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USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test

Our USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test rigorously complies with Coast Guard drug testing and reporting requirements. This test is for people applying to the Merchant Marines, and for those obtaining or renewing their Captain's License.

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USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test

USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test

The Coast Guard and Merchant Marines are absolutely meticulous about their requirements. Fortunately, Health Street knows the USCG drug testing rules in detail, and we have developed a proven 3 step process for getting it done right, the first time, every time.

When you order this service from Health Street, we ensure that the required test, known as a DOT 5 Panel Drug Test, the required laboratory, known as a SAMHSA certified laboratory, the required doctor, known as an MRO or medical review officer, and the required paperwork, known as the CG-719P, are exactly what you need.

The USCG drug test package is a 3 step process:

Health Street has helped thousands of people complete the highly specific USCG drug testing requirements with ease. Here is our proven 3-step process:

1. DOT 5 Panel drug test – Federal Custody and Control Form

First we’ll send you a Federal Custody and Control Form (CCF), also known as a DOT chain of custody (COC). When you receive this in the mail, you will then come into one of our clinics. Note that many people ask us if they can download the form online from our website or the Coast Guard website, or if it can be emailed or faxed. The answer is, unfortunately, “No,” because the federal government still requires a 5 part carbon copy form, also known as a CCF or COC, each with a unique serial number printed on it.

2. SAMHSA lab and MRO review

Second, you will come to your chosen Health Street location and provide a urine specimen at that time. Your specimen will be automatically sent overnight to our SAMHSA Certified Laboratory for analysis. When the lab completes their analysis, which can take from 1 to 5 business days, the report will be electronically transmitted to Health Street’s Medical Review Officer (MRO), a licensed physician. This doctor will review the test in accordance with 49 CFR Part 40, Subpart G, and then create and sign the results report.

3. CG-719P

Finally, our MRO will fill out and sign the form called the CG-719P. We’ll mail the original to your home, since you will need to bring this completed form with you to the US Coast Guard or Merchant Marines to get your Captains License and/or Renewal.

How Do I Get My Results?

Both the signed results report, as well as the CG-719P, will be posted to your secure online account on our website, as soon as it is ready. You can download it as a pdf, but the originals will also be mailed to your physical address.

Please allow two weeks for the process from beginning to end. The majority of the time is waiting for the mail. The time can be significantly reduced if you wish to use 1 day shipping. Let us know if it’s urgent, and we’ll overnight the chain of custody to you, as well as the signed CG-719P report, for an extra $50 per shipment. Call us to schedule a USCG drug test or order conveniently online today.


“I loved Health Street’s fast and efficient services. I really liked the fact that they were able to find a lab in my home town. There is absolutely nothing they can do to improve – their services are simple and easy to use” – November 11, 2014 – Isaiah Montoya of San Pedro, California, who renewed his Captain’s License upon completing his USCG Merchant Marines DOT drug test with Health Street.

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