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Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Test

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Health Street’s non-DOT breath alcohol test is performed with Evidential Breath Testers (EBTs), which are federally approved alcohol screening devices that will only respond to alcohol on the breath. This test is often ordered by employers that aren’t subject to DOT regulations but still wish to administer alcohol screenings to employees for reasonable suspicion, post accident, or other reasons.

Since other volatiles such as acetone may be present on a sober person’s breath, an evidential breath tester device must be able to screen these out such that a positive result can mean that alcohol was clearly detected. See the list of approved EBT devices on the federal register. A properly administered non-DOT alcohol test will never give a false positive, which makes it admissible as legal evidence in court. Individuals and employers can register online or call (888) 378-2499 to order.

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Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Test Options

Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Test
A Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Test is a breathalzyer which instantly determines if someone is under the influence of alcohol. Register Now
Non-DOT Breath Alcohol + 7 Panel Urine
This testing option adds a 7 Panel Urine Test, which screens for the basic drug-set with the addition of expanded opiates and ecstasy (MDMA). Register Now
Non-DOT Breath Alcohol + 10 Panel Urine
In addition to the Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Test, this option adds a 10 Panel Drug Test. Register Now

About Breath Alcohol Test Results

How to Register for a Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Test

It’s fast and easy for companies or individuals. Upon registration, the lab location is chosen based on the zip code entered. The clinic’s address and map, along with a barcode authorization, is sent by email—and to the employee’s cell phone, if you provide the number and enable text messaging.

When they go to the clinic, they present the barcode and their government-issued photo ID to the technician. The test is then administered.

Status Notifications

Throughout the process, we send status notifications, and the person who placed the order is notified when the test is completed. You’ll also get notifications when the breath alcohol test report is ready to download from our portal.

How Long Drug Test Results Take

Negative screenings provide instant results. Breath alcohol technicians use an Alcohol Testing Form (ATF) to record the results. If the result is non-negative, there is a mandatory 15-minute wait period, followed by a confirmation test. This second test also provides an instant result and testing information is recorded on an alcohol test form. If this happens, only the confirmation test results count.

How to Interpret Your Results

In a workplace setting, a test result over 0.020 is positive evidence that the employee has alcohol in their system at the time of testing. If this person is currently engaged in a safety-sensitive activity, they must be immediately removed from duty.

In law enforcement, the standards are different and vary between jurisdictions. However, all states consider a breath alcohol result of 0.080 or greater as “driving while intoxicated,” while a reading as low as .030 is considered “driving under the influence.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Breath Alcohol Technician?

A Breath Alcohol Technician is a trained individual who instructs and helps workers during the testing process, and who operates the EBT or screening device (e.g., Breathalyzer). They play an important role in your company’s testing program.

How Often Should You Test Employees for Alcohol?

Alcohol testing is typically done for reasonable suspicion, post-accident while on the job, after an extended layoff or random testing. In the case of random tests, it is recommended that employers do these quarterly.

What Happens With Positive Drug Test Results?

If your employee receives a positive breath alcohol result, it will be directly communicated to your Designated Employee Representative, so that remedial action may be immediately taken. Business users get free access to StaffGlass™, our secure Employer eResults Portal. You can place orders, view test results, update random drug testing pools, register for background checks, and manage employees and eSignature documents. Non-business clients receive PDF result files by fax and/or email.

Register now for non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing. We’ll help you to ensure a drug-free workplace.

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