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Hospitality employers have the duty to protect their workers, customers, and business. Restaurants, bars, hotels, recreation, and tourism businesses are often high-stress jobs with high turnover rates and tough positions to fill. Employers want to keep their highly qualified employees and ensure that new hires are reliable and fit for the job. Hospitality employee background screening and drug testing ensure employers hire the right candidates. Background screenings include pre-employment screening, employment history verification, and criminal history checks. Health Street’s background check and drug testing services provide employers with fast and accurate information to protect the company from liability and ensure that they hire the right applicants.

Health Street provides drug testing and background screening services for hospitality employers, providing drug testing at over 5,000 locations nationwide and background screening in every state. The fast and accurate screening includes secure online reporting and elite customer care.

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Hospitality Employment Screening and Drug Testing -

Hospitality Background Checks

Background Checks

If you’re an employer looking to protect yourself, your business, and your employees, Health Street provides the hospitality background screening you need to ensure you’re hiring the right applicants.

With the high-turnover rates in hospitality, employers want to hire qualified employees that will stay. Employees should also be trustworthy and reliable to lessen the risk of fraud, theft, and other crimes in the workplace. Hospitality employee background screening helps to “weed out” applicants that aren’t fit for the job, allowing employers to choose the right ones.

Hospitality Drug Test Services

Drug Tests

Hospitality employee drug testing helps to mitigate these risks and protect the business. Although drug and alcohol abuse is common in all industries, it’s especially prominent in hospitality. Hospitality employees often face high-stress jobs, financial insecurity, and sometimes no benefits, which could be why the hospitality industry sees higher rates of substance abuse than other industries. Workers in the service industry have access to alcohol, and bartenders, specifically, face a higher risk of dying from alcohol than other employees.

Substance use on the job causes missed workdays and accidents, which gets costly for employers and puts them at risk for legal ramifications. Employees who misuse drugs and alcohol are 2.5 times more likely to miss work days, and one in five hospitality industry workers use substances. Seventeen percent of restaurant workers have a substance abuse disorder. Not only do substance and alcohol use put employees in danger, but it also puts the business, customers, and other employees at risk. While under the influence, workers are likely to make poor decisions and work less efficiently.


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