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USCG Drug Test - Captain's License

Our USCG Drug Test rigorously complies with U.S. Coast Guard DOT drug test requirements. Specimens are processed at a SAMHSA certified lab, and our MRO prepares a signed CG-719P report. This is also known as a captain's license drug test, and it is for people applying to the Merchant Marines.

4.8 out of 5 stars (120 reviews)
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I needed this test for my Captain's License renewal. I paid 150 over the phone, received the drug testing form in the mail from Health Street a few days later, then i went into the clinic on Sutter (in San Fran) to do the test. A few days later, I got the results in the mail with the CG-719P form filled out properly, signed, etc.. I brought it in to USCG and much to my satisfaction, they said it was perfect. This is was unexpected and much appreciated, because the last time I did this test (a few years ago) the clinic sold me a bill of goods and the Coast Guard rejected it, and I had to redo the whole thing. This time, Health Street knew exactly what to do. Pricey but worth it. I definitely recommend them for this test.
By Alan on January 20, 2016
4.8 out of 5 stars (119 reviews)

USCG (US Coast Guard) Drug Testing

USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test

What is required to do a USCG DOT drug test?

The Coast Guard and Merchant Marines are absolutely meticulous about their requirements. Fortunately, Health Street knows the USCG drug testing rules in detail, and we have developed a proven 3 step process for getting it done right, the first time, every time. When you order this service from Health Street, we ensure that the required test, known as a DOT 5 Panel Drug Test, the required laboratory, known as a SAMHSA certified laboratory, the required doctor, known as an MRO or medical review officer, and the required paperwork, known as the CG-719P, are exactly what you need.

The USCG drug test package is a 3 step process:

Health Street has helped thousands of people complete the highly specific USCG drug testing requirements with ease. Here is our proven 3-step process:

1. DOT 5 Panel drug test – Federal Custody and Control Form

First, we'll set you up with an authorization for an electronic Federal Custody and Control Form (eCCF), also known as a DOT chain of custody. You can immediately come into one of our clinics as a walk-in.

2. SAMHSA lab and MRO review

Second, you will come to your chosen Health Street location and provide a urine specimen at that time. Your specimen will be automatically sent overnight to our SAMHSA Certified Laboratory for analysis. When the lab completes their analysis, the report will be electronically transmitted to Health Street’s Medical Review Officer (MRO), a licensed physician. This doctor will review the test in accordance with 49 CFR Part 40, Subpart G, and then create and sign the results report.

3. CG-719P

Finally, our MRO will fill out and sign the form called the CG-719P. We’ll mail the original to your home, since you will need to bring this completed form with you to the US Coast Guard or Merchant Marines to get your Captain's License and/or Renewal.

How Do I Get My Results?

The drug test results and CG-719P will be emailed as soon as it is ready. You can print the file at home or wait for the originals to be mailed to your physical address. Call us to schedule a USCG drug test or order conveniently online today.

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120 Ratings
4.8 out of 5 stars.
USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test
By Scott Edwards on January 21, 2021
online appt and payment worked well. walk in appt was quick and efficient. Thank you.
USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test
By Buddy Nicosia on January 8, 2021
Very good
USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test
By Connor Currey on December 4, 2020
good service
USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test
By Constance Hirth on October 19, 2020
Why do you have marked post accident on my DOT Drug test form I wasnt in any accident, I am just renewing my license. And when will I receive the U.S. Coast Guard form filled out and signed Thank you.
USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test
By joseph lombardi on October 16, 2020
very saticfied
USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test
By Paul Fafeita on October 4, 2020
Very professional - I have been to Quest many times and have nothing but good things to say. I have used 2 different locations in Vero Beach - both are good. From full work ups for my doctor to DOT Drug Testing - Great job. Thank you
USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test
By Igor Nechepurenko on October 2, 2020
Service provided in a very efficient and professional manner.
USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test
By Brian B. on September 12, 2020
Quick and easy. Friendly staff gets you in and out quickly and efficiently.
USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test
By Steve Rakkar on August 19, 2020
Hi, Service seems pretty good, and organized. However, although I was sent my drug test result correctly, I did not receive the coast guard form CG-719P filled out by the MRO. This is why I went through Health Street, and the advisor told me it would be mailed to me. I have therefore sent an email, and I am awaiting a response.
USCG Merchant Marines Drug Test
By John Daziens on August 13, 2020
Very personalized services, with clear notification and tracking at every step of the process.

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