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Hydrocodone Drug Test


Hydrocodone can be detected in drug tests that specifically include it as part of the panel of drugs being tested. Health Street offers various drug testing options via hair or urine specimens, which are available for both employers and individuals. Urine drug testing is most common, which looks back on drug use up to one week. Hair drug testing looks further back at approximately 90 days. Just choose the location for the hydrocodone drug test and complete the registration. From there, a barcode will be sent to you or the person you specify, and should be presented at the facility upon arrival for the hydrocodone drug test. Testing results are reported quickly, accurately, and stored securely in our online portal.

About Hydrocodone

What Is Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone is a prescription painkiller that belongs to a class of drugs known as opiate (narcotic) analgesics. Some other names for hydrocodone may include the brand names of Anexsia, Vicoprofen, Zohydro ER, Rezira, Vituz, Lortab, and Vicodin. However, many commonly known brand names are a combination of hydrocodone with other prescription drugs. Due to its high potential for abuse, hydrocodone is a Schedule II controlled substance. People who abuse this drug are often in pursuit of the euphoric high, but the results can be fatal. Inspired by a true story, the movie Perfect High portrays some of the perils of teen painkiller addiction, and how this can even spiral into the abuse of other dangerous drugs like heroin.

Popular Hydrocodone Street Names:
Intended Use and Effects:

Hydrocodone is normally taken orally in order to treat pain, or sometimes to treat chronic coughing. This drug works by altering how the brain receives pain signals from the nervous system in order to provide relief from severe pain. Hydrocodone should only be used as instructed by a qualified medical professional.

Side Effects of Hydrocodone

As with any drug, hydrocodone may cause some side effects. Some of these may include:

Swelling in ankles or legs
Changes in sleep
Feeling tired
Dryness of mouth
Increased or painful urination

Since euphoric effects may be experienced even with proper drug dosage, the potential for abuse and addiction are high. Hydrocodone abuse may result in vomiting, nausea, lowered blood pressure or heart rate, liver damage, coma, and even death.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Hydrocodone vs Oxycodone?

Although these drugs are both painkillers that work very similarly, perhaps the biggest difference between oxycodone and hydrocodone is that oxycodone is more powerful and may be accompanied by more side effects.

What Is Percocet vs Hydrocodone?

Percocet is the brand name for a combination drug of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is another drug similar to oxycodone, but is not used as part of this brand name medication.

Is It Safe to Combine Hydrocodone and Weed?

As with any drug combination, it is best to follow the instructions of a qualified medical professional. Hydrocodone and marijuana can both have depressant effects, and there is some evidence that the combination of these can be dangerous.

How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Urine?

Many factors can influence whether or not this drug shows up in a hydrocodone urine test. Some of these include:

Frequency of use
Amount used
User’s metabolism
User’s age
Does Hydrocodone Show Up On a Drug Test?

Yes, hydrocodone can be detected in a drug test. However, the type of test may be a factor in whether or not it will show up. Urine drug testing is more common since it is a fast, effective, and less expensive option, but it does look back on a shorter period of time (up to one week). If you need to identify drug use further back than one week, Health Street’s hair drug testing option can identify usage approximately 90 days back.

Why Drug Test for Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone can be a beneficial drug when used correctly to treat pain, but has its repercussions if not used exactly as instructed by a qualified medical professional. This drug has a high potential for addiction and is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance. Health Street offers many hydrocodone drug tests should you or someone you know need or choose to be tested.

Hydrocodone Drug Test Options

Health Street offers the following hydrocodone drug tests should you need or choose to be tested. These drug testing options can be ordered by both individuals and employers. Whether you’re an employer seeking to maintain a drug-free workplace or an individual looking to drug test yourself or a family member, we have a drug testing solution for you.

Hydrocodone Urine Tests
Hydrocodone Drug Tests by Hair


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