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DOT Random Pool Drug Testing

Health Street offers a DOT Random Pool Membership for businesses with safety sensitive employees, such as truck lines, airlines, and oilfield companies, that are required to comply with DOT random drug testing requirements. Random drug tests are required by DOT, so if you have safety-sensitive employees, then your company must have a random pool that complies with the statistical selection requirements. Health Street makes compliance easy by managing companies’ random pools as well as offering a DOT drug and alcohol testing consortium for small businesses. Enroll online or call (888) 378-2499.

One annual rate allows you to enroll an unlimited number of staff. You can manage your active pool members in our secure online portal. You can join our consortium or choose a private membership for the same low rate. Any DOT modality can enroll. Pool members get discounts on all DOT drug tests.

4.9 out of 5 stars (125 reviews)
Annual Fee - Unlimited Staff
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Prompt, exceptional customer service in a world where that doesn't exit anymore. I didn't know what I was doing when I called and Louis helped me.
By Raechel Thomas on July 12, 2016
Travis Roofing Supply
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I am an independent contractor Driver (for Blue Bloodhound), I give Delena a 5 star rating, she was outstanding, knowledgable, total quality customer service, profissional and very pleasant. She should be promoted to a supervisor level. I use the Quest Health Street Drug Testing Facility located in Riverside, CA. for random DT drug testing.
By Edwin F. Brown on August 18, 2016
Blue Bloodhound
Shelly was great and took care of everything over the phone for my random drug testing
By Scott Hamm on September 6, 2016
Big Bear Trucking
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4.9 out of 5 stars (128 reviews)

DOT Random Drug Testing Pool Membership

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About the Random Drug Testing Pool

There is no limit to the number of employees who can be enrolled in one of our pools for one low, annual membership fee. This membership is valid for one calendar year; annual renewal is required to maintain compliance or choose a multi-year membership and get a discount. Random Pool Members get discounts on DOT Drug Testing (Member price is $79 per test, as opposed to $95 for non-Pool Members).

Covered Employees List

When you join our DOT Random Pool, you are immediately issued a certificate of participation which is stored in your secure online portal, where you can manage your staff, order tests, and view results. You’ll be able to update the names of your safety-sensitive employees (for example, truck drivers, pilots, captains, etc.) on an ongoing basis. Every month thereafter, you’ll also receive an email from us with a list of your “Covered Employees”. This is your chance to review it and ensure that we have the most current names on file. You can easily email us back with any changes or update them yourself in the portal.

Monthly Covered Employees lists are stored securely in your portal, so that if and when DOT comes to conduct an audit, you can show them that your employees were consistently covered in a DOT Random Pool. There is no need to worry about saving paper lists or searching for emails.

Monthly Random Employee Selections

Shortly after we confirm the names of the covered employees each month, we’ll conduct our monthly “pull” of random drug and alcohol selections, and we’ll send you a second email to let you know who was chosen. At this time, if any of your employees were chosen, we’ll also send you an electronic authorization for the person to go in for the test.

When someone on your staff is selected for a random drug or alcohol test, we don’t notify the staff directly. According to DOT regulations, it is up to you to notify the staff as soon as reasonable within the current testing period after you have been notified that they were selected. Typically, this should be in same month. If the staff is out on vacation or on the road, you might not want to notify them until they return to the home base. On the other hand, as soon as you do notify the staff that they were selected for a random drug test, they should head immediately into the clinic for testing. If staff has been terminated or will be out for more than 3 weeks, you can notify Health Street to swap them out for another pick.

DOT Small Business Consortium vs. Private DOT Random Pool

A DOT small business consortium is a group of businesses that join together for the purpose of complying with DOT’s random drug and alcohol testing regulations. If your company has less than 6 covered employees, Health Street recommends you choose the consortium option when signing up for the pool. We manage a consortium that combines the staff of hundreds of companies.

If your company has 6 or more safety-sensitive employees, then you still might wish to join the consortium, or you can choose to have your own dedicated Private Pool, managed by Health Street. Larger companies may wish to opt for the private pool because they can choose to make their selections quarterly (instead of monthly). It also offers more predictability in terms of knowing how many staff to expect will be chosen per quarter for random drug and alcohol tests.

Non-DOT Random Drug Testing Pool

Although DOT requires random testing, many companies choose to avail themselves of the numerous benefits of a non-DOT random pool as well. Your company’s reputation, integrity and profitability are established and maintained by the performance and stability of your employees as they interact amongst themselves and the general public.

When you design a program for random employment drug tests, you are re-enforcing your drug-free workplace standards and establishing a high level of employee confidence and moral. Random testing is much more effective than pre-employment testing alone. It deters, minimizes and eliminates the risk of negative, disruptive employee behavior and potential employee theft due to drug and alcohol use.

You are encouraged to contact one of our specialized drug testing professionals to discuss your specific drug testing needs and which one, or more, of our random pools will meet your goals and objectives for reducing drug and alcohol use in the workplace.

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125 Ratings
4.9 out of 5 stars.
DOT Random Pool Membership
By Kieta on March 5, 2019
Trinity Truck Lines LLC
Service was fast, efficient, and friendly. I'm new to it but it seems to be on point with everything and easy to use. It's simple, fast, and not complicated at all. Oh, did I mention friendly.
DOT Random Pool Membership
By J on March 5, 2019
Genesis Plumbing
Friendly and helpfull. Im just starting will review later.
DOT Random Pool Membership
By Karen on March 5, 2019
Earth Road Asphalt
Only took a minute to update list and a copy was sent right out to me. Great Customer Service. Just getting use to it. Pretty user friendly. Easy to follow software. A REAL PERSON ANSWERS THE LINE any time I call.
DOT Random Pool Membership
By Luisa on March 5, 2019
Man Engines & Components
Really useful, and kind, showing great knowledge by answering all our questions about the program. Good and easy to use. So far, I believe you have a great program.
DOT Random Pool Membership
By Micah on March 5, 2019
pleased. good.
DOT Random Pool Membership
By Ken on March 5, 2019
Destiny Transportation LLC
Very helpful and good customer service. Easy to use. Really good customer service. Also good communication through email.
DOT Random Pool Membership
By Shawn on March 5, 2019
Summit Landscape Management Inc
Quick, fast and helpful. Good Software.
DOT Random Pool Membership
By Laurie Skiba on January 9, 2018
Plan It Waste & Recycling Inc.
Great Service
DOT Random Pool Membership
By Jennifer Gillet on June 27, 2017
Brant Lake Camp
Louis was super helpful and the process was simple.
DOT Random Pool Membership
By george roberts on March 14, 2017
Needed to belong to drug consortium, your folks know there stuff. All done, ready to ride. haven't order any thing yet. I suppose you'll let me know when I need to

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