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All Opioids - 20 Panel Urine Drug Test

This All Opioids - 20 Panel Urine Drug Test is, by far, the best test for all opiates and narcotics. Virtually any pain medicine or street opioid can be detected by this test, including fentanyl, ketamine, suboxone, and tramadol, whereas lesser screenings focus only on basic opiates like heroin. It is the most comprehensive narcotic screening ever offered, plus it detects all of the street drugs and prescription drugs normally included in our basic tests.

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Extraordinary customer service. The authorization was received very quickly. I have used Health Street a number of times since January for pre-employment drug screening, and they ALWAYS exceed my expectations.
By Roger Crouch on July 19, 2016
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Quick, painless, and easy to understand directions
By Joseph LoRe on August 18, 2016
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Health Street was fantastic from beginning to end. Lou from Brooklyn was a huge help and everything worked out faster than I hoped for me and my family. Thank you so much!
By Vin C. on August 19, 2016
4.9 out of 5 stars (27 reviews)

What drugs are in a 20 panel drug test?

list of drugs detected by a 20 panel urine drug test The following drugs will show up on a 20 panel drug test:
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana (THC, cannabinoids)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP – angel dust)
  • Amphetamines (including methamphetamines)
  • Basic Opiates (including heroin, morphine, and codiene)
  • Benzodiazapenes (including valium, xanax)
  • Barbiturates
  • Methadone
  • Propoxyphene
  • Methaqualone (quaaludes)
  • Expanded amphetamines MDMA/6AM (Ecstasy, Molly)
  • Expanded opiates (oxycodone, oxymorphone, hyrdocodone, hyrdromorphone)
  • Meperidine (Demerol)
  • Tramadol
  • Buprenorphine (Suboxone)
  • Fentanyl
  • Ketamine
  • Naloxone (Narcan)
  • Butorphanol, Meprobamate, Pentazocine
  • Nalbuphine, Naltrexone

Who should register for this test?

Anyone with access to controlled opiate prescription medications, or under suspicion of using illicit pain medication (or has an addiction to painkillers), should be given the 20 panel test. Health care workers, employees of veterinarians, and club goers all have easy access to drugs that can’t be detected in lesser screenings, like fentanyl, ketamine, and suboxone. Furthermore, this test picks up virtually any other drug consumed in the recent past, including:

How do I schedule a test?

You can register online or over the phone, for yourself, an employee, or someone else that you wish to have tested. The person being tested can then walk into any one of 5000+ Health Street drug test locations nationwide. Once paid, you’ll receive a registration code. This will be emailed to you within 1 hour if ordered during normal business hours (or else, the next business morning).

When will I get my test results?

Results take one or two business days for a negative. The report is posted to your email. If the initial screening is not negative, because of prescription medications or unprescribed substances, the lab will run a GC/MS confirmation test, which can take about a week.

Who reviews my test?

All drug tests are processed by a SAMHSA Certified lab (the highest certification in drug testing). All drug tests are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) – a licensed physician and toxicology expert. If the results are non-negative, the person will have an opportunity to explain (and prove) any current prescription medications. If the doctor determines that prescribed medications caused the non-negative, then the result will be listed as negative, not positive.

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27 Ratings
4.9 out of 5 stars.
All Opioids – 20 Panel Urine Drug Test
By Kim on November 14, 2019
Cariant Health Partners
Was able to answer my questions and resolve my issues in a timely manner. I do not receive any status updates. And yes, I have checked my spam folder.
All Opioids – 20 Panel Urine Drug Test
By A.C. on April 18, 2018
CBD Distribution Inc
Customer service was good. Timely and adequate.
All Opioids – 20 Panel Urine Drug Test
By Kevin on February 1, 2018
The communication provided by Health Street throughout the process was impeccable.
All Opioids – 20 Panel Urine Drug Test
By Alexander Sapienza on January 31, 2018
Shervon was very helpful and answered all my questions and was very friendly to me.
All Opioids – 20 Panel Urine Drug Test
By Jennifer Dunham on November 28, 2017
Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Made scheduling and finding the right test easy.
All Opioids – 20 Panel Urine Drug Test
By Marcela MacNaughton on August 8, 2017
Thank you!Great service, everyone very kind & helpful.Specially Mrs.Cecilia, Mr. Jearret & The lady who took samples Mrs. Shantell.Thank you!
All Opioids – 20 Panel Urine Drug Test
By Ashleigh Childs on July 10, 2017
Delenia was great and incredibly polite and helpful on the phone! Wonderful experience so far!
All Opioids – 20 Panel Urine Drug Test
By Duane Johnson on May 4, 2017
Excellent Service!
All Opioids – 20 Panel Urine Drug Test
By SP on April 20, 2017
Great customer service and quick turn around
All Opioids – 20 Panel Urine Drug Test
By Jason Deery on March 10, 2017
Very quick and polite service.

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