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7 Panel Urine Drug Test

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Our 7 Panel Drug Test is designed to detect the most commonly abused substances. This drug screen is also known as the 7 Panel DOT Mirror Drug Test, as it matches the federal requirements that are mandated for safety-sensitive employees. Whether you're an individual or an employer, you can register online or call us at (888) 378-2499 to schedule drug testing for your staff or others. Our urine drug testing is available at more than 10,000 clinics nationwide.

Our online registration process is easy. Choose your lab location during registration, based on a zip code. We will instantly email an authorization barcode to you and directly text the phone of the individual being tested. We will include a map of the clinic location. When the registrant arrives for their test at the drug testing facility, they show the barcode and their photo ID. You will get the results quickly, and they'll be signed by a doctor and securely reported online.

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7 Panel Urine Drug Testing Options

7 Panel (DOT Mirror) Urine Test
The 7 panel drug test is a non-DOT drug test that mirrors DOT drug test levels. This test includes THC, cocaine, basic opiates, amphetamines, and PCP (Angel Dust), expanded opiates and ecstasy (MDMA). Find Clinic Now
7 Panel w/o THC Test
This panel is the same as our standard 7 panel, but removes the test for marijuana. Find Clinic Now
Instant 7 Panel xCup Drug Test
Health Street's 7 panel instant drug test expedites the drug testing process, allowing you to receive negative results within the same day. Find Clinic Now
7 Panel + Alcohol
The 7 panel urine drug test plus alcohol includes a 12 hour urine alcohol test. Find Clinic Now
7 Panel + Non-DOT Breath Alcohol
This package combines the 7 panel urine with a non-DOT breath alcohol test to determine if someone is currently under the influence of alcohol. Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Which drugs can be found in a 7 Panel Dot Mirror Urine Drug Test?

The following substances show up on this drug test (7 panel):

Expanded opiates
Basic opiates
How costly is the 7 Panel Urine Test?

Our 7 Panel DOT Mirror Drug Test costs $95. This includes more than 5,000 nationwide clinics to choose from, easy online registration, fast results, and confirmation testing for non-negative results. Lab tests are processed at a SAMHSA Certified laboratory.

How long do results take?

For negative urine drug tests, the results usually come back the following business day, but they can take longer. A non-negative screening requires confirmatory testing. Our lab conducts gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC/MS) confirmation tests on all non-negative screens. This type of test provides a quantitative measurement of the drugs present in the person's system. Confirmation testing takes about 3-5 days.

What are the urine drug test detection times?

The detection window for a 7 Panel drug test is usually up to a week, but it isn't the same for every drug and in all instances. Depending on the type of drug and other factors, the detection period will vary.

Drug detection depends on a number of factors:

A "harder" drug such as cocaine tends to leave a person's system faster, while a "softer" drug like marijuana stays in the body longer.
Larger amounts of a drug stay around longer.
A single use may not be detected for long, while repeated usage is seen for a longer time.
Metabolism plays a role, as some individuals can metabolize and excrete a drug more quickly than others.
What are some key urine drug test facts?
A urine drug test is the most common type of drug and alcohol testing used by employers as part of a drug-free workplace program.
Each urine drug test checks for certain types of illegal substances and prescription drugs. Not all tests detect the same drugs, so when ordering tests, you should specify which ones need to be tested.
Certain urine drug tests can give you instant results in the case of negative screenings, but non-negative tests must be sent to a lab for a confirmation test.
It is very difficult to cheat on a urine drug test, since it's hard to substitute a different urine sample that is at the proper body temperature.
One advantage of a urine test is that an ingested drug can almost immediately be detected. Other drug testing methods require additional time before drugs can be seen.
Is the 7 Panel DOT Mirror Drug Test only for DOT-regulated employees?

No, even though the 7 Panel Urine Drug Test is commonly referred to as the 7 panel DOT Mirror Drug Test, it can be ordered by anyone. Whether you're an individual or an employer, you can register online or give us a call.

About Our 7 Panel Urine Drug Test

What is the 7 Panel Drug Test?

This drug test (7 panel) screens for basic opiates (codeine, morphine and heroin), expanded opiates (oxycodone and hydrocodone), amphetamines, cocaine, PCP, marijuana and ecstasy. The method used is urine testing, which is the most common type.

SAMHSA Certified Laboratory and MRO

All our lab tests, including the 7 panel drug test, are sent to a SAMHSA Certified laboratory for processing. The results are reviewed by one of our Medical Review Officers (MROs), who are licensed physicians and toxicology experts. Confirmation testing is performed for a non-negative urine drug test result. These results are reported to the individual or employer who ordered the test.

How to Register

It's quick and easy for individuals or businesses to register for a 7 Panel drug test. The closest lab location is automatically chosen during the drug testing registration based on the zip code entered.

Status Notifications

Once you register, you'll immediately receive a barcode authorization and a map with the lab's address by email. If you're an employer, you can provide your candidate's or employee's cell phone number, which will enable instant text messaging of the clinic address and barcode. Or you can forward the email registration to them at your convenience. When they arrive at the drug testing facility, they present the barcode and government issued photo ID to the lab technician. You will receive status notifications throughout the entire process. The person who ordered the test is notified when the individual being tested completes their drug test. Notifications are also sent when the urine sample arrives at the lab, and then test results are ready to be securely viewed online.

Urine Drug Test Results

We report the urine drug test results in a secure PDF file that details each drug that was screened for. For each drug class, there is a positive or negative indication. If a particular drug comes back as positive, the metabolite that tested positive is indicated. With positive results, exact substance levels are available upon request. You can easily download the PDF file from our portal and print or forward it. We are happy to send or fax your drug test results to any person, employer, or organization that requires it.

Why Choose Health Street

Why Use Health Street for Your 7 Panel Urine Drug Test?

We have more than 10,000 licensed facilities that offer this urine drug test. You can order online or by phone, and we help our business clients set up robust drug and alcohol testing, including random drug testing, as part of their drug-free workplace efforts. The highly accurate results from our urine drug test are delivered quickly and securely. Business clients get access to our integrated platform for drug test management, background checks, ID verification, health screenings, and e-sign documents.

Register today for a 7 panel urine drug test.

StaffGlass™—the Employer eResults Portal

For our business users, we offer free access to StaffGlass, our secure Employer eResults Portal. You can use this integrated system to place orders for drug tests, view the results, and manage employee lists for test scheduling and e-sign documents (such as consent forms, waivers, procedures and policies). You can also update random drug testing pools to maintain a drug-free workplace and register for background checks. For non-business clients, results are sent by email and/or fax.

What Drugs Does a 7 Panel Urine Drug Test Cover?

Please keep in mind that although this is a 7 Panel Urine Drug Test, more than 7 types of substances can be detected in this panel. This is because many of these drugs belong to the same class (e.g., codeine, morphine, and heroin are all basic opiates).

The following substances can be detected in an 7 Panel Urine Drug Test. Use the below links for more information about each substance:

arrow_right_alt Angel Dust (PCP)
arrow_right_alt Amphetamines
arrow_right_alt Cocaine
arrow_right_alt Codeine
arrow_right_alt Ecstasy
arrow_right_alt Heroin
arrow_right_alt Hydrocodone
arrow_right_alt Morphine
arrow_right_alt Oxycodone
arrow_right_alt Methamphetamines

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Health Street offers many other options for urine drug testing. If you'd like to see a comprehensive list of all urine drug tests that we offer, you can view all urine tests here.

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