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Propofol can be detected in drug tests that specifically include it as part of the panel of drugs being tested. Health Street offers hair testing services that can identify drug use approximately 90 days back. Although it cannot be tested in our urine drug tests, we do offer a hair panel drug test for propofol testing. Tests can be scheduled by employers or individuals; just choose the location to get a drug test for propofol and complete the registration. Then you (or whomever you specify) will receive a barcode, which should be presented at the facility when the person arrives for the propofol drug test. Test results are fast, accurate, and reported securely in our online portal.

About Propofol

What Is Propofol?

Propofol is a sedative-hypnotic agent typically administered by an anesthesiologist via intravenous drip. The purpose of propofol is to induce a loss of consciousness in patients undergoing surgery. As demonstrated with the death of pop star Michael Jackson, misuse or abuse of propofol can lead to serious and even fatal side effects.

Popular Propofol Street Names:

Propofol is sometimes referred to as the "milk of anesthesia" due to its oily and opaque white appearance.

Intended Use and Effects:

Propofol's purpose is for sedation of patients during surgical procedures, although it has also proven to increase feelings of pleasure in animals due to the influx of dopamine.

Side Effects of Propofol

More Common Side Effects of Propofol:

When administered appropriately by a medical professional, propofol normally is not accompanied by many negative side effects. However, some of the more common side effects of propofol are as follows:

Pain around the injection site
Urine discoloration (although this is not common)

On the other hand, the misuse or abuse of propofol can result in much more serious side effects, such as cardiac breakdown, difficulty breathing, renal failure, and death. This is called Propofol Infusion Syndrome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does propofol stay in your system?

How long propofol stays in your system is dependent on several factors. Some of these include:

Frequency of use
Amount used
User's metabolism
User's age
Does propofol show up on a drug test?

Yes, propofol can be detected in a drug test. Health Street's Propofol Hair Test can identify propofol use approximately 90 days back.

Why drug test for propofol?

As with any drug, propofol abuse can create dangerous work or home environments. Propofol can cause parmenant damage if used incorrectly or for extended periods of time, and should always be administered by a qualified medical professional.

Propofol Drug Testing Options

Propofol drug tests are available via hair testing specimens. Whether you're an employer seeking to maintain a drug-free workplace or an individual looking to drug test yourself or a family member, we have a drug testing solution for you.


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