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EtG Urine Alcohol Test

A EtG Urine Alcohol Test is an alcohol screening with a 3 day look back period. It detects Ethyl Glucorinide in the body for 70 to 80 hours after drinking alcohol. Employers and individuals can register online or call (888) 378-2499 to set up testing for staff or others. We offer urine alcohol testing at over 5000 clinic locations nationwide.

Our online registration process is simple. You choose the lab location based on ZIP code during registration. An authorization barcode is instantly emailed to you and texted directly to the phone of the person being tested. A map of the clinic location will accompany the barcode. The registrant can then walk in to the alcohol testing facility and show the barcode along with photo ID. Results are fast, signed by a doctor, and reported securely online.

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Best customer service EVER!!!!
By Chandani Balli on January 2, 2018
Absolutely wonderful service! I called in a panic and they were quick to advise and direct me accordingly. They even keep you in loop by texting you updayes. Thank you so much Health Street!!
By Chan Balli on December 29, 2017
I will absolutely refer Health Street to friends and family and use them in the future. Excellent Service!
By Teresa Belew on June 15, 2018
4.9 out of 5 stars (113 reviews)

What can be found in a EtG Urine Alcohol Test

The following drugs show up on a EtG Urine Alcohol Test:

  • EtG Alcohol

EtG Alcohol

Ethyl glucuronide or EtG is a metabolite of alcohol. It becomes present in the urine a short while after a person begins to drink beer, wine, or liquor, and lasts for approximately 70 to 80 hours. A EtG Urine Alcohol Test looks for this metabolite to indicate if a person has consumed alcohol over the past 3 days.

While a breath alcohol detects the level alcohol that is currently in the blood, and a basic urine alcohol test will pick up alcohol for a short while past the point where a person has fully sobered up, a EtG Urine Alcohol Test allows for a much farther look back period. The actual levels of EtG are influenced by how far back during the window of detection that the person consumed the alcohol, and how much the person drank. However, it cannot tell you when or how much alcohol was consumed, because these two factors (time and quantity) cannot be disentangled.

Alcohol Test Facts

  • 1) There are several types of alcohol tests. Each has a different purpose and a different look back period. Alcohol use can be detected through various specimens, including the breath, the urine, the blood, and the hair.
  • 2) Breath alcohol testing provides a specific measure of current blood alcohol content.
  • 3) Urine alcohol testing is a convenient and non-invasive method to detect alcohol use in the recent past. It is not necessarily indicative of current intoxication, as the alcohol can remain in the system past the time when the person has already sobered up.
  • 4) There are two types of urine alcohol (“UAL”) screens: a 12 hour UAL is known simply as a urine alcohol test, while a 3 day test is referred to as an EtG urine alcohol.
  • 5) Breath alcohol tests provide instant results, whereas urine alcohol screenings are sent to a lab for analysis. Results typically come back in 1-2 business days.
  • 6) PeTH blood alcohol testing can detect alcohol usage over a three week look back period.
  • 7) Hair alcohol testing (also called Hair EtG testing) goes back the longest; it can pick up regular alcohol consumption over the prior three month period.

How to Register

Registering for a EtG Urine Alcohol Test is fast and easy for companies or individuals. The lab location is chosen during the alcohol testing registration process based on the ZIP code you enter. A EtG Urine Alcohol Test costs $125.00.

Status notifications

Once registered, a barcode authorization and a map with the clinic address is immediately sent via email. Employers can choose to provide the employee’s cell phone number to enable instant text messaging of the barcode and clinic address, or else they can simply forward the email registration to their candidate or employee at their convenience. The barcode is then presented to the professional technician at the chosen alcohol testing facility along with government issued photo ID, and the test is administered. Status notifications are sent throughout the process. The person who placed the order is notified when the registrant completes the alcohol test. Additional notifications are sent when the urine specimen reaches the lab, and, of course, when the results are ready to review securely online.

SAMHSA Certified Laboratory and MRO

Like all of our lab based tests, EtG Urine Alcohol Tests are processed at a SAMHSA Certified laboratory. Results are reviewed by one of our Medical Review Officers (MRO). Our MROs are licensed physicians and toxicology experts. If the result of a urine alcohol test is non-negative, the MRO will reach out to the person to ask about prescription medications and, if appropriate, to request proof. Once that conversation with the doctor takes place, and the person has a chance to provide proof of any prescriptions, the MRO will release the final results, which will be reported to the Employer or person who requested the test.

About EtG Urine Alcohol Test

List of drugs detected by EtG Urine Alcohol Test

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108 Ratings
4.9 out of 5 stars.
EtG Urine Alcohol Test
By Daniel W. Meacham on June 18, 2018
I appreciated your responsiveness to all my questions.Will use you again and recommend to others.
EtG Urine Alcohol Test
By Teresa Belew on June 15, 2018
I will absolutely refer Health Street to friends and family and use them in the future. Excellent Service!
EtG Urine Alcohol Test
By Lori j jaffe on December 7, 2017
I felt that all of the staff at both places I was sent to were incredibly helpful . Thanks so much

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