By Sam Z on September 24, 2021
Customer service was great and friendly.
By Aaron Merringer on September 23, 2021
Great service
By Charles Pinotti on September 23, 2021
Dun Rite Sand and Gravel Co Inc.
I am using Health Street to assist me with DOT drug testing requirements. I love it!!!!!!! Strait forward and the Tech support has been great.
By Jorge C on September 22, 2021
They are fast and good service best place every thanks God for them
By Karen on September 22, 2021
West Coast Contractors Inc.
Super easy to schedule, efficient and prompt. Couldn't ask for any better.
By DaShawn Hicks on September 22, 2021
Great service I would recommend this service to anyone. Very fast results thanks.
By B Santos on September 22, 2021
The wait was excessive but once I got inside everything was ran smoothly
By Lisa Hood on September 21, 2021
Ruff Dimensional Stone LLC
Appreciate the professional and efficient response.
By Kathryn McGuire on September 21, 2021
Brown Construction Inc.
We reached out to schedule drug tests for new hires in Concord, CA. Health Street was able to get them booked much more timely than what we were trying to do and everyone was helpful and friendly.
By Krinundi Ward on September 20, 2021
I went to the site on Orange Avenue near Michigan Avenue in Orlando, FL. I ordered the 5 panel drug test. Customer service was great.