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22 Panel Urine Drug Test

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This 22 Panel Urine Drug Test tests for virtually all opiates and narcotics, antidepressants, and sleeping medicines like Ambien. This test is often ordered by medical professionals, clinics, doctors' offices, and hospitals as a way to ensure that staff is not using medication that is available to them but intended for patients.

Urine specimens are sent to our SAMHSA certified lab for analysis. The results are reviewed by our MRO (Medical Review Officer), a licensed physician. Negative results are quick, and only take about one business day. If the results are non-negative, then final results will take about three to five business days due to confirmation testing. Register online or call (888) 378-2499.

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22 Panel Urine Drug Test Options

22 Panel Urine Drug Test
The 22 panel drug test detects virtually all opioids and prescriptions including sleeping medicines like Ambien (Zolpidem). Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should register for a 22 Panel Drug Test?

Medical offices and clinics with staff that have access to controlled substances, sleeping medicine, and other medications often test their staff to ensure that nobody is using the in-house prescriptions. This is an extremely comprehensive test that should include virtually any medication that a clinic would have onsite.

How do I schedule a test?

You can register online or over the phone, for yourself, an employee, or someone else that you wish to have tested. The person being tested can then walk into any one of 10,000+ Health Street drug test locations nationwide. Once registered, you (and the person being tested) will receive a registration barcode via text and/or email.

When will I get my test results?

Results take one or two business days for a negative. If the initial screening is not negative, because of prescription medications or unprescribed substances, the lab will run a GC/MS confirmation test, which can take about a week, or in some cases even longer if there are several substances that have to go through confirmation.

Who reviews my test?

Health Street's drug tests are processed by a SAMHSA Certified lab and reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) - a physician trained in toxicology. If the results are non-negative, the person will have an opportunity to explain (and prove) any current prescription medications. If the doctor determines that prescribed medications caused the non-negative, then it will not be reported as positive.

How are the results of the 22 Panel Urine Drug Test reported?

The drug test results of the 22 Panel Urine Drug Test are reported in a secure PDF file. The PDF file includes a detailed list of the tested drugs, indicating whether each drug is positive or negative. If a drug is positive, the specific metabolite that tested positive will be indicated.

Can I obtain quantitative levels for positive results in the 22 Panel Urine Drug Test?

Yes, upon request, quantitative levels for positive results can be provided for the 22 Panel Urine Drug Test. This additional information can give more precise measurements of the drug levels detected in the system.

Can the 22 Panel Urine Drug Test detect prescription medications?

Yes, this test detects many prescription medications. View the list of substances covered below.

About Our 22 Panel Urine Drug Test

This is a lab test, which means that the person getting tested comes into one of our clinics, and one of our professional technicians will collect the urine specimen. Appointments are not required, but you do need to register online or by phone before arriving. Drug test results for this screen are available very quickly if the results are negative. Non-negative results are retested using a GC/MS confirmation method, which takes about a week.

Status notifications

After registration has been completed, a barcode authorization and a map with the clinic location is instantly sent via email. Employers can also include the employee's cell phone number to enable instant text messaging of the barcode and clinic address, or else they can simply forward the email registration to their candidate or employee at their convenience. The barcode is then presented at the drug testing facility along with government issued photo ID, and the test is administered. Status notifications are sent throughout the process, and the person who placed the order receives a notification when the registrant completes the drug test. Additional notifications are sent when the urine specimen reaches the lab, and, of course, when the results are ready to review securely online.

Urine Drug Test Facts:
Urine drug testing is the most common type of drug test used for detecting and deterring drug use at work.
Every drug panel has the ability to pick up different drugs. Generally, panels with higher numbers detect more substances than drug panels with lower numbers. It is important to check which substances are being tested if you are looking for something specific.
If the results are negative, some urine drug tests can provide immediate results. Non-negatives always get sent to a lab for confirmation testing.
It is difficult to cheat a 22 Panel Drug Test, particularly because it is very difficult to substitute a urine specimen at the correct body temperature.
A drug's presence in urine is almost immediately detectable after ingestion, while other methods of drug testing require some time to pass before the drugs can be identified.

Why Choose Health Street

Expertise in Drug Testing

Health Street is one of the most trusted providers for pre-employment drug testing. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to quickly and safely deliver drug testing results to individuals or employers. By providing employers with a secure way to review results, we help them mitigate risk and allow more time to focus on hiring the right candidates.

SAMHSA Certified Laboratory Testing

Urine specimens are collected by our professional technicians, and all specimens are sent to a SAMHSA certified lab for testing. If the drug test results show a non-negative sample, then we conduct confirmatory testing using GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) confirmation. Each lab-based drug test result is reviewed by a Medical Review Officer, who can determine if non-negative tests are a result of prescription medications.

What Drugs Does a 22 Panel Urine Drug Test Cover?

Please keep in mind that although this is a 22 Panel Urine Drug Test, more than 22 types of substances can be detected in this panel. This is because many of these drugs belong to the same class (e.g., codeine, morphine, and heroin are all basic opiates).

The following substances can be detected in an 22 Panel Urine Drug Test. Use the below links for more information about each substance:

arrow_right_alt Amphetamines
arrow_right_alt Methamphetamines
arrow_right_alt Heroin
arrow_right_alt Codeine
arrow_right_alt Morphine
arrow_right_alt Hydrocodone
arrow_right_alt Oxycodone
arrow_right_alt Ecstasy
arrow_right_alt Cocaine
arrow_right_alt Angel Dust (PCP)
arrow_right_alt Benzodiazepines
arrow_right_alt Barbiturates
arrow_right_alt Methadone
arrow_right_alt Propoxyphene
arrow_right_alt Methaqualone (Quaaludes)
arrow_right_alt Tramadol
arrow_right_alt Meperidine (Demerol)
arrow_right_alt Fentanyl
arrow_right_alt Buprenorphine (Suboxone)
arrow_right_alt Ketamine
arrow_right_alt Butorphanol
arrow_right_alt Nalbuphine
arrow_right_alt Carisoprodol (SOMA)
arrow_right_alt Naltrexone
arrow_right_alt Pentazocine

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