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Drug Testing and DNA Testing - Cary, NC

Health Street provides DNA, paternity, drug and alcohol testing in Cary, NC at 9 conveniently located facilities. Call (919) 822-9420 or register online for drug tests or DNA tests. Drug testing options include DOT and non-DOT urine drug tests, breath alcohol tests, EtG alcohol tests, and hair follicle drug tests. Paternity tests and DNA tests for siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are performed at our Cary labs.

Register for your employees, yourself, or a third party. An authorization barcode and map of the clinic will be sent to you immediately (or to the person you specify) via text and email. Results are fast, signed by a doctor, and reported securely online.

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Drug Testing


Types of Drug Tests at our Cary NC clinics:

Urine drug tests can detect nearly any drug that was consumed in the recent past. We offer an extensive set of drug testing options to detect virtually any type or number of drugs.

5 Panel Urine Drug Test – $75
This is the traditional, basic drug test for street drugs.

  • ⇾ Cocaine
  • ⇾ Marijuana (THC, cannabinoids, weed)
  • ⇾ Phencyclidine (PCP – angel dust)
  • ⇾ Amphetamines (Adderall, Ritalin, methamphetamines)
  • ⇾ Basic Opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine)

Instant 5 panel eCup – $75
This is the same as the standard 5 panel, but negative results are reported right away. Non-negatives are still sent to our lab for confirmation testing.

9 Panel Urine Drug Test – $85
This is a 5 panel plus the following prescription drugs:

  • ⇾ Benzodiazepines (Valium, Klonopin, Xanax)
  • ⇾ Barbiturates
  • ⇾ Methadone
  • ⇾ Propoxyphene

Instant 9 panel – $89
This is the same as the standard 9 panel, but negative results are reported right away. Non-negatives are still sent to our lab for confirmation testing.

10 Panel Urine Drug Test – $89
This is a great option for employment drug testing – it includes well known street drugs and prescription drugs, including all 9 of the ones listed above, plus methaqualone.

Instant xCup 7 – DOT Mirror Test – $95
This test mirrors the drugs tested on a DOT drug test, but we report negative results instantly. It’s also the least expensive test that includes expanded opiates like oxycodone and hydrocodone, plus ecstasy.

Instant xCup 10 – $125
This test is like an instant 12 panel (except it excludes 2 drugs, methaqualone and propoxyphene, both of which are largely out of circulation). What’s more, negative results come back virtually instantaneously, and it’s less expensive than a traditional 12 panel, while still testing for street drugs, prescriptions, expanded opiates, and ecstasy.

12 Panel Urine Drug Test – $149
This panel is an excellent choice and value, as it includes the 10 street and prescription drugs listed above, plus:

  • ⇾ MDMA/6AM (Ecstasy, Molly)
  • ⇾ Expanded opiate class: Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone (Vicodan, Percocet, Oxycontin)

16 Panel “Extended Opiates” Drug Test – $250
As opioids continue to rise in use, it is important to be aware that there are many dangerous, synthetic opiates are not picked up by lower panel tests. The 16 panel picks up the following opiates in addition to the 12 drugs listed above:

  • ⇾ Meperidine (Demerol)
  • ⇾ Tramadol
  • ⇾ Buprenorphine (Suboxone)
  • ⇾ Fentanyl

In addition to the above, our urine drug screens at our Cary NC facilities go up to 25 panels, including tests for synthetic marijuana, bath salts, nicotine, ketamine, rohypnol, and more.

Alcohol Testing

An alcohol test can definitively detect if someone is presently intoxicated, whether they’ve drank alcohol over the last several hours or days, or even if they’ve been drinking over several months. When choosing among our alcohol testing options, your choice should be guided by the circumstances prompting you to order the test. For example, if you suspect someone is drinking on the job, a breath alcohol test provides a definitive answer without violating a person’s right to consume alcohol when at home. On the other hand, if a person is required to remain sober over a long period of time (because of a court order, a child custody agreement, or another reason), choose the alcohol test that looks back at the period of required abstinence.

Breath Alcohol – $95
Breathalyzers detect someone’s current intoxication level. This is the most appropriate test to use in the workplace if alcohol use is suspected, or as a standard test after any accidents. Breath alcohol tests should be given as soon as possible after an accident or upon reasonable suspicion of on-the-job use. In many cases, Health Street can dispatch a technician for on-site drug and alcohol testing in the Cary NC area (extra fees apply).

Urine Alcohol – $77
Basic urine alcohol tests can check for drinking in the last 12 hours.

EtG Alcohol – $125
EtG urine alcohol tests go back 70 to 80 hours. In other words, it looks back at approximately the past 3 days to determine if someone was drinking.

PeTH Blood Alcohol – $300
PeTH is a blood test that determines if someone has been drinking alcohol over the last 3 weeks.

Hair Alcohol – $600
A hair alcohol tests can detect if someone has been consuming alcohol over a 3 month period.

Urine Drug and Alcohol tests combined: Basic urine alcohol tests (12 hour look-back) or EtG urine alcohol tests (3 day look-back) can be added to any of our drug testing panels, or they can be done on a standalone basis.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing – Cary NC

DOT Drug Test – $95
Safety-sensitive employees of companies in trucking, shipping, and aviation are required to take DOT drug tests. The rules specified in CFR 49 Part 40 are highly detailed and spell out exactly how, where, and when DOT drug and alcohol tests must be administered. Notably, DOT requires pre-employment and random drug testing. Health Street’s Cary facilities offer DOT tests and process all specimens at SAMHSA certified laboratories. Our Medical Review Officers review all DOT drug tests. Members of our Random Pool get discounts on DOT drug tests ($79 each).

DOT Alcohol – $95
Breath Alcohol tests are required by DOT to be performed on safety sensitive employees in a variety of circumstances, including when picked for a random, after an accident that meets certain minimum criteria, and upon reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use.

Random Pool – $99
Health Street administers DOT Random Pools for companies of all sizes based in and around Cary, across North Carolina, and throughout the USA. Our local presence combined with our national clinic network and easy online pool management makes DOT compliance a breeze. Companies that join Health Street’s DOT Random Pool also get discounts on drug tests, support during DOT audits, and driver educational materials.

Supervisor Training – $99
We offer a 2 hour online training course for DOT Supervisors in Cary NC or elsewhere. The training prepares managers to identify the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use, misuse, and abuse, such that they can safely identify, approach, and test employees for whom they have reasonable suspicion of impairment. We offer separate trainings for supervisors in each of the DOT transportation modalities, i.e., FMCSA, FRA, FTA, USCG, PHMSA, and FAA.

USCG Drug Test – $150
Drug tests are required for virtually all transactions that come before the USCG, including obtaining and renewing a Captain’s License. The USCG and Merchant Marines have very specific requirements for these 5 panel DOT drug tests. Federal Custody and Control forms must be used, and the results must include form CG-719P, which needs to be signed by an MRO (medical review officer). Many Cary businesses and residents are involved, directly or indirectly, with maritime, and therefore, they are regulated by the United States Coast Guard and must comply with these drug testing regulations.

The Coast Guard is famously meticulous. Drug tests will be rejected if they are not performed in strict compliance with their rigorous regulations, including all reporting requirements. Health Street specializes in getting this done right, saving you time, money, and aggravation. Our drug testing clinics in Cary offer a specially designated USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test Package, which includes everything you need to meet the strict USCG DOT drug testing requirements.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing Cary NC ✂

Hair drug tests can detect drug or alcohol use for a far greater period of time – 90 days – than a standard urine drug test. As a result, approximately twice as many hair tests come back non-negative versus urine tests. Hair follicle drug tests are performed at our Cary drug testing facilities by cutting a small amount of either head hair or body hair. In order to use head hair, the person’s hair needs to be at least an inch and a half long. If the head hair is shorter than an inch and a half, we can cut body hair instead, taking it from either the chest, leg, arm, or back. The body hair can be of any length.

5 Panel Hair Follicle Test – $175
This test goes back 90 days (3 months) and includes the following street drugs, including:

  • → Cocaine
  • → Marijuana (THC, cannabinoids, weed)
  • → Phencyclidine (PCP – angel dust)
  • → Amphetamines (Adderall, Crystal Meth, methamphetamines)
  • → Basic Opiates (heroin, morphine, codiene)
  • → Ecstasy, Molly
  • → Optional add-on: Oxycodone, Hydrocodone – choose this feature during registration ($25)

9 Panel Hair Test – $350
All of the street drugs from the 5 panel hair test (above) are included in the 9 panel, plus this test also picks up these prescription drugs:

  • ⇾ Benzodiazepines (Valium, Klonopin, Xanax)
  • ⇾ Barbiturates
  • ⇾ Methadone
  • ⇾ Propoxyphene

12 Panel Hair Test – $475
This comprehensive hair test can detect street drugs, prescriptions, and expanded opiates including the following substances:

  • ⇾ Oxycodone, oxymorphone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone (Vicodan, Percocet, Oxycontin)
  • ⇾ Meperidine (Demerol)
  • ⇾ Tramadol

Hair Alcohol Test – $600
EtG hair follicle alcohol testing is a way to look back at alcohol usage over the past 3 months. Optionally, this can be combined this with our 5 panel hair test by adding this option during registration.

The above are the most common hair follicle drug tests, but we also offer more comprehensive and specialized hair tests. We can test hair for up to 14 panels of drugs, including tests for Fentanyl.

StaffGlass™… the Employer eResults Portal

Employers get an added bonus: access to our award winning StaffGlass™ portal. Once logged into StaffGlass™, business users can:

  • ⇾ Securely view drug test results
  • ⇾ Order and view eSignature employee documents such as policies and procedures, job applications, and more
  • ⇾ Setup a random drug testing pool, and add or remove staff to be included
  • ⇾ Order an Employment Background Check and view reports
  • ⇾ Access our national network of 5000 drug testing clinics
  • ⇾ Register staff for occupational health services

How To Register for a Drug Test in Cary NC

Cary employers, individuals, courts, and attorneys can set up drug tests at Health Street’s Cary NC clinics. Register online for your company, yourself, your employees, a family member, or a third party. Our state of the art registration system makes it extremely simple. Here’s how it works:

During registration, we’ll show you the nearest locations (including our Cary clinics and beyond). We’ll also show you the hours of operation for each lab location. Simply choose the best facility to meet your needs. You (or the person you’re testing) will immediately get a registration barcode, a map, and a link to access GPS driving directions to the Cary drug testing clinic of your choice. You (or they) simply walk in to the facility and the technician will scan the barcode and administer the test. It couldn’t be easier!

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DNA Testing


Types of DNA Tests at our Cary NC clinics:

There are several types of DNA tests that we can perform to validate close family relationships. The most commonly ordered DNA test is a paternity test to conclusively establish whether or not a man is the biological father of a child.

In addition to paternity, we also offer:

Accuracy of DNA Tests

Health Street’s 21 marker DNA relationship testing is the state of the art. Our legal paternity test results are statistically conclusive at the rate of 99.9% or greater. Other DNA tests, such as sibling or avuncular studies, can sometimes come back with a result of less than 95% certainty. This is normal, especially if only 2 parties participate in the test. Adding an additional close relative to the test helps us learn more about the family’s DNA composition and typically leads to a more conclusive result.

Specimens we can test for DNA

The easiest and most reliable way to obtain genetic material for a paternity test is to take a swab of the inner cheeks of the parties. The skin cells of the inner cheek, known as buccal cells, rub off easily onto cotton swabs and remain in place for shipment to our laboratory. Legal DNA Tests at our Cary clinics are done by cheek swab.

Other specimens, such as hair, fingernails, and garments that might contain someone’s DNA, can also be tested. These tests are done by registering online and shipping the specimen to our lab for testing. We’ll attempt to extract the DNA and compare it to a cheek swab of the other party.

Legal DNA Tests vs. “Peace of Mind” At-Home Tests

When deciding which type of DNA test is right for you, consider first what you might do with the results. In order for the results of a DNA test to hold up in court, the test must be done at a clinic using strict chain of custody procedures. Our Cary DNA testing technicians are trained to follow guidelines that ensure that the results can be used for legal purposes.

The results of our legal DNA tests can be used for any legal purpose:

  • ✓ to change the name on a birth certificate
  • ✓ to petition for child support
  • ✓ to petition for survivor benefits
  • ✓ to alter inheritance procedures or wills

Home tests offer more flexibility:

Home DNA tests are specimens containing DNA (or possible DNA) that are shipped to us for analysis. The results of these home tests cannot be used in court (since there is no way to prove whose specimens were actually sent). However, the tests are just as accurate and can provide peace of mind. At-home DNA tests also offer a lot more flexibility.

In addition to commonly mailed in DNA specimens like hair follicles, we can also extract DNA from other bodily fluids. We can even try and lift the DNA left on items like clothing, a toothbrush, or a straw. If we can get the DNA from the alternative item, we can then compare it to another person to see if they are related. Some examples include:

  • ⇾ Q-tips
  • ⇾ Stained garments
  • ⇾ Mucus and other bodily fluids
  • ⇾ Soda cans
  • ⇾ Chewing gum

How to schedule a DNA Test in Cary NC

Scheduling a DNA test at one of our Cary clinics is simple and fast, and we often have appointments available in the same week, though it’s always helpful to schedule in advance to make sure you get the time you want. We have clinics in Cary, plus many more throughout North Carolina and across the nation. Not every one of our clinics performs DNA tests. During registration, we’ll show you the nearest locations so you can choose the one that’s most convenient. You’ll pick the times and days that you prefer.

You can set up separate appointments for each of the people being tested, either at the same location or at different locations. You’ll get an email and text message with your appointment information. There is no fee if you need to change the time or location of a DNA test appointment at any time.

How long it takes to get results of a DNA test

Paternity tests conducted at one of our Cary facilities typically take about a week to come back. Other relationship studies, such as sibling studies, can take a few days longer to come back. When the results are ready, you are notified immediately via email. Then, the hard copies of the paperwork are sent afterward via regular mail.

The DNA test appointment – what to expect and what to bring

The appointment itself only takes about 15 minutes. The specimen collection process is a simple and painless cheek swab. No needles are used. When you’re being tested at our Cary clinic, you’ll be asked to provide fingerprints and to show photo identification. We’ll also take pictures of the people being tested so that the final report will include legal assurances of who was actually tested.

For infants, hospital discharge papers qualify as identification. Otherwise, a birth certificate or social security card can be used as ID for a child. No other preparations are required for this appointment.

Does the mother need to be present at a paternity test?

If a man is considered the legal father of a child, then the mother does not have to be present or give consent for a paternity test. If he is not considered the father, then he can’t sign for the child, so in that case, the mother does need to be there. If neither parent is available, other legal guardians can bring the child if they have the right to make medical decisions on the child’s behalf.

DNA testing if one party is not in Cary

The 2 parties testing (for example: father and child) do not have to be tested at the same time or even at the same location. We have many clinics across North Carolina as well as nationwide, so we can test one party in Cary and the other party anywhere else in the USA. The specimens are then matched up in the lab for analysis.

Laboratory certifications

Health Street works strictly with AABB Certified labs for DNA testing. All specimens that are collected in Cary or elsewhere are shipped securely from our clinics to a nationally certified laboratory for professional DNA testing and analysis.

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