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Background Screening Services

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Background screening is a widely accepted practice for employers to ensure that the people they hire do not pose a danger to their staff, their customers, or their company assets in general. Background screening services are so easily available that the courts can hold a company liable for not availing itself of background check service, if, in fact, the unscreened employee later causes harm to others. Contrary to popular belief, there is no "one-size-fits-all" background check, so without proper attention to detail, a company can find that it missed relevant convictions and is therefore not protected even after running a cursory background screening. On the other hand, the wrong background check can yield excess information that companies cannot, by law, take into consideration in the hiring process, thus making them susceptible to lawsuits.

In short, to accomplish the twin goals of protecting a company against unwittingly hiring criminals while simultaneously not unlawfully overreaching, companies should work with reputable background screening agencies (known as CRAs) to ensure they get the background check that is right for their needs. For expert advice on the background check services that are right for your company, speak to a Health Street agent at (888) 378-2499.

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About Background Screening Services

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Specialized Background Check Services

In addition to the court records and key criminal databases searched by our comprehensive background check products, you can also add on other a la carte background screening services as per your needs. These include such items as Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR), License Verification, Employment History Verification, Reference checks, and DOT drug testing history checks.

Driver Background Screening Services

Driver background screening services, or Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)-background checks, ensure that a company's fleet of drivers are safe to be on the road by conducting historical research, contacting prior employers, and ongoing monitoring of driver's licenses and privileges.