Colorado Background Checks

Health Street's line of background checks in Colorado delivers fast, meticulously researched data on an applicant's criminal history, references, education and employment. We pride ourselves on providing what employers need to inform their decisions about the people they hire. Colorado employment background checks give companies the assurance that their new hires have been fully vetted and won't pose a risk. Verify if someone is being honest with you before you hire them – with Colorado background checks from Health Street.

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What background checks in Colorado does Health Street offer?

Health Street's criminal background check packages always start with a Social Security Number Trace. From there, you can add specific background checks, choose from one of our most popular packages, or build your own.

Court Record Package

(starting at $99)

Search the Court Record Repository at the state or county level. This background check is an investigation of court records in the counties or states that a person has used their Social Security Number.


Platinum Background Check Package

(starting at $175)

Everything in Triple Database Package plus Courthouse Repository (State and/or County level)

Ultimate Package

(starting at $250)

Everything in Platinum Package plus a 10 panel drug test.

Build Your Own Package

(prices vary)

Mix and match a variety of our background screening services to create your perfect package. This can include criminal database checks, sanctions, resume verifications, and drug testing.


Resume Verification

(starting at $39)

Check a person's job history, degrees, references, and certifications.


DOT Background Check

(starting at $39)

Ensure DOT compliance with our driver screening services.


City Background Checks

For information regarding background checks in a specific city, click the relevant link below:


Why Health Street For Colorado Background Checks?

Criminal background check in the Centennial State must be done in accordance with state law. There are very specific requirements that companies must follow in order to perform a legally compliant background check, and it varies by state. Health Street's understanding of local laws combined with advanced technologies help keep you in compliance with background check laws.

A Credit Reporting Agency, or CRA, should do more than just checking a public database on your behalf. Running background checks present a pair of equally troublesome risks:

Not uncovering criminal activity
Revealing too much information, including things that by law cannot be considered during the hiring process

If you receive information from your CRA that you are not permitted to include in your hiring decision, you can run afoul of laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). On the flip side, if you miss a critical criminal record, it can be even more devastating. For these reasons, it's critically important to work with a CRA with experience performing comprehensive employment background checks in .

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DOT Background Screening Services

If you hire truck drivers or other vehicle operators covered by DOT, then you know you have to comply with the Department of Transportation's FMCSA modality regulations. To comply with DOT regs, you must:

Contact previous employers (from before January 2020)
Review the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse for January 2020 and later.
Run the Colorado Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).

These measures ensure that your new hire has a safe Colorado driving record and no drug or alcohol violations in the past three years.

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Resume Review and Verification Checks

Sometimes, the job candidate who seems to be most qualified is lying on his or her resume. In fact, it is quite common for people to misrepresent their education, degrees earned, and work history in order to qualify for a job that they otherwise would not obtain. An unqualified employee—especially one who forges aspects of their experience—creates serious risks for business leaders and HR executives.

Health Street's background checks in Colorado can verify a person's resume, confirming the information that they have provided to you about their education, employment history, professional licensure, and degrees earned. We can even check references. Including these options on your background check in Colorado gives you and your business the protection it deserves and the knowledge that you are hiring honest, qualified candidates.

Colorado Background Check Information

Background Check Laws Specific to the State of Colorado

Colorado enacted a "ban-the-box" law on May 28, 2019 that prohibits the ability of employers to ask prospective employees about their criminal history on job applications. The Colorado Chance to Compete Act was passed by the state legislature along with another law restricting employer questions about sealed and expunged criminal records.

Colorado's law is less restrictive than "ban-the-box" laws in some other states. The act doesn't eliminate all questions about criminal background. It prohibits employers from stating that individuals with a criminal history can't apply for a job in their job advertisements and employment applications. Prospective employers can't ask about criminal history or convictions on initial job applications.

The law does allow employers to conduct criminal background checks of "publicly available" records at any time after the initial job application. Employers who are found guilty of a first-time violation will receive a warning from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE). Subsequent violations of the "ban-the-box" law could result in fines of $1,000 to $2,500.

Colorado specifies that employers must conduct Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) checks for over 60 professions and government jobs, ranging from social workers for adoption and at-risk children to teachers at charter and public schools, debt management operators, childcare workers, and emergency medical technicians.

Statistics on Crime in the State of Colorado

Colorado maintains statistics on crime within the state in accordance with the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program of the Department of Justice. In 2018, 25,640 violent crimes were committed in Colorado according to the state's crime report dashboard.

Individual violent crime statistics for 2018 in Colorado include:

217 murders
7,113 non-consensual sex offenses
14,510 assaults
3,800 robberies including violence

Colorado reports that 50% of the violent crimes committed in the state in 2018 were cleared, including 162 of the 217 murders.

Over 1,500 of the victims of violent crime in Colorado in 2018 were under the age of 10, according to the state's report. The greatest number of violent crime victims, 6,355, were between the ages of 25 and 34. Additionally, 751 victims were age 65 or older.

Females were more likely than males to be victims of violent crime in Colorado in 2018. A total of 52.6% of Colorado's violent crime victims were female, and 47.4% were male. Out of those who were arrested for violent crimes, 82.5% were male, and 17.5% were female. 53% of Colorado's murders took place at home in 2018, and 38.7% on the road, parking locations, or camps. Only 13.3% of Colorado's murders in 2018 were perpetrated by an intimate partner, and 10.7% by a family member.