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Angel Dust (PCP)

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The Urban Dictionary calls Angel Dust (PCP) “the most scariest (expletive) drug on the planet.” It is widely known in pop culture as the "superman" drug, making users feel invincible, often leading to violent outcomes and injuries due to the side effects.

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About Angel Dust (PCP)

What are the side effects of Angel Dust (PCP)?

PCP (Angel Dust) was originally synthesized as a surgical anesthetic in 1926. However, the side effects were so severe that the use of PCP was soon discontinued. Reports from patients included such serious concerns as:
  • mania
  • delirium
  • hallucinations
  • disorientation
It was released out again and patented in 1953, but again discontinued due to side effects. In 1967 PCP was briefly sold as a veterinary anesthetic; again, it was quickly withdrawn. The effects of Angel Dust (PCP) both depresses and stimulates the central nervous system, and is in the class of drugs known as dissociative anesthetics, along with bath salts and nitrous oxide. The effects of PCP are unpredictable and include hallucinations, an “out of body” feeling, paranoia and a numbing effect on the mind.

Fame and Angel Dust

PCP has earned its reputation as the “scariest” drug because of its frequent association with violent — and, at times gruesome - behavior. In 2002, rapper Big Lurch was sentenced to life in prison after murdering his roommate and eating parts of her body while under the influence of PCP. Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was indicted on charges of murder in 2013 and subsequently released by the Patriots. He is reported to be a regular user of PCP.

PCP and Violence

Violent behavior by PCP users may be the result of a loss of ego boundaries combined with a decreased sensitivity to pain. Rage is another side effect PCP can have on users. It has been rumored that persons who use PCP have “superhuman strength”, but it's more likely that the feeling of extreme strength comes from this mix of lack of pain sensation combined with rage. PCP comes in a powder or liquid form and can be smoked or snorted. Users dip a cigarette in liquid PCP to smoke it; in the liquid form it’s sometimes called “embalming fluid.”

Drug Test for PCP (Angel Dust)

According to Wikipedia, angel dust was never widely used and saw a significant decline in use by the 1980s. In numerous surveys, the percentage of high school students who admitted to trying PCP fell from 13% in 1979 to 3% in 1990. Nevertheless, it is so dangerous that it remains a fixture in nearly every “panel” of drug tests ever created.

Urine Drug Testing

Recent usage of Angel Dust can be picked up in any of Health Street's urine test.

Hair Drug Tests

Health Street can conduct an extended look-back hair drug test which can detect PCP (Angel Dust) usage for up to 90 days back.