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Methamphetamine Drug Tests

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With street names like meth, crystal, crystal meth, speed, chalk, glass and uppers, methamphetamines remain an illegal drug staple in pop culture. Most people don’t realize, but it's true that low doses of these Schedule II stimulants are available as prescriptions for certain medical conditions. However, illegal meth labs in the U.S. and abroad typically produce this substance in secrecy, and those are the doses that end up on the street.

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About Methamphetamine Drug Tests

Effects of Methamphetamines the Drug


Who Uses Methamphetamines?

Using meth is against the law, but the drug retains popularity among anyone who wants to lose weight or stay awake for school, work or play. A long list of celebrities, including Elvis Presley, John F. Kennedy, Eddie Van Halen, and Andre Agassi, allegedly used the drug, and it recently played a starring role in the TV hit "Breaking Bad."

How Are Methamphetamines Used?

The white, odorless and bitter drug can be inhaled, smoked, injected into a vein or mixed in liquid and taken orally. All methods produce a strong high, but the effects of injecting meth produce an intense high that's known as a flash or rush.

Where Are Methamphetamines Made?

Super labs in Mexico, Europe and Asia typically produce up to 80 percent of the meth that's sold on U.S. streets. That's because the federal government controls the sale of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, two main meth ingredients.

Amateur cooks, however, can creatively obtain the ingredients needed to produce the drug. Located in kitchens, motels, vehicle trunks, barns and warehouses, homemade labs produce up to six pounds of toxic material for every one pound of meth produced. The toxins usually include foul fumes, water contaminants and environmental damage. Illegal labs can also explode and cause property damage and death.

What Are the Side Effects of Crystal Meth?

Small doses of meth stimulate the user and cause weight loss. Large doses and frequent use, however, lead to addiction. In addition to the possibility of overdose, serious and dangerous side effects could include:
  • Mood swings
  • Violent behavior
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Meth mouth and lost teeth
  • Sweating and hot flashes
  • Convulsions
  • Uncontrollable body movements
  • Memory problems
  • Brain damage
  • How to Recognize if Someone's Using Methamphetamines

Drug Testing for Methamphetamines


How to recognize if someone is using crystal meth?

Someone on methamphetamines or meth can stay awake for long periods of time without sleep. Noticeable weight loss that's not attributed to exercise or dietary changes can be another sign of methamphetamine use. Because meth has dangerous side effects, including death from overdose, it is vital to test family members, friends, employees and anyone in charge of your children, if you have even an inkling that there may be usage.

Urine Drug Testing

Health Street can perform test for recent usage of methamphetamines in the urine in any of our urine drug testing panels.

Hair Drug Tests

Health Street can perform an extended look back hair follicle drug test for usage of methamphetamines in the last 90 days.