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Health Street offers a DOT random drug testing pool membership for companies with safety-sensitive employees. If your business employs CDL drivers, pilots, or ship crew, your company must comply with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations. By enrolling with Health Street, we make it easy to remain DOT compliant.

Random drug tests are required by the Department of Transportation for covered staff, and depending on your DOT modality, random alcohol tests may also be needed. If your company falls under DOT regulations, you must have a random selection pool that complies with DOT’s statistical selection requirements. Health Street ensures you remain up-to-date with random pool selections for both private pools as well as our small business consortium. Enroll online or call (888) 378-2499 to learn more about our random DOT drug and alcohol testing services.

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DOT Random Pool Drug and Alcohol Testing Options

DOT Random Pool Membership
This is the basic DOT Random Pool Drug Membership, which makes compliance easy by allowing Health Street to manage your random pool employee selections. Membership will need to be renewed annually. Register Now
DOT Random Pool – 3 Year Membership
Health Street’s 3 Year Membership for the DOT Random Pool includes all of the same perks as the annual membership, but at a discounted rate. Enroll an unlimited number of employees for 3 years. Register Now
DOT Random Pool – 5 Year Membership
The 5 Year Membership option offers the best value for most employers. It includes the same benefits as the other two memberships at an even more discounted rate. Register Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DOT Test for Drugs and Alcohol Required?

Random drug and alcohol testing is required for safety-sensitive employees in transportation, and random testing is regulated under very specific requirements for frequency and percentage of drivers selected. The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) rule—49 CFR Part 40—describes exactly how these practices are to be conducted and what processes to follow. The DOT also provides a guide for “Best practices for DOT random drug and alcohol testing,” which contains further information about who is to be tested, how they are chosen, frequency of testing, how to notify employees, and other vital information for drug and alcohol testing in the transportation industry.

What is Random Pool Alcohol Testing?

Random pool alcohol testing is for safety-sensitive DOT employees in a modality that includes alcohol in their required random testing (e.g., FMSCA for truck drivers). DOT requires the use of Evidential Breath Testers (EBTs) for all DOT alcohol tests. EBTs are breath alcohol devices listed on the federal register.

Is There a Non-DOT Random Drug Testing Pool?

Non-DOT employees are not part of the DOT random drug and alcohol testing. However, even if it isn’t required, you may want to establish a non-DOT random pool to maintain a drug-free workplace and guarantee the performance and stability of your staff. A random testing program enhances your company’s integrity, reputation, and profitability. It protects co-workers and the public they serve. A drug testing program minimizes the risk of disruptive employee behavior and potential theft. Random testing is far more effective than only pre-employment testing.

Contact one of our drug testing professionals to discuss your specific drug test needs and determine which of our random pools meets your organization’s goals and objectives to reduce workplace drug and alcohol use.

How Does DOT Random Pool Drug Testing Work?

When your company joins Health Street’s DOT Random Pool, you will:

Immediately receive a certificate of participation, stored in your secure online portal. Manage staff, order tests, view drug test results, and update the names of your safety-sensitive workers as needed.
Get a monthly email that lists your covered employees. Review and ensure that we have on file the most current names. Make changes by updating the names and status of your covered employees directly in the portal. The Monthly Covered Employees list is securely stored online. If the DOT conducts an audit, they can see that staff was consistently covered, eliminating the need to search for emails or retrieve paper lists.
Receive notification when we make a monthly “pull” of random drug and alcohol testing selections. After confirmation of names, we let you know by email who was chosen and send you an electronic authorization for each person to be tested.
We do not notify your staff directly. DOT regulations dictate that you tell them shortly after you’re notified, within the current testing period, usually within the same month.
If an employee is on vacation or traveling, notify them when they return. They should immediately go to the clinic for testing once they’re notified.
If the employee has been terminated or is unavailable for more than three weeks, notify Health Street and we’ll make another choice.
What Happens in the Case of a Failed Dot Drug Test?

If a driver fails a drug or alcohol test, they must be removed from safety-sensitive duties and referred to a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). A SAP can also clear a driver to return to duty, so long as he or she passes their return-to-duty drug and/or alcohol test(s). Once cleared, the driver is subject to ongoing return-to-duty testing which may be as frequent as monthly and it can last as long as several years.

About Our DOT Random Drug Testing Pool

DOT Random Drug Testing Pool Membership

Enroll an unlimited number of employees for a low annual membership fee, valid for one year. Renew annually to maintain DOT compliance or you can get a discount if you choose a multi-year membership. With a membership, employers can manage active pool members in our secure online portal. Pool members receive discounts on all DOT drug tests (Member price is $79 per test, whereas non-Pool Members pay $95). Any DOT regulated business can enroll.

DOT Small Business Consortium vs. Private DOT Random Pool

You can choose between a small business consortium or private pool for your random drug and alcohol testing program, at the same low rate.

DOT Small Business Consortium – Our DOT alcohol and drug testing consortium for small businesses is comprised of a group of companies that must comply with DOT testing regulations. If your company employs fewer than six covered employees, we recommend our consortium option. We manage consortia for hundreds of businesses.

Private Random Pool – If your company has six or more covered staff, you might still choose the consortium, or Health Street can manage your own dedicated private testing pool. The benefits of a private pool is that you can make selections quarterly instead of monthly. It is also more predictable such that you can more closely anticipate the number of staff that will get selected each period.

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If you’d like to see a comprehensive list of all DOT tests that Health Street offers, you can view all DOT tests and services here.

If the DOT Random Pool is not what you need, try taking a look at our DOT Drug Test or our DOT Breath Alcohol Test. We also offer DOT Supervisor Training.


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