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DOT Alcohol Test

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A DOT Breath Alcohol Test ensures that CDL drivers, pilots, ship captains and other employees in safety-sensitive positions are tested in certain circumstances to ensure public safety. An evidential breath testing device (Breathalyzer) is used. Employers and individuals can register online or call (888) 378-2499 to order alcohol tests for staff and others. Our DOT alcohol testing is available from more than 14,000 nationwide clinics.

Easy Registration, Testing and Results

We make it simple for you to register online for our DOT alcohol test. During registration, you choose the lab location based on your zip code. You will receive an authorization barcode instantly by email, and it can be texted directly to the phone of the person being tested. A map of the clinic location is sent with the barcode. The registrant then walks into the alcohol testing lab and shows the barcode, and their photo ID. Mobile post-accident screening services are available in most areas. Results are delivered fast, signed by a doctor securely reported online.

Workforce Screening, Digitally Delivered

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DOT Breath Alcohol Testing Options

DOT Breath Alcohol Test
The DOT Breath Alcohol Test is for employees covered under DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations, such as CDL drivers and other safety-sensitive employees. Health Street uses federally approved evidential breath testers (EBTs) to measure the alcohol in someone’s system. Register Now
DOT Breath Alcohol + DOT Drug Test
Health Street’s DOT Drug Test + DOT Breath Alcohol Test includes a drug test in addition to the above DOT Breath Alcohol Test option. This test is designed to make it easy to stay in compliance with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations. Register Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the DOT Test for Alcohol?

DOT regulations state that there are specific cases where testing is required, and that a candidate or employee may be tested for alcohol use using breath or saliva tests. For drug testing, urine samples are used.

How Much Does an Alcohol Breath Test Cost?

For a consumer device, the cost of an alcohol breath test can vary from $50 to $150 or more. However, they do not include the guaranteed accuracy or exceptional customer service that Health Street provides beginning at $95.

How Do I Order a DOT Alcohol Test?

If you need a breath alcohol test for a job candidate or employee, Health Street makes it fast and easy to register and find a clinic.

Register for a test
Employee receives barcode and clinic address
Barcode and photo ID are presented to professional technician
Test is administered
Receive notification
View results securely

For positive results, the company’s Designated Employer Representative is contacted as quickly as possible, so that the employee is removed from safety-sensitive work. For more information about DOT alcohol tests and compliance, contact Health Street.

About Our DOT Alcohol Test

Reasons for DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

Department of Transportation drug and alcohol tests are administered under the federal authority of the agency that oversees the company’s industry. The department and its agencies define the reasons for drug and alcohol tests.

A DOT drug test cannot be legally administered unless it falls into one of these categories:

Random testing (as part of an alcohol testing program)
Reasonable Suspicion
Return to duty
Follow up
Evidential Breath Testing (EBTs)

At Health Street, our DOT mandated alcohol testing is performed using federally approved Evidential Breath Testers (EBTs). These breath alcohol devices must only register alcohol use in a person’s breath, and not any other volatile substance like acetone, for Department of Transportation approval. Approved testing devices are listed on the federal register.

Results of an approved and properly administered DOT breath alcohol screening test will never yield a false positive. This means it can be used as legal evidence in court.

About Breath Alcohol Test Results

For negative screenings, Breath Alcohol Tests give you instant results. Technicians use a DOT Alcohol Testing Form (ATF) to record test results. If the screening is non-negative, a 15-minute wait period is followed by a confirmation test — again, with instant results. In these cases, only the confirmation test results count. Test results over 0.020 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) are considered positive, indicating that the employee must be immediately removed from safety-sensitive work. A result exceeding 0.040 is even more serious. The employee must be approved to return to work by a substance abuse professional.

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If you’d like to see a comprehensive list of all DOT tests that Health Street offers, you can view all DOT tests and services here.

If a DOT Alcohol Test is not what you need, try taking a look at our DOT Drug Test or our DOT Random Pool. We also offer DOT Supervisor Training.


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