Colorado DNA & Drug Testing: Find Clinic Locations by City

Drug Testing and DNA Testing Locations in Colorado: Health Street has 155 Clinics in 49 Cities

Employment Drug Testing Laws in Colorado:

Other than the city of Boulder, which has it’s own regulations regarding drug testing, there are no statewide restrictions. There is, of course, a medical marijuana law, but employers are not required to allow the usage of THC In the workplace.

Marijuana Laws in Colorado:

THC is permitted for both medical and recreational use in the state of Colorado.

Colorado Drug Use Trends:

Heavy drug use in Colorado often means an eventual fatality. In 2015, over 900 Coloradans died due to overdose. Death due to overdose killed more people than car crashes did. Although much of the attention in Colorado is focused on marijuana, the blame for this drug overdose epidemic falls squarely on opioids. From 2000 to 2015, opioid use tripled, In rural areas, opiate addiction has become “common.” Due to a less than adequate public healthcare system, there is little help available for people living in rural areas that don’t have the money for private treatment facilities.