By Polen Alfaro on January 21, 2022
Louis has wonderful customer service, whenever I have questions or concerns He addresses them promptly and knows exactly what I mean when I ask in a confusing way. Hes professional and very confident when we talk that also reassures me a lot when I go to him with concerns. I order drug testing. I use the services in Brentwood, quest logistics. But Louis He goes above and beyond my expectations.
By Whitney on January 20, 2022
Fast service
By Kari Shetterly on January 20, 2022
Replacing a lost document for my personal needs. Very efficient emailed me document with in 15 minutes.
By Sherry Youmans on January 20, 2022
I have wanted to do this for years. It took longer than I expected and I was shocked at the results. Mary was my brothers daughter by marriage. Now by DNA she is now my sister I am devastated at the results because she is now my dads daughter. I have never wanted a sister. It is what it is but I still cant believe it! Thank you for closure for her. Butare you sure Could she still belong to my brother
By Nidena Liesner on January 19, 2022
The process was easy. Registered online and was inout of the Lab Corp I chose fairly quickly.
By Tim Walker on January 19, 2022
A..customer service was good B..At Warsaw INC..Urine test
By John Hogue on January 19, 2022
I went there to take a drug test. I was in and out in just a few minutes
By Dc on January 19, 2022
Professional, friendly
By Valdemiro on January 18, 2022
Fast and easy
By John Font on January 18, 2022
Cyclone Septic Services
Our First time using you it was quick.