected electronically for your convenience, and a final background report is provided securely online.

Workforce Screening, Digitally Delivered

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Ultimate Package (Platinum + 10 Panel Drug Test) Options

Ultimate Package (Platinum + 10 Panel Drug Test)
Combine our platinum package with a 10 panel drug test. Register Now
Platinum Background Package
Combine our triple database package with a court record package. Register Now
Court Record Package
Searches a Court Record Repository at the state or county level.. Register Now
Triple Database Package
Searches the national criminal index, registered sex offender registry, and terrorism registry. Register Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a background check include a drug test?

For those looking for a drug test and a background check all in one package, the Ultimate Package is the way to go. If you're looking for a background screening without the drug test, our Platinum Package is a great option.

What should I expect during the background screening process?

A triple database criminal search, a review of up-to-date, comprehensive, actual court records, and a 10 panel drug test—the ultimate in peace of mind for criminal background checks. For this criminal record background check package, we'll undertake the following 6 steps process:

We search the Court Record Repository in the location the person currently lives, as determined by their driver's license.
We conduct a Social Security Number Trace, which verifies that a listed social security number belongs to the screened individual and is neither fake nor erroneous.
The SS Trace also informs us if the person had other addresses in the past seven years. If so, we recommend to you that court records in those locations be searched as well.
We run 3 additional database searches: National Crime Index, National Sex Offender Registry, and Terrorism Registry (also known as the No Fly List)
If something comes up in the database research, we may also recommend another jurisdiction to search court records.
We also issue an authorization code for a 10 panel drug test, that the employee can use at the nearest location (over 10,000 locations nationwide).
What kind of paperwork is involved?

Only two electronic documents are required to get started. All of Health Street's comprehensive employment background checks require a signed agreement (only needs to be signed one time per company) and a signed waiver for each individual being screened. Completing these electronically provides a combination of maximum compliance and minimal effort.

The drug test authorization barcode will be emailed to you, and can also be emailed and texted to the person being screened. They can simply present the barcode on their phone at the clinic, and we'll inform you when their results are ready. All criminal background check reports and drug test results are posted to a secure online portal. You'll be provided a password once you register for testing.

Can I order a background screening in multiple states?

When you add this comprehensive criminal background check package to the cart, you will see that there are nominal fees which vary by state. If you need to add more than one state, we'll contact you for those additional fees. You will not need to repurchase the whole background check package, of course.

Does Health Street provide drug tests and background checks combined?

Our Ultimate Package is a comprehensive service that combines a court record investigation, a triple database search, and a 10 panel drug test. This package offers the most comprehensive criminal background check and one of our popular drug testing services.

About Our Ultimate Package

What We Check in Our Background Screenings

Depending on the type of background check that is selected, we look through several databases to search for important information relating to the person. Some types of background checks that we perform include:

Criminal database checks for employment
State background checks
Resume verifications
Driver and DOT screening services
Healthcare background screenings

For an even more comprehensive employee screening process, we also offer drug and alcohol testing options.

Registering for Background Check Services

Registering for a background check is fast, and can be done online or via phone. Once registration is completed, we will send you two documents. One is an agreement for the background screening service, and one is a waiver for the person being screened to give us approval to proceed. Both of these documents will be delivered and signed electronically, and the background screening will automatically begin once they have been signed. When the requested services have been completed, a background screening report will be stored securely in our online portal.

Why Choose Health Street

Health Street's background screening services offer employers many advantages and benefits.

Forms are managed electronically, creating the fastest and most efficient experience
Background report results are securely stored in our online portal
We value your security, and will collect a signed waiver from the person being screened before performing the background check
If a drug test is added, drug test results will also be stored securely online
Our wide variety of background screenings allows any employer to find a screening that meets their needs

What Drugs Does an Ultimate Package Cover?

Please keep in mind that although this employee screening service includes a 10 panel drug test, more than 10 types of substances can be detected in this panel. This is because many of these drugs belong to the same class (e.g., codeine, morphine, and heroin are all basic opiates).

For more information about which substances are covered in this drug test, visit our 10 Panel Drug Test page.

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We have all new hires complete a background and drug test. Every time I call I receive excellent Customer Service .
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