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Background checks are a key step to ensuring that the right candidate is hired for the job, but can often take a lot of time and require tedious research to avoid legal trouble. Health Street is here to help companies flawlessly accelerate the background screening process in Colorado Springs. We can perform criminal database checks, DOT background check services, and even check the references or credentials that a candidate claims on a resume.

Register for a background screening in Colorado Springs online or by calling (719) 249-1894. Every individual being screened will receive a waiver electronically, and the background screening will begin automatically once it has been signed. If this is the first time that your company has ordered a background screening through Health Street, then we will also send you an agreement to be signed electronically.

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Colorado Springs, CO - Background Check

Statistics About Crime in Colorado Springs

In 2020, the Colorado Springs Police Department recorded 3,227 cases of violent crime of which 2,110 were assault offenses.
The Colorado Springs Police Department recorded 11,913 cases of theft and 2,632 cases of burglary in 2020.
In 2020, a total of 1,059 DUI cases and 1,366 drug violation cases were recorded by the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Background Check Laws Specific to the City of Colorado Springs

Employers in the city of Colorado Springs must follow state-established background check laws during the application process. As part of the Colorado Chance to Compete Act, which was signed into law in September 2019, Colorado became a "ban-the-box" state. Under new regulations, all Colorado employers may not request or require information regarding a potential employee's criminal history during the application process. Likewise, advertisements and applications for a job position may not request criminal history or state that those with a criminal record cannot apply for the position.

Furthermore, under Colorado House Bill 112-1263, background check regulations were specifically placed upon state agencies to ensure equal employment opportunity. Under this law, state agencies are prohibited from performing a background check until a conditional employment offer has been made or the applicant is considered a finalist for the position.

Background Screening Stories in the City of Colorado Springs

Following an investigation on behalf of the Colorado Department of Human Services, it was discovered that an unlicensed daycare operating in Colorado Springs violated numerous state regulations. The original complaint filed against the Play Mountain Place daycare claimed that more than 10 children were being kept at the location that was run by employees who were not qualified to work with children.

When police arrived at the daycare to investigate further, owner Carla Faith lied about children being present on the property. An inspection later found a total of 26 children, all under the age of three, hidden behind a fake wall in the home's basement—far beyond the six child limit for unlicensed facilities.

It was also discovered that three employees were not authorized to work for the daycare for multiple reasons. These included the failure to complete background checks through the CBI or FBI and the failure to complete required child abuse and neglect training. Highlighting the importance of background checks for employers, the Colorado Springs Police Department arrested one of these employees on two outstanding warrants for failing to appear for a DUI charge.

What Types of Background Screenings Does Health Street Offer in Colorado Springs?

Criminal Background Screening Packages

Our criminal background checks for Colorado Springs always begin with a Social Security Number Trace. We offer the option to build your own package or select from one of our popular background check packages below.

Platinum Background Package - $175

The Platinum Background Package includes everything listed in the Triple Database package, plus Court Record Package (State and/or County level).

Build Your Own

This package can be mixed and matched to meet your needs, including options from our criminal database checks, resume verifications, sanctions, and drug testing. The price will be determined by the combination of services selected.

Additional Background Screening Services

Our DOT screening services or resume verification can help you save valuable time and ensure that your candidates meet the requirements for the job.

Resume Verification

Beginning at $39, our Resume Verification can be used to check a person's work history, credentials or certifications, and references.

DOT Background Check

The price of this option depends on which of the background check services is selected. We offer a variety of DOT Background Check, including Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Check checks and DOT Prior Employment Drug Test History.

Why Order a Background Check

Why Are Background Screenings in Colorado Springs Important?

Background checks for employment are critical to making informed decisions and hiring the best candidates for your company. Ordering a background screening in Colorado Springs can reduce risks and create a safer workplace for your employees. Hiring the wrong people for the job can have a detrimental impact not only on your employees, but possibly even the reputation of the company.

Why Choose Health Street For Colorado Springs Background Screenings?

Effective background screenings require knowing and following rules and regulations that can vary by location. For this reason, completing background checks by yourself can result in legal trouble. Health Street has over a decade of experience monitoring laws and regulations to ensure compliance in Colorado Springs.

Health Street can help you quickly and efficiently expose criminal activity, avoid uncovering more information than legally allowed, and answer any questions that you may have along the way.

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